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ReikoH looking for opponents!

Fri Mar 22, 2019 5:29 pm by ReikoH

Hi there. I figured I'd do one of these to put my name out there. I kinda-sorta promised a match to one person in particular but thought I'd put both my characters here for consideration. I might make a third today at some point to help have two characters doing stuff at a time (probably not all three to avoid overbooking).

My characters are in my sig now! Should be working, but a quick summary.

Reiko Hisashi, a highly skilled technical wrestler with a hint of speed and physicality, making …

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Finally getting into this.

Tue Mar 19, 2019 6:48 pm by GreatForce

Alright guess I should start to actually rp and get into the game!

So Shibita is pretty much ready and roaring to go for her first match if anyone is interested.

As for Kogeki my sumo girl! I kind of want to introduce her more gradually to the AFW. Instead of just throwing her into a match right off the bat. Maybe a backstage or gym rp showing her the ropes around the AFW and maybe even gaining a friend or enemy!

Hit me up with a PM if your

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A new fighter has emerged...

Fri Mar 15, 2019 8:51 pm by Cicilia

Heya! I'm looking for people interested in fighting my newest character Raul! His character profile is at the bottom of my signature AND, just a note, he does not do hentai. regular wrestling is on da table though x3

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The dark ambush of a veteran fighter...

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Re: The dark ambush of a veteran fighter...

Post by Tarantulust on Wed Mar 13, 2019 4:30 pm

Overall, Rhein found Lina pretty annoying and possibly self destructive…but someone she could ultimately work with should the tie ever come. The Jade woman had an amazing amount of patience and self control, and had worked well enough with people she downright despised before. Lina wouldn’t be a problem. At least, as long as she could keep hold of her temper. Rhein preferred to avoid violence when necessary, but didn’t rule it out as a last resort.

However, she had other things on her mind at the moment. For now, she decided following up on her “Team” after their first match would be prudent. The two girls seemed to most squirrely of her clients. They were clearly quite cruel and savage in the ring, but outside of that, one was extremely shy and quiet, the other didn’t really do much. Point was, Rhein figured it would be easier to get them to go along with things if they thought they had some type of relationship with her, like they were closer to friends rather than a manger with her clients. What ever got the job done.

Rhein was not surprised when neither of the member were in the locker room. After assaulting an entire team of five, four of which were females it would be awkward to change right next to them. Rhein simply continued on to her office, where she opened the door to find her two clients changing midway. Selina had already gotten her makeup off and a heavy turtleneck sweater on, her face bright red from embarrassment and satisfaction. Día on the other hand had only gotten her hood, gloves, belts, and shoes off. After stepping inside, Rhein quickly closed the door to her office.

“So? How did we do?”

Rhein gave a warm smile as she walked over towards her desk. After she sat down and pulled some papers over, she finally stated “Just fine. You both were able to get your characters across well. Even better, you made an enemy out of another team. People love to see rivalries clash in the most splendid of ways.”

Both of the girls seemed relieved. Apparently, they were worried about Rhein’s reaction to their stunt. Truthfully, she didn’t blame them at all for what they did. Rhein had basically asked them to do it. That woman who was attacked today was Rhein’s fault, and she acknowledged that.

“We might be setting up a match soon-ish. So don’t slack on your training.”

“u-um…Ms. Ka-Kazahana?”

The whisper was so quiet the manager almost thought it was her imagination. But when Rhein raised her head, Selina was standing awkwardly in front of her desk, twiddling her thumbs and shying away from her. It was only just then that Rhein realized that Selina wore thick rimmed glasses when she was out of costume.


“Do you know…when the match might be? I was hoping…I could go and…meet someone in a couple of days.”

Both Día and Rhein seemed to come to the same conclusion within a second. Selin had found herself a date…poor guy.

“Nothing is set in stone. The team’s manager wants to wait until tempers cool off for a bit, and I figured that was fine. Either I will call her, or she will call me. Whatever happens, you two will be the first to know.”

Selina simply nodded and scampered away to finish changing. Once both of them were finished, they began to gather their stuff and head out for the day.

“Good work you two. Try to stay out of trouble until I tell you to!”

Rhein made it sound like a joke, but both girls nodded their heads in agreement. Rhein was slowly making progress with her clients, and their twisted personalities…

Now…Who is next?

The end.

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