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Returning from holidays

Mon Aug 21, 2017 8:38 pm by wrestleryu

Hello it's your friendly neighborhood jobber Ryu^^'
I'll be back from summer holidays in a couple of days. So apologies from the ongoing roleplays that I kept on hold. I'll post back soon enough! Smile

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Second Gen wrestler seeking her debut match.

Fri Aug 18, 2017 12:43 am by Homi Sakata

Hey hey everyone.

As the title said Homi is looking for a opponent for her debut match.

What I am looking for is a standard match up (one fall or submission) PM me to go over details and what not.

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Looking for some new matches

Thu Aug 17, 2017 11:20 pm by Cirno

Mainly involving Karina.

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Helena Miyagi

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Helena Miyagi

Post by peek6 on Tue Jun 13, 2017 4:56 pm

Name: Helena Miyagi
Sex: Female
Age: 21
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Height: 5’5”
Weight: 120 lbs.
Nationality: Japanese-American
Alignment: Face
Entrance music: Moonlit lady

Wrestling Information

- Technical fighter focusing on mat wrestling, countering and reversals
- In hentai matches and sexfights, largely focuses on pleasuring or tickling opponent

- Significant technical wrestling skills
- Submissions specialist
- Excellent at countering and reversing holds
- Can endure a lot of pain before submitting
- Very talented tickler with sharp nails.

- Will only fight clean and fair
- Very ticklish

Style: technical
Type: jobber

Favored moves:

- Drop toe hold
- Leglock head scissors
- Crippler crossface
- Armbar
- Figure-4 leg lock
- Indian Deathlock

Finishing moves:
- Modified figure-4:  a customized figure-4 where Helena turns her opponent over before using her legs to twist her opponent’s legs into a pretzel
- Octopus hold
- Fashion Figure: during sexfights or humiliation matches, will remove her own boot and use her stocking toes to tease her opponent’s pussy while they are locked in her modified Figure-4

Endurance: 8/10
Strength:  5/10
Speed: 4/10
Reversals: 9/10
Technique: 9/10
Flexibility: 6/10


Visual Appearance:
Gorgeous Asian-American brunette with an uncanny resemblance to Kokoro from Dead or Alive.  Helena typically wears sexy halter tops that show off her perfect, toned abs, paired with short skirts and silky stockings or tights. She will also sometimes wear her schoolgirl uniform.  An active cosplayer, Helena also enjoys dressing up in all sorts of sexy costumes.

Wrestling outfits:


Dressing up:


Bed Match:

A “good girl” lesbian schoolgirl.  She is competitive, but always fights clean.   Loves to dress sexy.

Helena grew up in a traditional, sheltered Japanese home.  A smaller girl, as well as a teacher’s pet, she was often picked-on and bullied, and this led to her regularly getting into trouble and fights in her all-girls private school.  Helena’s teachers recommended she begin studying the traditional art of karate, but Helena found she was not particularly interested in karate, and quickly dropped out.  Helena, did, however, enjoy watching wrestling, especially female wrestling.  She begged her parents to let her take wrestling classes instead, in which she quickly demonstrated both skill and passion.  Her discipline and grades improved, and she developed a reputation as a “good girl,” relying on her skills in the ring, instead of dirty moves and cheap shots.  

Now a college student at a highly competitive all-girls university, Helena diligently balances her wrestling and her schoolwork.  She has found that she has little interest in boys, but girls are another matter.  Helena has found that she gets very turned on by putting holds on other sexy girls, and has decided to join the AFW and branch out into sexfighting.  She has also taken to wearing sexy, risqué outfits, always with silky tights or stockings, as she loves the feel of the smooth silk on her legs.  

Wrestling Attire:
 Top:  Halter top showing off her abs
 Bottom:  Short skirt
 Legs:  Silky tights or stockings
 Feet:  Black, leather, shin-high lace-up boots with a two-inch heel

Fun facts:
- Loves to dance, especially with other girls
- Enjoys tickling other girls, and is quite ticklish herself
- An active cosplayer, Helena enjoys dressing up in all sorts of sexy costumes

AFW Information

Record: 0-0-0



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