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Melanie needs a Debut♡

Tue Mar 21, 2023 10:29 am by Leon564

Above here should be the link to my character Melanie. She is in need of a debut match and so I'm making this notice here.

Disclaimer: She does not enjoy muscled or feminine men. And does not desire to have fights with women.

You're free to message me here on site or on Discord if you wish: Leon564#4514

Thank you for reading and have a great

[ Full reading ]

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Match search

Tue Mar 21, 2023 5:20 am by GrandAkumaShogun

Looking for a match for any of my three guys. If interested feel free to get in touch and we discuss ideas for a match and either plan out who will win or wing it. If you want info on each the links are below.

Takeichi Mori
Takeshi Kawai
Imai Cosmo

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Friction ( toys ) match wanted

Fri Mar 17, 2023 11:45 pm by Coolgirl1999

Yep! That's right I want my first match to be a toys match! I'm wondering if there's any woman brave enough to take me on!!!

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Canceled - Page 3 Empty Re: Canceled

Post by skip-stop Wed May 26, 2021 3:19 pm

Needing an opportunity to return to the game, Lunara rallied herself. She did not expect that her strike would be enough for her opponent to completely lose control of what was happening, but still she wanted to at least level the scales. Therefore, she did not hold back, putting strength and speed into her strike. Her elbow found its target, Sasuke screamed in pain and it seemed that now the guy would fall on his back. It really looked like the predator was successful at this. But only until the moment when the blue-haired guy raised his hands, wrying out a retaliatory insult.

Without expecting this at all, the Jaguarnudi could not stop two elbows that collapsed on the back of her head. A bright white flash was at that moment in front of the eyes of the American girl. At one second, her body went limp, because now she was on the verge of losing consciousness due to such a strong impact on her head. The blonde again found herself in a lying position across the knee of the Japanese guy. Now she was somewhere in a fog and the only clear sensation was a pain in her head, everything else seemed to be something very insignificant.

Damn...” she thought, beginning to make sure the match was going wrong.

For obvious reasons, she remembered the matches with Claudia and Asha, now it more than reminded about the events that took place in those matches. Ugh, she didn't even want to think about it. She had to pull herself together to show the blue-haired guy his place. But, unfortunately, she was now too weak to resist what was in store for her.

And what was waiting for her it return to the intimate part of this match. The pain and fog in her head did not prevent her from feeling Sasuke's fingers on her vagina. The girl's body shuddered involuntarily as those fingers ran over her labia. But, of course, this was only the beginning. She had to make an effort to keep her mouth closed when her rival's fingers entered her pussy. She even bit her lower lip in order to remain silent. But when he began to move his fingers back and forth, the predator could not remain silent.

"Mmmm... ahhhhh!.." she moaned softly.

It was quiet, but it was the start. The American girl continued to moan, feeling her fingers inside her. With each new penetrating movement, waves of pleasure spread through her body. She was already wet enough, but now her juices began to flow more actively. Of course, it was much nicer than new blows to the head, but it was a very weak consolation, because sooner or later, it will lead to the fact that she cum, bringing defeat in the match closer. However, now she was just getting a pleasure, for other things her head was still clouded.

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Canceled - Page 3 Empty Re: Canceled

Post by Jstruggs716 Thu Jun 17, 2021 4:10 am

After receiving an elbow to side of his head courtesy of his opponent, Lunara Ashmore. Sasuke would kindly returns the favor by landing two hard elbows to the back of her head, making her collapsing back down to his knee. Looking down Sasuke could see that Lunara was a hard time staying conscious so this was the perfect opportunity to continue with pleasure the woman as Sasuke first wets his finger by putting them in his mouth, then lowers them to Lunara's exposed pussy and slowly and gently rubs her pussy. And the biracial man knew it was effective as he saw the blonde keeping her mouth closed so she wouldn't moan from the pleasure. This puts a mighty and proudly grin on his face knowing his sexually attack to his opponent was working greatly.

"Oh come now. I want to hear to her voice make lovely cries of pleasure. Give it to me." Sasuke demanded, slowly inserting his fingers into her wet pussy, causing the reluctant blonde to let out a softly moaned "Mmm, there we go." Said with satisfied tone in his voice Sasuke pumped his finger back and forth from Lunara's pussy while continues to moan and also her pussy juices flow more, soaking his hand and the mat. The match in Sasuke's complete control and if he continues he would probably make her cum and bring him one step closer to victory. So it came as a surprise to the crowd when he suddenly stopped and pulled his finger from Lunara's wet vagina.

The explanation to this was he didn't want to her cum, not like this. No, he was just wanted to weaken her sexually before making her cum. And there was once more thing he wanted to do before. As wet up his thumb by putting his mouth, then taking out he jam it right into Lunara's tight asshole! "Right up the ass! Hehehe!" Sasuke playful chuckled before thrusting his thumb back and forth from the blonde's ass a couple of time, then using his free hand grabs luscious golden locks and yanks it hard while also leaning in to her ears "You like that, don't you slut?" Sasuke taunted before taking his thumb of her ass and pushing her off his knees roughly. With her hair still in his grasp Sasuke pulls her up into a doggystyle position, gets behind her, pressed the tip of his cock against her pussy before slowly shoving his entire cock inside of her.

"Oooooh-Fuck!" Sasuke moans, the inside of Lunara was so warm, wet, and tight. Oh yeah, he was going to have some fun with this!

Double T


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Canceled - Page 3 Empty Re: Canceled

Post by skip-stop Thu Jun 17, 2021 3:27 pm

Things were going badly. From one side. Feeling weak and dizzy, Lunara realized that now she would not be able to give any rebuff. The blow to the back of her head she received was too hard. She was agile and fast, but her body was poor at handling a lot of damage in a short amount of time. The American girl understood that even if she now twitches to the side, then, most likely, she will receive only new blows. Therefore, she simply had no choice but to continue to lie on the knee of her opponent.

And, of course, the blue-haired guy wasted no time taking advantage he got. The blonde felt his fingers penetrate her pussy, arousing her more and more. She could no longer contain her groans. Although she possessed significant sexual skills, her body gradually refused to submit to chastity. The pleasure could not be stopped, which was clearly expressed in her moans.

She was very annoyed by the rhetoric of the Japanese guy, but now it was not very important. Lunara tried to focus on the pleasure, not the words of the jerk. And it seemed that she was good at it. When there is no choice, you have to find at least something good. And she decided to at least relax a little to gain strength. And there was nothing wrong with feeling those fingers inside.

But this did not last long, as the girl soon felt her rival's fingers slip out of her pussy. At first she was surprised, not realizing why the blue-haired guy decided to do this. Perhaps he wanted to change his position. But the answer came quickly enough. Saliva was the most useless thing the moment Sasuke stuck his finger in Lunara's ass. The girl screamed in pain. Now everything really went wrong. The blonde began to twitch from side to side, as it was terrible, unpleasant and painful sensations. Anal sex is not bad at all, but it takes preparation that this guy just didn't give a damn about. But at least she realized that he was nothing more than a fucking pervert with a craving for rape.

"Your mother is a slut!" the girl snapped at Sasuke's words.

She jerked violently to the side in order to get out of this fucking situation. But that was no longer necessary, since the blue-haired guy pulled out that fucking finger himself. Lunara decided she would not forget this. He will pay for it, and the toughest price.

However, now she should have focused on something else, since her rival did not stop. The blonde was no longer on the knee of the Japanese guy, now she was on all fours, and her rival was already behind her. She already guessed what would happen next. And she was right, because after a few seconds Sasuke's cock entered her pussy. Of course, with his comment. Well, let him enjoy while he can. The blonde tried to relax to recover, although it was difficult to keep the pleasure under control.

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Canceled - Page 3 Empty Re: Canceled

Post by Sponsored content

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