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After a long time I return, looking for a match

Thu Sep 16, 2021 11:20 pm by GrandAkumaShogun

Hello all, I would firstly like to apologize for the long periods that I've been away from here. Been taking time away to focus on my mental health but I think I'm ready to return and looking for a match or two to get back into things. All three of my boys, Takeichi Mori, Takeshi Kawai, and Imai Cosmo are up for matches. If you want I can link their profiles so you don't have to search through the roster page. Anyone interested feel free to hmu through private messages. Hope to hear from …

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Comments: 4

Request Filled for Now, IGNORE!

Thu Sep 23, 2021 10:18 am by Frodouken

New here and wanting to put my character to use

Down for any match type involving FVF. Think I’ve got a good understanding of the rules rp

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Aye I'm back. I suck. Wanna wrestle?

Thu Sep 09, 2021 6:54 am by yummybunny

Aye I'm back again, the loser that pops in and out for like 5 years straight. I know I know, no need for cheers. Uh, but no seriously I'm feeling pretty good lately and would love to throw my hat back in the ring. If anyone wants to wrestle my losers let me know, I have a few now. Just made a new one in fact.
Queen Bitch:

Other than her I have like...A few others? I forgot who's made on here and who isn't. I WILL say, they ain't that good and …

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IM Match- Teenwrestler (Bilal) vs Aki Hibino

Go down

IM Match- Teenwrestler (Bilal) vs Aki Hibino Empty IM Match- Teenwrestler (Bilal) vs Aki Hibino

Post by KillerV Mon Sep 16, 2013 12:56 am

Part One

bluedragon_sacred: Its an off day in the AFW today, so there were to be no official in ring matches! Wrestlers were free to take the day off, train or do whatever they wished!. I was still sore ( mentally) from last weeks match against Purin! I gave it my all! I promised her that id out-wrestle her but in the end Purin got the better of me and she pinned be down for the 3 countafter she hit me with the sweet combination. I promised revenge on that even if i have to turn heel and use dirt tactics, So before anything else i headed down to the AFW Gym room to train and improve my in ring wrestling abilities! I make my way towards the gym room in my street clothes, a loose grey t shirt. black sweat pants and sneakers with my gym bag in my hand, i open the gym room to see the huge gym hall, state of the art

bluedragon_sacred: mtc

bluedragon_sacred: equipment trainning facility, changing rooms for men and women ( since it was a co-gym) and a Ring for practice! "Whoaaa nice" i say cracking up a smile after a long time as i head towards the gym room mens locker.I take a quick shower and unzip my gym bag as i slip into my White Addidas boxers- latex material and perfect fit around the waist! I lace up my shiny black wrestling boots choosing not to wear elbow and knee pads since im not doing a wrestling match! I shortly move outside the locker room as i begin to box with the punching bag...shift to do some sit ups....shift to pull ups...shift to squats and push ups working out!! Huff Huff say with a determined look on my face

bluedragon_sacred: yt

V V: Aki feeling pretty proud of her parter Purin getting her first victory in a one on one match with a male wrestler, something that she havent gotten herself to beat a guy yet so shes determine to get an even count just like her pal.... "Pudding Pie!" She psyche herself up but even though she isnt schedule for a match at the moment, she gotten a chance to work out for awhile until then, and to make it feel more wrestling-ish, she changed in the locker room wearing pretty bright neon color of white, blue, pink and yellow for her one-piece suit, kneepads, boots, and gloves, brushing her pink hair before heading out to the gym for some training. "Yush! Someone better not take over the ring, its mine!" She was pretty happy and proud, once she enters the gym, the first thing she notices is......

V V: a guy there working out with a serious face doing various training on his own. **Wow look at em go!** She nodded to herself as she the ring is available thinking she could do some training of her own, skipping herself toward to the ring and rolling right in and hop onto her feet, taking a deep breath before getting into her wrestling stance before doing some running to the ropes and bouncing back, then shift to some evasion rolls so she could get some stamina up, wanna be a bit fast like Purin and once shes good enough for it, thinking heading to the weights area to pump some iron. "Oooooo..... oooooo! Roll Roll!" yt

V V: (ah be aware about posting in the forum in the matches, can say stuff in discussion but any where else people may not like it, I dont mind honestly but just in case so you know)

bluedragon_sacred: Doing my sit ups, im down on my back with my arms against the back of my head as im laying down on my back, hearing the door open with a cheerful witty and gitty voice "Huh...Urgh! now who could this be" i say shaking my head raising an eyebrow as i pull my self up in the sit up, sitting up on my butt now to see who it is, i place my palm on the side of the floor as i notice its another wrestler! "Oh...who the heck is she?" i say as i get up to my feet!watching her bright coloured attire i cant help but chuckle in laugher, almost bursting into laughter but i stop my self.. "what a riduculous attire " i whisper as i grab a bottle of water and drink a sip from it, wiping the sweat off my body as i throw the towel aside. I move towards the gym room ring, seeing the unknown wrestler

bluedragon_sacred: try out some defensive and evasive manuvers, all pumped up and excited as she pumps her self on with her "Oooooos " and self instructions! i get closer to ring side smirking shaking my head "Hahaha rolling around like a monkey in the ring wont win you matches! your going to get beat, flat in a second" i say smirking with arrogance
bluedragon_sacred: yt

V V: Aki was training herself to be more quickly and agile just in case but when she kept rolling and running back and forth, she heard someone voice nearby causing her to sudden stop making her large busts to shake around before stopping too, looking to her side to see a man she saw eariler working out like crazy, she frown at his comment with her eyebrow up, she stood up and walking on over to the ropes and leaning over to look at him. "Hey! Who you callin a moneky! How rude!" She remember hearing from Purin that she took on a guy that was pretty mean towards to the end of the match, she wonder if this is the same guy since she havent seen the match yet but do wonder..... " Hey are you that ummm... whats the nickname... TW or something?" Looking down at him from inside the ring and seeing if

V V: he reacts from the question she ask. yt

bluedragon_sacred: "Duh! since your rolling around like one, and there isnt anyone else besides us in the ofc im calling you a monkey dumb girl"i taunt in an annoyed voice!. Not impressed by her body language or in ring performance, i just take her as a side show jobber whos only purpose is to lose and make other wrestlers look good!. I move over towards my gym bag away from the ring as i unzip it take out a cigarette as i light it up and start to smoke in the gym! "Mmmm? Yeah Teenwrestler....thats me!" i puff away! "who told a nobody like you, who i am anyways! im the best young wrestler and will one day be on top of the AFW" i say in an arrogant tone looking down on this colourful wrestler

bluedragon_sacred: yt

V V: **Wow this guy is a huge meanie!** She shows her angry face while she thought in her mind, this guy must be the TW person her pal Purin was telling her about, he was tough but might be new to the league then again she was fairly new herself but have gotten into pretty good amount of matches shes in, and TW indeed confirms that hes the one. "Huh geez you really take a chill pill bub, heck you lost pretty badly to my friend Purin!" She then turns around and start skipping in circle inside the ring, singing her corny muscial tune. "TW lost to Purin~ TW lost to Purin~ Na na na na naaaaa~" once she finished singing her song and stop to the center of the ring and points at him. "People like me cause Im nice and friendly, I dont think you have what it takes to beat someone like me! Beside,

V V: no smoking in the gym dude!" yt

bluedragon_sacred: "P-PURIN!?" my eyes widen as flashbacks and highlights of my match against her flashes through my brain! I throw my cigeratte on the floor as i burn it out and crush it underneath my wrestling boot! My fists clenched my teeth gritted in anger, "Grrrr...So your her friend? her tag team partner?" i say as my anger turns into an evil smile but only for a moment "HEY! SHUT UP! SHUT UP BITCH" i yell out as you taunt me with that clever little song you made up! You stop signing as you turn around and face me again pointing at me...and then lay down a challenge! I move towards ringside again as i slide my body inside the ring as i get back up to my feet and quickly strut towards her in the middle of the ring! TW standing in at 5,8 140 pounds 19yo! I move towards Aki in the middle as I

bluedragon_sacred: stare her down in the middle! I stand right next to her , face to face as our bodies slightly touch each other as i glare at you looking into your eyes, taking a serious tone, trying to intimidate you as we dont say anything for a while just stand in the center looking at each other dead serious, I lift up my hand then poke your shoulder "Tell coming to get for dont even look like you know how to wrestle....brat" i say messing up your cute short pink hair!

bluedragon_sacred: yt

V V: She can clearly see that he was not happy about many things right now, for one about losing too Purin was a huge upset for him, secondly when she was singing a song to tease to but he really, really didnt like it one bit, and now he doesnt like her cause shes a friend of his rival. "My gosh buddy you should REALLY take a chill pill, you sound more of monkey you looney!" Once he step inside the ring and come face to face with the, another colorful wrestler but more brighter than Purin, she didnt wear a mask this time since it was training but then now, she might actually gonna wrestle him to prove that she not gonna back down a challange..... "Hey!" She was poked to the shoulder wit hhim looking straight into her sapphire eyes, she kept her sight on him seeing he really in an angry mood....

V V: "Sure I'll tell her that you're going after her, but you know what? I can take you down right now and show you not only I can wrestle, but I can OUT wrestle you... and dont mess with my hair jerk!" She slapped his hand off her and still standing on her spot to stare down at this TW fella. yt

bluedragon_sacred: "Urgh"TSK!" you slap away at my hand as i was messin up your hair, my hand felt a stinging slap as it was forced to the side! Surprisingly this colourful wrestler doesnt back down one inch! She looks right back dead into my eyes, pushing her body towards me as i do the same "What! what? you wana match huh? you wana go one on one? " i say as we both get into each others faces as we make up our own heated arguement and rivalry... though Purin was number 1 on my list, this is good practice to take down her partner first. "SHUT UP! i dont need to take a chill pill! and i definetly dont need a low class wrestler like you telling me what to do! " i say dead serious!..."Tell you what Aki... " i say my expression suddenly changes as i smirk an evil smirk.... "how about we make this interesting?..

bluedragon_sacred: "Your Purins partner how about you make things easier...if you can hehehe...for her? or...screw it up for her"? i say softly plotting up something..."tell you what..if you win this match...Purin can decide what type of match me and her will have when we meet again..BUT if i beat you..which obv i will...I will choose the match type"i smirk pressing my thumb against her lips as i mock her!

bluedragon_sacred: yt

V V: "What? Low class? I've been around longer than you buddy! I have never see you around so you must be new, so no wonder you lose to Purin..... haha you lost to a GIRL!" She teased him both jokingly and little bit mean, but he of course started it by picking on her out of the blue, its just the two of in the ring, in the gym by themselves for some weird reason, maybe thats the reason they're gonna have a possible match, then TW asking her if shes interested in making some sort of bet, her eye rise an eyebrow while listening his bet, he obviously wanted something out of her for Purin and he really planning on something but what? **Why would I bet on this looney? But if I back out he'll give me poopy about it.... nghhh.... dang nabbit!** She sigh before looking up at him. "Fine..........

V V: I'll accept those term but once I do win, you better clean yourself up unless you really, REALLY want to be the heel, but man you're doing well at it I admit, but.... if you think you can beat me and do whatever you're planning to my friend, I will come after you even though I dont do this kind of thing, got it!" then he press his thumb on her lips that sudden she react by using her hand. "Thumb off!" Went to slap him across the face. yt

bluedragon_sacred: "Hah im wrestling royalty! Unlike all you lower class wrestlers! Even being in the same ring with me should be a privilage to you lower class wannabe's " I snarl at her clearly getting under her skin but she taunts me back "Arghh..S-s-shut up!!!"feeling a bit embarassed "I-its not my fault AFW has alot of female wrestlers on the roaster" i say looking away trying to hide my embarassment in a cute manner! But Aki listens to my proposition carefully and thinks about it in a long pause, as i smile thinking she wont accept it, because that would be putting Purin in a position that would depend on her win/loss now! but on the other hand she has to accept my condition as her wrestler pride is on the line! "W-wha! what difference does it make to you that im heel or face huh" i say! "Im going

bluedragon_sacred: "to be the best wrestler!! i dont care how..and this looks the easier way" i smirk with a evil grin and chuckle. "hah come after me? after im done with you ill go for Purin! she wont let you fight her battles anyways, little brat! wont be in any condition to wrestle for a while aftter you tussle with me GIRLIE GIRL!". Finally i delibarately pressed my thump against her lips knowing that will spring a reaction out of her, her hand is raised going to slap my face as i catch her wrist with my left hand just in time "Na-uh...." i say as i push it down and take step backwards finally after that long stare down and face off! i loosen up my arm and neck "You ready go to down? cant out wrestle me! IM WRESTLING ROYALTY"i yell in the empty gym room as things finally look to

bluedragon_sacred: kick start after our heated conversation and arguement! I seem to have agitated the cute friendly colourful wrestler in a way that shes not so happy and smiling other! Shes dead serious about taking me down....another rival i found in the AFW

bluedragon_sacred: yt

bluedragon_sacred: I bring my hands upinfront as i slowly circle you, eyeing your movements. hands clutching as i lick my lips slowly edging near you looking to quickly lunge in and grapple up with you as i look for an yt *

V V: "Wrestling royality? Sound like a pain in your royal butt!" She respond to him and she continues to argue with him. "Hah I maybe 'low class'..." She using her fingers to quote certain words. "... but beating a 'royality' person like you I will surely level up and get my rare prize!" Then she taunting him of losing to Purin, no, losing to a girl as she giggles going on teasing him. "Well sure its not your fault nor the league since it IS all FEMALE wrestling, you were lucky that they added Tension for guys to join so meeeh!" Sticking her tongue out at him before the both goes on in more silly arguements. "Being a girlie girl is better than butthole butt!" Then when his thumb pressing on her lips, she would of bite his thumb but shes not that kind of person, though unexpectedly she snap at

V V: him with her incoming slap except his hand caught her wrist and pulling it down away from him. "Nghhh...." She glares at him just not angry or anything, but she felt a little annoyed to deal with a person like him, like many many guys she took on and almost all of em were weird to her, a sicko that nearly molesting her, a crazy sick man who have to take medicine with a ringside doctor, and now this? **Why does this always happen to me?** Her mind pouting that attracts bunch of weirdos and now shes facing one, but more normal than the rest she face yet still he isnt gonna be easy to deal with from what she learned from her partner Purin. "Yeah Im ready, you better not do anything uncool got it!" Thankfully during their long arguement she recovered her stamina and ready for their actually...

V V: match, unofficially course but still a match. She brings her hands up and getting into her wrestling stance, as TW lunging right at him and she brings her hands up to lock up with him. **I"ll show you who can out wrestle who!** She thought, she tries to shove him as hard as she could to get each other some space as well showing that she have more power than Purin. "Hurrm!" yt

bluedragon_sacred: We argue and quarell for quite a long time, but ive had it with her snappy comebacks! "ARGHH Youve got a big mouth! can you back it up in the ring? or are you just all talk and no action"i say "FINE! Lets see if a filthy wrester like you can out wrestle wrestling royalty" i hiss out as the stage is finally set for our unofficial match back at the gym! "male or female i dont care! ill take down anyone!" snapping back at you!. She manages to free her hand as she takes a step back glaring at me, not in anger but a little annoyed. " Hey! im not a weirdo! plus... dont worry i wont do anything weird or uncoo....Y-your not that pretty anyways..." i say as i cant hide my cheeks that get red as i blush a little! fighting girls naturally would get a guy flustered! i shake my head to focus back,

bluedragon_sacred: My light brown skin,glistening from the beads of light sweat droplets on my fit young toned and atheltic body as we circle each other for a while then all of a sudden we both lunge in and lock up collar and elbow against each other in the middle of the ring, locking up with her with a grunt URGH! Our boots planted hard against the trainning ring, THUD!.Our foreheads touch a little as do our chest teeth gritted as i look into your eyes trying to push you back against the turnbuckle "" i moan as i try to push you back! surprisingly shes stronger than purin! as the collar and elbow test of strength is stalemate for now as i try to use my strength to push you back, frustrated as i cant push her back straight away like i did with purin

bluedragon_sacred: yt

V V: "I have a big mouth? You have a potty mouth mister!" She snapped back at him before they get the match start it, they didnt make a rules but maybe they know what it is without getting into an actual agreement, possible beating him with a pinfall or submission should do the cake at least and now both the wrestlers going into a lock up, hands on the shoulders, eye to eye, head to head, both nearly as strong as one another. "Psh, I dont care what you think of me but if you talk bad about my friend then you're not cool at all, and plus, you dont look good anyway, prefer the person than the looks!" They were still pushing at each other for quite awhile almost before she start losing her foot and being forced back, stepping back slowly to the nearest turnbuckle. **S-Shoot!** Gritting as.........

V V: she did her best to push against him but he was a bit stronger than her at least she put up a good fight in a way, until she felt her back getting pushed against the turnbuckle and slowly letting her hands off of him and raise it up above her. "You better not TW, Im watching you...." She look at him with her right eye with her head turn to the left, focusing at him to make sure he isnt going to sneak an attack or anything. yt

bluedragon_sacred: "Oh yeah?"Urghhh Arrghhhh i grunt as we still exchange words as were locked up in the collar and elbow grapple battle! Pushing and shoving on each others shoulders trying to push each other back towards our respected turnbuckles, I finally manage to break the stalemate as i feel you pushed back towards the turnbuckle as your back hits against the turnbuckle, you instinctively bring your hands up breaking the hold,as you look for a clean break! I let you go after a while but standing right next you as your still trapped against the corner with me right infront of you "Oh about this? a bitch....and her win against me was a FLUKE" I say as i emphasis on the fluke word as i bring my knee straight up against her soft belly right up into her abs!! HAAAHH!! I shout

bluedragon_sacred: out as my shout echoes in the gym room as i watch you double over infront of me "Theres no ref here rope breaks...oh and i guess this is allowed too" i smirk as i grab a fistfull of your short pink beautiful hair, yanking it side to side as i drag you towards the middle of the ring, your body still bent down as i wrap my arm around the back of your head, pulling your head close to my body, presssing it against my side as i lock in a side headlock!!! Squeeeezing my arms around your neck tightly!

bluedragon_sacred: yt

V V: While Aki got pushed back into the corner unable to keep him back, having herself being trapped while slowly breaking up the hold as he called her friend a bitch and saying the match was a fluke. "What? Hey take that back! OUF!" She didnt like it what he said about her friend but he didnt seem to care or just trying to pull some nerves, he did indeed able to catch her off guard by slamming his knee to her stomach, she should of know better he would do something like that. "D-darn you.... ugh...." Double over and covering her stomach and hearing that, rings true, no ref and no rope breaks, so its somewhat anything goes since its not official. **Dangit this match isnt going to be fair at all!** She thought as her hair getting grabbed to pull her toward to the center of the ring by force.....

V V: "L-Let go!" She protest until when they get to the center of the ring, she felt her head pulled under his arm and locking in tightly, squeezing her head into his side headlock, gritting pain on her face while shes prying on his arm with one hand as the other slapping on his backside, shaking to struggling out of his hold. "Im not gonna... going to be as cheap as you TW! Im a fair wrestler!" She tries to get her arms around his waist and planting her feet to the mat, hoping to lift him up as she could and arching backward so she could drop him down slamming onto the mat with her Backdrop. "Hurnnn!" yt

bluedragon_sacred: "Im not taking it back! What are you going to do huh?" I smirk arrogantly. My knee seems to have gotten her doubled over as i easily grab her hair as i yank her short pink hair trying to get a burning sensation in her scalp! "I told you Aki! I dont care whether i win fairly or not! I JUST WANT TO WIN"i say emphasising on that as i lock in a tight side headlock , pressing her face against my light brown skin as i squeeez my arm around her body tightly! " Heh! Theres no point being a fair wrestler Aki! I'll show you an easier way to win hehe" i grin evilly as i laugh. "COME ON TAP OUT!" i yell again, my biceps bulging, teeth gritted as i keep you in place locking in a hard headlock! I feel your arm slapping away at my back and preying at my wrists "not wana work girlie girl"i taunt as i then

bluedragon_sacred: feel your arms wrap around my waist, "Heh what are you trying huh!" i say puzzled a bit, i feel you trying to lift me!!??!!! "HAH! A girl like you could never lif-Whoaaaa what the?? WHOAAAA" i feel lifted up as im hauled backwards as Aki swiftly goes down backwards dropping me down hard on my back in a backdrop!! THUD! Owwwwwwwwww Urghhhhhh ssssshhhhiitttttt i moan out! As im shocked that shes such a powerhouse wrestler! First being stalemate with me in the grapple battle, now this! Her style from Purin is completely different even thoug there parents i moan thinking to myself as i roll to the side

bluedragon_sacred: yt

V V: Aki can feel her pretty face getting squeezed constantly under his arm and against his tough side of his body, its been sometime she have an actually keeping it classic wrestling regardless of his arrogant adittude, but still shes somewhat having trouble at this moment with him. "Unnnn, fine you can be unfair all you want, but when I do beat you, then you know you can... cant win having your way!" Snapping at him some comeback while feeling even more pressure under him. "Nghhhh... Im not gonna tap out... from the likes of you!" Then she hugging him from behind to lift him up, hearing his surprising tone and slamming him down into her Backdrop to finally get him to release the hold off of her head. "Hurm!" Though, she lay there panting that it took some effort and really........

V V: worth doing so, shaking her head from the impact that lightly hurt her upper shoulders but nothing too serious unlike TW that took a heavy fall. "Huff huff, whew, so... huff... take that!" She slowly roll onto her side to get up on all fours, rubbing her neck then back to her stomach as she trying to get up onto her feet, moving on over toward to his feet and reaching onto both of em and trying to lift it up while hes facing up position. "TW.... you should be called Tiny Whiny!" She then attempt to twist his legs around with hers into a '4' shape before falling onto her butt, hands on the mat and putting some pressures onto his legs with her into a Figure 4 Leg Lock. "Hmmmmm!" yt

bluedragon_sacred: "Nghh! Well see...Who.....Who..wins and who loses! your way or my way!! I told you! I have wrestling royalty blood! You should be privilaged to be in the same ring as me!! Your lucky that your unworthy body is grinding against mine! maybe my wrestling royalty talent will rubb off on your body HAH!" i mock on you.UFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF my body drops down hard on the back as you counter expertly with that backdrop, taking me down hard on my back on the mat... I see you next to me, your chest heaving up and down and so does mine as were both down on your backs, taking deep breathes and grunt a bit. Although the impact hit me way harded than it probably hit Aki! I lay there kicking the mats lightly, shaking my head as i watch you slowly get back up, start to recover! "S-shut up....bitch...i moan

bluedragon_sacred: "softly as you call me a Tiny Whiny" You move forward towards me as you grab my legs and pull them up! "W-w-what are you doing ?" i say my eyes wide open as i shake my head! "NO!ononononononon" isay shaking my head as you trap my my legs around yours and drop down on your butt with ur palms pressed against the ring canvas! Pain shoots down my legs as i spring up to a "sitting up" position! Shaking my head waving my arms around "NOOOO AAHHHHHHH SSSSSHIIIIIIIIIIIT AAHHH AHHH MY LEGS FUCK!" i moan out loudly as i go back down on my back wiggling and shaking, teeth gritted in pain as i endure....i get back up to sitting on my butt , as i smash a hard forearm against your thigh. I place my palms against the ring canvas as well trying to twist my body to the other side, shifting to move onto my

bluedragon_sacred: belly to use your own move against you!! URGHHH..Come....on!!!! i say to myself
bluedragon_sacred: yt

V V: Aki giggles when she makes fun of his nickname but the laughing didnt last for long when his jerk full of himself at her and calling names. "Hey! No more of that potty mouth, if I have a bar of soap, I would clean your mouth out!" She said, now having the hold of his legs and locking in with hers into the submission Figure 4 Leg lock, having him shouting out loud from the submission hold making her focus on his legs to keep the pressure onto it the best she can, to weaken it some or at least she tries. "So even if you grab the ropes, I maaaaaay let you go." Giggling for more teasing but when she felt him shifting over to the side and she having little toruble to keep himself still on his back. "No no quit moving!" But not only that, he was also trying to smack onto her thighs making......

V V: her gritting in bit of pain, but she sending waves of pressures into his legs before she release the hold before he could turn her over or things could get worst. **Oh shoot I couldnt hold him in for long.** She thought, sliding herself out from his legs before pushing herself up onto her feet, her stomach and neck feeling little better but more importantly, her morale of determine to beat him and show that showing respect can go a long way. "Had enough Tiny Whiny?" She smiles friendly but also just teasing him even more, moving over beside him before reaching down for his head to pull up, trying to get his head under her left arm to lock into the Frontal Headlock, hoping to fall backward and landing down onto the mat to drive him into a DDT. "Here we go!" yt

bluedragon_sacred: "Urghh SHUT UP! Im not taking any symphaty from you"i say shaking my head. Moaning out loud in pain as im trapped in the figure 4 leglock! ARGHHHHHHH.My twisting and turning finally manages to manges to scare you off! You know im about to counter your own move against you, so you slide your legs off mine! I quickly bring my legs towards me, crouching them a bit rubbing my calves..Oww..Oww...that hurt i say softly! then i hear your taunts again! "SHUT UP! I told you! wrestling is serious business! DONT LAUGH AND GIGGLE! THIS IS PRO WRESTLIGNG!!"i moan out loud really annoyed by your happy go lucky attitude in teh ring! You grab my hair while im still recovering my legs from that figure 4 and pull me upto my feet

bluedragon_sacred: mtc

bluedragon_sacred: You grab my head as you pull me up! NOOO LEEMMEE GO! I moan slapping at your wists as you wrap your arms around my head in a frong facing headlock!! Urghh cough cough..."Shhitt im in trouble" i hiss as i ball up my fist and slam my right fist hard against your belly! but that comes at a price as you drop down onto your butt driving my head into the canvas in a DDT "WHOAA" OWWWWWWWWWWWWW, THUD! Spittle flies off from my mouth as i drool a bit as im down on my belly arms and legs spreaded, really winded and took off guard by that i lay there drooling just a bit arms and legs spreaded......

bluedragon_sacred: yt

V V: She giggles from time to time sicne this match is fun for wrestling but at the same time dealing with someone who is just as rough and dangerous like TW would be pretty scary for her, but shes pretty brave and wiling to take him on at the fullest. "Haha, it maybe a wrestling business but we're in a gym, not entertaining anyone but ourselves, exceeeeeept, Im not trying to entertain you but to show, I can beat you just like Purin, Tiny Whiny!" She slowly locking his head under her arm and pulling him up preparing to go for the rough DDT, in which she did as she falls backward to drive his head to the mat but at the same time, her stomach too the hard hit by his punch pretty much inflicting pain to each other. "Oufff!" At least he went down hard as she lay there covering her stomach, turning

V V: over on her side and trying to get up to her knee, coughing from the hard hit as she looks at him, noticing hes laying there from the vicious impact. "Huff huff owwww.... hit hard I see." She slowly crawling on over and thinking going for the pin, maybe to end this quickly so she wouldnt humiliate him any longer, even he doesnt want any pity from her but she doesnt care, its how she feels. "Here I go... unnn..." Her stomach hurts so she rest her large busts onto his chest and pinning him down into a pin. "One!...." she shouted using her free hand to slap on the mat. yt

bluedragon_sacred: Shes so happy, witty and gitty in the ring! Ive never seen such a happy smiling wrestler!!! Although at the same time this colourful happy-go-lucky wrestler is tough as nails! she has upper body strength and technique! perhaps her happy girl attitude is to catch her opponents off guard, This girl can wrestle!!! "Huff huff huff owww...oww.oww.....body wiggling and squirming a bit as im down, my legs kicking the mats very slowly and instinctively as my head dangles left-right as you can hear my soft moans, my white latex boxers are rolled up a bit from the tussle, making them look like briefs!. I manage to get a punch straight at her belly as well as she goes down doubling over as well! Althoug after a while i feel her hands against my shoulder as she flips me over and just falls flat on

bluedragon_sacred: my chest! her soft warm and large bust drops down on my chest as i feel something soft on my pecs and hear her sweet innocent voice count "One...." with a SLAP voice heard, as i know shes pinning me, i raise my head to see her boobs mashed against my chest as i blush!! My cheeks red! "NGGH!! PERVERT" i moan out loud as i kick out and force you off me!!! as i roll away from you and get on all fours...blushing!

bluedragon_sacred: yt

V V: Aki tummy still hurting from his surprise punch so thats why she couldnt pinning him down with her stomach since its covered by her arm, so instead she rested her chest, a pair of large orbs that is, to pinning him down and counting down for the pin, but as soon as it happen she heard him calling her a pervent and kicking out in the instant, she quickly got off of him and sitting on her legs. pouting at him. "Im not a pervert Tiny Whiny! My tummy hurt so I can cover you normally, geez!" She slowly breathing while looking at him as he got himself on all four, notices he was blushing as she smile at him. "Why are you blushing? Is it cause of these? Geez, get your mind out of the gutter, baka!" She slowly getting herself up onto her feet and keeping her eyes on him to see how much he was.....

V V: feeling, her tummy starting to feel a little better and once he got up or not, she isnt gonna let him rest for too long and keep on the advance. "Ready or not, here I come!" She took a few steps back towards to the ropes and helping her bouncing toward him.... only to run pass him and trying to get to the ropes rebound back, hoping to get him from behind using her arm to catch his head under her arm so that she could lock it in tightly, jumping forward to land on her bottom and slamming his forehead on the mat for her Bulldog. yt

bluedragon_sacred: My light brown cheeks showing shades of red as i blush, sweat runs down my forehead and beads of sweats glistening from my young toned athletic lightly browned skinned body. I slowly move up on my knees noticing shes down on her knees as well " Y-Yeah! you are!! squishing your boobs against me like that! Yeah right! dont your sore tummy for that excuse" i bark pointing at you! "Yea- ERM NO! I MEAN NO! " i say shaking my head " Im not blushing...its not because of that..i dont care if your a girl" i say as i slowly get back up to my feet, Plus! Dont grind your body to close to me with your flithy body! Who knows how long is it been since you took a bath you dirty girl! did you shower before coming to the gym?" i taunt back hoping to get under your skin as youve been getting on my nerves

bluedragon_sacred: from the start of the match! I bring my guard up as i move towards you, you quickly bounce off the ropes and sprint towards me as i try to clothesline you! HAH! "Whaaa?" im surprised as you duck down and evade my clothesline as you bounce off the opposite ropes and spring even faster now behind me, your arms wrap around my neck again as you leap forward, my hands pressed against your back , as soon as you leap up in the air i push on ur back as i slip my head free as i watch you go down on your butt without your target! HAH! i say smirking

bluedragon_sacred: yt

V V: Aki can tell he was flustering about her breasts which it doesnt bother her much at all, and it was kind of funny to see him being so embarrassed of how she was pinning him but it wasnt her fault, it was not much of a choice. "Oh whatever man, quite being BAKA!" She teased even more, while she got up to her feet and hearing his more funny complaints. "You serious TW, how lame can you be?!" She then goes into position and quickly using her footwork to run back and forth to quickly get behind him and catching his head under her arm, about to slam him down face first onto the mat with her Bulldog, as she jumping forward going for that move, but felt her back being pushed pretty hard and felt his head slipping out under her arm.....

V V: "Oh what the.... AHH! OWWW!" She landed down on her bottom with a loud thud, sitting there as she whines from the pain and rubbing her curvy butt, trying to endure the little pain and trying to turn on over to sit herself up onto her legs and slowly pushing herself to stand up as she can. "Ouch... that hurt so much.... you got luck Tiny Whiny... owww..." Still sting so much, she tries to get up and heading on over to the ropes to recover some. yt

bluedragon_sacred: "Urghh Im not an IDIOT!" i shout out back as we really dont see eye to eye in the ring! there isnt much respect between these two wrestlers as they tussle it out in this unofficial match!, I swiftly countered her bulldog as she goes down on her butt! THUD! I her her complain and moan a bit as she winces in pain for a while as she soon sits herself up on her legs and slowly pushes herself upto her feet! "Hah luck? this is pure wrestling skill from the wrestling price" i smirk as i move towards you as you stumble backwards going for the ropes, i see you grab the ropes but theres no ref, i quckly smash a hard forearm against your back..and then another forearm hard against your back for good measure! "Heh..not so tough now huh Aki" i say as i grab her hair from the back and yank it some more

bluedragon_sacred: as i make her turn towards me, so we meet face to face. Using my free hand i bring it up towards my mouth as i lick my plam *SSSLLLLLUUUURRRPPP* licking my palm i lean back then SSSSSSSLLLAAAAPPPPP a hard chest slap right across her chest, "Oww that must have stung" i smirk " hehehe hope your chest didnt turn red and got sore" i say as i move forward looking to follow up

bluedragon_sacred: yt

V V: Her butt hurt from pretty bad landing from a failed attempt on doing the Bulldog on TW, and he wasnt happy when she kept teasing him as she tries to get up to help herself to get on the ropes to support herself as she can but not aware that he sneak up behind her and hitting her back with something that she couldnt see. "AHHHH!..... AUGH!" He got the advantage of her from the surprise attack as she bounces off the ropes but he didnt let her go, forcing Aki to turn around to face him which showing her facial expression in pain. "Ugh.... I am tough cookie than you soft dough!" Using her puns on him before she sees him........

V V: licking his palm that seem pretty nasty to her, but it isnt something perverted thing from him but he went for a hard slap across her ample chest. "AHHHOUCH!" She instantly leaning forward to cover her chest with her right arm, grunting of his painful it felt, she tries to use her free hand as she stood up straight hoping to slap his across the chest, but not as strong though. yt

bluedragon_sacred: "Now thats alot better"i say smiling as i see her facial expressions wincing in pain as she moans and grunts in pain! My stinging chest slaps hit you hard across your boobs, protected only by the material of her one piece wrestling gear! "Urghh shut up! im not a...a... soft...whatever-URGH-Owwwwww" i stagger back a bit as you lean back and send a chop of your own against my shapely pecs!! AAOOWW that stung me a bit as well but not as hard as my chestslap hurt her!! " you wana play that game huh" i say as i counter again widening my hands and fingers as i send another SSSLLAAPPPP across your boobs! Again!! as i see you slump backwards against the ring ropes, I grab your arm and yank you in towards me, wrapping my arms around your lower body as i press your body againt mine! Our

bluedragon_sacred: sweaty warm bodies stuck tight to each other, your breasts mashing against me again as i blush again a bit...feeling a bit flustered sub-conciously but shake my head as i get back in this "READY" i say as i lift her up...just above the ring canvas, her toes dangling just above the ring canvas as i begin to squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez her body HARD! my biceps bulging, my arms shaking as i lock my cruel bearhug...looking to squeez the life out of my opponent! " TAP.....TAP.....SUBMIT! OR GO TO SLEEP!" i say, meaning that if she doesnt tap shes going to ge KO'd as im not letting go! I Squeez her body and shake her up a bit as well! "Urgh-you stench of sweat! take a bath after this" i mock as its my turn

bluedragon_sacred: yt

V V: Aki chest stung so much from just a single one hard slap across like that, but when she was able to counter back with her own, even it wasnt strong but she still got to see his reactions from it. "Eye for an eye chump.... OWW!" she was snapped back from the blow and covering her chest once again but TW was able to get his arms around her waist to pull her out and away from the ropes to take her into his grasp to crushing her into his vicious Bearhug. "Uhhhhh!" She wince from the tight submission hold while her breasts completely flatten between each other, her legs dangling underneath while her hands placing on his shoulders trying to pushes him out of his hold but its proven to be difficult. "Unnn let go!" she complain.....

V V: as her body continue to get squeezed in his hold while her feet shaking around and her head moving side by side while hearing him to tell her to tap out. "Unnn forget it! Losing to you would be horrible!" Biting down her teeth while looking at him with his painful expression, looking with one sapphire eye as she bring her hands out, pulling back and unlike her partner Purin, Aki will use her more power to swing her hands together over his ears to clap it hard, hopefully enough to get him to let go. "Let... go!" Hoping if he does release her or not, she got plants for both--- if shes still trapped in his Bearhug, she'll try again but this time, using her forearm to smack across his cheek.... if finally letting go, she'll try to lunge at him to use her shoulder to thrust into his midsection.

V V: to stun him. yt

bluedragon_sacred: "Heh so much for your expressions" i say smirking as before you could complete your sentence, your stung with another stinging chest slap which causes you to slump backwards agaisnt the ring ropes bending them backwards, but i quickly pull you back in locking in that bearhug, as you now wiggle and squirm in my grip, your body being crushed in my arms as i punish you in this submission move. "No way! Im not letting go...not until you admit im the best wrestler!...if u dont..well ur just gonna get Ko;d" i say as we both get serious, not taunting or teasing anymore!. I can see her painful expression, one eye closed as she winces in pain as i keep in her in my grip tightly! Soon her hands clap around my head as they stun me and get my ears ringing...i dont break the hold but squeez even harder

bluedragon_sacred: as that pisses me off! but soon after your forearm smashes against my cheek as now im forced to let go!!! my body now staggering back as i lean agaisnt the ropes, my back bending the ropes as my arms rest on the side of the middle ropes, chest heaving up and down as i rubb my cheekbones i see you running in me wildly!!! as you ram your body within me wildy!! as we both tumble off the middle ropes as you spear me hard- we both go outside the gym room ring...down on the gym room matted floor! "NGGGHHH UFFFFFFFF OWWWWWWWWWW" THUD! my back hits the mat padded floor with you on top...eyes blinking fast as i moan and grunt in pain

bluedragon_sacred: yt

V V: Aki body just hurting quite a bit and he is pretty strong just by hugging her pretty tightly into submission like that and she isnt going to give up so easily. "Unnn I will never say you're the best or anything.... nnnn... like that, I prefer to get knock out than lie about you... aughhh!" Then she went to use her hands to smack him over the ears to let her go, surprisingly, he didnt let her go but at least she got another plan underhand and forearming his face to let her go. "Unnnn!" Finally he released her and able to drop down onto her feet and balance herself, panting that her body was hurting quite bit yet hes against the ropes giving her a chance to take him down to stun him somehow. "Bull!" She shouted......

V V: rushing herself right at him using her shoulder to thrust hard right into his stomach and hoping to stun his stomach but not thinking things through, she actually pushes him through between the ropes and coming down the outside floor having them crashing hard. "AHHHuhhhhnnnn......" It was painful as they're laying there, slowly she roll on over to the ring apron, trying to reach up the ring apron and resting her back against it as she could. "huff huff... wow that was.... huff huff... bad unnnnn...." yt

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IM Match- Teenwrestler (Bilal) vs Aki Hibino Empty Re: IM Match- Teenwrestler (Bilal) vs Aki Hibino

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Part Two

bluedragon_sacred: Urghhhh owwww....owwww.....sshiitt...crazy cavewoman...i moan out loud as you lay on top of me my body red from the bruises in the match and drenched in sweat from the heat in the gym and the hot intensity of the match!!! I feel your weight lifted off from my body, as you slowly pick yourself up to ur feet using the ring apron, you grab the ring arpon with ur hands as you pull yourself up and rest ur back against it, your hair messy a bit from the tussle as i see your big breasts heave up and down!! I lay there wincing in pain, my back really hurting now- but my bearhug did damage to ur back so i guess were even! I place my palms on the padded floor of the gym room as i pick myself up eventually to my feet mtc

bluedragon_sacred: I turn my back towards you,walking forward towards the mens locker room , my hands signalling a "No"scene cutting throug the air! As i walk slowly, staggering a bit in my steps as i turn away from you "Urghh...huff...huff...this isnt an official match...I dont...I...dont have to wrestle this bitch! I need my stamina and endurance for the big match against Purin! Shes just a side-show, i say as i begin to walk away from you...this, isnt worth it." i groan rubbing my back

bluedragon_sacred: yt

V V: Aki groaning from the outside of the ring while her body just pretty sore from tumbling down from such heights, at least no one can see both TW and Aki falling from such horrible way like that, except only people is having seen each other thrown to the floor like that, slowly she takes so much time to pull herself up to rest her side against the ring apron to catch her breath, hopefully that he didnt get up and sneak attack her so her eyes keeping lock on just to make sure. "Huff huff..... cavewoman? huff huff, Im not muscular at all TW huff...." Then seeing him geting up and starting to head to the other direction, instead of going toward her but heading to the locker room heading his complaint at her and not going to continue on the 'match'........

V V: "Oh?... huff huff... not gonna continue? Huff huff... I see how it is... well then a win for me by default... I cant wait... huff to tell Purin I won just like she did!" Then she rest her head and arms over the ring apron, still breathing and knowing her body just so darn sore, at least for now she won default regardless being not official, but still it feels good both having a 'workout' and getting in-ring wrestling match. yt

bluedragon_sacred: "Grrrrrrrrrr"i stop half way, my eye twitching a bit as i raise my eyebrow! "W-WHAT? WIN BY DEFAULT? This wasnt a match! if it was I would have won! I was the one giving the beating and i was on top for most parts! didnt win!" still hearing her say" she won" really ticks me off , as i spin around and rush towards her, hearing her speech and noticing a few pauses in her speech and her heavy breathes i know shes probably tired, so i quickly spin around and bend my body rushing towards her! I see her body rested against the ring apron, her arms and head rested against her as her body gleams with sweat, Shes exhausted as well as I am, but i try to catch my second win, rushing towards her i try to ram my shoulder right into her gut as she was leaning agaisnt the turnbuckle for support!

bluedragon_sacred: "Waaahhhhhhhh YOU HAVENT WON!!" I shout out in my blind fury running towards you!! "IM NOT LOSING TO A THIRD CLASS WRESTLER" I shout out as i get near you

bluedragon_sacred: yt

V V: Aki was surely tired just cause from falling such great heights and even pushes him out through the ropes maybe doing significate amount of damages too, but he clearly have enough stamina to walk right up and heading to the locker room where he belongs and as for her, she decided to take a breather and resting up for awhile before she could go back and change for her own. Her words seems to send down into his ears, triggering his short temper and comes rushing in, a sudden burst of energy that she wasnt aware of and as soon she turns around to see whats up. "OUF!" She took a hard shoulder thrust to the stomach and at the same time, her back getting slammed too, sandwhiching her body in the instant. "Ughhh.... you.... you already lost, cant take it back Tiny.... unnnn" She double over......

V V: leaning over his back while her hands placing onto his body trying to push him out of her, she didnt expected he would come back with nearly fully rejuvinate like nothing happen to him, thinking he got some super recovery to continue on. "Ughhhh.... get off!" yt

bluedragon_sacred: "Heh...I didnt lose! You didnt pin me, i didnt tap out nor did i pass out" I moan as my shoulder digs deep against your gut, driving my shoulder as i keep it against your gut i feel your hands pushing on my shoulders and slapping at my back as i sandwich you between my body and the ring apron, that you were using so much to lean against, I finally back off "If you say so.." I smirk Sending a hard slap to the chest for the third time in this match!! TTHHAWWK!! you cover up your breasts and double over as i grab your hair "Nice hair!! Although not so smooth and shiny as they were before" I taunt as your pink beautiful smooth hair is a mess right now from all my hairpulling! I shove you back inside the ring using your hair "In you go!"I hiss as i take a few seconds to recover just a bit..

bluedragon_sacred: catching my breath now that the adrenaline is gone from my body! I roll myself back inside the ring as i begin to climb the nearest turnbuckle placing my boots on the middle turnbuckle and then slowly i make my way towards the top turnbuckle! I size my body up, balancing it properly as i watch you down on your back "Here....i....go...." i say as i leap up in the air and come back down with my body spreaded as i attempt to splash down on your body WWAAAHHHHH!!! i scream out

bluedragon_sacred: yt

V V: Aki just couldnt believe he sneak attack her and thought it was over with her. "Ughh.... you forfit our match... so its over... no... no do over!" she was able to speak while her body being squished between the ring and his shoulder, but then when she tries to pushes him off and away from her he pushes her hands off of him and respond, harshly with another chop across her ample breasts. "AHH!" She yelp out loud from the slap before getting her hair grabbed and yanking her back inside the ring, causing her to roll until she lay on her back, groaning in pain where she still keeping her hand over her chest while the other arm covering her stomach just very unexpected for him to attack her like that......

V V: then she slowly opening her eyes up to see the ceiling with lights in the gym and slowly turning over to see him climbing up on the turnbuckle and taking her time to recover on the mat, and once he got on top, she knew whats gonna happen next but not sure what move he planning to use, she couldnt move her body since its still getting hurt. Then she sees him jumping off using his body to coming down at hers, she bite down her teeth and forcing herself to bring her knees up as qickly as she could, but wasnt fast enough and her body getting squished, very hard. "AUGH!" Causing her body to fold over with her upper body kick up as well her legs before laying back down in spread eagle. "ugnnnn....." yt

bluedragon_sacred: Not so sure about this move myself as I launch myself up and splash back down! normally I dont go for such high risk moves but today it paid off. My 145 pound body comes crashing down on Aki! as she was about to shift to get on her knees but she wasnt fast enough- she only slightly got up as I come flying on on her! THHHUDD!! the ring shakes from the high impact as my body comes crashing down on the sweet colourful wrestler!!! her body folded over and her upper body and legs kick up from the painful impact as she lays down on her back, arms and legs spreaded, I sit up on my butt doubled over...moaning in pain as I havent perfected the high flying move art...but i know this is the chance , so i quickly move towards her, I hook her leg up with my right arm and pin her shoulders down with

bluedragon_sacred: my back , as i lay on top of her body! slapping the mat with my left hand "Huff.....huff....1........2......"

bluedragon_sacred: yt

V V: Her body took a pretty heavy impact of his body splash from using the top turnbuckle and crushing her on the mat, she was unable to protect herself from his move and took it pretty hard like that, all there is coming out from her is groaning from the pain he did to her and her stomach taking so much punishments that she wouldn never expected it. "Ohh......." Soon, she felt her leg being pulled over to hook by his arm while squishing down on top of her into a pin. Hearing him counting down into a pin as she hears the one and soon for the two. "Unnnnn........ nooooo!" She turn her body over to kick out after two before three, panting heavily that she was trying to kick out and hoping she did, rather not lose right away even though she believe she already won when he left the 'match'

V V: "Uhhhhnnn......" yt

bluedragon_sacred: Ä!!" I feel as my body is jerked to the side as you force a kick out right at the last micro second!! I slap the mats hard in frustration, teeth gritted ! "SSHIITTTT I HAD HER!!! URGHHH!!" i say as i it on my butt next to her, passing my hand through my sweaty hair as i grab a fistfull of my own hair ( though i dont yank it lol ) Just sitting on my butt next to you in aboslute disbelied as I thought I had won this match and pinned the colourful wrestler! But somehow her sheer will and endurance made her kick out! I can feel her moaning and refusing to give up! The AFW wrestlers sure have alot of stamina and endurance! Perhaps thats what I need to work on to keep up with these female wrestelrs!! Panting as i wipe the sweat off my forehead " should have stayed

bluedragon_sacred: "down and just accepted the three count Aki....Im not going to lose! and if your not going to lose just going to have to KO you!" I hiss out as i slowly lift myself upto my feet as i stalk you for a while....before leaning in I grab your arm and try to pull you upto your feet "Come on! Get up! You broke to count! SO COME ON! WRESTLE" i shout...almost...trying to motivate you

bluedragon_sacred: yt

bluedragon_sacred: * as im secretly impressed by her endurance level

bluedragon_sacred: yt

V V: Aki was glad to break up the pin like that but not sure how much her body can recover from such move, taking as much time as she could but it wouldnt seem that TW would allowed it since he really gonna knock her out. "Unnn.... not... not a chance!" She spat but to spit, just trying to say it out loud as she could. She still laying there for awhile until her wrist being grabbing to pull up onto her feet but her legs feeling like jello and sweating, thankfully her outfit doesnt show anything underneat her attire from being sweaty. "Unnnnn... hands off.... jerk... unnn." She tries to strike back at his chest with her free arm to slap against his chest while breathing to recover little stamina.....

V V: but course it was bit slow and not much power into it, but she was able to try to go for another slap this chest before, putting little more effort by bringing her foot to kick him in the stomach while still groaning from her pain throughout her whole body. "Unnnnn!" yt

bluedragon_sacred: "Urgh! Eww-No wonder I gave you the nick of a filthy wrestler" i say as some of your spit flies off towards my neck and chest as i rubb it "Eww-geez" Both wrestlers really tired since they have been working out before the match..then started off the match which lasted a long time! and some really exhausting power, risky and submission moves being thrown! The gym room is warm and filled with the aroma of sweat from the two wrestlers going at it from the start! The next person to use the gym will need an air fresher! I try to lean in and go for another bearhug to finish things off "Time to end- URGH" Owwwwwwwww your stinging slap across my chest catches me off guard as i stagger back, almost dropping down to my knees as im so tired but i hold on! AHHHHHHHHH i scream out as she follows up

bluedragon_sacred: with another slap! My chest stinging and red in pain from those slaps,then all of a sudden her boot goes up my belly URGHHHH owwww i moan almost whinning and crying out in pain as i double over...but as i do i get a clear view of her belly as well as i counter by sending a hard closed right fist of my own aimed right at her belly trying to counter with a fist of my own! "TAKE THAT!"I grunt as i try a quick jab

V V: Aki didnt mean to spat at him since it was mostly his fault for body splashing her onto the mat like that and it was proven to be difficult for her, yet, she did manage to kick out and being forced to stand up onto her feet by his hands, from there, she attacked him by slapping his chest twice before kick him in the stomach to get him to feel a little stun so she can catch her breath, but it didnt slow him down enough as he strike back to punch her hard in the stomach. "Ouffff!" She double over from the blow and nearly up close to his face like that. "Nghh...." She tries to back up away from him until she could, hopefully reaching to the nearest turnbuckle and resting her back against it, one arm still covering her stomach so she can rest up while keeping an eye on him. "Huff huff....

V V: I will beat you TW.... you're gonna lose twice!" yt

bluedragon_sacred: I double over right infront of you from your boot to my belly I return the favour as I shoot a closed fist to your belly as you double over infront of me. Our faces right next to each other as were both doubled over infront of each other, my hand wrapped around my belly as I look straight into your sapphire blue eyes! "" I moan as i watch her stumble backwards, moving away from me to get some space between us so that she may rest her sore aching body! My body is exhausted and the strength sapped away from me during this hard fought tussle as i slowly straighten myself up! "I....I...wont..Nghhh...L-lose....Im the better'm..not going to lose to someone who isnt better than me! Urgh" i say shaking my head and rubbing my sore chest and belly as

bluedragon_sacred: I move towards Aki, shes leaning against the turnbuckle with her back resting against the turnbuckle. I get close enough as i lunge in attempting to smash my forearm against her chest, her suit dampened from the suit, although its nothing embarassing because her suit doesnt become see through even when its wet! NNNIIYAAA! I shout out with my forearm extended aiming to at your chest, looking to knock the wind outta you.

bluedragon_sacred: yt

V V: Aki feeling pretty worn out thanks to TW just wouldnt give up, well at first he did when he couldnt deal with her anymore but as soon she mention that he couldnt beat her and win by default, he snapped and coming right back at her for his second wind. Now back in the ring trying to defend herself for her sake and Purin, and for all the female in the league to taken this crazy man down the notch. Her tummy took a pretty hard hit when they were pretty much brawling causing her to back off and resting into the turnbuckle clutching her stomach while looking up at him, panting. "Huff.... you will lose.... with that additude!" She speaking out in roughly exhausted tone, while her eyes is on the meanie, she sees him coming right at her......

V V: lunging at the colorful wrestler. "Hunnnnnnnn!" She quickly holding onto the ropes and kicking her feet up, extending her legs out so that he would run into it aiming to his chest but mostly at his face instead, hoping to stun him for a moment so she could take a quick breath. "Huff huff!" If that works, she'll see what will happen to him if he knocked down or standing up, either way, she'll wait until he gets up to his knee before she comes out rushing at him, hoping to end this by jumping with her knee aiming to the side of his head to fly across for the finisher- Hibino Heartbeat, also known as the Shining Wizard. "Neeeeh!" yt

bluedragon_sacred: " ;Cough;Cough..huff huff..I dont care about my attitude! Im not going to lose....I...huff....dont want to...huff huff...lose!" I say, seeing her resting and out of breath I think its the best time to attack so I rush into her lunging in and tring to smash my forearm against her chest! But as soon as I come close, she grabs the ropes, one towards each side, firmly with both hands as she lifts her body up with her legs pointing out, I lunge in as im greeted with 2 boots partly against my face and partly against my upper chest! i go down on my back holding my face and rubbing it to ease the pain owww owww god.....why doesnt she give up i whine thinking to myself as i slowly pick my self up...i get to my knees as I see Aki rushing towards me jumping up as she smashes her knee HARD agaisnt

bluedragon_sacred: the side of my head!!! Spit flies off from my mouth a bit as im stunned from that blow!!!! slowly falling down onto my side, that knee shock really shook me up as i just slump down on my side, as i probably am seeing imaginary stars in my head!!!

bluedragon_sacred: yt

V V: "If you dont.... want to lose... huff... then... quite being a jerk!" She shouted at him to his comment, her body feeling weary and knowing that if she does take one major move that could possible ended her and lose to the jerk like him, she feels like its close to the end and even feels that shes on the edge of the cliff about to lose, hopefully she could turn it around and beat him for good. "huff huff..." As soon she rested her back against the corner while keeping her eyes on him, she notices he comes charging at him and instictively bringing her feet up to boot him in the face. **Yes!** She thought, successfully did it, she swallow hard while her whole body covered in sweats since this match was just tough. How seeing him down from the hit and waiting for the right moment before......

V V: pushing herself to run at him, bringing her knee to swing aiming right to the side of his head to hit the man hard with her Shining Wizard, dubbed Hibino Heartbeat, smacking him as he went down on the mat before she fell on her bottom beside him. **Good good!** She slowly nodded to herself before slowly crawling toward to him, making sure hes facing up and sliding herself backward to rest her upper back onto his chest, hook his leg over and start counting down with her free hand. "ONE!.........TWO!.......... huff....." yt

bluedragon_sacred: Going down on my side after Aki's Hibino Heartbeat!!!! the side of my head thawked against her knee hard!! Luckily for me she had her knee pads on as that JUST softened the blow! Still it was hard enough to bring my body down onto the side, the world around me spinning as i moan out loud..stunned and shocked from that blow. I hear Aki's voice as she talks to herself. Soon after I feel her turn me over onto my back as her back lays on top of my chest....her arms hook my leg over as i hear her slap the mats starting off the count, hearing her cute sweet voice "......1....." Urghhhh my head spinning as I have flashbacks about my match with Purin and my loss against her!! what a hard fought tussle that was that ended up getting me pinned as well! ".........2....." Then i have flashbacks about

bluedragon_sacred: this match here Aki proved to be a tough opponent as well! i never expected Aki to be as tough as she was!! she was certainly stronger than Purin but lacked a bit of technique and aerial ability!!! But thinking of the loss agaisnt Purin and now this...I instinctively...out of frustration and desperation just manage to muster the strength to kick out and lift my shoulder up just a mili second before ur hand slaps the mat the third time! URRGHHHH NOOOOO!!! I cry out loud exhausted and breathing hard...dont know how i kicked out..... after i kick out i roll over onto my belly...laying there ""

bluedragon_sacred: yt

V V: Aki feeling so good right now that she was able to escape from certain defeat when she scores with a knee to his head for her finisher and laying him down on the mat, she felt so much better when that happen and slowly, crawling on over to him pinning down using her back cause more likely, he'll probably whines about her busts squishing on his chest. **He must of not into girl or something** She thought while hooking his leg and pinning him down, slapping her free hand going for the win, it was taking her time to slap each one and while thats happening, she thought to herself. **Another win for me, I couldnt wait to tell Purin about this----- ahhh!** Her eyes wide open when TW was somehow, able to kick out from the pin before she could finish counting to three, she sat up just............

V V: couldnt believe he kicked out from it, though she thinks its the fine time using her finisher on someone and thought it would be enough but, he was very tough cookie proven he could escape from it. "Huff huff... well sourdough.... so close... huff...." She takes a breather to regain some of her stamina and knowing his head is hurt from the finisher, maybe if she hit his head one more time, something very hard enough to finish this. "Okay TW, sorry but, we no longer need your service... huff huff heh." She teased, slowly standing herself up before moving near his head, reaching down to hold the side of his head to slowly pulling up and getting it between her shapely thighs, preparing to end his determination to beat her. yt

bluedragon_sacred: Laying there on my back! Even I cant believe how i mangaed to gather the strength to kick out! Perhaps it was the extra adrenaline injected in my body as i was getting pretty pissed about thinking that im going to lose another time! Then I hear Aki;s smartmouth taunting me again! Shes pretty confident and sure she can take me down now as i hear the confidence oozing out of her speech! She takes a few moments to recover...that helps me as well to recover, gather my thoughs and strength! "Ngh....Huff Huff...owww..owww..cough cough" So tired cant even reply to her snappy comments as I feel her soft hands grab my head as she pulls me upto onto all fours as i see her shapely curvy thighs right infront of my face! Knowing a headscissor is on its face...I panic knowing i wont have the strength

bluedragon_sacred: to fight that off if I was put in between her thighs! So i quickly spring upto my knees and try to aim a closed fist right into her belly...but i was so tired and my vision still blurry that my fist got a little off aim...and accidently I hit my closed fist straight into her crotch!!!! An honsest mistake!!!!

bluedragon_sacred: yt

bluedragon_sacred: * Although im glad its a unscheduled that would have probably been a DQ in an official match

V V: Aki knows this match could end either way and even he somehow able to escape from the pin, she still thinks that she got a chance to take him out for good but giving her some time to recover and regain some of her stamin, its tough for a girl to take on a man like him even though hes a jerk to the core. "huff huff.... up and daisy...." She said, standing up before grabbing his head to slowly place it between her legs to lock him in so that she can use her next move and aiming for his head to surely, knock him out for good.........

V V: "Okay... huff, the time has com---- GAHHH!" She screams when she felt her crotch took a pretty hard hit that instantly loosen her thighs around his head and double herself over, but didnt stand for long as she drops down onto her knees facing away from him from him, looking to her side to see that jerk TW while clutching herself with one hand and the other pounding on the mat, she never hit below the belt before and it hurt so much even for a girl! "Aughhh.... cheap... cheap.... nghhhh...." She shook her head in disbelief he did something horrible like that, he was desperate enough to go for the low blow. yt

bluedragon_sacred: My head placed between her thighs as I have a mixed feeling of pain and pleasure, beeing in between a women's sweaty thigh like that! Although i have no time for dirty thoughts..but I couldnt help but that think that, me being a hot blooded young man, Still the match meant more than any other feeling so I go for the fist at her belly! Since I couldnt see, my head being trapped between her thigh, My punch hits her crotch instead as she instantly lets me go and moan out loud! eventually dropping down onto her knees, clutching her self as she pounds the ring canvas with her hand trying to endure that pain! Even though i never meant to hit her crotch- at this point she believes that I did- and i didnt want her to think it was a mistake or fluke! and i certainly didnt want to apologize about

bluedragon_sacred: that mistaken punch so I take the blame "HAH! I told you! Im going to do anything to Win! THIS IS THE EASY WAY OUT" I hiss out at her as i see her down on her knees panting and moaning in pain, even for a girl a lowblow is no joke! NOW this is my chance to finish her! I say as i quickly move behind her..going for MY finisher! I sit down on my butt behind her as i lean forward my arm goes over your head and comes down onto your neck as i wrap my arm around the front of your neck, with me sitting behind you, pulling your head back as i lock in a Dragon sleeper hold from behind! I snake my legs around your waist as well looking in the deadly Dragon sleeper and body scissor combo that I call the "Blue Dragon sleeper" My biceps bulging and so do my thigh and calve muscles as i squeeeeeeeeeez

bluedragon_sacred: you hard in both holds!!! Pulling ur head back streching your body backwards as my legs around your body get grip around your neck gets tighter, sending pulses of pain through your body as i lock in this devistating hold "UURGHHHH ARGHHHHHH COME ON!!! SUBMITTT!!! QUIIITT!!" I yell

bluedragon_sacred: yt

V V: Aki just couldnt believe that he did a horrible thing to a girl like herself! Biting down her teeth while feeling her crotch stung so much that she couldnt stand up for long and dropping down onto her knees holding in pain, he was really a bad player and even admit he would do anything to win this match. "Nghh..... you... you suck..... ughhh....." She said to him while her body clearly hurt too darn much that TW took the advantage over her when he move behind to wrap his arm around her neck to pull backward under his arm, her eyes closed tightly and showing in painful expression until she was pulled back to lay over his front body and feeling her waist being wrapped by his legs, hearing his words 'Blue Dragon Sleeper' possibly his finisher. "Unnnnnn!" She cried out in pain while tighten

V V: her neck and body rippling the pains throughout her whole body as he trying to force her to give up, submitting and quit to him, she barely move her body with his arm around her neck and her hands reaching up to his arm onto her neck trying to pry on it while trying to shout out at him. "N-N..... never!.... I.... I will never... give... give up!" She knows his ego will get the best of her and more likely he'll gloat over if she loses to him, she cant lose right now, she wants to beat him just like Purin did, she can feel her energy draining rapidly in his hold, not sure how long she can endure it. "Nnnnnngh....." yt

bluedragon_sacred: "Argh! I dont suck! You need to realise that there are other ways, easier ways to win"I smirk as I lock in my Blue Dragon sleeper. My arm around her neck tightens as I pull her neck upwards streching her neck , tightening the hold as hard as i can almost turning it into a chok, my vice like grip around your waist squeeezes your body tighter every second you deny to submit, really jerking my legs in towards your body giving you impulses of pain, My legs doing the squeezing and streching your body downwards a bit as my arm does the squeezing around your neck in the dragon sleeper streching your neck upwards. "GIVE UP!!!! COME ON!!! AKI! JUST SUBMIT! LOSE THAT EGO AND SSUUUBBBMITTT" I moan out looking to KO her if she doesnt submit, i shake her body left-right a bit to see if shes still up

bluedragon_sacred: yt

V V: Aki couldnt bare this submission hold for long since its hurting her neck more than her body being squeezed, while he pulled onto her neck backward to stretching out that also inflicting her back too. Hearing him shouting at her while straining her constantly that she can barely speak to him to respond, but she couldnt, only way that she kept enduring the hold longer as she could but not for long, that her eyes starting to fluttering, and feeling her body starting to give up on her regardless her spirit is feeling high, while TW kept hold into her longer, she starting to fade faster and after few seconds longer, her hands going limp to the side and closing her eyes, passing out or just stop struggling in his hold. "Ngh......" yt

bluedragon_sacred: ""URGHHHH WHAT DO YOU SAY!!! SUBMIT! COME ON! Dont put your body through this! end this! Just Quit" I say still squeezing and streching your body as much as i could! Our sweaty warm bodies stuck tight, as your back lays on my front, arms and legs locked around your neck and waist as I pour on the pressure in my finishing submission move!! I can feel her struggling and snappy come backs stopping after a while! Her hands limp to the side as i see her eyes shut tight, her mouth slightly open as her struggling stops....I use my free hand to grab her left wrist as i lift it up...and drop it...."1..." i grab it again and lift it again as i drop it... "2...." I grab her arm for the final time , a smirk comes over my face as i tighten the holds more and to there max as i look for the final count

bluedragon_sacred: before i can declare a KO...grabbing her wrist as i lift her arm up...and i drop it, eager to see the reaction

bluedragon_sacred: yt

bluedragon_sacred: " URGHHHH WHAT DO YOU SAY!!! SUBMIT! COME ON! Dont put your body through this! end this! Just Quit" I say still squeezing and streching your body as much as i could! Our sweaty warm bodies stuck tight, as your back lays on my front, arms and legs locked around your neck and waist as I pour on the pressure in my finishing submission move!! I can feel her struggling and snappy come backs stopping after a while! Her hands limp to the side as i see her eyes shut tight, her mouth slightly open as her struggling stops....I use my free hand to grab her left wrist as i lift it up...and drop it...."1..." i grab it again and lift it again as i drop it... "2...." I grab her arm for the final time , a smirk comes over my face as i tighten the holds more and to there max as i look for the final count

bluedragon_sacred: before i can declare a KO...grabbing her wrist as i lift her arm up...and i drop it, eager to see the reaction

bluedragon_sacred: yt

V V: Aki just passes out from the submission hold that she couldnt endure any longer, her eyes alread closed and only moving is her mouth breathing and her large asset breasts heaving up and down which its a very good view of it. She then unaware that she felt her wrist being lifted up and dropping down as he counting down on her, shes completely weaken from it and she can barely hear what he was saying regardless he was yelling at her, not before long that her hand dropping for the third time, her small hand hitting the mat unable to break up the hold and continue on. "Nghh..... " yt

bluedragon_sacred: Her hand drops down the third time "Yessss" i hiss out smiling a wide smile as i hold her in my hold for a few extra seconds before finally letting her go and slide off underneath her as she drops down on the mat, her arms and legs spreaded, eyes closed as her large bubbly chest heaves up and down..mouth open....she looks like shes peacefully sleeping as i get up on my feet looking down on her smirking...I look outside the ring, finding where my gym bag is "Ah there it is"I smirk as i roll outside of the ring quickly and unzipping the bag, taking out my Iphone 4s as i rush back inside the ring, sliding in the bottom rope and get back up quickly..panting as im exhausted and out of breath in this hard fought match. I move over to her as i slide off my right boot as i put my barefoot over her

bluedragon_sacred: mouth as i pose over her! I position my phone carefully taking a picture of her KO'd body with my foot on top of her mouth! CLICK! thats a good shot i smirk looking down on her as i drop down on my knees next to her breathing in her ear "huff huff...told win....tell...Purin...shes better wrestler...I told you...Id do anything to thanks to our stipulation..i decide what type of match I will have with should think about switching to heel as well" i say leaning forward and kissing her forehead as i slowly roll out of the ring grabbing my gym bag as i move back towards the mens locker room

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