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Looking for matches

Wed Oct 20, 2021 10:49 am by skip-stop

Ahoy! Skip-stop is in touch and I'm still looking for some matches

Charlotte Ravel' reporting for duty
Charlotte Ravel':

Fisticuffs (IM Match) Xewd2110

I see it as intense matches where our characters will be able to show aerobatics of wrestling. All match types except hentai are fine. FvF only, not FvM

Initially I'm looking for one-shot matches and would like her to get some wins. But I'm open to any questions and suggestions. If we can come up with a decent storyline, I don't mind if …

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After a long time I return, looking for a match

Thu Sep 16, 2021 11:20 pm by GrandAkumaShogun

Hello all, I would firstly like to apologize for the long periods that I've been away from here. Been taking time away to focus on my mental health but I think I'm ready to return and looking for a match or two to get back into things. All three of my boys, Takeichi Mori, Takeshi Kawai, and Imai Cosmo are up for matches. If you want I can link their profiles so you don't have to search through the roster page. Anyone interested feel free to hmu through private messages. Hope to hear from …

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Request Filled for Now, IGNORE!

Thu Sep 23, 2021 10:18 am by Frodouken

New here and wanting to put my character to use

Down for any match type involving FVF. Think I’ve got a good understanding of the rules rp

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Fisticuffs (IM Match)

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Fisticuffs (IM Match) Empty Fisticuffs (IM Match)

Post by Darius Sat May 12, 2012 2:30 am

vivian_boxer58: It's 6 months already since the last time Sarah faced anyone inside a ring in a wrestling bout and now she's dying for another match ,eager to get involved in wrestling against another girl but AFW seems to be ignoring her presence in the complex. She knows that she doesn't quite popular around here but that doesn't mean that she is worth to be abandoned mtc

vivian_boxer58: For the past 6 months ,Sarah switches from wrestling into boxing...began to train boxing about 5 months ago as well as training and developing her body. She is gaining about extra 50-60 pounds as she manages to form quite some muscles on her body during the training and believe it or not ,she had already won a match against another amateur boxer just like her by a spectacular knockout a month ago and now she is still visiting the AFW complex ,hitting the punching bag in her gray sports bra and trunks ,hoping that someone will show up one day and at least have a spar with her

dariusalmighty: It was at the time that Sarah was having her worjout in the gym that someone else would enter the gym as well. It was the male wrestler known as Sven, walking in dressed in some normal blue trunks and nothing else, his chest bare for all to see, rippling with well toned muscles. What he was also wearing, surprisingly, were boxing gloves. Recently Sven had come to appreicate the power that came with knowing how to box, so he had taken it upon himself to train his fierce punches, as he had been doing for several weeks in this gym. He was about to go to the boxing bag he always trained with, but to his surprise, someone was already beating on it. MTC

dariusalmighty: A woman, taller than he was and sporting some muscle of her own, was using his bag and going to town with it. He scowled in annoyance. That was the bag he always used, and didn't appreciate someone else using when he wasnted to. And so, he would march up to the marger woman, and growl out at her, "You're using my bag, bitch. Fuck off." yt

vivian_boxer58: Sarah hears the unpleasent words coming from someone standing behind of her and she really not happy with it. The guy could just ask politely so Sarah will be step away from the bag and let him have it but right now she is seeking for a trouble. Sarah replies ,"I don't see your name here but i do see an AFW logo imprinted on the bottom of it so it is a property of AFW and i have the right to use it since i'm still a member of AFW". Sarah begins to hit the bag like nothing happened ,ignoring the unpolite guy who is still standing behind of her mtc

vivian_boxer58: Sarah then still feels the presence of the guy and turns her body around again. "You may start finding another bag soon or..." Sarah holds herself from ever saying that but she clenches her fists under both of her 8 oz black Everlast boxing gloves

dariusalmighty: Sven was waiting for the woman to pack up her shit and get out of here after telling her to beat it but that didn't happen. Instead, she remained where she was and pretended like he wasn't even there. Sven growled furiously, clenching his red boxing gloves in his hands. This bitch was really pressing her luck. And he had no qualms about putting her in the hospital if she wanted. MTC

dariusalmighty: Then when she finally turned to him and told him to get lost, that was the last straw. Not one to back down, Sven would step up to the woman until they were chest to chest, his muscled torso pressing up against her soft breasts. She was taller that he was, maybe even more muscled, but he didn't back down. "You want a fight, bitch?" he growled. He then pointed off to one of the empty practice rings. "Get in the ring. I'm gonna teach you a lesson you'll never forget." yt

vivian_boxer58: Sarah really doesn't want this to be happened but this midget pushed her to her limits ,she couldn't bear it anymore when he challenged her and standing in front of her ,don't know accidentally colliding his chest on hers or he intended to do it already and she clearly doesn't like it at all. It's rare to see Sarah angry but she is now and Sven is the first one who get to see it in 2 years. Sarah says nothing at all and she picks up a black mouthpiece when she is on the way to the practice ring then she stes on the ladder one at a time while some of the wrestlers there are starting to notice about the argument just now mtcc

vivian_boxer58: Sarah then as usual heads for a random vacant corner and leans her back against it ,it's the second time she steps into the ring to fight someone in a real match. The past one was actually a friendly bout and Sarah really didn't want to hurt that girl so bad but it's Sarah or that girl and now Sarah isn't going to hold anything from landing on the small guy's face

dariusalmighty: Sven watched as Sarah headed to the ring without a word after he issued his challenge, and he smirked in victory. "Now that's more like it," he growled, and would follow her to the ring, tightening the ropes on his gloves as he got ready for a fight. He would also climb the stairs and go through the ropes, heading to his own corner as Sarah went to her's.

dariusalmighty: From there Sven would slip in his own mouthpiece and begin to shadowbox, throwing several quick and powerful punches to an invisible opponant, wanting to warmup a bit since Sarah had already warmed herself up with his bag. When he was good and ready, Sven would make his way out from his corner and head to the center of the ring to meet his female opponant. There was no referee, so they would have to honour the rules themselves. But what Sarah didn't know was that Sven wasn't much for rules. "Ready to get your ass beat, bitch?" he growled, raising his fists at the ready. yt

vivian_boxer58: The AFW wrestlers begin to cheer for Sarah and some for Sven as they find out that a boxing bout is bound to happen soon. Some of them are starting to make bet on both fighters while the others take care of the bell. There's one wrestler assigned to be the timekeeper unless they both want to be a non round boxing match to the finish. Sarah is still in her own corner before she moves slowly to the center of the ring and meets the midget mtc

vivian_boxer58: She replies nothing to the guy's taunt and that's actually what she does when she is totally pissed by anything. One of the wrestlers then rings the bell before Sarah takes the first step and testing Sven's face with three quick jabs. Sarah puts some power behind of it even it's just to test Sven

dariusalmighty: As the bell rang (Sven did think there would be a bell) Sven's fists were raised in a boxers stance, ready for anything Sarah might throw at him. "Just so you know, we're not stopping until one of us is unconscious," Sven said with a smile, laying out the rules of the match right then and there. "No rounds, no count outs. I just want to knock you the fuck out." MTC

dariusalmighty: When Sarah came in, Sven was ready, raising his fists to block her jans when they came. He winced at the power behind them, finding Sarah to be quite strong. He guessed those muscles weren't just for show, not to mention her size advantage. Still, Sven had his own advantages. he would block her first two jabs, but on her third Sven would dodge it by ducking down low, and would attmept to connect a left hook into one of Sarah's kidneys. If that connected then Sven would immediatly follow up with a fierce right hook to Sarah's face, yt

vivian_boxer58: The time keeper then gets out of the ring when Sven mentioned about wanting to fight without any rounds and any count outs. Sarah only replied it shortly to Sven ,"and no mercy"...her face expression is all different from the time when she is not angry. Sarah took the first shots but all blocked by Sven before he retaliates it with a left hook to Sarah's right kidney. It connects solidly and it does hurt her a lot from the look of her face when she winces and gasps at the same time but it doesn't manage to stun her and she manages to parry that fierce right hook with her left arm mtc

vivian_boxer58: She feels a little bit sharp pain when the punch impacts on her left arm and it clearly states that the guy also has power punches but probably can't be compared to hers as she is now identified as a heavyweight boxer. Sarah sees the open chance when Sven missed the shot and retaliates it with a single powerful right straight to the guy's face ,if it connects...Sarah will kiss that cheeks of his with a pair of hooks combo

dariusalmighty: Sven grinned as his left hooj sank into Sarah's side, managing to use his small size to his advantage to get under her defenses. He hoped that attack had stunned her a bit, but when he went to throw his ambitious right hook at her face he would instead be met with Sarah's left arm, blocking his attack. His eyes widened in surprise, and quickly realized how vulnerable he was when Sarah fired her powerful right straight into his face. MTC

dariusalmighty: "UUUGGH!!" Sven cried out, his head snapping back from the hit. The hit had really rocked him, feeling the power behind it, realizing Sarah's heavyweight prowess now, which meant trouble for him. Now stunned from her punch, he was vulnerable to her follow up, and his head snapped left and right as her powerful hooks landed. "UGH! OOHH!!" he cried out, stumbling away from Sarah, a little dizzy from her heavy hits. yt

vivian_boxer58: "Still thinking about beating me??" asks Sarah shortly ,remembering about all of the threats that Sven gave to her. Sarah is now getting Sven under her control but she never let her hubris to blind her and focusing herself as usual on taking down her opponent with huge punches. Sarah is now aftering Sven again but this time with a crushing left hook to the guy's ribs and a right to the other one before she tries to drive him back to a corner with another straight that kisses right on his nose again and a left hook to his poor right cheek ,doesn't know wether it all hits home or not but she sure that she still has a lot of power to use to pull all of it

dariusalmighty: Still a bit woozy from Sarah's opening punches Sven wasn't entirely prepared for her to come at him again, this time taking another hard punch stright to his ribs, and then another to the other side. "Guh! Ugh!!" Sven groaned in pain, hibs now aching painfully. He was shocked this woman had so much power behind her. Sven was starting to think he bit off more than he could chew as Sarah came in for another salvo of punches. MTC

dariusalmighty: "UGHH!!" he cried out as another striaght rocked his world, sending him stumbling back more towards his corner. He was hurting, but he was still somewhat fresh into the fight, but he knew if he didn't fight back soon Sarah would completely pummel him. And so when Sarah came swinging her right, Sven would raise his left to block it before it connected. if he managed that, he would immediately fire off two right straights into Sarah's face, and if those connected he would follow up with a powerful left hook to her face

vivian_boxer58: Sarah is really getting the audience's voices for this match when she is beginning to dome this match but then two right straights pretty stops her cold during her slaughter and her nose is begin to bleeding inside while the tears is starting to fulfill her eyes. It was an unpleasent one and now her vision is still a little bit teary and making her hard to avoid that powerful left hook to her right cheek. Her cheek bones might be shaking a little bit after the impact and her sweat and saliva to be sprayed and spitted from her face and her mouth when her head is getting snapped by the left hook to the left mtc

vivian_boxer58: Sarah stumbles backwards while some of the audience praise Sven for his powerful punches that leave Sarah a little bit woozy and temporarily stunned

dariusalmighty: So far Sven had been getting a fair hammering at the hands of Sarah, who's size qas backed up with quite a bit of power. If he hadbn't had stopped her with hia counter who knows what would have happened. Thankfully he did, and now he found himself with a stunned opponant before him. MTC

dariusalmighty: Clenching his gloves and trying to shake off the pian Sarah had inflicted on him Sven would come charging in on her while she was vulnerable, and would attempt to connect a solid uppercut right into her stomach. If that worked and Sarah doubled over as a rusult, Sven would immediately follow up by throwing another fierce uppercut, this one aimed at her jaw.

vivian_boxer58: Sarah is still shaking the cobwebs and the heavyweight girl seems still a little bit woozy and having a spinning vision right now as she couldn't even see that uppercut is coming. "THUD!!!" it solidly lands right on her stomach and folds her body into half instantly before her eyes and mouth are widely open. Sarah gasps but she doesn't have enough chance to cough when an uppercut shot straight to the middle of her face and mashing right on her nose. It was actually intended to hit her jaw but with her folding position ,it's pretty impposible. Her head violently snapped upwards by the uppercut before the blood freely spurts out of her nostrils and spraying to Sven's bare chest and arms mtc

vivian_boxer58: The uppercut sinks her face onto the canvas and now Sarah is down for the first time in the match ,it was Sven who drawed the first blood and that even makes his supporter like going insane. Sarah's head is ringing a little bit and her vision keeps spinning. Lucky for her ,it's a no countout match so she takes her time in recovering herself before continuing the fight again. It takes her 30 seconds to recover while taking the taunts from Sven and some of the audience but she doesn't care about it and in fact ,she stares Sven at his eyes with hatred and then wipes the blood from her nose with her right glove and smearing it all over it before she pushes herself up and ready to fight again

dariusalmighty: Sven's short but powerful combo had done a spectacular job in damaging Sarah, first by driving the air out of her, then by knocking her down. Not only that, but he had drawn first blood in a spectacular way, spraying over his chest in arms, almost like battle scars. It was a good feeling watching the bigger woman go down covered in blood, and Sven laughed at the sight. "Aw, did I hit you a little too hard?" Scen asked mockingly down at Sarah, and while she was down he would give her a harsh kick in the ribs for good measure. Then he would step back from her, pacing back and forth as he waited for her to get up. MTC

dariusalmighty: Once she had finally recovered, Sven would smirk in amusement as she smeared the blood across her face. In response, he would smear her own blood across his chest, sneering at her as he did. After that Sven would rush in again, looking like he was going to deliver another left hook. This was just a feint however, and his real attack would be a hook from the right. If that connected he would immediately follow up with the left to throw her off balance, and then complete the combo with another solid uppercut into her belly. yt

vivian_boxer58: The kick really hurts her pride but it also helps her to realize that the "rules" is invisible to Sven does for her. Her ribs indeed turning into flaring red but the rage that boiling inside of her helps her to forget all of the pain that she is having right least ,supressing it. Sarah is not rushing at anything and in fact ,she lets Sven to pull another attack and just when the left hook almost reach her face ,she parries it away with her right arm and then holds his glove right there before she headbutts the guy right on his face mtc

vivian_boxer58: "How does that feel punk?!" says Sarah while her blood is still flowing ,tricking onto her black mouthpiece and eventually her grey sports bra. She then begins to ramming Sven's abs relentlessly with countless straights until she lets him go and scoring a huge haymaker to the guy's right side of the body but it all doesn't work if the headbutt doesn't land home

dariusalmighty: Sven thought his strategy was sound when he went in to fake a left at Sarah's face, but the woman reacted quicker than he thought, and to his shock his right fist was grabbed before it even connected. He growled when Sarah held it, not expecting her to do so, and then the next thing he saw was Sarah's head shooting striaght at his. "UUGGGHH!!" Sven cried out, his head snapping backwards from the blow. He was certainly not expecting that. Sarah seemed really intent to beat him, no matter how many rules it took to break.

dariusalmighty: "UGH! GUH! AH!" Sven grunted as his abs were mercilessly beat upon while his arm was still held, leaving quite vulnerable to further attack. Each hhit contained quite a bit of strength, turning his stomach nice and red, but the worst when was that massive hit came into his side, and pain exploded there as he screamed in pain. He would stumble away from Sarah, clutching the side she had hit, wincing in agony. yt

vivian_boxer58: Sarah then sees the oportunity when her opponent is wincing in agony and vulnerable for further attacks ,she just move forwar quickly without thinking twice and looking for a clear shot before she pull a massive right straight to Sven's left eye. It's now one of her strategy ,to make her opponent fighting in blind by keep targetting and punching her opponent's eyes until both of them fully shut. Sarah's attack doesn't stop there ,she then swings a cruel left cross to Sven's other eye before she finally looking for a closure with a right uppercut to Sven's abs ,paying what he had done to her earlier

11:16:55 PM
dariusalmighty: Sven's side felt like it was on fire from where Sarah had hammered it. At first he thought his ribs might be broken but luckily that wasn't the case or else he might have been in real trouble. Of course, he wasn't exactly in a good way noew, still vulnerable to Sarah and her follow up, helpless as he helt her fist hammer into his left eye. MTC

dariusalmighty: "GAAAHH!!!" Sven screamed as he the blow landed, snapping his head back again. Already he could feel his eye starting to swell from the hit, and Sven knew Sarah wasn't going to stop there. Wincing in pain, he saw Sarah was going to go for his other eye. So before she could throw her next hit to his right eye Sven would attempt to slinch with her, throwing his arms onto her shoulders and holding her close, hoping to catch a breath. Sven would do this for quite a few seconds, holding himself close to Sarah. And then, hopefully without her catching wise, he would rocket his knee straight into her crotch. yt

vivian_boxer58: Sarah is hurting Sven too bad right now and the crowds could sense it but the hurted Sven have a quick thinking on her mind and immediately getting himself into a clinch with Sarah. Sarah feels disgusted when her chest is colliding on Sven's flat one and she tries to jerk that guy away from her while swinging hooks to his side but then ,"AHHHHH!!!!". Sarah immediately lose the grip on that guy and sinking onto the canvas with her face while both of her hands are cupping her crotch. The breath seems to be drawed out of the lungs by that cheap knee right into her crotch and now she is on the floor ,writhing in agony and speechless mtc

vivian_boxer58: The crowds are starting to "BOO!!!" Sven for that cheap knee and now probably turning their back against him. Sarah indeed played dirty as well but the crowds know it was Sven who started it. It takes about 2 full minutes until Sarah could speak again but it's still with her gasping breath. "You....will...regret...for" says Sarah and she is still taking her time on the canvas

dariusalmighty: Sven's clinch was a good way for him to catch his breath and stop Sarah's attacks, but it was an even better way for him to get off his dirty low blow. As soon as it connected and Sarah stopped struggling he knew it had worked perfectly. Sven grinned darkly, and when Sarah started to go down he would hold her up in the clinch, not allowing her to fall. He didn't care if the crowd booed him. He wasn't there to impress them. He was fighting to put Sarah in her place. MTC

dariusalmighty: "You're fucking dead meat," Sven would say with a snicker, and would then push Sarah away from him so he could fire off more blows on her. While she was still tending to her cortch he would first fire a right hook then a left hook directly into her face, then swiftly follow up with a another powerful uppercut to her stomach. If this made Sarah hunch over again, Sven would next raise his fist abd bring it hammering down on the top of her skull. yt

vivian_boxer58: Sarah doesn't get a chance to fight back and she is still in a hell of a pain when Sven perfectly lands a solid right and left hooks combo right on her cheeks that snaps her head sideways before folding her body once and stopping her cold while the saliva acknowledgely by Sarah spilled from her mouth. Sarah is heavily stunned and for a moment ,she couldn't even breathe but that doesn't stop Sven from punishing that girl. Sven taunted that girl once more but Sarah is way too beat up to reply that taunt and before she could do anything ,she feels something rough slamming right ontop of her head with a massive power. She doesn't know what happen as the blackness takes over even before she collapses to the canvas with her face and stomach and arms on both of her sides , barely moving at all mtc

vivian_boxer58: The crowds now really cursing Sven for every of his cheap shots ,shot like the top of someone's skull could result hemorraging and swelling as short ,it could be kill that person. Everyone is afraid about what will happen to Sarah but her right arm begins to move a little bit and someone notices it

dariusalmighty: His brutal combo and deadly attack to the top of her head made Sarah go down just as Sven had hoped it would, grinning down ceuely at the unmoving form of his female foe. "That's what you get when you fight a real man, bitch," Sven cackled down at her. Of course everyone in the crowd was against Sven now, but he didn't care. As far as he was concerned the only ones here were him and Sarah, and he wasn't done with her yet. MTC

dariusalmighty: "You really should have given me my bag, loser," Sven chuckled, and while Sarah was down he would go down and attempt to straddle her back, keeping her down with his weight. Then he would grab a handful of her brunnete hair with his glove, pull back on it to lift her head off the mat, and with a cruel grin would start slamming her face into the mat over and over again, completely disregarding the rules to give Sarah a severe thrashing, earning him even more boos from the audience. yt

vivian_boxer58: It's really one hell of a sportsmanship when Sven is trashing Sarah's face while she is still half-awake ,it only about the matter of minutes before Sarah's face is all smear with blood and her eyes are puffy slit with a beyond fixable broken nose. Blood is all over the gloves and it's even pooling on the canvas while Sarah is just accepting her fate and doesn't even know it. She is nothing but all beat up right now by the cruel Sven who abandoned the sportsmanship and who keeps beating her up even her skin looks pale right now because of the massive blood loss yt

dariusalmighty: Over and over again Sven would smash Sarah's once pretty face into the canvas, paiting it with her own blood as he continued to brutalize her. It was only when Sven was satisfied he had taken the fight out of Sarah that he would let up, releasing her hair and letting her head drop into the blood smear he had created. "Pathetic bitch," he spat. "You're not so tough." MTC

dariusalmighty: Sven would then grab Sarah by her shoulders and using them he would attempt to roll Sarah over onto her back so he would be straddling her front now instead. He would look down at her bloodstained face with a nasty smile, brining his gloves at the ready again before he would start to unload a barrage of punches down on Sarah's face, raining down a furious barrage of left and rights in rapid sucession. yt

vivian_boxer58: Sarah is now awake a little bit after her face being slammed repeatedly on the canvas and resulting a broken nose. The bleeding just don't stop flowing from the huge gash on the bridge of her nose and both of her nostrils as well and it's a miracle that Sarah is still awake to taste the punishment. She moans painfully and her eyes are half opened ,looking at Sven and unaware that the guy is going to turn her face much worse than this. It's about when she almost say something to Sven but Sven is already rocking her head relentlessly with her fists ,busting her lips ,puffing her eyes and turning it beyond recognizable mtc

vivian_boxer58: Sarah feels numb on her entire face as the blood pours unstoppably and making her skin looks pale because of the massive blood loss. Sarah then pushes out the bloody mouthpiece from her mouth by using her tongue and one of her teeth falls to the canvas along with the mouthpiece. Some faint hearted wrestlers in the gym complex want to stop the match but the boys encourage Sven to do more with Sarah. Sven is about to punish Sarah some more and Sarah encourages him by spitting a huge wad of blood right onto his face before saying ,"Go...fuck...yourself" with her remaining breath

dariusalmighty: Over and over ahain Sven would driver his fists into Sarah's face, knocking her head back and forth like a volleyball, coating his gloves in her own blood. A sick twisted grin was on his face as he did this. N one would be able to stop him now, he was having too much of a good time. Not even the boos and cheers of the crowd reached him now. He was soley focused on beating the ever living snot out of her. Soon though he would stop punching her, and look at the damage he had inflited with a grin. He was going to ask her if she wanted to beg, but then the glob of blood struck his cheek, much to his fury.

dariusalmighty: "You're dead," he growled, and would get off of Sarah and grab a handful of her hair, using it to haul Sarah up to her feet again. As soon as they both were, Sven would throw one heavy uppercut straight into her stomach. This was just to make sure she stayed worn down so he could drag her over to the ring ropes. If he maged that, he would tie up her arms in the top and middle ropes in a crucifix position, making her completely helpless and on display. yt

vivian_boxer58: Her face is nothing but a mask of blood and she has nothing to lost ,her arms and legs barely supports her when Sven is forcing her to stand by grabbing her hair with one of his gloved hand. It's more like Sarah is standing with her knees instead of her legs while Sven drags her over the ring ropes and drapes her arms over the ropes and ties it all between the top and middle ropes in a crucifix position mtc

12:22:56 AM
vivian_boxer58: Her face lols forward and the blood pours freely onto the canvas until it forms a huge pool on it but then with the small remaining power of her...She lifts her head up again and spits another wad of blood to Sven's face for once more before she says ," shot...motherfucker" and laughing mockingly at Sven

dariusalmighty: Sven smirked as he looked upon Sarah hanging there like a piece of clothing on a line, watching as the blood dripped from her face and onto the floor. He relished at the sight of having this heavyweight woman at his mercy when she had been so proud and powerful only moments before. Then, to his shock and disgust, another glob of blood struck his cheek, and this time he wiped it off with a smirk.

dariusalmighty: "Oh I intend to," Sven chuckled as he moved in on her again, gloves at the ready. The first thing he would do was drive one hell of a punch directly into her exposed stomach, drying to drive all the air out of her. Then he would follow up with a heavy right hook right to her face, followed quickly by a left. Then to complete the brutal combo he would fire off a right straight straight into her already busted up face. yt

vivian_boxer58: "OOFFFFFF!!!!" her mouth is opening widely like a fish which is gasping for air when Sven drives his glove right to his stomach...there's a trick of saliva and blood mostly unwillingly drops to the canvas after that punch. Sarah then barely feels anything on her face as Sven continue the onslaught ,she just keeps taking it while Sven's gloves are tearing her skin bit by bit until the blackness takes over her body for the second time in this match ,she is out cold and don't know when Sven is going to end this

dariusalmighty: As soon as his last blow landed Sven could see that Sarah was knocked out from his hit, leaving her hanging limply on the ropes rather pathetically like a puppet with broken strings. He smirked in approval at the sight. "Hey, someone get a picture of this!" he shouted to the audience. Quite a few people were disgusted at the request, but eventually someone would enter the ring with a camera in hand. Smirking, Sven would grab Sarah's top and tear it off her bosy, exposing her breasts for the picture. Then he would grab her hair, using it to hold her bloody head up for the camera to see. Sven himself would smile darkly for the camera, and soon the humiliating picture would be taken. MTC

dariusalmighty: "Thanks a lot," Sven said to the photographer. "Make sure to make copies of that." Sven would then move to untie Sarah from the ropes, letting her fall forward to the mat. But as she fell, Sven would swing his leg up, trying to catch her in the stomach just before she hit the ground. yt

vivian_boxer58: Sarah is heavily out could and doesn't know that someone is taking a pic of herself in this very bad state without any clothings on her top. If she is awake right now ,she'll be feeling so humiliated...her body then is to be released after several pics of her has been taken. She falls forward unconciously like a sag overloaded by potatoes but Sven still doesn't feel satisfy and kick her right on the stomach ,arching her body before she fully collapse onto the canvas and spread eagled while the blood is starting to pooling beneath her face mtc

vivian_boxer58: The whole ring is nothing but stains and pools of blood now as the paramedics rush into the complex after being called by several wrestlers there

dariusalmighty: As Sarah collapsed into a pool of her onw blood Sven deicded now was the right time to declare himself the winner, grinning with immense satisfaction as he stared down at his sleeping victim. As a final humiliation he would plant his foot between Sarah's breasts, and flex his large muscles, posing in victory over his taller female foe for another set of pictures. MTC

dariusalmighty: After the pictures were taken Sven would stare down at Sarah's swollen and bloody face and chuckle in amusement. "Hope you leanred your lesson, bitch," Sven snickered, even though he knew she couldn't hear him. "If I ever see you in this gym again I'll beat you even worse than this. And I'll spread these pictures all over the AFW so everyone will know what a loser you are." Smirking, Sven would then amke to leave the ring. "See you around, loser." And with that Sven would leave Sarah to the paramedix, satisfied that he had put her in her place. yt

Winner By Knockout, Sven

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