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Need Debut matches/Simply looking for more

Tue Sep 08, 2020 7:19 pm by Void Effect

Got bunch of girls that need to debut, if anyone interested, PM me here or on Discord

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Poll regarding the possibility of Mods booking PPV matches.

Fri Oct 23, 2020 9:43 pm by Old_Man_Tai

So, basically, was wondering all of your thoughts regarding the possiblity of mods booking ppv matches.

The thought was, since people often seem to have trouble finding partners for ppv matches until the last minute or so, what if the mod team was to step in and, well in advance of the show, book the show ourselves, and try to put together the best matches we can, including title defenses, no.1 contender matches, and so on and so forth?

While I doubt our more popular members need such a …

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General Avalanche Reminder

Fri Oct 23, 2020 5:21 pm by Old_Man_Tai

General Reminder: Friction PPV Avalanche goes live on December 1st: So if you need to do any promos or build up for your Avalanche matches, you should be focusing on that now. You are allowed to do such things over Discord and then post them after if it helps get them done faster so matches have proper build up.

Also, if you are looking to get on the ppv, and have a partner and match set up, (or can do so quickly), contact me to let me know what match you are doing on the show.

If you have …

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~The Knight & The Serpent~ Part One

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~The Knight & The Serpent~ Part One Empty ~The Knight & The Serpent~ Part One

Post by Oathkeeper on Wed May 09, 2012 7:01 pm

[align=center:2ryuxmu0]~The Knight & The Serpent~ Part One 0gk95.png[/align:2ryuxmu0]
[align=center:2ryuxmu0]Sephora Caliburn & Alipheese "Alice" Fateburn[/align:2ryuxmu0]

Treading the forest as the sun was high in the air, it was mild weather for the summer which Sephora was thankful for that. She had heard of a Lamia who had been causing disturbances for the villagers who lived nearby. The girl wore beautiful armor as it dazzled in the sunlight, her sword Crateris at her side. The female knight turned her head scanning the forest glade for any sight of the lamia with her emerald eyes. Blinking, the blonde haired girl thought she had saw a glimpse of something the knight darted forward to investigate what she thought she saw.
[align=center:2ryuxmu0]~The Knight & The Serpent~ Part One Huk1J.jpg[/align:2ryuxmu0]

Casually slithering her way through the forest was a purple lamia by the name of Alipheese. She had just got finished with a meal, necessary for her survival. She had found a small village that would satisfy her needs. It was simple, really, approach the village in her human form, draw one of the men towards her, the when they were deep enough in the forest, that was when she shifted out of her human form, and claimed her meal. Once she had drained the male dry, she'd make him fall asleep, and drop him near the edge of the village. This was not becoming of a woman crowned monster lord, but she was in a land where not many knew of one such being existing, so, for the time being, she would lay low, and observe humans from afar.
[align=center:2ryuxmu0]~The Knight & The Serpent~ Part One Hu1306688271_669742157.jpg[/align:2ryuxmu0]

The sword made a resounding sound as it was drawn, a singular chime that echoed through the forest. Sephora would jump out at Alipheese from her side view. "Halt! Stay where you are demon or, I will not hesitate to slay you!" Sephora said as she pulled out her sword pointing it at Alice. Sephora got into a sword fighting stance, not being flat footed, preparing for combat. She examined the Lamia, her eyes didn't deceive her it was a Lamia. However, this one seemed different she had a terrible sesne of foreboding. "State your name and" Sephora said with a loud voice, she was curious as to why a Lamia would be here. They looked to be by water but, they were in a forest or so she had been told.

Alipheese was busy licking off the remains of her meal when she suddenly heard a voice. Feminine. Authorative. Ringing through the forest. She turned her head to see a woman, heavily armored, with a sword pointed at her. They had female Heros here? How peculiar. She then grimaced. That meant that word of Ilias stretched on even to these foreign lands. How pathetic. "So, Ilias is now recruiting human women for her crusade? How peculiar." She comments, then turns to fully face the woman threatening her. "Alipheese Fateburn the 16th." She states. "My business, however, is none of yours"

"I have no such allegiances, my only allegiances are to my people, the order and to my God..." Sephora said as she not knowing who she was referring too. She was also unable to identify her after giving her full title. Wherever Alipheese hailed from it must have been far from where she was now. Sephora watched with slight disgust as she ate her "meal" it was vulgar especially for someone like her. "Regardless, of whoever you are, you are not above the law of this kingdom. Therefore, I ask that you submit yourself or I will use force" The female knight threatened.

Alipheese was a little surprised by her answer. She didn't know of Ilias, yet she spoke this Hero drivel. How strange. Still, this 'God' could just be the goddess in disguise. She glances at the human as she tries to order her. "Hmph. On what cause?" She asked. "I have not physically harmed a single human being here. I merely used them for nourishment. Would you arrest a spider for sucking a butterfly dry?" She asked, crossing her arms as she raised herself up a bit, looking down at the female knight.

She gave a sigh of relief, she was glad that Alipheese wasn't violent but, she still didn't lower her guard. "I understand.... but, you will still have to come with me... I must verify if this is true through further investigation. However, until then you must stay with me. Will you please come with me..." Lowering her blade, she offered Alipheese her hand.

She observed stoically as the woman lowered her blade, and offered her hand. She even spoke politely to her. Even so, she doubted humans in this 'kingdom' were as polite. It was strange how the human wanted to reach a peaceful solution to the problem. " yourself." She ordered.

"My name is Sehora Caliburn" Sephora said, "I am a knight and a guardian to these lands to protect the well being of all humans against demons and evil being s alike who seek their destruction." The white armored girl asked as she still lifted her hand to her, "Now please, come with me....Alipheeese Fateburn...the Sixteenth. If you are indeed innocent of any harm to the humans, you have nothing to hide and will be released... granted you may have to pay some... minor fines...because you have disturbed the peace..."

Alipheese closed her eyes at the sound of her name. She then opened her eyes as the woman repeated herself. Again, she doubted that the humans she served would be as open minded as this one was. Besides, she never bothered to ever carry money on her, which could also cause problems. "I cannot oblige By your orders, for reasons... That I think you should be able to figure out yourself. I will remember your kindness towards me, however. You seem to be unlike other simple minded humans that populate this world. Your beliefs are still a bit misguided, though. Good night, sehora caliburn." She said, then her yellow eyes flashed, using eye of hypnosis to try and put her to sleep.

Sephora would stare back as she lifted her sword preparing for combat. Aliphase's hypnosis was ineffective, a yellow aura hovered around Sephora though in response to her gaze. It shielded her from the effects of the gaze, Sephora aware of what she tried to do gave a battle cry, "You are comming with me!" Sephora said as she swung the blade Crateris at Alipheese's head.

Alipheese was flat out surprised when a yellow aura appeared around her. "What the-?!" She frowns as the woman comes at her with the blade. "Fine." She says, and tries to whip her tail around to slam into sephora from the side as she charged at her.

Sephora gasped as the knight was hit in the side, the blonde girl yet out a yelp before she went flying into a tree. She braced herself as she slammed into it. Luckily her armor took the brunt of the force, the girl landed on her knees before slashing at the air with her sword as a brilliant burst of energy streamed fourth as it would devestate the trees or anything it touched. "Hyahh!"

Alipheese watched the woman after sending her flying. She was shocked when the girl unleashed a wave of holy magic right at her. "How is a human..." She said to herself before she slithered her body out so she would lay low to the ground, trying to duck under the powerful wave. This woman was no ordinary human. But how? She looked and felt human by every sense of the word. "Frost Ozma!" She shouted, causing a tremendous wave of cold to fly at the human. She watched her, waiting to see how she would fare against the powerful wave of magic.

[align=center:2ryuxmu0]~The Knight & The Serpent~ Part One Fateze10.jpg[/align:2ryuxmu0]
[url=]GIF Link[/url:2ryuxmu0]

Sephora watched as the wave of cold come flying towards her, the knight lifted her sword and took a breath, her sword glowed a brilliant golden yellow before she gave a yell as the blade sent another burt of energy hurtling towards Alipheese and her blast of ice magic except this time her bust was vertical. Her energy attack was far more condensed this time although smaller tan Alipheese's ice attack. The column of gold light cut through Alipheese's ice magic as it now headed towards Alipheeese. Sephora covered up with her gauntlets hust in case despite the fact that the gap created by her sword attack made her safe from the ice magic.

Alipheese's eyes widened as the vertical wave cut right through her powerful ice spell. she couldn't avoid it in time, and was nailed with it dead on. "Hyaaah!!" She shouts as the blast sends her flying back, and lands against the forest floor with a grunt, her tail in a pile on top and around her. Her skin was also slightly smoking from taking that blast head on. She hisses to herself, slithering back up to her 7 feet height. She looks on at the human, somewhat in fear now. "What... The hell are you??"

Sephora swung her blade at the air before swinging it around quickly twirling it in her hand as she reseathed her sword. The knight smiled at the question, she answered slowly but, in an unthreatening manner but despite her unthreatening tone it sounded chilling to the bone, "Your death.... " The blonde haired girl said as she reached out her hand again, "Please just come with me... I can tell you are no killer. Theres no reason for you to die over something like this..."

Alipheese narrowed her eyes at the threat. Had she really become so weak that she would fall at the hands of a Hero? As sephora approached her, she would notice that the lamia's attire had been burned off by the blast. "Only to be executed by my appearance?! Or tossed in some cell for not having sufficient currency for my 'crimes'?!" She snapped, then whipped her thick tail at the woman again to send her flying once more.

Sephora was taken a back by her opponent's body as a slight blush came across the knight's face, her eyes opened up as she examined the Lamia's breasts. The Lamia would notice something different about her the aura that had protected earlier its presence vanished as the tail hit the girl. She flew alot father this time, Sephora crashed into another trunk of the tree. "Ahhh!" Sephora cried as she held her arm as her armor had slipped off of her during the crash. The knight hissed in pain as she erased the image from her midn this time she looked down at the ground instead of her as her aura slowly reappeared aroudn her. Panting, the knight took a second to rest hoping her foe didn't catch on.

Alipheese had attacked desperately to keep her away. Even so, she was surprised by how far she flew, considering she had hit her with the same attack earlier, and it had only sent her back so far. What happened? She took a second to recompose herself. She had the advantage. How? Well.. holy magic of that magnitude.. it was possible that a human could only hold it for so long, but.. she didn't look like she was struggling just a couple of seconds ago. Then what? She tried to piece together that moment of desperation. What was different? Wait. She seemed to recall red on the girl's face. Was she bleeding? Or was it... no. No, that couldn't be... She looked down at herself, and saw her clothes vanished from the blast. ....Could that be it? Right now, she was willing to try anything to escape from this. She put on a sultry smile, and started to slither towards the woman.

Sephora glanced up at the Lamia as she was lookign down, the girl's fears were confirmed. The girl closed her eyes and began swinging at the air with her sword, "S-stay back! I'm warning you!" She would say but, sadly the knight was the one stepping back as she suddenly feared the Lamia. This was because Sephora knew she couldn't kill her because she didn't deserve it and secondly, she knew her weakness. "Stay back!" Sephora said.

Alipheese watches her wild sword swinging, and smiles a little. So THAT was the case. "This is your weakness? You're no different from a male Hero." She chuckles. "Hora... why does another woman's nudity make you so nervous? I don't have anything you don't have.. well.. except maybe this.." She chuckles, waving her tail a bit. The mood of the fight had changed drastically. Only a couple of seconds ago, Alipheese was fearing for her life. Now she had this warrior against the ropes with a rather unorthodox tactic.

Sephora didn't dare look up as she swund wildly until, she backed into a tree. The girl was so startled by, it she oppened her eyes as she looked at the other woman's body. It was so curvy although the tail scared her a bit but, the rest of her body was just perfect. Alipheese would watch as the blonde girl would stand there like a deer in the head lights as Sephora's sword began shaking in her hands. The girl quivered as she didn't know what to do as her aura had vanished yet again.

Alipheese smiled impishly. No doubt about it. This was her trump card. "Hora... why so quiet now? Does my body frighten you? Well... what if I do this?" She asked, and shifted to her human form before her eyes, still fully nude, and wearing that sly smile on her face.

[align=center:2ryuxmu0]~The Knight & The Serpent~ Part One Alicehuman.png[/align:2ryuxmu0]
[url=]Alipheese Nude in Human form[/url:2ryuxmu0]

Sephora's heart pounded as suddenly her armor faded and disappeared as the girl now stood in a white dress. Alipheese human form was beautiful, the girl lowered her sword a she still shivered. the knight shook her head as a terrible sense of foreboding over came her it told her to run but, she couldn't tear her eyes away from Alipheese's now human body. "Y-you can't fool me!" Sephora said as she grit her teeth, "Come with me or...I'll...I'll...use force..." The girl blushed as she was stuttering wreck as she shook her head in frustration as she swung it at Alipheese but, it would be slow and pathetic and weak that the girl would have no problem avoiding it or stopping it.

Alipheese watched in amusement as her armor faded away. She wouldn't be able to feed from her as she didn't produce semen, but either way, this was kind of fun, and entertaining to see the massive effect something as simple as nudity had on a human as powerful as her. She continued to step towards her, and raised a hand to catch her sword, her movements easy to read now. "Hooraa.. lets just put our weapons down, and have a little fun.." She said, placing her hands against the tree, her bare breasts pressing against hers. She'll lean into Sephora's ear, and blow hot air into it.

Sephora gasped as her sword was caught as she was suddenly pinned agianst the tree by the other woman. She tried to wriggle free, feeling the other girl's breast press agaisnt hers. Sephora dropped her sword in surprise the blonde girl would pant as the other woman panted in her ear. She shoook her head, "N-no.... I can't... Ngh... I need to stop you..." The knight began to blush horriblly as she seemed very slustered by the Snake woman's forward temptation. "Please just let me go..."

"Don't worry.." She smiles softly. "I will show you the same mercy you showed me." She says, and leans down to kiss her neck once. She had to admit, while different, seducing someone the same gender as her was still pretty amusing. The only downside would be that there would be no meal to be had at the end.

Sephora had to blush, she moaned as the lamia woman kissed her neck making her moan with pleasure. The white clad girl would suddenly try and shove the lamia back and try to run away from her. She knew what might happened if she stayed but, she sjust hoped she would be able to get away fast enough.

Alipheese smiled as Sephora moaned like that. "Hora... Sephora... hehe- Ah!" She gasps as she's suddenly shoved from the tree, and watches as she makes a break for it. She watches her, but doesn't give chase. Instead, she watches her escape with a small smile on her face before she changes back to her lamia form, and slithers off in the opposite direction.

Sephora grabs her sword on the way as she runs back, she cringed biting down on her teeth. She never ran from anything before, why was she so afraid of that woman. It made her feel like a weak, defeated and inferior. However, it made her feel like a coward. She swore she would come back to face her again and next time Alipheese would be the one doing the running!

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