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Looking for matches

Wed Oct 20, 2021 10:49 am by skip-stop

Ahoy! Skip-stop is in touch and I'm still looking for some matches

Charlotte Ravel' reporting for duty
Charlotte Ravel':

IM Victory Sex Match- Lisa Giordanni vs Rowan Ballard Xewd2110

I see it as intense matches where our characters will be able to show aerobatics of wrestling. All match types except hentai are fine. FvF only, not FvM

Initially I'm looking for one-shot matches and would like her to get some wins. But I'm open to any questions and suggestions. If we can come up with a decent storyline, I don't mind if …

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After a long time I return, looking for a match

Thu Sep 16, 2021 11:20 pm by GrandAkumaShogun

Hello all, I would firstly like to apologize for the long periods that I've been away from here. Been taking time away to focus on my mental health but I think I'm ready to return and looking for a match or two to get back into things. All three of my boys, Takeichi Mori, Takeshi Kawai, and Imai Cosmo are up for matches. If you want I can link their profiles so you don't have to search through the roster page. Anyone interested feel free to hmu through private messages. Hope to hear from …

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Request Filled for Now, IGNORE!

Thu Sep 23, 2021 10:18 am by Frodouken

New here and wanting to put my character to use

Down for any match type involving FVF. Think I’ve got a good understanding of the rules rp

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IM Victory Sex Match- Lisa Giordanni vs Rowan Ballard

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IM Victory Sex Match- Lisa Giordanni vs Rowan Ballard Empty IM Victory Sex Match- Lisa Giordanni vs Rowan Ballard

Post by WrestlerAngel Sat Mar 24, 2012 11:19 pm

Julianne Stacy:Lisa was by the locker room, putting on a pink bikini, elbow and knee pads, and ties her white wrestling boots. That match would be a regular KO match, but with a interesting detail: the winner gets to have the loser, not in the bedroom like a POW, but on top of the ring, right after the fight, in front of an entire audience. The idea sounded embarassing to Lisa, but the cash that she would get for a victory was so good, and the fine she would receive if she disobeyed the managers was so heavy, that she had to accept it. She exits the locker room and enters the arena under the cheers of the crowd. The tall girl waves to the public as she catwalks to the ring. Getting up there, she waves some more before going to her corner and wait for her opponent to enter.

sdfs Tureson:It was a long way to the ring today. Rowan's side was further from the canvas, and he had a longer way to walk down to the ring than his opponent. He was in his normal wrestling pants and boots, gloves on his hands. "Time to go, buddy," he murmured to himself, hopping up onto the edge of the ring, agilely flipping over the ropes and turning towards the crowd. Big one today. Well, people were curious about the weird match. Finally he turned around, looking at the girl in the other corner.

Julianne Stacy:Lisa smiles as she could see the rather tall guy entering the ring after her. The brunette gets closer to him and stares, saying: "Hey, welcome on the ring, boy. Prepared to lose?" Lisa was trying to act like a meanie, to intimidate him from the start. She didn't really mean it, but she hoped he didn't notice that. The tall girl gets on fighting stance and waits for the bell to ring.

sdfs Tureson:"Heh," Rowan said, putting one hand on the other shoulder and giving his arm a few rolls to limber it up. "Don't get ahead of yourself, now." The referee gave them a few quick instructions and then they were off; the bell ringing loud across the great hall. Rowan sank down into his stance, flexing his fingers as he began to move slowly towards her.

Julianne Stacy:The bell rang, and the fight started. Lisa watched as her opponent began to move towards her, slowly. She meets with him and starts throwing some punches at Rowan, to see his reaction to her fighting.

sdfs Tureson:Rowan was quick on his feet, and as Lisa began to throw punches he started to move, raising a hand to block away one blow, ducking another before weaving over onto the other side to evade a third. He threw out a swift side kick; aiming for her left thigh, trying to take some strength out of her leg.

Julianne Stacy:Lisa punched him twice, but she got blocked and then missed. "Wow, damn!" She missed a third punch, and then suddenly she got kicked on her left tight. "Ghh..." The tall brunette holds her hurt spot, and tries to punch him again, angry.

sdfs Tureson:"Not so cocky now!" Rowan said, though he had to back off to avoid her angry punch. She was strong. He could feel the power behind that punch. He took a few steps back, starting to move around her in a slow circle, more respectful of her strength before he suddenly sprinted forward, leaping into the air to try to take her down with a cross body.

Julianne Stacy:Lisa missed her angry punch."Damn again!" She was watching his movements, knowing she couldn't take him lightly, and then he suddenly sprints towards her, leaping into the air. The brunette tries to grab his head while he's jumping, and fall to the ground with it under her control, applying a headlock. "Ghh!"

sdfs Tureson:That was a surprising move. As she suddenly wrapped her arm around his head and took him down onto the ground with him Rowan could do little except release a little "grrkh?!" of surprise. They both hit the canvas with a heavy thud, and though he was moving rapidly to try to escape, she was strong. Really strong.

Julianne Stacy:"How's this, huh?" Says Lisa, as she holds his opponents head under her arm as they land on the ground. The brunette wraps her legs around his waist, trying to put some pressure on it as well, while she tries to tighten the headlock. "Got you!"

sdfs Tureson:The headlock was annoying; it was hard to put too much pressure on his neck from that position, but as her long, strong legs wrapped around his waist he withered slightly, grunting under his breath as she began to squeeze the air from him. His arms went to her waist, trying to shove her away somehow.

Julianne Stacy:Lisa was holding him down with her headlock, while her legs put some good pressure on his waist. She could feel him struggling for air, and then his arms were pressed against the brunette's waist. "Ghh!" Feeling them pressing the air out of her as well, she tries to roll to be on top of Rowan, and chokehold him, to keep putting pressure on his neck.

sdfs Tureson:He was being pushed over onto his back, and though he struggled he soon found his shoulders being pressed down onto the canvas. With a strong tug Rowan finally managed to free himself from her headlock in the process of rolling however; though her long legs were still draped around his waist. He took her hands at the wrists, trying to control her somewhat as she sat mounting him.

Julianne Stacy:Feeling the pressure on her belly, Lisa quickly rolls to the top of her opponent. But she had to release the headlock in her move, so when she finally sat on him, she goes to grab his neck again, but she wasn't quick enough. The brunette got her wrists grabbed, and tries to release them from his strong grip. "Ah, let me go!"

sdfs Tureson:Finally finding himself with some momentum, Rowan did his best to try to pull her down and towards him, for a moment feeling the way her breasts pressed against his chest, then he attemped to release her arms and wrap his around her head in a simple front headlock.

Julianne Stacy:Lisa was trying to keep her balance, but she got pulled down hard by her opponent, her breasts pressing against his bare chest. The brunette felt the strong grip released from her wrists, but then her head was grabbed into a headlock, putting pressure over her neck. "Ghh!" Groaning, Lisa uses her both free hands to punch his ribs, attempting to break from the hold.

sdfs Tureson:Rowan held on to the hold for several moments, then her blows to his ribs finally made him loosen his grip for long enough for her to pull free. One of his hands reflexively went to his sore side, and he grunted as he looked up at her.

Julianne Stacy:After some time punching him, Lisa finally got released from the headlock. Taking a moment to breathe and recover her stamina, she looks to him as he rubs his hurt ribs. Taking a deep breath, the brunette begins to rain down punches at his face.

sdfs Tureson:He raised a hand instinctively, blocking one punch and sending her hand onto the canvas instead. The second one grazed him, and a third blow hit him clean, sending his head bouncing off the canvas and causing his vision to blur for a moment.

Julianne Stacy:The first punch got parried, but the second grazed and the third finally hit home, making his head bounce as the impact pushed it against the ground. Aware of the great advantage of that position in a KO match, Lisa keeps throwing punches at him, until he gets knocked out or manage to stop her. "Take this, and that!"

sdfs Tureson:He almost took another punch, but Rowan managed to recover in time to shove her to the side; finally dislodging the girl from on top of him, rolling towards the ropes himself to catch his breath for a moment.

Julianne Stacy:Lisa would keep rocking her punches, but she couldn't keep the balance after he shoved her, falling to her side on the ground. She watches as he rolls towards the ropes, and gets up in order to catch him again, trying to grab his hair as he recovers at the ropes.

sdfs Tureson:He'd been leaning onto the lowest rope to recover from the dizziness brought about by her punch, but then her hand suddenly grabbed onto his hair, and he made a small groaning sound when she pulled on it. "D-damn you!"

Julianne Stacy:Reaching for his hair, Lisa grabs it under his protests. Smiling, she quickly throws him down to the ground again, before jumping on her downed opponent, trying to hit him with her weight.

sdfs Tureson:After another moment of struggling against her grip he found himself being shoved forward, breaking his balance and sending him stumbling onto the canvas. Then she hit him, and the breath was blasted out of him as she ended up atop him. His hands reflexively went to her legs, trying to keep her from wrapping around him again.

Julianne Stacy:Lisa sent him crashing to the ground, and quickly slammed her body against him. After she recovers from the impact in about 2 or 3 seconds, the brunette felt her legs being pressed by his hands. Blushing a bit, but determined to dominate him, she quickly grabs his hands and tries to take them behind his head, as well as spreading his legs with her thighs, and presses her breasts against his chest.

sdfs Tureson:She was a solid grappler, and strong. Rowan was more used to using the ropes and turnbuckle to his advantage, and he didn't know how to counter her as she deftly maneuvered him on the ground. His arms were dragged up over his head, and his legs were spread out by hers. He was pinned, looking up at her, squirming slightly underneath. "Mnn... get off of me!"

Julianne Stacy:Lisa smiles, hearing his protests as she pins him down at the ground. Her body was pressing him down, and the only thing he could do was squirm and shake, without much result. "I will, but only after I put you to sleep. Nighty Nighty!" The busty brunette moves her breasts against his face, shaking them at him before pressing them hard, cutting his air.

sdfs Tureson:"Mnnphhhh!" he managed, suddenly finding those big, warm breasts pushing down against his face through her bikini. A warm rush of arousal shot up his spine even as instincts made him squirm harder, the sudden lack of air making panic reflexes kick in.

Julianne Stacy:Pressing her breasts over him face, Lisa felt his struggling increase. She tries to hold him down, knowing that soon he would cease to fight. "Don't fight. The harder you try to resist, the faster you'll pass out! And I know you don't want to leave my cleavage soon, do you?" She will keep pressing him, trying to control her struggling opponent.

sdfs Tureson:It wasn't long before his struggles began to weaken, and as his strength faded he could feel her spreading his legs further, locking him in deeper in her pinning hold. He felt faint, and a little dizzy, and whimsically he could only think of how gorgeous her breasts were.

Julianne Stacy:Lisa smiled as she could feel his resistance beggining to cease, and could feel his strenght fading as she was able to stretch him further. The brunette's perfume was the only thing he was able to breathe with his head inside her cleavage, with no air supply. Soon he would pass out, but the "fight" would be far from over if she won, because there was still the "prize" to claim.

sdfs Tureson:Soon enough he was out. His head spun with each moment, and after a few more seconds he passed out in her cleavage, his body going entirely limp under her, his hands falling down onto the canvas.

Julianne Stacy:Noticing that Rowan's movements stopped, the referee came closer to the wrestling couple to check his state. Lisa takes her breasts out of his face, and the ref confirmed: Knock Out. "LISA GIORDANNI IS THE WINNER!" she annouces, raising the Italian girl's arm after she left her opponent. "Now, it's time for her to enjoy her prize!" Lisa blushes when she heard that. The referee goes to the still unconscious Rowan and begins to strip him, leaving the guy naked on the floor. She looks to Lisa, and the wrestler understood that she should do the same. "How embarassing" she thinks. But she knew she was in an Erotic Wrestling League, so the faster she lost her embarassment, the better for her. The curvy girl begins to take her bra off, to the audience's excitement, throwing them to the crowd. A loud cheering goes on when she removes her pink thongs as well, and becomes naked, except for her pads and boots. She walks to her opponent and sits on him, and waits for him to wake up.

sdfs Tureson:And so it was that Rowan found himself waking up in an entirely different state than the one in which he'd passed out. He slowly opened his eyes, and he blinked as he looked around himself, squinting against the bright shine of the stadium lights. And then his eyes fixed on the woman on top of him, and he had to clear his throat rapidly, seeing her near completely naked figure. "Wh-...?" he began.

Julianne Stacy:"I won. Explains a lot, I guess." Lisa says, blushing a bit. Even embarassed, being nude and so close to a naked, pretty guy made her teen blood boil in her veins, and he probably could see her nipples hardening. Taming her young heart, controlling her instincts and also her embarassment would probably be a much bigger challange to Lisa than the actual wrestling itself, but it was a battle she would have to face. She lines her crotch with his, and begins to rub it against his member, trying to "awake" him more.

sdfs Tureson:She did. As she began to grind her hips slowly against his he sighed in arousal, and his member began to stiffen rapidly; rising to press against her thighs from her straddling position. He was still a little faint and weak from being choked out, and his hands remained slowly on her legs, as if he was half afraid she'd start squeezing him again.

Julianne Stacy:As Lisa large hips rocked against his crotch, she could feel his member quickly getting hard. She blushes when she felt it rubbing against her skin. And then, she moves her womanhood and sits over it. "Ahhnn..." she moans, as his wood slide deep inside the brunette's pussy. Lisa keep doing squats on him, feeling wetter and wetter as she rocks her hips.

sdfs Tureson:He was faintly aware of the crowd cheering, but between his weakness and the feeling and sight of the gorgeous brunette riding him, Rowan was in no condition to pay attention to them. "A-ahhh..." he groaned in pleasure, his eyes falling to the way her breasts jiggled with her movements, feeling as weak as in any wrestling hold.

Julianne Stacy:As she went on, Lisa was beggining to care less about the audience watching her performance. Her teen lust dominated her, as she was riding it faster and faster. "Ahhh...ah...ahh!" She was getting wetter and more sweaty rocking her crotch against his pole. Still a bit nervous, she didn't know who would reach the climax first, and so she kept slamming his wood, trying to control her excitement, but really doing a bad job at it, as her hips were more like moving on their on than obeying any remain of will that the brunette had.

sdfs Tureson:He was tensing up rapidly, his hands gripping at the canvas under him as he groaned and panted, his chest rising and falling with labored breathing as she continued to slam her hips down around his cock, sending sparks of pleasure through his entire body. "I-I'm..," he managed, and as he tensed up further it was obvious she was about to beat him at this, too.

Julianne Stacy:Lisa felt his member becoming harder inside her, sliding in and out. She could tell by his face that she was making him really excited, pleasing him much more than she was. The brunette grabs the back of his head and thrusts her pussy harder and harder against his cock. Also feeling on the verge of the orgasm, but determined to make him reach it first, she thrusts it faster, fighting against her huge excitement. This was really much more intense than any wrestling competition.

Julianne Stacy:Lisa felt his warm seed filling her insides and hear his loud moan as he reached his limit. She takes her out of him, and sits on his knee, moaning and breathing quickly. "Ahh...ahh..." The curvy brunette looked to his still hard cock, amused. "Wow...he's still in..." The girl crawled to her downed opponent, and whispered: "Hey, I'm tired of riding you. It's time for you to ride me!" She knew he would be exhausted by that time, but she wanted to push him to his limits, take every drop of stamina out of him, so she laid to his side, her breasts against the canvas, while looking to his face and messing his hair a little with her fingertips.

sdfs Tureson:It took several more moments for him to catch his breath after his intense orgasm, and slowly he looked up at her, seeing the amused look on her face as she laid next to him; her big round booty in the air and her breasts smooshed against the canvas. He knew by the rules of the match that he had to do as she said, and slowly he nodded. "... how?"

Julianne Stacy:Lisa said, in a lewd voice: "Oh, you just know it, don't you? You are gonna be my jockey now!" She shakes her big rear, and laughs a little. "Not in the butt, please... it hurts..."

sdfs Tureson:Slowly he moved up behind her, laying his hands on her hips, running his fingers along her bubbly butt while slowly guiding his cock to her warm nethers. Finally he drove himself inside, groaning at her tightness, still tired, sensitive from before.

Julianne Stacy:The brunette smiled as he moved to top of her, sitting on her legs. She gets turned on again as he touches her booty and begins to rub his cock against the brunette's skin. "Ahh!..." Lisa moans as she feels her wet womanhood pierced by her opponent's wood, sticking deep inside. "Yeahh... that's it baby... ahh"

sdfs Tureson:Slowly he started to move; back and forth, easing himself back and then inside of her again, grunting softly against the weariness as he thrust himself inside of the beautiful brunette wrestler. He was still sensitive, but this was better than her being on top - in his depleted state he had no doubt that if she got back on top of him she'd make him orgasm almost humiliatingly fast.

Julianne Stacy:Lisa could feel him starting to rock her, going back and forth. This was just what she wanted: with some luck, he would even be able to reach her G-spot. She was already lucky he was still hard, but it wasn't so bad to be wishing. She bends up her large rear a little, to make it easier for him, and grunts a little as she was feeling wetter.

sdfs Tureson:"Nnnggh.,..," he groaned slightly, feeling her beautiful body squeeze down around his cock, his hands lingering on her hips as he picked up his pace as best as he could; thrusting himself in and then out of her, his hips slapping against her big, heart-shaped rear.

Julianne Stacy:"Oohh, aahhh..." Lisa moans, as she could feel him going faster and deeper inside her tight cunt. He was doing her good, and, after some harder thrusts she felt it bent down, reaching her G-Spot. "Ahhh!" She moans louder as a spark of pleasure ran through her entire body. The curvy wrestler grins her teeth, and shakes her feet slightly as she gets butchered right there, feeling wetter and wetter, breathing faster and moaning louder.

sdfs Tureson:He was tiring fast, trying to keep up the pace of his thrusts, but they nonetheless slowed slightly as he grunted, squeezing her lovely ass between his fingers with each movement, driving into her, not wanting to give her a moment to turn this back around on him.

Julianne Stacy:"Ahhh!" Lisa screams out as she feels she hit the spot, reaching her climax as waves of excitement ran across her whole body. "Ahh...ah..that...was good..." she says, between moans. The brunette stays at the ground, tired and sweaty, feeling her pussy numb, as well as most of her body. She takes her time there, recovering, breathing softly.

sdfs Tureson:He fell back himself, panting on his back on the canvas, looking up into the ceiling whilst he laid one hand on the ropes, closing his eyes for a long moment. Rowan reached up, brushing back his hair slowly, trying to calm his breathing and his heartbeat.

Juliannstacy: Lisa's heartbeats were still fast and strong by the time she began to push herself up, first her upperbody with her elbows, then the brunette got on her fours, and turned to her opponent. She gets impressed by seeing he was still hard, and goes crawling to him. "Ahh...I'm... gonna...finish you..." Altough she was unsure who would pass out in exhaustion first, she sat on him again, as he was against the ropes, and begins to rub her sex against his, until she finally slip it inside again. "Ahh..."

sdfs Tureson:He didn't even notice that she was moving towards him until she was right on top of him, and he blinked softly before he looked up; his eyes widening slightly. He was too tired to push her away, and a soft groan rose from his lips as she began to move herself against him, a deeper one drawn from his throat when she finally sank down around his cock.

juliannstacy:Lisa grabs the ropes to give her the needed strenght to keep riding her adversary. Slamming her sweaty breasts against his face as she was doing him, she moans in excitement, trying at her best not to cum again before him, taking her time, going faster and slower at each thrust of her hips against him. The curvy brunette feels that she was drolling and getting wetter and wetter. "Ahh..ahh..."

sdfs Tureson:His hands rose to her hips, feeling her bounce up and down atop of him, shortening his breath and sending shocks of pleasure up his spine. "Nnghh...," he groaned, his hands sliding up to her rear, gripping at it. Her breasts rubbed against his face with every downthrust of her hips, and he was still sensitive from before, groaning deeply, tensing up slowly.

juliannstacy:Lisa feels her hips grabbed by his hands, and he slowly moved to her round booty, that made the brunette even hornier. "Ahh...ahhh..." She goes slower, but, as she felt him tensing up, the Italian girl decides to take the risk, and began to ride him faster and faster. Closing her eyes, trying to resist the excitement, the sweaty Lisa was giving her all to make him reach his climax before her.

sdfs Tureson:And finally he did. Each rapid thrust of her hips made him pant, and as she pushed down hard one last time he tensed up, almost arching his back against the force of her grinding, his warm seed spilling into her for a second time as his hands gripped onto the ropes behind him, his eyes closing.

juliannstacy:Lisa could feel his hot juice filling her insides again. "Ahh...ahh...!" But it seemed too late for her to avoid reaching the climax again, her hips were like moving on their on as she kept riding him, dominated with the lust. "AHHH!!" The brunette had an orgasm again, her hands failing the grip and making the girl fall, resting on top of Rowan, breathing slowly, closing her eyes in exhaustion.

sdfs Tureson:The crowd seemed to have enjoyed it. Rowan was too tired to care, though, his arms draped across the low rope, his head resting against the middle one as he closed his eyes similarily. Normally it would have been almost tender; the pretty brunette nestled against him after lovemaking. Circumstances were a little... unusual, though.

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