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After a long time I return, looking for a match

Thu Sep 16, 2021 11:20 pm by GrandAkumaShogun

Hello all, I would firstly like to apologize for the long periods that I've been away from here. Been taking time away to focus on my mental health but I think I'm ready to return and looking for a match or two to get back into things. All three of my boys, Takeichi Mori, Takeshi Kawai, and Imai Cosmo are up for matches. If you want I can link their profiles so you don't have to search through the roster page. Anyone interested feel free to hmu through private messages. Hope to hear from …

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New to site - loking for a fight on Tension

Wed Sep 15, 2021 1:42 am by RedBasher

Hi guys,

This is my first time on the site and I'm looking a deput for my starting character. Here is her Bio and a rundown of what kind of matches she is available for

Eva Cravina:
Anja the Raven EEgKtgc

Eva Cravina Bio:

Eva is a talented but inexperienced rookie face preparing for a debut in the AFW, preferably a standard one. She is aways looking out for a challenge and is willing to take any opponent in the roster, as well as a bit naive and …

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Aye I'm back. I suck. Wanna wrestle?

Thu Sep 09, 2021 6:54 am by yummybunny

Aye I'm back again, the loser that pops in and out for like 5 years straight. I know I know, no need for cheers. Uh, but no seriously I'm feeling pretty good lately and would love to throw my hat back in the ring. If anyone wants to wrestle my losers let me know, I have a few now. Just made a new one in fact.
Queen Bitch:

Other than her I have like...A few others? I forgot who's made on here and who isn't. I WILL say, they ain't that good and …

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Anja the Raven

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Anja the Raven Empty Anja the Raven

Post by Harrier Sun Dec 18, 2011 6:56 am

Name: Anja Mueller(Karasu)
Sex: female
Age: 23
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Height: 5'7
Weight: 130 lbs
Nationality: German
Alignment: Tweener-Heel. Anja is a vicious fighter and was raised with the impression that mercy equals weakness, and weakness won't be tolerated. She neither gives or asks for quarter, fighting on until utterly defeated.
Entrance music:  
Raven theme
Combichrist - Enjoy the Abuse(Hentai Theme)
Wrestling Information

*Anja can take punishment in every aspect of her life, be it a beating, sexual harassment or any other department, willingly trades pain for a prized attack or favorable position. Fights methodically.

Style: Classic wrestling, some Puro wrestling. Kisses for Distraction and actual Lust. Submission specialist.
Type: Offensive

Preferred Attacks:
Anja is a pro wrestler who mixes her wrestling skills with tricks she learned on the streets.
Preferred Matches:
Any Type

Endurance: *****
Strength: ***
Speed: ***
Defense: ***
Technique: *****

Favored moves:
Her favored moves are: Surfboard, russian legsweep, olympic slam, chaos theory and german suplex.

Signature moves:
"Wheat and Chaff"  
Usually done early in a fight to separate the soft girls from the tough women. Sidewalk Slam, then elbow to the chest before hooking both legs for a pin.

Finishing moves:
"I am your Air Marshal!", submission/pinning/fun Finisher: Pins wrists, full body presses and sucks the air out of her opponent.
"It's a slow ride to heaven", hentai finisher: Pins wrists over victims head, full body presses a opponent while rubbing herself all over the opponent.
"Endgame", pro finisher: Diving facebuster  


Visual Appearance: Anja dresses usually very normal, preferring jeans and T-Shirts with either Raven motive or the A of Anarchy/Anja. She is well groomed, perfumed and washed if she can arrange to pick up such goods. She has no jewelry and no preference for clothes, she'll wear everything that she can pick up. She has two prized memorabilia of her childhood, an old picture of a group of girls(including herself and Natalia) and an old stuffed crow toy(Mr. Crow) which literally saved her life.

Physical Appearance: Anja has the well trained and battle hardened body of a professional Wrestler and works in programmed routines to stay in shape.

Personality :
* Anja's mind is quite unstable from a life full of exposure, humiliation and abuse. She fights for survival and a better future while hounded by her memories. She has never tried to regain any belongings(like her diploma)except the photo and identifies herself as Karasu if picked up by police forces if asked for her name.
*Anja is always duty-friendly (like a waitress) to strangers. She is scarred from her past and can be extremely paranoid and dismissive because of that. But inside she is a very nice, generous and caring person once she gains confidence.
*She likes crows of all kind, and dislikes big dogs.
*Light sleeper
*Anja has extensive knowledge of the social life of the upper class, especially the customs of the perverted ones.
*She knows all the duties of a housemaid but won't perform them very often, preferring to leave a mess behind. Just because she can do that now if she wants.  
*Anja sympathizes in her limits with girls her age(other Victims) and distrusts men(Abusers) and older women(Mistress). The only person she would have trusted her life on is Natalia.
*She is aroused by combating other girls and makes no effort to hide it. Would never voluntarily touch a boy in a sexual way without payment.
*Carves her freedom and will struggle tirelessly against any kind of permanent restraint after being freed of the Mistress of Masks.
*Anja usually cheers up a bit if when she finds a good meal to eat or a shower to use.  Small, free things everyone takes for granted make her happy, but she stays weary and alerted, also testing most things offered to her. She loves to see the world outside a ring or a mansion.
*Passionate Hate for Wagner. As Anja was a child and teen, the Mistress of Masks had only allowed Wagner music in her presence while in her own mansion. Her own taste of music is Industrial Dance.
*Anja is, although younger than most of the girls she has encountered, kind of a trainer, senpai or one-chan for some of them. She tries to be a good teacher, hoping to come clean of her past of breaking new girls for the club.

*Anja Mueller was born to a pair of total looser parents(a clueless drug addict and a bitter, cheap hooker) in Hamburg who left her at the doors of an orphanage as soon as possible before leaving the city and probably the country forever.
*It was a nice orphanage, full in the standards of German laws. But little Anja didn't understand why her parents had abandoned her and developed into a loner by choice. She took a liking to crows, often staring out of the window to see a flock of them passing by or sitting in a nearby tree. She even got a stuffed animal in crow shape(she called it Mr. Crow) which cheered her up.
"Crows are my friends. They don't insult or abuse me. And they don't fly away to never come back, like mommy and daddy did."
*The Falkenberg Scandal: As she grew 6, director Falkenberg, a corrupt and incompetent state employee, sold some of the promising or troublesome kids to a rich woman who came to be known as the *Mistress of Masks* who kidnapped and moved Anja to Kyoto. This Dominatrix, known to be a sadistic, cruel, vindictive, impulsive and merciless member of a secret society which forced young women to fight for betting money on the winner or even pure amusement, projected her will upon the young girl and forced her to learn to really fight for survival. She stayed rather silent and came to be known as Karasu(Crow) by the other girls. She was also instantly upon arrival homeschooled by one of the servants of her mistress and tirelessly drilled to receive kind of a high school diploma at the age of 15, a few days short of the endgame.  
"Mistress makes me fight all the time to get some food. Gets me punished for minor transgressions. Learn, sleep, fight. All day long. I sleep chained like the dog at the dog house when I fail, or in the garden if the vicious dog is not on guard duty. It always rains in the garden. Always."
*Extensive training showed a talent for wrestling in the now 8 years old girl, and training efforts were shifted to that department. To earn some additional money with her, Anja was also sometimes rented out for tapings with underage children. Local police turned a blind eye to all activities of the Mistress of Masks, so Anja grew up with the impression that the police was just an additional force for the rich people and evil. The Mistress of Masks and Mistress M were also quite close, so they often joined forces, traded girls(that's why Anja was listed as a girl of Mistress M in the final) and made training camps without the knowledge of the other society members.
She also made a friend in this time, Natalia, who coaxed her patiently out of her thick shell and experienced the real Anja.
"I am now on camera, like one of these...funny seals with horns and balls.(sighs deeply and looks to by standing Natalia, clenches an angry fist). Pretty please, Natalia, don't look at me like that, I know how dirty that is.(looks a little bit lost and grabs a hand of the other girl) Would you just hug me? You know...for a while?"
*With the age of 11, Anja had already defeated boys of 15 and more years with her skills, and her mistress was mildly pleased with her progress for the first time. She honestly doesn't know if it was Natalia who was the first to share a bed with her as you could never be sure how a training turned out in the end, but she clings to the belief.
"At last you finally stop to completely fail me, you worthless little brat. Bravo." (Mistress walks away, Natalia comes into sight). "You wanna go swimming? I...uh...don't know, Natalia-chan. Are we allowed to do that? OK! Let's go!!!"
*Growing 12, she was made the personal toy of the Mistress of Masks. Other Servants of the mistress were not surprised that the lady seemed to have developed a soft spot within her boundaries for Anja and loved the little girl, even when she constantly abused, slapped and belittled her, as she grew to a near exact copy of a daughter the mistress lost some years ago in a car accident.  
"Mistress hit me in the face today with the back of her hand, then threw me on her bed. Time to have some fun, she said. But all she did was lying next to me, holding me tight the whole day. Took my mask away for the day, and her own too. She did even cry. Scary. I didn't know that she can cry until today."
*Growing 14, she was so good in fighting that her mistress was asked by the other members of the circle to let her take part in the grand tournament, but the Mistress of Masks always refused. But she took Anja with her, forcing the young girl to watch the other girls from the mistress fighting school die for the amusement of the club members. Slowly but steady, her spirit began to finally snap after years with this final happening, her soul became basically dull until only the remainder of her sole friend remained to comfort her. She was also groomed to take part in the operations of the club as the daughter of the mistress, training new girls and learning in the meetings and machinations of the club, including the model agency of Marissa Evans.  
"(a small chat with other leading members of the society at the event of the year)My little Anja isn't ready yet for the big game. I'll kill each and every one of you who insists the cause.(grins menacingly until noticing Anja isn't paying attention to the ring and looks aside)  HEY! ANJA! DON'T YOU DARE TO LOOK AWAY, LITTLE BRAT! I WANT YOU TO WITNESS THAT! IF I WANT YOU TO STEP INTO A RING AND SEE YOU DYING THERE AFTER SOME BITCH IS DONE WITH YOU, I'LL JUST DO THAT. SO DON'T TURN AWAY AGAIN, OR I'LL GIVE IN TO MY BUSINESS ASSOCIATES AND WILL MAKE THAT HAPPEN!"
*One year later. The mental state of the mistress of masks had gradually decreased over the last year, and finally Anja was put on the line in the ring for a huge sum of money. Luckily for her, the club was busted at the yearly event after she advanced to the finals to face her only true friend, Natalia.
"I couldn't believe what happened in that days. It was...surreal. The mental state of the mistress had become totally deranged, and I was shoved into a combat situation every day while being temporarily traded to Mistress M. We had few choices to take, only to die on the spot or win against all the other girls. I can't tell today what was more horrible to me, winning or the thought of finally succumbing to another girl. And of course, it had to be Natalia in the Final. I was devastated. She was my only friend in the whole world! How should I have brought myself to get her killed? We met a few times in the lesser tournaments, with mixed results, we were just even. And I will never forget her eyes in this battle, as cold and cruel as it was under a tropical sun. Blue orbed eyes, as horrified as my own eyes could have looked to her. But we just did it, fought tooth and nail.
“Whenever two women meet, one will dominate the other. One will be the alpha and prove her superiority to the other, who will have no option, but to surrender and submit to the victors will. To be the best, to be the alpha, you have to beat everybody else. This is the only way to live.”
Mistress M used to say it like that, and she hit the nail dead on that day.
And then, when it was nearly over I guess, our little miracle happened. Windows busted, guys in bodyarmor everywhere, screaming and shooting, all hell broke loose. Then *my* mistress and her staff entered the ring and kidnapped me again. The staff bought her the time she needed to run away with me, I guess they all died in the gunfire. Retrospectively, I should have resisted her more, but I was drained and had only a vague idea that it could be police forces trying to save us. Police had never lifted a finger to help me before anyway. And Natalia? I was literally ripped out of her arms, I have no idea what happened to her. I just...hope that she is alive...and well."

*Endgame. The deranged Mistress of Masks got wind early of the officials coming in and dragged Anja along with her as she fled the island, letting all the other stuff and girls behind, a gun in her hand. Police forces closed in after the duo, cornering the Mistress and Anja(with Mr. Crow) in the harbor of a nearby coastal city, where the Mistress took her hostage. In the end, the Mistress shoved Anja in the harbor and was shot multiple times as she pointed her gun to the officers. Later on it became evident that it was just a lighter for cigarettes she had used...  
"(Mistress of Masks has stopped to run away and holds Anja as a shielding hostage) You are free now, Anja-chan. Free. All my hidden money is yours, it will be paid out to you if you turn 21. You're set for live. Consider it as a parting gift from...mommy. (Police closes in, tries to negotiate) SHUT UP! I DON'T WANT TO TALK TO THE POLICE! IT'S TIME FOR THE ENDGAME, BITCHES! Where was I? Oh, right. Love you. And now go!(The Mistress shoves Anja in the harbor and turns to the police forces, gun going up. Multiple guns open fire on her, Mistress laughs madly, Anja drops into the gunfire-illuminated water)."
The little spark that was left of her sanity may have drowned in that harbor. And nearly Anja did too as she was sucked into a water drain and spat out near a waste channel just outside the city, clutching the floating Mr. Crow as kind of a life vest all the time.
"(Coming to rest, grabbing a handful of nearby vegetation and dragging herself slowly out of the water with one arm, grabbing Mr. Crow with the other) W...what happened? Where am I? Oh , yeah. Mistress loves me(giggles madly). SHE LOVES ME(insane, painful scream, ends in a curled ball while coughing out some water)! Doesn't want me to die in the ring like the others, Mr. Crow. But I don't love her. I still hate her, always will just hate her..."
*Anja was troubled what to do next. Her only friend had tried to kill her. Not voluntarily, but it didn't change the fact that she tried. Anja survived the next years by doing that what she learned, selling out her body to everyone interested in it and wandered around the world as a homeless girl like millions of others did too, but with the edge of being a tough fighter and having a rather shameless morale. Sometimes she fought in illegal rings for a quick coin, sometimes she survived by gathering fruits or stealing leftovers, committed small burglaries or worked in strip clubs. She was constantly on the move and travelled far and wide. Lately, she arrived in Japan, after having witnessed the avalanche PPV in a deserted summer residence she had broken in and currently lived within.
"Natalia is rich and famous now. And I am sitting here in the middle of nowhere. But we will see if this can't be turned around. I am coming at you, Babe!(turns TV aside and stares into a nearby open fire). Coming for you, Natalia-chan..."
Update 1:"Now that was unexpected..."
When she finally met Natalia again, the two resumed their friendship after a night in the Satin Predator, a Tokyo Underground club, where Anja was now under the protection of the owner Geraldine. With some help of the Dream, Anja joined the AFW roster where she met Inoue and Tsumi again, build a stable with Deathbird and joined the motorcycle club of Laira. She even had a short run in with Jumpsteet division and established a slightly obsessive relationship with Iwagakura Sena.

Wrestling Attire:
Old Entrance:
Anja's old ring was a short, black hot pants and a fitting top covered with pink ravens, without a zipper or buttons to grant easy access to her chest and crotch. Her trademark was the Venice-carnival raven mask she wore before the match started, and Mr. Crow which "waited" backstage for her. Her titantron showed a flock of crows, perching and screaming. She sat herself on a random turnbuckle of a ring and swung a little bit with her dark, rather unfitting music before entering the ring.
New Entrance:
Her new entrance has her use the same clothes as in her old theme except for red ravens instead of the pink ones. Red, crow shaped lights illuminate her way to the ring while rest of the hall is dark. Her titantron still shows a flock of crows, perching and screaming while two little girls hold hands and run through a deserted park with autumn colored leafes falling around them. Instead of sitting on a turnbuckle, she enters one of them, one foot on the top rope and the other on the second rope and stares at her titanthron, giving shit about the audience until the hall is illuminated again.
When she is in a good mood, she dances to her music instead of staring at the titantron in the middle of the ring(Industrial Dance Style).

Fun Facts:
*Everything she personally buys has a crow theme if possible( Crow cup, Crow hat)
*Dislikes J-Pop

AFW Information

Record(Won/Loose/Draw): 9 8 3
Wins:  9
Sig(Hentai submission)
Victoria Acher(2 of 3 smother match)
Cecilia Northman(2 out of 3 orgasm)
Natasha Loclear(Pin)
(Spar)Tsumi Yoshida (KO)
(Spar)Inoue Ritsuko(Pinfall)
(Spar)Runia the Ronin(Pinfall)
Losses:  8
(Spar)Inoue Ritsuko(TKO)
(Hentai Blitz)Iwagakura Sena(orgasm)
Toshiko Nada(Pin)
(Spar)Laira(Hentai Pin)
Natasha Loclear(Ladder Match)
Valerie van Vulpes(Pin)
Cecilia Northman(TLC match)
Draws:  3
(Hardcore Match)Deathbird
Priscilla Haynes


*Yoshida Tsumi: Tsumi is a girl Anja battled in the US before coming to Japan. Slow to trust, the Raven has yet to decide if she can tolerate the girl for an extended period of time, but tends to do so.
*Ritsuko Inoue: Years ago, the women shared a ring in a small boxing club in Japan and came quite close.
*Sena Iwakura
*Laira Hall: Laira and Anja met in Stockholm at a biker convention.
*Cecilia Northman
*Heather Sunderland.
*Natasha. Several matches, a general feeling of good vibrations and some backstage stuff circling around Heather has turned Natasha and Anja into friends.
*Deathbird: Anja and Deathbird form kind of a group, although it's a cuthroat group based on the gaining of both sides. Not much love lost between these too.
*Runia: The former hitwomen and Anja shared a Sensei - Kohai relationship some years ago.

*Secret Partner of Deathbird
*Member of Bad Company

Karasu/Anja(today): school maid uniform for a private collector's photo shoot
Anja the Raven 2hc5jFf

Blast from the past 2: Inoue meets Karasu, boxing and other full contact sports.
Runia meets Karasu: Berries and Bird Food
Liara vs Anja: Crows don't fear the Lightning
Tsumi vs. Karasu: Getting ready for the AFW
Friends? Anja and Natalia
Tsumi vs. Inoue. Anja debuts out of the ring.
Hentai Blitz, Round 1: Sena vs. Anja the Raven. Debut in the AFW ring.
Anja meets Marisa.
Last Bird flapping Match: Deathbird vs. Anja.
Markets and other secret places, Tsumi an Anja
A drink at Summer Splash 2.
Two cops and the Raven.
Toshiko vs. Anja: Lagoon Lust.
Raven Games: Sena recieves a nightly visit.
Biker Girl Meeting.
Anja vs. Cecilia Best of 3 Hentai schoolgirl match.
Natasha vs. Anja: Clash of the heiresses.
Sisters over bitches.
Tsumi's valet.
A sexy list!
Rematch: Anja vs. Natasha
Anja and Chigusa: A special workout.
Anja and Cecilia: Inga special.
Anja vs. Valerie: A standard match?
Anja, Marisa and Natasha: A champion celebration.
Club Night, Natasha and Anja.
A special training...
Anja says hello to Kuro and Kumi...
Blossom vs. Anja.
A gentle seduction. Anja vs. Kuro.
Re-Cage match. Toshiko vs. Anja.
Summer Splash Pre Event.
Aniek vs. Anja.
A gang initiation.
Aniek and Anja, training session
Photoshoot with Janet
Bouncing Betty vs Anja
Victoria vs Anja, Smother match
Cecilia vs Anja: TLC match
Sig vs Anja, Bed wrestling
Janet vs. Anja Calendar pose match
Sig and Anja meet again!
Priscilla vs. Anja the Raven. Standard match.
Lucha Fury and Anja

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