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Who wants a match?

Sat Aug 13, 2022 2:28 am by Bahamut01

Hey all its been a while. So trying to get some matches going! Reply here or pm me and let's make something happen!

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Tue Aug 09, 2022 1:04 am by ihateocrecolors

Due to some issues that I think have been popping up because of my involvement in stuff, I believe it's in the interest for me and everyone else that I take a temporary or probably permanent leave from AFW-related stuff. I have been nothing more than a burden to most of you. I won't make this into a giant paragraph. All I want to say is that I apologize to everyone who's ever rooted for me because I can't hack it not anymore.

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Retiring some wrestlers

Sun Jul 10, 2022 11:42 am by Deus001

Hey all

Deus here, I've been thinking it over and I'll be looking at benching some of my roster. Been thinking its a bit over bloated and with newer ideas on the horizon for me I've figured its time to shuffle them off to greener pastures or let their faceclaims be free to use.

So at the moment I will be retiring Chuang Lingxian, Qi Lingxian and Leon La Rouge effective immediate. I might be considering benching other people but atm the above three are getting axed. If you want to adopt any of …

[ Full reading ]

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Match types

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Match types Empty Match types

Post by Kelsea Wed Apr 30, 2008 11:54 pm


The default setting for a standard match are as follows. Victory is obtained by one of two means:

1. Pinning your opponent for the count of three.
2. Forcing your opponent to verbally submit or tap out (however you may be a nawty lil girl or boy and choose not to accept your opponents submission... Thus continue to punish them in the hold while the match continues without yet having a winner).

Unlike most wrestling leagues, if a wrestler is knocked out or passes out by any means the match continues (from that point its pretty easy to pin your opponent if you want to end it anyway... But some of the heels like to continue)
The ref girls will very rarely disqualify wrestlers (as DQs is not what the audience paid to see), however the AFW have employed a number of cute ref girls which all use their own discretion so one match might be completely unfair and have no DQs where as another match might have only one rule broken and result in immediate DQ (Please only have your RP result in a DQ if all members involved in the match has decided it should end that way)

Tag team: This can be normal setting; tornado tag (in which no tags are necessary.. Everyone in at the same time); and/or elimination tag (Once a member of the tag is pinned or submit, they are removed from the match.. Match continuing until all of one team is eliminated)
Handicap: A match where the odds are staked (usually in the format of one wrestler against two)
Triple threat/Fatal fourway/Battle royals: Matches with 3, 4 or more wrestlers all in the ring fighting it out.. (this isn't actually as appealing as it sounds, I've seen these matches tried and even tried one myself... Its hard to control and often gets messy... plan it out before you start, particularly posting order)
Hardcore: Match with all sorts of blunt weapons allowed


Normal ring
Mats: thin mats with no ring ropes or turnbuckles.
Cage match: The ring is surrounded by either chain link fences or harsh iron bars (this can replace the ropes or surround the ropes)
Hell in a cell: The ring and outside area is surrounded by either chain link fences or harsh iron bars
Barbed wire: Barbed wire intertwines around each of the ropes
Electric ring: Each set of ropes have a few very thin cables running along them with a small current running through them to give opponents a slight shock each time they hit the ropes
Backstage brawls: The complex has locker rooms, a parking lot/basement and a couple of office rooms that can be used
Water sports match: Match takes place either in the shower room or in a lowered down ring with sprinkler systems spraying into it.
Mud/Whipped cream/oil match: A match that takes place in a small pit filled with mud, whipped cream or oil (or pretty much whatever you want... I'm sure there's a load of edibles that would be pretty hot to have your girls roll away in)
Sauna: Match takes place in a sauna, its gets real hot and humid.
On the beach: Theres a beach near by the AFW complex, matches can be held on the sand and in amongst the ocean waves (However, the sand does get everywhere!)


Humiliation match: The only way to win is to make your opponent submit from embarrassment (such things like spanking, stripping and holding your opponent in humiliating positions are valid ways to get a submission)
Panties match: wrestlers only wear their panties in the match (masked wrestlers may remained masked)
Sumo panties match: like the panties match, the wrestlers can only wear panties to the ring (specially issued durable panties). At the beginning they must assume a position with the front of their bodies pressed up against other and their hands gripping the side material of their opponents panties before the ref starts the match. To win the wrestlers must force their opponent to submit to any variation of a wedgie hold (Wedgie holds in combination with another hold is also valid eg holding the wedgie with one hand and holding a headlock with the other arm), the wrestlers may also win by forcing their opponents panties to rip while applying a wedgie (However please remember two things 1. the panties are specially issued and specifically made to be more durable then usual, it'd take a while to rip them and quite often a girls resolution will break before the panties do. 2. The panties ripping is to be treated as damage, for want of better phrasing: You can only rp that your own panties have ripped or that they are weakening etc., not your opponents.)
Bed wrestle match: This match takes place in the privacy of a girl's bedroom (although of course it is being taped for the audience), the contestants have to wrestle on their knees on the bed (they are allowed to go off the bed, think of this like going outside the ring). There will be no ref there so pin counts will have to be made by the wrestlers, although there is a ref girl waiting outside in case one of the wrestlers tried to pull a fast count. The wrestlers should wear appropriate attire for the occasion (what ever they sleep in.. nighties, pajamas, panties and vests etc.). Usually bed wrestling matches are done by a point system which can be arranged by the players, but the standard bed wrestling match is first to 5 points.. submission scores 1 point, normal pin scores 1 point, face sit pin scores 2 points, school girl pin scores 2 point, match book pin scores 2 points. (Bed wrestle matches should be performed in soft style)

Submission style match: All strikes and slam moves are not allowed (although some leeway will be given in case of accidents). The wrestlers must use their body and submission holds and try to force their opponent to give up.
Hentai match: The wrestlers wins "falls" by making their opponent cum... There are three settings for victory 1. Single fall, as soon as one of the opponent cums the match ends 2. Multiple falls, the wrestlers have to make their opponent cum a certain amount of times that is set prior to the match or 3. The wrestlers have to make their opponent faint from having too many orgasms.
Tables match: A match which only ends when one of the wrestlers goes through a table
TLC match: A basic hardcore match with tables, ladders and chairs for weapons
Ladder match: usually in conjunction with a title match where the title is hung above the ring.. The wrestlers need to use a ladder to retrieve the belt and win the match.
Handcuff match: The wrestlers win the match when they lock up both their opponent's wrists with handcuffs that are supplied usually outside the ring.. wrists can be handcuffed together by one or cuffed separately to the ring ropes. Once a winner is declared, they are given the key to the cuffs and can do as they wish.
Toys match: The ring has all sorts of hentai toys lined up on the apron and outside on the floor. 'Toys' can include dildo's, vibrators, plugs, crocodile clips, paddles, whips (and all variations of whips), canes, ball gags and anything else that the wrestlers wish to bring to the ring themselves as long as they are valid toys... (chains, ropes, handcuffs and strap-ons can also be used, however all involved must agree before hand that they are allowed).

The following matches should really be reserved to PPV events
Last girl standing: Match that only ends when one or both of the wrestlers can not get to their feet before a slow count of ten by the ref girl
Iron girl match: A match set to a specific time limit (usually an hour or more... A long, exhausting time period).. each wrestler makes as many pins and take as many submissions as they can in the time period and at the end the score is tallied up
Endurance sex queen match: This is a match of pure sexual endurance.. At the beginning of the match, a vibrator is slotted into each wrestlers sex and as uncomfortable as it might be they must wrestle with it inside them. When the match begins the vibrator vibrates at a very slow pace, each wrestler must try to score pinfalls or get submissions out of their opponents and each time they score the ref girl uses a remote to increase the pace of the vibrator in the losers passage. Total victory can be accomplished by one of three ways (depending on which the wrestlers decided upon before the match): 1. A set amount of pinfalls and submissions must be accomplished by one of the wrestlers to win (forcing the losing wrestler to endure a certain number of settings on the vibrator), 2. The wrestlers must have their opponent cum a certain amount of times to win (getting more pinfalls and submission will speed up the vibrator in your opponent and make it a lot easier for them to cum), or 3. One of the wrestlers can not take the vibrator action anymore and verbal submits (This is different to giving up from a submission hold, the ref girl pauses the action after each score too ask if either of the girls wishes to throw in the towel before continuing).
Also effective in all 3 of these settings, if the vibrator is removed from either wrestler the ref girl must pause the action and have the wrestler re-insert the vibrator... If the wrestler removed their own vibrator purposely they are punished by having the setting of the vibrator increased.

(note: Please remember this is only a guide to matches, you can easily use one that might not be listed here.. Or take elements from ones listed here, mix them together and create your own match.
In addition, you can play with the winning conditions in normal matches.. eg have the have a count of 5 or 10 in pins...)

The new and improved: Kelsea's Karacters

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Match types Empty Old but still useable Tension Specific Matches

Post by Kelsea Sun May 25, 2008 3:18 am

A list of old Tension matches that can still be adapted for Tension and even Friction

POW (Prisoner of War) match: The competitors wrestle it out until one is too tired to fight off their opponent as they lock their neck with a collar and chain, or alternatively lock both their wrists with handcuff (one of these alternatives or both can be decided on before the match).. Once this is done, the winner is declared and they are given the key to the restraining instrument.. The loser is then taken prisoner back stage or to where ever the victor wishes, the winner then gets to choose how to use their prisoner and whether they wish to share the prisoner with others for the rest of that night.

Ambush match: This basically an unannounced match (and the whole premise of the Hardcore 24/7 championship)... As long as there's a ref around, simply just attack a the opponent you want! There are no DQs, so its pretty much just like a hardcore match, pins or submission for the win.

Stakes match: This is a typical match until the end. The wrestlers either set a certain forfeit for the loser of the match before they start, or the winner gets to choose a forfeit once they emerge victorious. Stakes can range from: spankings, stripping the opponent, taking underwear as trophy, forcing loser to give winner oral stimulation, forcing the loser to wear something humiliating in their next match.

Ownership match:  This is not to be confused with a POW match. First of all there is no restraints involved, the match must be won by pinfall or submission; secondly they do not get to take them back to their dorms or do whatever they like. The winner instead becomes something like a temporary manager for the loser, the ownership is limited to choosing (by default, unless agreed otherwise) three matches that the loser should compete in, these matches can be chosen at any time and the ownership period is not complete until all matches have been completed (the 'slave' can compete in other matches, but be aware that at any time their owner could set up a match for them). They get to pick the opponent/s they will be facing (can be anyone, even themselves), type of match, location and dress wear for the slave (although they must be wearing SOMETHING, even if it is revealing, the crotch area must be covered). At any time during the ownership period, the one being subjected to all of this can dispute the ownership by challenging the other to another ownership match... If the slave wins, they win only their freedom; However if the owner wins, they get to choose an additional match added to the amount of matches they already have to choose for the other (so these can mount up if the slave disputes and fails to win on a number of occasions).

Dominating sex match: *Male vs. Female only* A variation of the submission style match in which submissions can only be scored if they have their hand at the opponent's crotch, and pinfalls can only be scored in some variation of a face sit (For the count of 5)

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The new and improved: Kelsea's Karacters

Match types ELZuoMvMatch types OG5hnuaMatch types Cg3CzYmMatch types 398g342

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Match types Empty Re: Match types

Post by killcarrion Mon Aug 01, 2022 9:22 pm

Water Themed

Match Type: Floating Fortress
Match Type: Any
Victory Conditions: Varies
Match Overview: The ring is replaced with a smaller enclosed “bounce” caster suspended in the middle of a large pool. The walls of the fort are loosely secured and can be knocked down, allowing the walls to become extensions of the floor. If an opponent is knocked off into the water, they must return to the ring and allow their opponent to perform any move they want on them (This cannot be used to throw the opponent back into the water again) before resuming the match properly.

The structure itself is a large inflated surface, providing poor bouncy footing and is slicked when wet. Slams and other moves that rely on throwing opponents tend to be less effective here given the far softer landing, meaning strikes and holds will be more effective.

Match Name: Undertow
Match Type: Submission
Victory Conditions: Submission based conditions.
Special Conditions: Takes place in a body of water, roughly waist high, generally in a manmade pool or a onsen.

Match Name: Jaws
Match Type: Beat the Clock
Victory Conditions: One opponent must outlast a set time limits without spending a set amount of time inside of the water or without being submitted.
Match Overview: Several free floating platforms are suspended on top of water, connected by ropes. One wrestler is tasked with outlasting a set time limit while the other is designated as the shark. The shark’s job is to get their opponent into the water and keep them there for a set period of time, or make their opponent submit.
The Shark must have at least some part of their body in the water at all times.
The Shark can freely mess with the floating platforms to make things more difficult for their opponent. Knocking into them, flipping them, or using the ropes to tug them around.


Match Type: Boom-Boom Room
Victory Conditions: Wrestler must pin, submit, or force an orgasm from their opponent in each four quadrants of the enclosed room to win.
Special Conditions: Match takes place in a large padded room with a chosen lighting and color scheme of the active participants. The floor of the room is covered in pillows of varying size which can be used any way the wrestlers may want. An overhead projector displays lines down the middle of the room, splitting it into four distinct areas which are used as detailed in the victory condition. The room's walls are incredibly bouncy in nature, allowing for interesting feats of acrobatics.

Match Type: One Night Stand
Victory Conditions:
Wrestler 1: Must give their opponent a forced orgasm, then escape the room within the allotted time.
Wrestler 2: Must keep their opponent in the room for the full duration of the match, through any means necessary.
Special Conditions: Anything goes. This match can be treated as a Prisoner of War match, should both participants agree.

Match Type: Reboot Room
Victory Condition: Winner must make their opponent submit verbally to their choice of words, decided upon prior to match. Examples: "I'm yours", "You are my master/mistress.", etc. Upon winning, the key to the room is gifted to the victor which not only locks the room, but allows for access to various devices and toys within the room.
Special Conditions:
- Match takes place in an enclosed private ring, or staged hotel room decided by the wrestlers.
- Each wrestler is given three lives at the start of the match. At any point in time, they may call out "Reset!" to expend one of their lives to start the match over. At this time, both combatants must immediately cease wrestling, and return to opposite sides of the ring or room. Any and all foreign objects will be collected and replaced back where they were obtained from, and the match will restart again after a small break period.
- If a wrestler who has expended all of their lives attempts to call for a "Reset", they are labeled a "Hacker". The referee will then be permitted to take part in the match as a temporarily participant as a handicap partner against the "Hacker". The referee is tasked with applying an improvised gag, or supplied ball gag to the "Hacker" to squelch further attempts to call for a reset. The "Hacker" may remove the gag, if they are capable once it has been properly applied without penalty. If they once again attempt to call for a reset, the referee will again insert themselves into the match for the same purpose.
- Keys are scattered throughout the room which activate or open various things around the room, giving access to items for use in the match. Participants may at any time make use of any machinery, retraining contraption, toy, or object in the room once they have forced at least one orgasm from their opponent. This is not effected by a call to "Reset", aside from any of these things being returned or deactivated upon an official "Reset".
- No foreign objects are permitted into the Reboot Room unless agreed upon before hand. Any form of standard ring gear or competitive piece of protective equipment (kick guards, boxing gloves, etc) may be brought inside without permission.

Western Themed

Match Type: Hog Wild
Victory Conditions: Wrestler must hog tie opponent, tied opponent has until a standard ten count to escape before a winner is declared.
Special Conditions: No holds barred, rope break allowed, no ring out count.

Match Type: Showdown
Victory Conditions: Pole are attached to all four ring posts, extending them high above. Suspending from each are various items for the match. In each wrestler's corner is a small pouch of six paint balls. In the other corners are a revolver made to fire paintball rounds. The winner is the first wrestler able to land a paintball shot on their opponent.
Special Conditions: Anything goes.

Match Type: Chain Gang Break
Victory Conditions: Wrestlers are handcuffed together with a length of eight feet of chain connecting them. In order to win, a wrestler must unlock themselves from their respective handcuff. The key to the Wrestler's handcuff is hidden on their opponent on their person.
Special Conditions: Anything goes

Match Type: Gold Rush
Victory Conditions: Scoring three pinfalls or submissions on one primary competitor against another.
Special Conditions: No outside ring count, rope breaks allowed.
Prospector: Two designated wrestlers to act as neutral parties throughout the match. Prospectors are not permitted to involve themselves in the match in any way until one of the primary competitors is currently wearing "the gold".
The Gold: A simple leather collar with a dangling nugget of gold hanging from the center. The Gold can be placed on a primary competitor on any location (around the neck is not required).
Match Overview: The Gold is set in the middle of the ring. While not required to make use of The Gold, it is obviously encouraged. When a primary competitor straps The Gold to his or her opponent, the prospectors are permitted to become involved in the match. Prospectors are freely able to attack any primary competitor so long as they have The Gold currently on. Prospectors are not permitted to remove The Gold, and are expected to work along side the competitor who is not wearing The Gold as if the match is a handicap match. If The Gold is removed, prospectors much leave the ring again until such a time as The Gold is put back in play on a primary competitor. Pinfall or submission can only be counted if the act is performed by a primary competitor on another. The match ends once one primary competitor has achieved three pinfalls/submissions.

*Special Thanks To Yori For The Creation Of These Match Concepts*

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Match types Empty Re: Match types

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