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Looking for Return Matches.

Tue May 04, 2021 3:27 pm by Hedgehawk

Hello Everyone!

I am looking for anyone interested to help me get back into the swing of things and get or two going on the site.

Mostly I am looking for something from my character Trinity. Given her style I am looking for something on the more hardcore side, a cage match, no DQ, or even a streetfight. Given her build and her personality I don't mind her going up against males with a similar personality.

I am also up for possibly looking at setting a match up for Momoka. Though not sure if …

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Just an update

Mon Apr 26, 2021 9:37 pm by Deus001

Hey folks just a quick public service announcement

So I'm now back at work proper now. So expect my posting to be somewhat erratic now, as we get into May I'll likely get more hours from the fam and eventually I'll be working full time for them by the end of the year. At that point I'll be able to come up with more of a posting routine, but as it stands if my post rate gets more iffy as we go into the year that's why but I'll still be doing stuff dw Smile

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Sat Apr 17, 2021 11:29 pm by Old_Man_Tai

Happiest of Birthdays to our beloved Bird of Murder, Killcarrion.

He deserves it, this dude has worked IMMENSELY hard during his time as a mod to try and bring lots of cool ppvs, matches, stories, and such to the site and works tirelessly to try and help out as much as possible.

He's a legit good dude, and one of my absolute best friends.

Love ya buddy!

Newbie Guide 4af03c10

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Newbie Guide

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Newbie Guide Empty Newbie Guide

Post by Tatyina Mon Jan 17, 2011 9:53 pm

Tips for new players!

If you're new to post-by-post roleplaying, RPing in general or wrestling RPing here are a few tips to help you out. To help explain things, I've brought in Valkoinen Simo and Wells Quinn to help out!

Newbie Guide 24mw17bValkoinen: "I am not with the having time to explain things to weaklings!"
Newbie Guide Kcj6dtWells: "I hope I can at least help a little! Would you like to make a wager on how effective I'll be? .... Please?"

The Golden Rule!

Ultimately we decide to roleplay because we enjoy it. If you aren't having fun then you are wasting your own time and the time of your roleplay partner(s)

In a wrestling RP, where most posts are a competition that seeks a victor, do not let this become the sole focus of the RP. Consider what would be fun to write and know that people who are not posting with you may also read your threads. If you give them a thrilling match then they will no doubt come looking to post with you!

Newbie Guide 2n1zz2pValkoinen: "I am with the winning all of my matches by using big knife to be with the cutting my opponent into little chunks!"  

Newbie Guide Qohut0Wells: "I-I don't think I want to wrestle with you!"

'Cause 2 outta 3 ain't bad!

No one likes having their characters take hits or get damaged but the excitement of a back and forth match between two fierce competitors is exciting! Dodging every attack that comes your way will cause frustration and friction within the match. For beginners, a good rule of thumb is for every three attacks that come your way you could probably dodge one of them.

Newbie Guide 24mw17bValkoinen: "I am with the throwing punch now."
Wells: "Ow! That hurt! Well.. here I come!"
Valkoinen: "You are with the being pathetic. Old lady could be with the dodging that attack!"
Wells: "Oh yeah, I'm not done yet!"
Valkoinen: "I will be with the sharpening knife while I am with the waiting for attack that will be with the being not pathetically easy to dodge."
Newbie Guide 1fwh0gWells: "*Hah... hah... I'm giving it my all and I'm not even scratching her! I'm worn out but I still have my ultimate attack!"
Newbie Guide 24mw17bValkoinen: "I am with the wanting challenge! Pleased to be actually attacking me instead of being with the providing cool breeze with wimpy simpy fists. Now I am being with the throwing light punch again."
Newbie Guide 2h2l4rmWell: "ugh... owwww... my face..."

Can't touch this!

You roleplay your character and your character only. All attacks that are made by you succeed at the discretion of your opponent. You describe your attacks as 'attempts' and not automatic hits. However, they cannot simply dodge all your attacks. Auto hitting is just as bad as dodging all attacks.

Newbie Guide 24mw17bValkoinen: "First I am with the hitting you with punch!"
Wells: "Ow!"
Valkoinen: "Then I am with the hitting you with kick!"
Wells: "H-hey, that hurts!"
Valkoinen: "It is not with the supposed to be feeling good, wimpy simpy girl! Now I am with the giving knockout blow!"
Newbie Guide 2h2l4rmWells: "ugh... D-don't I get a say..."
Valkoinen: "Nyet!"

It's not a Bird! It's Not a Plane! It's Not Superman!

Everyone loves to have great characters that can be powerful in the ring but not every character will be an engine of destruction. Think carefully about your character when creating them. Don't think in terms of "this will make sure they win." Instead think if they will be fun to play. If they will be unique and bring the attention of other wrestlers. Most of the greatest characters in literature are known for their flaws, not their lack of. Keep that in mind.

Newbie Guide 1fwh0gWells: "I'm ready for you this time! I've been training really hard!"
Newbie Guide 24mw17bValkoinen: "That is with the being pitiful. It is with the being unfortunate for you that I am with the having training my whole life. I am with the being tough as Siberian winter and I am with the studying to anticipate all of your pathetic movements. It is with the being unfortunate for you that I am with the being tough as oxen and quick like lightning."
Newbie Guide 2ziaed4Wells: "Can I just go now?!"


Matches are always a flurry of punches, kicks and grapples and when the action gets fast paced it's easy to want to make things bigger and better. Professional wrestling is full of over the top maneuvers that work as part of a combo or require lengthy set up time.. When writing an attack, think of how long it would take in real time to execute and consider if, in the match, you would be able to execute it before your opponent could realistically stop you. Generally speaking you should perform no more than 2-3 actions in a post which usually consist of a reaction to your opponents attack and an attack of your own.

Newbie Guide 24mw17bValkoinen: "First i will be with the using armbar. Then I will be with the lifting you into the suplex, then I will be with the putting you into the leg lock, then I will be with the pulling you into powerbomb and then I will be with the performing of the running bulldog on you!
Newbie Guide 2afykr6
Then, if you are not with the being completely crushed by devastating combo. Then you may be with the throwing single punch in retaliation."
Valkoinen: "Where is with the going of flimsy limsy weakling girl? She was with the being here before I was with the starting of the description of ultimate combo."

Part II.

We don't just punch and Kick! We also laugh and cry.

As you may or may not be aware, this is a wrestling role playing site. You take on the persona of the character you have created in an attempt to convey their thoughts and feelings as well as their actions. What's going on in their head during a match. Expressing the rush they feel when they pull off an amazing move or what the roar of the crowd does to get them pumped, the pain of getting slammed onto the mat after a suplex, the sorrow of a crushing defeat or the exhilaration of a mighty win. All these things are just as important to describe as what the character is actually doing and enhances the fight for all involved and others who might read the match or rp. The goal is to make everyone who reads feel like they are actually there sitting in the crowd or experiencing the match through the eyes of the fighters themselves!

Newbie Guide Qohut0Wells: "When I first enter that arena and look at the crowd I feel so small! Everyone is cheering and all their eyes are on me. It makes me tremble and most of the time I want to run back into the arena. I try and flip a coin to see if I SHOULD run back, but it always comes up heads... I have such bad luck. "

Newbie Guide 24mw17bValkoinen: "I am with the entering arena and going to ring to be with the waiting for weakling opponent."

Newbie Guide 2h2l4rmWells: "Somehow I manage to overcome my anxiety but it returns when I look across the ring and see my opponent. Even though I'm in the kawaii division everyone is still usually so much bigger than me! And sometimes I get matches against big huge angry girls! Why would they do that to me, waaaaah!"

Newbie Guide 24mw17bValkoinen: "I am not with the caring about opponent. Pleased to be getting on with match so I may be with the hurting of them."

Newbie Guide Kcj6dtWells: "I'm not the most experienced fighter so I spend most of the time falling around the ring and trying to run away from my opponents. But I'm not that helpless! I try my best and sometimes lady luck doesn't completely abandon me! I want to do my best and really make everyone proud! Even though I still couldn't believe it after hearing the roar of the crowd and the feel of the ref gripping my shaky hand and lifting it up. Did I really win?! Really!?"

Newbie Guide 24mw17bValkoinen: "I am with the crushing opponent and getting easy peasy victory. Pleased to bring less pathetic opponent next time aside from wimpy simpy girl."

Newbie Guide 2n659xgWells: "Ughh... my head is throbbing. I... I thought I won... I guess I must have blacked out when Valkoinen glared menacingly at me before the match. But... it was so scary! Wait a minute... Val.. you're face looks the same as it did before the fight. In fact... I don't think I've seen you make a different face this whole time. Didn't you at least enjoy the fight? "

Newbie Guide 24mw17bValkoinen: "..."

Newbie Guide Kcj6dtWells: "Is that it!?!?!"
Valkoinen: 'I am with the not understanding."
Wells: "What were you thinking while doing it?"

Newbie Guide 24mw17bValkoinen: "...I- I am with the hurting you again...?"

Newbie Guide 2ziaed4Wells: "NO! Oh please no! What I mean is... during the fight, what emotions were you feeling? You've got to be feeling some kind of emotions..."

Newbie Guide 24mw17bValkoinen: "Hurting you is with the being emotion."

Newbie Guide 2h2l4rmWells: "Well at least smile as if you are enjoying it then!!"

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