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Avalanche 2020 Postponement

Mon Nov 23, 2020 10:04 pm by killcarrion

Due to various circumstances, including some board members becoming ill (whom we all wish a prompt and speedy recovery), magnified stress levels due to the holiday season, and the fact that our delay of SummerSplash may have inadvertently pushed some storylines further down the line...this year we've decided to postpone the beginning of Avalanche from Dec 1st to Dec 15th.

This is to give members more time to finish threads or further storylines in preparation for their Ava match, and hopefully …

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Thu Nov 19, 2020 7:17 pm by WrestleMind

Howdy everyone, 

I've recently had a bit of an appifiny that drives me to retire from this forum for the foreseeable future.

I'm sorry to everyone I have an active thread with. Unfortunately, I won't be finishing our threads. If you wish you have my blessing to finish the threads however you like. 

If anyone wants to take my face claims or my characters as a whole please feel free to reach out and ask. 

It's been a fun ride. Good luck and thanks for everything.  Razz

Edit: Sorry I didn't …

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Need Debut matches/Simply looking for more

Tue Sep 08, 2020 11:19 pm by Void Effect

Got bunch of girls that need to debut, if anyone interested, PM me here or on Discord

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Cassie Elliot

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Cassie Elliot Empty Cassie Elliot

Post by Bluemouse on Fri Jan 07, 2011 7:58 pm


Name: Cassie Elliot
Full Name: Cassandra Grace Elliot
Division: Friction
Age: 22
Hair: Orange
Eyes: Green
Height: 5'3" (160cm)
Weight: 115 (52kg)
From: London, Ontario, Canada
Entrance Music: Roper - Amplify
Cassie Elliot 14kzhch
Cassie Elliot I2lume
Cassie Elliot 2my6z3b
Cassie Elliot 24cax79
Cassie, age 3 months:
Cassie Elliot 4VdutYe

Preferred Matches: Submissions Only

Style: Submission phenom!

Cassie is athletic, but not very strong compared to many Friction girls. Regardless of her size, her submissions make her exceptionally dangerous at any point in a fight. She's plucky and tough and able to hang in there when she's on the wrong end of a beating, and only needs a small opening to threaten to end a match with a hold. Her focus in the ring and the danger she poses can come as a surprise, given her adorable appearance and generally sunny disposition.

Cassie wants to be in close with her opponent, preferably on the ground, and preferably on top. She wants to avoid brawling at all costs, and is well aware of the danger larger opponents face if she lets them get a hold of her. She is tactical and cerebral, erring on the side of caution, and when things go well she attacks cleanly and stays safe.

Favored moves:
Rear Naked Choke! - It's quick and efficient and she has lots of different ways to get it.
Flying Armbar - Because it's fun and awesome. Sometimes also uses a flying triangle.
Heel hook - A nasty, nasty submission. Can be hard to get, but very dangerous for the opponent's leg. Hopefully they tap before anything bad happens!
Kimura Lock (downward wristlock) - But only against small opponents.
Peruvian Necktie - Because they're just so fun!
Hurricanrana - One of the first aerial moves she learned in her wrestling gym, and probably her best.

Finishing moves:
London Pride - Simply, a hurricanrana followed by a gogoplata from mount. There are several different ways she can hit the hurricanrana: standing, springboard, top rope, off the opponents knee (as per setup for shining wizard), or as a counter when the opponent has lifted her up for something like a powerbomb.

Hurricanrana ends with her in something of a mount position, and she lays one shin over the top of the opponent's throat, grabs the back of their head, pulls, and hopes that they tap before passing out or (heaven forbid) escape.


Physical Appearance:
Cassie has short red hair that often gets in her face, and huge, bright green eyes that account for much of her adorableness. She has freckles and a cute nose and a heart shaped face with an earnest smile. She's petite, but she has grown into her adult body and though she is fresh-faced and youthful, she does not look childish.

Cassie tends to be gullible, and is eternally willing to look past the flaws in people and only see the good in them. She is superlatively sweet and almost unflappably positive. Her somewhat sheltered life and her sunny naivety mean that she is generally convinced that everything she sees is the awesome-est thing ever. She is very driven and confident in her abilities, though she is extremely self-conscious and lacks confidence in herself outside of fighting. It is very rare that she ever gets angry, not because she holds her anger in but because she seldom finds reason to be.

Father: Marc Elliot
Mother: Rachael Elliot
Oldest Brother: Nick Elliot
Middle Brother: Jacob Elliot

Cassie was born in London, Ontario Canada. Her father was a martial artist and retired pro fighter. Her mother was a pro wrestler and valet turned wife and mother. She has two older brothers. They are a very close-knit family, and Cassie was adored by the rest of her family from the day she was born.

Growing up she was always in the gym with her father. She was around martial arts in one way or another all the time. It was her plaything, her language. As a child, when she would play with other girls her age her dolls always tried to teach her friends' jujitsu. Though her parents tried to entice her to try other things too, she only was ever interested in martial arts. As indulgent as her parents were in her interest in martial arts, they were even more strict when it came to her school work. She always knew that school came first.

Both of her brothers trained at her father's gym, and once she was old enough to convince her mother to allow it, she did too. She started training actively at age 12, though she couldn't do everything the other students did in class. Her dad was usually her training partner, or one of her brothers. Even before her body was strong enough to be effective, she had an intuitive knowledge of grappling.

By the time she was 15 she was dying to compete. The opportunities were precious few, though, and often it involved her being ferried to Toronto or sometimes New York City. In two years she competed in several jujitsu tournaments, though not nearly enough. She won every competition she entered, and won almost all of her matches by submission. She wished that there was more competition in the female divisions.

She graduated from high school a year early, just a few months after turning 17. Her parents strongly urged her to go off to university and earn a good degree, assuring her that she could continue with her training while doing so, but she wasn't interested. She had found a new interest. A friend of hers had introduced her to pro wrestling. At first she thought it was the dumbest thing ever, but it stuck with her and over time her fascination grew. Something about the theatricality of it and the way they energized the crowds and the athleticism of it all just captivated her. She came to think of pro wrestling as her great teenaged rebellion. It was her punk rock.

After much convincing, her parents allowed her to join a pro wrestling gym. Her oldest brother was moving to NYC to open a gym of his own, and she was to go with him. She was to earn her keep working in his gym and they would be roommates in the apartment above it. In her spare time she was allowed to train at a NYC pro wrestling school. She loved it. She was the smallest person there, but not the only girl.

There was one other girl, and Cassie took to her even though the girl didn't return Cassie's affection. She was some kind of punk rock girl, which Cassie thought was the awesome-est thing ever, and had an attitude that Cassie supposed was what made it so difficult for her to make friends. She decided that she would be the girl's friend, not because she wanted Cassie friendship but because it was probably what she needed most.

She picked up the technique and movements of pro wrestling very quickly, though she didn't have the strength to attempt most of the moves that involved a lot of lifting. She became more comfortable in the air, and adapted her grappling to fit into her pro wrestling skills and vice versa.

Almost a year went by and her quasi-friend left to compete somewhere in Japan. Shortly thereafter, Cassie decided that she was again hungry for competition. Not having any ideas of her own of where to do it, she followed the girl from the gym. A few days after she turned 18, she informed her family that she was moving to Japan to compete in jujitsu and judo and pro wrestling. They were cautiously supportive, though her mother worried a great deal, particularly because no one was entirely sure where she was headed. She'd find that out when she got there.

Wrestling Attire:
1: A gold and white long sleeved leotard, cut a bit high on the hips, tall white boots, gold gloves, and a gold and white cape. She had thought briefly about trying for some sort of gi-type costume, but she decided that if she had the choice she'd rather try to be a super hero. It was more awesome.

Note: She takes off the cape before a match. She's not that dumb.

Fun Facts:
- Her favorite dolly as a child she named Grace. After the Gracie family. She could never decide which one.
- Her bedroom walls were covered with home-made posters of her heroes, first Megumi Fujii, then later [tbd]
-Most of her old studio apartment was covered with wrestling mats. She slept in a sleeping bag on the mats.
-She has a knack for foreign accents and languages and picks them up very quickly. She unconsciously picks up the mannerisms and speech patterns of people she meets, and often subconsciously mirrors them.
-Looooves animals!
-Loves gardening and plants and helping things grow. Gardening was the thing that she did with her mom. Jiujitsu with dad, gardening with mom.

AFW Information

Wins:   8
Losses: 5
Draws: 0

Win vs Hitomi Fujishima via KO - Gogoplata
Loss vs Nikolette Tesla via Pinfall
Win vs Princess Nocturnal via Submission - Key Lock
Loss vs Megumi Mutoh via Pinfall
Loss vs Dark Angel via Submission - Arm Bar
Win vs Jocelyn Lu Jiao via Injury - Knee Bar
Win vs Dark Angel via Injury - London Pride
Win vs Bunny Bomber via Injury - Key Lock
Loss vs Aurora Wilson via Pinfall
Win vs Talia Wilson via Submission - Kimura Lock
Win vs Toshiko Nada via Submission - Camel Clutch Sleeper Hold
Win vs Alaina Sanders via Knockout - London Pride
Loss vs Kelly Conway via Crimson Crossface

Championships/Accomplishments: Nope.

Taylor Parker
Akashi Tanikaze
Johnny Higurashi

Jocelyn Lu Jiao

Aurora Wilson

Johnny Higurashi
John Mitchel
Shinobu Fujiwara

It's Really Complicated:
Mamouru Higurashi

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Cassie Elliot Empty Re: Cassie Elliot

Post by Bluemouse on Tue Dec 03, 2013 9:30 pm

The Dark Angel Saga

These threads make up the complete story of Cassie and Dark Angel, at least from Cassie's perspective, in chronological order.
Taylor Parker vs Chigusa Yuuki - Talia Wilson interferes in the match and prevents Taylor from winning, and then later she interferes again and hits Chigusa and Taylor with a chair, chokes Taylor with it, and then Cassie runs in to make the save. She puts Talia, her friend to that point, in a kimura lock and demands an apology.
Presenting Cassie Elliot - Cassie heads to the ring to announce that she's going all in with her Friction career. A masked kitsune-girl comes out, and explains to Cassie that she is nothing, and no one believes in her. Cassie isn't bothered, and is super excited for if they have a match!
Match vs Dark Angel - Dark Angel makes it clear right away that she only wants to hurt Cassie, and doesn't care how she does it. Cassie is bewildered by the hatred the masked girl has for her, and just can't keep up with her rule-bending and brutality. She nearly makes her tap with a couple out-of-nowhere submission holds, but she takes a severe beating that doesn't stop when the bell rings.
Angels of a Different Sort (w/Dark Angel) - After a workout, Cassie is confronted by Dark Angel in the locker room. The masked girl does her best to get under Cassie's skin, and Cassie does her very best to stay positive.
Ooo Cassie Deaaar (w/Dark Angel) - Dark Angel is in the ring with a microphone, demanding a rematch with Cassie over some remarks Taylor made about her being a fake and not having the guts to fight fair.
Summer Splash: Match vs Jocelyn Lu Jiao Cassie's dark match at Summer Splash '13. Toward the end of the match, Dark Angel sneaks up on Mamouru, her manager at the time, at ringside and beats him with a steel pipe and begins choking him. Cassie panics, she knows Jocelyn will come after her from behind if she doesn't deal with her, so she quickly puts and end to the girl, injuring her leg before going after Dark Angel, who by that point has slipped away. Cassie realizes that Dark Angel is a bigger problem than she thought, and that people she cares about can get hurt too if she doesn't stop her.
Your One Vice (w/Mamouru & Clyde) - Cassie meets with Mamouru to talk about her next match. Mamouru wants to book a safer, easier match, and avoids talking about Dark Angel. Cassie fires him, both because he won't make the match she needs, and because if he's not her manager maybe Dark Angel will leave him alone.
A Mask To Hide Your Face (w/Dark Angel) - Cassie returns to the ring to call out Dark Angel, and this time she doesn't mince words. "I'm going to make you pay for every second of everything you've done."
The Second Coming (w/ Lukretia & Hilde Von Creuzfeldt) - Cassie meets with Lukretia. Out of desperation and with some help from the General Manager, she requests an Ambulance Match with Dark Angel.
The Real You (w/Clyde Gastin) - Cassie bumps into Clyde Gastin, and ends up in a conversation about the Dark Angel situation. While they're talking, Mamouru walks by with Aurora Wilson on his arm. Cassie is gutted, either because the blonde appears to be his new client, or maybe his girlfriend.
Ambulance Match vs Dark Angel - The rematch. Cassie's condition for the match is that it doesn't end until one of them leaves on a stretcher. Dark Angel gives Cassie another savage beating, but gets careless and a risky dive to the outside earns her some broken ribs when Cassie gets her feet up. It ends with Dark Angel coughing up blood and unconscious, and Cassie peering under the mask.
I'm Not Who You Think (w/Akashi & Taylor) - Cassie goes home after her match. She's losing track of who she is and losing her mind, and she has it out with Akashi. Taylor shows up as backup.
The Bond of the Broken (w/Mamouru, Talia, Tatyina, & Aurora) - Cassie goes to try to visit Talia in the hospital, but is blindsided by her sister Aurora, who beats her up. Twice. She tells Mamouru off and leaves.
Spray Paint (w/Johnny Higurashi) - Johnny stops by for a visit to investigate the funk Cassie has apparently been in.
Match vs Bunny Bomber - Cassie fights Bunny, the match Mamouru suggested before she fired him. She dominates the bigger girl with her superior grappling and submissions, but she just won't tap. At least, until her shoulder snaps. Cassie is horrified, it's the third opponent straight she's put in the hospital.
Good Morning, Beautiful (w/Johnny & Taylor) - Cassie and Johnny talk about plans to deal with Aurora, and Taylor wakes up with a massive hangover. Cassie knows Aurora will fight her, and wants to make sure it happens in the ring where they can have a safe, clean fight.
Just Like Old Times - Talia and Johnny bump into each other in a hot tub in the Tension gym. Talia gets into Johnny's head, and he loses his temper, but leaves before he does anything he'd regret.
Desperate Times (w/Taylor & Talia) - Taylor meets with Talia after Talia's run-in with Johnny. Talia reveals that she is Dark Angel, and, predictably, Taylor is confused and bewildered and rather upset.
Stopping A Monster (w/Aurora Wilson) - Talia's sister appears in the ring to announce that she's going to come after Cassie to put a stop to her "rampage".
Our Little Secret (w/Johnny Higurashi) - Johnny meets with Cassie after a run-in with Talia at Tension to discuss what exactly they're going to do about her. The two of them plus Akashi and Taylor have dinner at Akashi's and Cassie's apartment, and witness Aurora Wilson in the ring calling out Cassie. The discussion becomes heated.
This World Will Never Be (w/Taylor, Akashi, & Talia - Taylor convinces Akashi to come with her to apologize to Talia for anything they'd done wrong, and try one last time to make things right, for Cassie's sake. Talia isn't receptive. Taylor ends up stomping a hole in her until Akashi pulls her off.
Match vs Aurora Wilson - Cassie has her match against Talia's sister. Aurora wants to hurt Cassie, and Cassie lets her, until Mamouru gets hurt again. She quickly dismantles Aurora, and is about to force a submission from her when some choice words from Mamouru break her. Aurora rolls her up from behind, and Cassie couldn't care less.
So What If You Can See Cassie, Talia, Taylor, Aurora, and Mamouru have their post-match encounters.
You Can Never Go Home Again (w/Lukretia & Akashi) - Cassie receives her Avalanche contract, and a bit of news that might either set her free or put the last nail in her coffin. She goes home to Akashi and has a complete emotional breakdown. If she loses, she will have no reason to live in Japan, and may never see her friends again.
Avalanche '13: Match vs Dark Angel - Loser Leaves Friction - The culmination of everything.
If You Try Sometime, You Might Find (w/Talia) - The denouement.
A Fork Stuck In The Road (w/Talia) - The end.
Our Home And Native Land (w/Talia & Elliots) - The prologue.

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Cassie Elliot Empty Re: Cassie Elliot

Post by Bluemouse on Thu Jun 26, 2014 5:44 pm

Match - Gym - Backstage - Promo

Cassie Meets Japan

1. Match vs Hitomi Fujishima
2. An Interesting Contender
3. You're Pretty Good, Eh? - DNF
4. Roommate Wanted!
5. Soft Serve Death (w/Valkoinen Simo)
6. Soft Serve- ICE CREAM! (w/Sininen Karl)
7. Match vs Nikolette Tessla
8. Match vs Princess Nocturnal
9. Soft Serve- Chicken!? (w/Sininen and Keltainen)
10. The After-After-Party Is Where The Real Fun Begins (w/Taylor Parker and Johnny Higurashi)
11. Sunshine and Chipmunks (w/Adrian Kytes)
12. AFW Super-Special Hangman Game!
13. Valentines Day Tag Match - Cassie & Taylor vs Johnny & Mamouru Higurashi
14. The Lady and the Ladies' Man (w/Mamouru Higurashi
15. The Right Thing (w/Taylor Parker & Cecelia Northman)
16. Love and Grace (w/Talia Wilson)
17. Seven Days for Evil's Sake (w/Mamouru Higurashi & Hitomi Fujishima)
18. Cassandra Grace vs Megumi Mutoh
19. A Talk With A Newbie Manager
20. Slumber Party Panic! - DNF due to personnel shortages.
21. Taylor Parker vs Chigusa Yuuki - Cassie makes the save.
22. "Who The Fuck Are You?!" (w/Taylor, Johnny, & Clyde) - Cassie ends up dragging drunk Clyde back to his room and subduing him with an ice bucket.
23. Wrecked And Loving It - Cassie finally introduces herself to Akashi after the grudge between Akashi and Taylor is finally resolved. Cassie sets her straight.
24. Every New Beginning - Taylor and Johnny celebrate their engagement. Taylor says goodbye to her old life, Cassie says hello to her new one.
25. Presenting Cassie Elliot - Cassie goes all in with Friction, and her career.

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Cassie Elliot Empty Re: Cassie Elliot

Post by Bluemouse on Thu Jun 26, 2014 5:46 pm

Match - Gym - Backstage - Promo

Cassie Grows Up

26. Help Wanted! (w/Mamouru Higurashi & Adrian Kytes)
27. Flocking Together (w/Lukretia) - Cassie meets Lukretia for the first time. The two connect on a weird level.
28. Match vs Dark Angel - Cassie's first match of the year!
29. Angels of a Different Sort (w/Dark Angel) - Dark Angel tries to get in Cassie's head, and then Taylor shows up and gets in Dark Angel's head.
30. Ooo Cassie Deaaar (w/Dark Angel) - Dark Angel calls Cassie out for a rematch.
31. Nihoooon-Go! (w/Mamouru) - Cassie is still miffed at Mamouru from last thread. Mamouru arranges for Cassie's family to visit.
32. Calling For Cavalry (w/Mamouru, Akashi, and the Elliots)
33. Good News, Worse Day (w/Jocelyn Lu Jiao)
34. Calling For Cavalry (w/Mamouru, Taylor, and the Family)
35. Summer Splash: Match vs Jocelyn Lu Jiao
36. Your One Vice (w/Mamouru)
37. A Mask To Hide Your Face (w/Dark Angel)
38. The Second Coming (w/ Lukretia & Hilde Von Creuzfeldt)
39. The Real You (w/Clyde Gastin)
40. Sagacious or Strict (w/Akashi & Miss Spencer) - Akashi helps Cassie prepare for a match with an angry, dirty, nasty girl.
41. Ambulance Match vs Dark Angel - The rematch. Cassie's condition for the match is that it doesn't end until one of them leaves on a stretcher.
42. I'm Not Who You Think (w/Akashi & Taylor) - Cassie goes home after her match and has it out with Akashi. Taylor shows up as backup.
43. The Bond of the Broken (w/Mamouru, Talia, Tatyina, & Aurora)
44. Tokyo Bound (w/Clyde Gastin & John Mitchel) - Clyde and John meet up for lunch and Cassie stumbles across them. She discovers that Clyde has at least one friend, and he happens to be gorgeous.
45. Spray Paint (w/Johnny Higurashi) - Johnny stops by for a visit to investigate the funk Cassie has apparently been in.
46. Match vs Bunny Bomber
47. If You Do It, Do It Right - Taylor's out with the girls celebrating her return to AFW. Cassie is present, has a couple appearances in the thread.
48. Good Morning, Beautiful (w/Johnny & Taylor) - Cassie and Johnny talk about plans to deal with Talia Wilson, and Taylor wakes up with a massive hangover.
49. Our Little Secret (w/Johnny Higurashi) - Johnny meets with Cassie after a run-in with Talia at Tension to discuss what exactly they're going to do about her.
50. Match vs Aurora Wilson
51. So What If You Can See
52. Chair With A Panda On It (w/Taylor, John, Ro & Amanda) - Cassie and Taylor head to Kyoto to hang out with John Mitchel and his buddies.
53. China Syndrome (w/Yi Lan & Jocelyn) - Cassie runs into a sweet young lost blonde-haired Chinese girl at the Friction building, and offers to show her to the cafeteria until Jocelyn takes over.
54. You Can Never Go Home Again (w/Lukretia & Akashi) - Cassie receives her Avalanche contract, and a bit of news that might either set her free or put the last nail in her coffin.
55. Avalanche '13: Match vs Dark Angel - Loser Leaves Friction
56. So How Did Cassie-Chan Do? (w/Taylor & Akashi) - Taylor carries Akashi off to the infirmary and stays up with her while Akashi is treated for a concussion. Cassie joins them.
57. If You Try Sometime, You Might Find (w/Talia) - The denouement.
58. A Fork Stuck In The Road (w/Talia) - The end.
59. Our Home And Native Land (w/Talia & Elliots) - The prologue.

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Cassie Elliot Empty Re: Cassie Elliot

Post by Bluemouse on Thu Jun 26, 2014 5:48 pm

Match - Gym - Backstage - Promo

60. Cassie Elliot Is A Pro Wrestler (w/Johnny, Akashi, & Taylor) - Everyone goes to pick Cassie up from the airport! Yay!
61. Match vs Toshiko Nada - Aside from taking some hard shots, an easy match for Cassie after her opponent almost faints in the ring.
62. How Do You Like Me Now, Eh? (w/Taylor Parker, Kia Manaputo, & Toshiko Nada - Taylor meets Cassie backstage after her match, and Toshiko's friend has some words for her.
63. Pentiti, Scellerato! (w/Serona Oni) - Cassie spots Serona in the gym, after having seen her break  Blossom's ankle in her first match. She decides to see what she's made of, and maybe help her have some sympathy for other people's pain.
64. Kita-Ku, Saturday, 7pm (w/everybody) - Taylor and Johnny throw a party at their new place to welcome Cassie back from Canada after her 4-month break at home.
65. A Summer Splash Charity Fund Raiser (w/Alaina Sanders) - Cassie meets Alaina, a nice girl who is working on a proposal for the AFW management for a charity fund raiser.
66. Gonna Fly Now (w/Adrian) - Adrian asks Cassie to spar with her to prepare for Taylor, Cassie's best friend.
67. Boys and Stuff (w/Talia) - Cassie and Talia meet for lunch every other week to talk about stuff. Like boys.
68. Shopping Day (w/Silver Ace & Jocelyn) - Jocelyn goes grocery shopping and bumps into Ace. Cassie goes grocery shopping and bumps into the other two. Jocelyn picks a fight, Ace doesn't, Jocelyn leaves and Ace and Cassie are left.
69. The Premier! (w/Shinobu Fujiwara) - Shinobu takes Cassie to the premier of his new movie.
70. A Quiet Dinner Get Together (w/Taylor, Johnny, Alaina, Charlie, Mamouru) - Cassie, Taylor, and Johnny go have dinner with acquaintances Alaina and Charlie and Alaina's boyfriend, and discover that Alaina's boyfriend is a bit more than an acquaintance.
71. Wild Animals (w/Taylor & Gemma Faraday) - Taylor and Cassie bump into a raccoon, followed by a rookie who looks like she'd been attacked by a wild animal.
72. That Little Voice In My Head (w/Mamouru) - Mamouru meets with Cassie before booking the match against Alaina.
73. Match vs Alaina Sanders - Cassie takes an epic beating, and then pulls a submission out of nowhere for the win.
74. The Funniest Bunny (w/Shinobu Fujiwara) - Cassie and Shinobu on date #2: The petting zoo.
75. Stick Your Neck Out For Me (w/Kelly Conway) - Kelly calls out Taylor for a submission match. Taylor isn't there. But Cassie is.
76. Kelly Conway vs  Cassie Elliot - Submission Match - Cassie works Kelly over with one submission after another, and keeps her tied up for the first half of the match. Things start to go wrong for her, and she is forced to tap out to Kelly's signature submission after being knocked silly with suplexes.
77. Trashed (w/Taylor, Akashi, & Natasha) - Taylor goes to drink her way through her loss and ends up back at Akashi's place.
78. Best Served Cold (w/Gwendolyn) - Gwen is on Cassie's home ground now. She tries to exasperate Cassie, but it backfires.
79. Snowslide (w/Ace & Gwendolyn) - Ace challenges Gwen to a match for the Entropy title, Cassie is swiftly written off.
79. Act, Act, Act! (w/Shinobu) - Cassie and Shinobu talk about his upcoming match with the nicest girl! Ami Takeuchi...
80. Shinobu Fujiwara vs Ami Takeuchi (w/Fujiko) - Cassie is in the stands for her new boyfriend's ill-fated pro wrestling debut.
81. Grace, Sorority, Economy (w/Shinobu & Fujiko) - Cassie meets up with Shinobu after his abysmal failure of a debut.
82. We Like To Party (w/Cassie, Jess, Akashi, Johnny, Mamouru, Shinobu, Nikolette, Bonnie, Ace, Avery, Alaina, Morrigan, Mai, Bucky)
83. Rise And Shine (w/Gwendolyn) - Cassie returns the ring to issue a challenge!
84. The Queen City Sisters (w/Taylor, Gabbie, Nicole Desjardin) - Taylor and Cassie take a field trip to Yokohama to meet with a high class kickboxer.
85. Murder/Suicide (w/Taylor, Junko, Johnny, Gabbie, Alaina, Julia) - Taylor loses her cool in the gym and argues with Junko, and reveals the next step in her plan to deal with The Coalition.
86. Plans & Apologies (w/Akashi) - Cassie sits down with Akashi and announces that she's quitting AFW and moving back home to Canada. The two get matching tattoos, and then Cassie goes to Friction to clear out her locker and runs into Silver Ace.
87. The (Second To) Last Goodbye (w/Akashi) - Akashi tries to plan out a farewell get-together for Cassie.
88. Sayonara, Koguma (w/Taylor, Akashi, Johnny, Shinobu, Bucky, Gabby, Nicole) - Cassie's farewell party.
89. Anywhere But Where You're Going Next (w/Taylor, Johnny, Akashi) - Cassie's last night in town.

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Cassie Elliot Empty Re: Cassie Elliot

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