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Looking for fun Fights

Tue Sep 27, 2022 5:34 am by Leon564

Hello folks! Putting it out that I'm available to discuss matches for either James or Melanie.

If you are trying to find their profiles you can use the character search and type in the following;

James Elforn

Melanie L'belle
If it's for an author of my name tag then that's me! You're free as well to throw me a friend request on Discord since I'm not in the Discord server at this time.
Leon564#4514 (Discord)

Thanks for your read and have a great

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Tai Kamiya vs Daisuke Kamiya

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Tai Kamiya vs Daisuke Kamiya Empty Tai Kamiya vs Daisuke Kamiya

Post by Maxy Thu Oct 28, 2010 9:32 pm

Tai Kamiya vs Daisuke Kamiya
contested under traditional rules

(all done over im, finally finished.)

Tai grinned as he came down to the ring, dressed in a pair of gym shorts and boots, his belt around his waist as he slid into the ring, ignoring the crowd as he focused on the ramp. "Ive been waiting for this..cousin..." Whatever starts to play and Sion comes out, Daisuke not too far behind. She doesn't pay much attention to Tai at first but after getting in there she looks at em Tai sighs and shakes his head as he sees his cousin enter, leaning into the turnbuckle and handing the ref his belt, waiting for her, when she got into the ring, Tai would look her up and down, mainly seeing her outfit. " ready for this?"

Daisuke hops in the ring telling Tai "I've always wanted to do that just once." Sion doesn't seem to be against it, going with the flow of it.

"Well...hows it going cuz?"

Daisuke then calls for a mic. "Hold on a sec. I just want to get something off my chest first. I have to give credit where it's due." She goes outside of the ring and goes to where the time keeper is "Why does everyone say the ref rings the bell when you're the one who does it? That's not right in my opinion. At least we know the truth." She gives the time keeper a mini hug "Let's hear it for the time keeper everyone." She smirks and slides back in the ring and swipes at Tai, not hit him but to see if he's paying attention

Tai shakes his head, backing away as she swipes at him, stretching his arms a bit. "Alright..thats fair, the timekeeper deserves more credit....Sion....hes not gonna pose a problem to me now is he?"She shurgs "depends if you bug him or not, hey look at that!" she looks at Tai then points at Sion. Tai looked, turning his head "Look at What?" When he turned his head she grabbed him from behind, rolling him up and attempted to pin em early.

Tai yelped as he was sudeenly rolled up, the ref slapping the mat and counting "1...2..." but, thankfully, Tai managed to kick out before three!Daisuke let a little damn out at the count out, but grinned when she then looked at Tai next "almost got ya there "Tai shook his head and got to his feet. "That was quick...nice one....Ill have to be more...what the hell is that guy doing in the audience!? Hey! You! Put your pants back on!" He pointed

Daisuke went to look but instead dropped and pulled his pants down. "Nice try Tai, but im engaged you know."Tai blushed as his pants were pulled down, pulling them back up. "Aw screw it..." before going to give Dai a hard kick in the gut.
"heheheh OW -_-" "Sorry Dai....but Im gonna take this match seriously...." and with that, Tai would go for..........a headlock. When looked in she tries to grab him by the hair and push him off. He yelped as she grabbed his hair, before being pushed off her into the ropes, bouncing back towards her. She sees him come off and goes to clothesline him. Tai yelped as he was clotheslined down to the mat. After he went down he went down she went to pick him up only to slam him back down again.

Tai cried out as he was slammed back down to the mat. After impact Daisuke looked like she was going to pin him again but changed her mind and grabbed his legs trying to lock him into a texas cloverleaf. "Hey..wait, noAHHH!" Tai protested and cried out as she turned him over and locked him in the cloverleaf, making him groan as he tried to reach for the ropes. Sion watched on looking surprised Daisuke was controling so well so early on, something didnt smell right to him about. Daisuke continue to hold on.

Tai groaned as she kept the hold on, slowly reaching out before grabbing the nearby ropes, the ref calling for a rope break. Daisuke held on for a second then let go. She backed up a bit then waited for him to get up, planning something. Tai stayed on the mat for a bit, rubbing his legs to sooth them, before getting up, slowly circling Dai now, arms up...

As he got up she charged at him but then stopped and almost fell into him seeing him move around .Tai grinned as she almost fell, moving behind her, waiting for her to get up before rushing forward, aiming a hard kick at her back!
She didn't fall completely over, managing to catch her balance. She turned around and saw him coming and just barely avoided it by taking one step back (I actually saw someone do that in a match to miss a dropkick) "WOAH! Look up!"Tai cursed as she dodged his attack, before actually looking up this time. When he looked up he slaps him hard in the face, hoping to then grab him for a ddt. Tai winced at the slap and cried out as he was DDTed! Daisuke flung her hair back and dragged him over a couple feet and went the top rope, hoping to go for a reverse shootingstarpress.

Tai was dazed from the DDT, but seeing her leap off the top rope, he would be clear enough to get his knees up, hoping she would land on them! She does see the knees come up and tries to stop herself from hitting it but can't intime and makes contact with them. Tai groans and gets up, seeing Dai on the ground, he would pick her up by her hair, getting her to her feet, before backing up and running at her, attempint a Sheamus style Bycycle her face! Sion covers his eyes not wanting to look at Dai getting face'd. Tai grinned as the kick connceted..rolling Dai to her back before covering her, hooking her leg up under his arm for a pin, the ref starting to count "....1..."

Sion got the referee's attention at 2 as he pointed that part of Daisuke's hair was under the bottom rope, which technically should qualify for a break in the count, though Dai managed to get a hold of it barley in time as well with a hand. The ref saw and pointed it out to Tai, who growled and got up, pulling Dai away from the ropes and turning her to her stomach, instead trying a submission hold as he attempted to lock her in a tight STF! Sion didn't like how Tai had her away from the ropes and in a tight hold. She watched Dai yell out and he badly wanted to do something but knew he couldn't. He then got an idea called out "NOMNOMNOM" and after a couple brief moments Daisuke tekk a big bite out of Tai's hands (which with ever skin part was closest to her face) and sunk her teeth in as deep as she could

"AHHHH!! LET GO! LEGGO!" Tai yelled as she sank her teeth into his hand, forced to get off of her and trying to free his hand from her mouth. She bit down really hard, not caring if she drew blood or not, just doing what she good to get out of it." She spit a few times to get the taste of Tai out of her. Sigh gave a small sigh in relief but Dai looked a bit pissed. Tai finally got his hand free of her mouth, shaking it about, the hand in extreme pain, teeth marks deep in it. "What the hell! Hows that legal!?"

Sion wondered too but luckly it all broke off before a a 5 coount could have been made and then sees Daisuke nail Tai in the face with a punch while he checks his hands. Tai cried out as she decked his face, the blow knocking him to his knees
She grabs him by the hair and nails him a couple more times then feels the pain in her fist and "FUCK" knees him in the head.

Tai cried out from each punch, the knee to the head dropping him on the mat, eyes closed and groaning in pain, holding his face. She roars at him as he falls and covers him again as Sion ducks down a bit afraid of Dai at the moment. Tai groans as the ref counts, before managing to get his foot on the rope just before the three!

Daisuke's eyes widend and dropped down and rolled out of the ring but she grabbed Tai as well and slammed his leg against the ring post. Sion then as she turned around splashed some water on her. She goes blank for a moment then does the same thing to the leg again but this time give a lil peck to Sion then goes back inside. Tai cried out as his leg was crashed against the post twice, rolling around grabbing his leg.

Daisuke picks him up and places him in the corner and climbs the top rope while holding on to him. Tai groaned as he was placed in the corner, Dai climbing on him to get to the tom. She gets a hold of him (cant recall the name of the move, something a lot of the cruiserweights did in WCW/NWO Revenge) She looked around for a moment then went to flip him off, but then stopped before she could pull a move off, picking him up, flipping backwards while holding on to him and connecting with a shootingstarpress like powerslam, trying to hold on for a pin even though that took a lot out of her.

Tai groaned as she lifted him up and flipped them off the turnbuckle, just before they landed though, he would get his knees up again, grabbing her shoulders and landing back first on the mat, driving his knees into her chest upon impact! Dai rolled off him because of the impact but did manage to keep oen arm on top of him hoping for a pin still since he did land on his back. Tai groaned as he lay on the mat, the ref counting the pin "1.......2......" Only for Tai, more likely spasming them kicking, just barely got his shoulder off the mat! Dai groans and rubs her chest.


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Tai Kamiya vs Daisuke Kamiya Empty Re: Tai Kamiya vs Daisuke Kamiya

Post by Maxy Sat Nov 20, 2010 5:28 am

Tai groaned as he rolled over, dazed and weakend by the hard hitting match, slowly pushing himself up to his knees, starting to regret accepting this challenge.

Daisuke grabs on to Tai to pull herself up and goes to push him back down
As Dai grabbed on to him, Tai would grip onto the strap of her singlet, when she shoved him down, he would keep his grip, using the strap to keep him on his feet, before pulling back, trying to pull her closer to him, to grab her around her waist and attempt a bearhug!

Dai groans as Tai gets a bearhug on him, but she responds with one of her own, two bearhugs for one
Tai groaned as she locked a bearhug of her own in on him, trying to think of some kind of counter, he would recall a night when he was young, watching an old WCW match featuring a wrestler by the name of Kanyon, recalling specifically the finishing move he used...Tai groaned and broke his bearhug, going to wrap his hands around her neck and moving just a bit, so that they werent face to face, before suddenly leaning in and planting his lips against hers! if she recoiled from the kiss and let go, he would follow by getting his leg behind her and falling back to drive her face first into the mat with a Flatliner, if she kept the lock on, his attempted move would fail...

she was shocked by what he did, wanted to hold on to it but the surprise of it made her let go
Tai shook his head and grinned, happy his move worked, he would sit up and get to his knees, grabbing Dai by her hair and pulling his cousin up to her feet, before grabbing her between her legs, keeping his hand there for a few extra seconds before lifting her up and dropping her with a basic body slam

When she got slammed down, Sion got a look of the condition Daisuke was in and it didn't look good.
Tai grinned. while concerned with his cousins condition, he wasnt about to let it distract him yet, raising his arm up to signify that he was planing to end the match now!

Dai slowly got up but looked like she was going to sneeze in the process
Tai went over to Dai, seeing a strange look on her face "Ey..uh...Cuz? You alrigh?
Dai wobbled a bit then sneezed on him, which some blood came out of her nose. She then checks to see if she was bleeding from the flatliner from earlier and can't feel any then sees where she 'hit him' "Oh my"

Tai gasped and stood there blinking as she sneezed blood..BLOOD on him! ".....G....Gah.....Bah....Wha....What the hell!?"
She wasn't sure about it as well then a ! went off and she dropped down , grabbing him on the way smalling his head into her knees ala Chris Jericho's codebreaker

"What the hell was THAAAH!" Tai was cut off midsentence as she suddenly Code Broke him! Her knees smashing into his face, knocking him flat onto his back, groaning and holding his face!
Dai could feel some of her blood coming out again but very very little. She shakes her head a few times then grabs one of his legs and goes to put him in a half crab lock

Tai groaned as she locked him in the half crab, half in pain and half numbed from the last move as she locked in the submission hold! She then tried something, letting go and sitting on the leg so it was still going back just being forced down and she grabs his head as if going for a kind of camel clutch, his other leg still free through.

Tai groaned as she kept the hold on, the numbness he got from the impact of the Code Breaker she gave him, starting to reach for any ropes, his legs kicking around for some as well.

Daisuke sees his free leg clearing and tries to go for it
Tai groaned as the ref demanded Dai let go of him as his leg got the rope, getting a second of relief until Dai grabbed his leg again! She didn't grab it and instead moved back, hoping he'd get up as she was thinking of something.
Tai groaned and slowly forced his way up to his feet, holding onto the ropes to clear his head, needing a bit more time yt
When he got up Daisuke ran and jumped at him.
Tai looked at her leap at him, thinking of an awesome counter...and instead falling down to the mat, letting her sail over him and crash on the mat!

Dai tried to prevent her head from hitting directly, the rest of her did though and she slid for a few inches.
Tai shook his head, this time managing to get all the way to his feet, going over to Dai, grabbing her leg and undoing her boot/shoe laces, yanking it off before twisting her foot in an ankle lock!

Dai feels her leg being grabbed and she tries to swat him away with her free leg.
Tai holds on for a bit, but gets kicked back by Dai after a few kicks, returning the favor with a slap to her butt! She yelps and jumps up. She turns and glares at him. Sion sees this and he looks a bit affraid.
Tai grinned and backed away a bit. "What?"

Tai grinned and let her get close, watching her leap at him, spreading his arms to catch her by grabbing her shoulders and between her legs, using his higher strength to hold her just long enough to turn while falling, completing a half turn enough to slam her back first witn a powerslam counter!


Tai shook his head after powerslamming her, getting up before going to stomp on her stomach, then heading to the nearby turnbuckle, starting to climb it! She lays there groaning and as he gets to the top looks like she might move but even she doesnt know it which direction.

Tai gets to the top and sighs, looking at the girl and crossing himself before jumping off the turnbuckle, tucking his arms and legs in and out, attempting to land on her chest with a frog splash! it connects, though Dai moved up for a lil split second it made no difference.

Tai groaned, the impact hurting him a little bit too, but able to lay on top of Dai and hook her leg, the ref girl going down to count a pin! "...1!...."She manages to kick out at two and a half. Tai growls and gets to his feet, going to climb the turnbuckle again! As he gets up there she slowly gets to a knee. She looks up as he's fully up there woinderong what he'll do. He would leap off, sticking his arm out to try and connect with a flying lariet! She gets take down by it flipping over in the process. Tai shook his head, slowly standing up and wiping away sweat before picking Dai up and holding her close to him. "I think...its time...I finish you off....

Dai gives a soft groan as she is picked up. Tai grins and gives her another kiss, this one softer and deeper, almost like hes trying to turn her on, before kneeing her in the stomach, sliding her head between his legs, getting ready to throw her in a powerbomb attempt!

Sion sees Dai being lifted and wanting to drill Tai himself for kissing her twice, though before he could drop her down Daisuke slid out, landed on her knees while pulling him down for a backslide pin. Tai yelped as she pinned him with a backslide, however, when the ref counted "1...2.." Tai forced himself to focus and forced his legs over his head, rolling backwards to break the pin, on his knees now with his arms around Dai, also on her knees, with her held tight, Tai would try and lift her up to attempt throwing her in another powerbomb! Being aware fropm teh last attempt she attempted to squirm free again .

(There was a part here where she got out of it and Tai backed off a bit but how it was worded was lost)

Dai sensed that Tai backed off as she threw a kick from her knees as she landed. She then gets up and faces him, flinging her hair back she had a feeling things was going to pick up even more than before as she then went to grapple him.

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Tai Kamiya vs Daisuke Kamiya Empty Re: Tai Kamiya vs Daisuke Kamiya

Post by Maxy Sat Nov 20, 2010 5:30 am

Tai backed up just in time, managing to avoid her kick at him, getting his arms up to grapple with her as she came closer to him. In the lock up she grabbed him in a side headlock, wrenching it a few times before whipping him to the ropes. Tai winced as she locked the headlock in, before being thrown into the ropes, bouncing off and heading back towards her!

Tai yelped as he was planted down facefirst on the mat from the Drop Toe Hold, making him groan as he hit, shaking his head. When Daisuke heard him hitting the mat she pounced on him, hoping to lock in a crossface. Tai cried out as she locked the crossface in on him, making him kick his legs as he reached out to try and find a rope!
Dai takes a bit to get it fully locked in, even though Tai was close to the ropes.
Tai groaned as he tried to fight off the tight hold, struggling to avoid tapping!

Daisuke saw Tai grabbing but kept pulling on him anyway to try to pry him off the rope, which she was able to do but it caused her to release the hold and fall back.Tai groaned and rolled away from Dai as she let go of him, slowly trying to get to his feet. Tai would have had a few seconds to get an advanatge on her if he chose to as she goes to get back up
. Tai shook his head as he got to his feet, seeing Dai get back up to her feet, he would run to bounce off the ropes, heading towards her to try and nail her with a Lariat! she cant turn around to see the lariat intime and gets taken down
. Tai shakes his head as she goes down, grabbing her hair to pull her up to her knees, before smashing his knee into her face! Dai is able to get part of an arm up to prevent it from hitting her nose but it still conntected making her want to fall down again if it wasnt for him holding her hair. Tai let go of her, letting her fall to the mat, turning around to lean against the ropes, catching his breath.

Sion happened to be on the side that Tai was on but didn't say anything. Daisuke attempted to crawl back up and by the time she got up, if Tai allowed her , she'd see him on the ropes and rush at him, if not she's still be getting up
Tai was busy looking at Sion at the moment, not paying much attention to Dai, whom he assumed to be still out from his knee shot.Sion didn't show any intention of doing anything to Tai as Dai went to clothesline him.

Tai yelped as he turned around, just in time to be clotheslined!
mSion watched it connect and Tai falling on to him. Dai covered her mouth "oh my." she then had a "!" go off and ran back against the far ropes wanting to go for something big
Tai groaned and got off of Sion, shaking his head and getting to his feet, "Sorry bout that Sion..."

Sion didnt look amused, not liking tai being on top of him like that. But before he could answer his eyes widen as he saw Dai coming at them both with a suicide dive. "Sion? Watcha looking a OHGODD!" Tai cried out as Dai came out of nowhere with a suicide dive right on both of them!

After she connects with them both she feels pumped up, even though rolling on the ground briefly "YEAH!" She then gets up off her knee and picks Tai up and throws him back in the ring. She picks him up and slams him back down then goes upstairs
Tai groaned and cried out as she slammed him back in the ring, dazed and weary. Dai could feel it as she went uptop. she took a deep breath then jumped off with a shootingstarpress. Tai cried out allowed as Dai nailed him flat with a Shooting Star Press, making him groan and writhe in pain. When Dai went to pin him, Tai would groan before managing to get his foot on the rope at the count of 2.

Dai looked shocked at the 2 count. She thought she had it. She growled softlyt and went to grab em up .Tai groaned as he was slowly picked up to his feet. She hooked him up , going for a fishermans suplex.

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Tai Kamiya vs Daisuke Kamiya Empty Re: Tai Kamiya vs Daisuke Kamiya

Post by Maxy Wed Dec 08, 2010 4:18 pm

Tai groaned as he was lifted easily, offering no resistance as she slammed him down in the fisherman buster
As it connected Daisuke held on for the pin while keeping one of her shoulders lefted enough so she wouldn't be counted down herself.

Tai groaned as she held his leg in the pin, competly limp and beaten, having most of his energy taken out of him
Dai can hear the ref counting, hoping it'll be enough, though a small part of her hopes Tai can somehow kick out, she was really liking what was going on, and even though she knew there'd be no avoiding a rematch still even a little more Tai offence would be good for her. Tai groaned as the ref girl hit the mat and counted "1!", still kinda out of it

Dai holds on as tight as she can though she gets torn off as Tai somehow getsa shoulder up. 'Damn how much does he half left?" she thought. She pulls Tai up and goes to throw him to the corner only she ends up hitting the turnbuckles herself.
Tai groaned after just managing to counter his cousin by tossing her into the turnbuckle, taking a second to prepare before running over towards her at half speed, leaping foward to try and splash her chest to chest!

Daisuke held on to the corner to prevent her from going down though she felt like falling after Tai launched on himself on her. Tai grinned as he smashed into her, pulling her foward away from the turnbuckle, before lifting her onto his shoulders, thinking of a way to finish her! Tai groaned as he held her up, slowly stepping on the bottom ropes, starting to slowly climb a bit. Dai notices them getting closer to the corner and as Tai starts to climb she can feel one of the pads with her feet and quick pushes off hoping for the best.

Tai had turned slightly while stepping up, allowing Dai's feet to hit then turnbuckle, when she pushed off, she managed to shift them so that when Tai landed back first on the mat, she landed right on top of him in a pin! Dai felt the impact as part of tai got with her with back and winced, and even more so was still in Tai's grip, unsure of shoulder positioning as she heard the ref counting, tried to ake sure she wsn't the ont being counted down while Tai held on to her still.

Tai groaned as the ref counted out "1!"............."2!".........."3!"

Sion felt like he was suffering from a heart attack with how the match ended but was able to get in there as Daisuke started to stir when Tai finally let go. It hit her when she felt the ref raise her arm up. Sion congradulated her after that but then looked at Tai, Daisuke did as well.

Tai groaned and lay there for a few minutes, the ref eventually helping him up as he looked at Dai..he frowned for a bit..before wiping some sweat off his face and offering her his hand as a sign of respect. "G...Good....Good match cuz...."
Daisuke grinned, not hesitating and shook it too "Same to you, hope it's not the last." She tells him as Sion pats him on the back and Dai raises his arm up too in recognition of the effort he put into it.

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Tai Kamiya vs Daisuke Kamiya Empty Re: Tai Kamiya vs Daisuke Kamiya

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