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Getting back into matches

Thu Jan 20, 2022 6:48 pm by pu-level-up

Hi all,

I'm hoping to come back onto the board and start RPing again with everyone here. If we have past matches that you would like to continue, please let me know, and we can pick up where we left off. Otherwise, if anyone is interested in starting a new match, please let me know as well!

Thank you!

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Looking to get back into forum rp

Thu Dec 16, 2021 6:58 am by 321Shazam

Hello, it's been awhile. I'm trying to get back into rping on here. I'm looking for hentai style matches feel free to message me here or on discord @[FTK] Bastion#5496

I hope to hear from you guys soon. I can't wait to have some fun with you guys Smile

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Health problem

Wed Jan 05, 2022 1:24 pm by Harrier


I just want to inform you that I am taking a hiatus. I am feeling terrible and am currently in medical treatment. Sorry.

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Ari Nagawa -Wet and Messy Wrestler-

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Ari Nagawa -Wet and Messy Wrestler- Empty Ari Nagawa -Wet and Messy Wrestler-

Post by OmegaVan0 Sun Jul 11, 2010 1:19 pm

Ari Nagawa -Wet and Messy Wrestler- OWOETW9


Name: Ari Nagawa
Sex: Female
Age: 27
Eyes: Blue
Hair: White (Natural)/????
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 136 lbs
Nationality: Japanese
Alignment: Heel
Entrance Music:

Wrestling Information

Strategy: Echoes of her harsh and unforgiving personality has bled into Ari’s behaviour in the ring, muddying her being like the very substances she once wrestled in. No longer shackled to the softer confines of hentai wrestling, her recent-discovered aptitudes in the severe style of Shoot-Style/Puresoru turned her from aggressive to outright relentless. Overwhelming foes with a constant onslaught of offense, keeping them pressed to the point where they have trouble mounting any real attack of their own. Her goal is always the same, regardless if she makes the first move or not. Wear the opponent down in every aspect, and as soon as their defences crumble, go in for the kill. When they eventually fall, she uses the most painful holds and locks she could muster. She is a cruel femme fatale of submissions, maximizing pain over efficiency.

While Ari hasn’t forgotten her hentai techniques, she’s much more malicious with her usage. She seeks to inflict frustration and other negative feelings in her opponent, using their own arousal against them. Mutual pleasure was once in her interest, but now her focus is shifted to stupefying opponents’ senses through constant shifts of pure bliss and crippling pain. Who knows, it could have them begging for more. Pain and pleasure are one and the same, after all.

Type: Aggressive Striker/Hentai Submissionist
Style: Puresoru/Shoot-Style

Preferred Attacks:
- Effective takedowns
- Heavy strikes
- Entangling/Choking submissions
- Hentai variants of moves

Preferred Match Type: Just about anything, with a particular preference to Hardstyle Hentai matches. Although she is willing to participate in WAM, Ari seeks to expand to more ‘Traditional’ matches

Physical Stats:

Endurance: ★★★★☆
Fully used to the harsh rigours of wrestling and endurance-based sex bouts, very little tires her out. She can take her fair share of punishment to roll against even the most significant threats.
Strength: ★★★☆☆
She has become stronger than average, able to hold her own against opponents bigger than she is.
Speed: ★★★★☆
Exceptionally fast on her feet. As she gains more momentum, it becomes increasingly hard to escape her onslaught with anything short of a well-timed counter.
Defense: ★★★☆☆
Although she knows how to stay out of danger, with a good defence against grappling and submissions, Ari is less defence-minded with her new style.
A self-proclaimed master of sexual manipulation and fighting in different substances, proven time and time again. She now has a good background in Puresoru to develop her moveset further.

Wrestling Stats

Striking: ★★★★☆
Ari doesn’t fight like a wild, untrained cat fighter and her strikes show as such. Her punches and kicks have some serious power behind them.
Submissions: ★★★★★
Ruthlessely uses traditional and Hentai based submissions to leave her foes broken, physically, mentally, psychologically and sexually.
Powerhouse: ★★★☆☆
Rarely would she rely on power, though she has a few moves when the occasion arises.
Aerial: ★☆☆☆☆
That one time she fucked a Rose silly in the turnbuckle doesn’t come close to counting.
Countering: ★★★★★
Capable of reversing a plethora of moves and strikes, she takes advantage of her opponent’s mistakes and punishes them hard.

Signature Moves:

Isonade - The Sorcerer

Dorotabo - Rolling Front Chancery Takedown/Guilotine Choke

Uwabami - Gogoplata

Akaibara - Split Trib with Double Underhook/Bearhug

Tsukumogami - Cruxifix Position into various holds

Finishing Moves:

Nure-Onna Crossface Chickenwing/Bodyscissor

Nekomata Kani Basami into Banana Split

Akaname - Flying Armbar with Foot Smother

Tsuchinoko - Triangle Backbreaker

Kiyohime - Inverted Figure Four

Critical Finishing Moves:

Jorogumo - The Twister

Umibozu - Mounted Kneebar

Orochi - Pentagram Choke

Shinigami - Dragon Sleeper/Surfboard/Hammerlock Combination


Personality: Many have long known Ari as the shameless, outspoken pervert that everyone couldn’t help but love. An overly flirtatious woman who simply loves to press her body on the sexiest women whenever, wherever she can. Even more so when there is a wet substance around them.

Except that woman is gone.

Any resemblance of the old Ari has dramatically diminished. Cold, ruthless brutality and a calculating mind are what remains in her nature. Far less approachable, she lashes out towards anyone, even to those that seek to help her. She has nothing but disdain towards those who looked fulfilled in what they have and is always on the hunt to bring them to despair. Once she’s set on a target, Ari is relentless in her pursuits to haunt and torment her victims. Anything to make them feel the same pain she felt. Memories and reminders of her past self only serve to embarrass Ari, and it’s a sure-fire way to set her off in a furious rage.

In the ring, her victim instead sees a femme fatale in terms of flirtiness, leaning towards menacing than appealing. No matter the size or strength of those she encounters, Ari engages them all no different than others. Bring them to the pits of despair. As her superiority is established, her tone shifts to one of derision and disregard. Taking great pleasure in the humiliation and anguish of an opponent, she likes to play with her targets a bit, giving them small glimmers of hope to escape or fight back before asserting herself again, an aspect that unravels in matches she becomes increasingly absorbed in. She savours turning ladies’ base wants against them, going after their carnal nature and carrying them into the edge of physical and emotional agony.

Main Attire:
Ari Nagawa -Wet and Messy Wrestler- GlchjgX
Ari Nagawa -Wet and Messy Wrestler- AlfkENS
'The Past':
Ari Nagawa -Wet and Messy Wrestler- AnPxRzp
Young Ari:
Ari Nagawa -Wet and Messy Wrestler- Default
One Piece:
Ari Nagawa -Wet and Messy Wrestler- JSPqxKY
Ari Nagawa -Wet and Messy Wrestler- AKDjZpP


Once upon a time, there was a woman named Ari Nagawa.

She was a simple woman. Too absorbed in enjoying the pleasures of life. She only needs to press her body against another woman, all while some kind of wet substance surrounding them and that was enough for her to feel like heaven.

That little pocket of heaven had also given Ari success too. She had friends, she had AFW. She even had the championship title. She could go around the whole world and meet like-minded women. She had everything she had ever wanted.

Until she didn't.

S̸̨͘h̶̛̠e̷͔͝ came back. Took away her heaven, taken away her joy. Ari had once bested ȟ̷͉̩͆e̶̘̎͛r̵͓̪͐̍, thoroughly dominating and humiliating h̵̻̅ḛ̴̪͛͠͠ͅr̴̯̚ͅ to the point where s̴̪̫̓ḫ̴͑e̷̫̞̰̔ disappeared out of embarrassment. But s̶͍̈́̑̉̅h̶̥̀ě̷̖̻ returned. Turned her friends against her, making sure she was all alone. And then ṣ̸͉̟̭͐͝h̶͈̘̮̮͒̚͝ĕ̶̞͙̉͜ͅ did the same as Ari had done before.

Ari was weak. Ari was pathetic. She could only try to resist but was no match for h̵̫͖̠̓̈̌̚͝͠ę̴̧̛̛̘̦̗͎̦͐̒̏͘r̶̹͌́͛̈́̔́̚. She was defeated, embarrassed, humiliated, and brought to her lowest point. She began losing match after match, success disappearing like the morning mist. Her heaven began to elude Ari.

Her whole world went dark. The simple carnal desires were dulled and lifeless. The sweetest taste of bliss became sour and horrible. Everything was ruined.

But that is when she found another path. She did not know it at the time, but someone called her. After being left broken in the ring, she was taken back to be built back up again. That was when Ari found her purpose. And she only has one task. Just one simple task.

F̸̩́͌͛͠ǘ̷͓̮̜͍̎͌͛k̵̜̥̫̮̹̙̣͔͖͍̒ṵ̸̂̈́͐͑̐̄͘͘͠ṡ̵͓̟h̴̥̩̱̙̠̱̲͓̓̈ū̵̲͗͒͆́͐͒̐͂̌̕.̷̧̪̻̮̗̜̩̀̓͋̓̕͝͠ ̵̪̱͖͙̋̃́H̸̹͓̯͓͗͜͜à̸̺͚́͑͂̉̂k̵͓̜̘͕͓͕̰͇͙͂͐̀͌́ā̵̢̧̰̪͙̬͓̹ỉ̶̯̒̔.̴͍̙̳̠̞̀̿̈̀̔͑̿̉̉̚ ̸͈͕̳̹̖̗͔͉͈̊͌ͅK̶̼̑̇̽̌̒̂́̚u̸̯͕͆͗͑̽t̴̨͖̭̘̻̤̑̃͆s̶͇̘̿͌̌̇̎̈ư̸̻͚͆́̒j̸̹͖̇̐͒̉̎̚̕͜͝o̴̮͔̮̤͕̽̏̔̈́̽k̴̢̡͖͉͔͙̠͎̠̠̽͑͛̓̋̈́̂͌̀̋ų̸͙̠̭̭̟̺̳̘̓͆́̌̈́̅̕.̵̼̩͔̱͐̏ ̴̖̮͔̝̎͛̽͒̚̚̚Z̵̧̫̪̰̱̱͍͗̓̈́̅̏̋̚e̶͈̼̦̪͛̅̋̽̃̕͜t̷̨̡̡̺͎̳̥͇̙̞͊͊̍̈́͒̎͗͒͝s̵̠̼̥͈̅̎͋͑u̶͓̺̅ḅ̵̛̠̦̔̐͌͆̓̑̇̿̕ō̸͔̹̗̻̻͔͙̖̈́͋͜.̸͈̼̮̤̖̀͗̽̓̃͗͠ͅ

AFW Information:

Friends: None
Allies: None
Rivals: Never
Enemies: H̴̢̟͙͓̝̠̾̐̑̉ế̴̩̀͋͠r̵̭̫̳̖͆̊̈̀͘͝.̶̺͙̙͚͈͐̋͜ͅ.̶̦̙͆͗͗̅͑͝.̸̱͖͕̰͍̭̂̒͗͑
Crushes: None

Wins: 18Losses: 3Draws: 2Total: 18-3-2

Win against Kanya Denkou in a 2/3 Pudding & Cream Wrestling Hentai Match.
Win against Chelsea Rivers in a Jello Wrestling Hentai KO Match.
Win against Lucy Summers in an Ice Cream Pool Hentai Submission Match
Win against Romana Weiss in Food Fight Submission Match.
Win against Lily Belle in a Mud Hentai KO Match.
Win against Kari Kamiya in a Oil Hentai 2/3 Match.
Win against Heartwind in an 2/3 Oil Wrestling/Aprodisiac Hentai Match
Win against Starlight in a Pudding Hentai 10 Count Match
Win against Lia in a Hentai Hot Cocoa Match
Win against Sunetra in a Oil Wrestling Hentai Match
Win against Natasha Loclear in a Hentai Pie Match
Win against Hibana in a Hentai Pinfall Oil Wrestling Match
Win against Li-Mei in a Hentai Endurance Gel Match
Win against Minerva Larsen in a Hardstyle Hentai Oil Wrestling Match. (Won Friction Hentai Championship)
Win against Eirina Makishima in a Hentai Pinfall Mud Wrestling Match. (First Defense)
Win against Marisa Evans in a Hentai Match. (Non-Title Defence)
Win against Party Hard in an Elimination Hentai Handicap Match. (Non-Title Defence)
Win against Yayuuki “Lucky” Sakura in a Hardstyle Hentai match. (Won Friction Hentai Championship)

Lost against Lucy Summers in a Snow Bunny 2/3 falls Hentai Match
Lost against Mystis in an Egg Nog Hentai Match
Lost against Minerva Larsen in a Pudding Hentai Match
Lost against Natasha Loclear in a Hentai Verbal Submission Match (Lost Friction Hentai Championship)
Lost against Minerva Larsen in a Cake Batter Hentai Match

Draw against Lady Lakota in a Hentai Collar Mud Match.
Draw against Cleo in a Hentai Sauna Match.


Current 2x AFW Friction Hentai Champion:
Win against Minerva Larsen in a Hardstyle Hentai Oil wrestling match. (Won Friction Hentai Championship)
Win against Eirina Makishima in a Hentai Pinfall Mud Wrestling match. (First Defense)

Lost against Natasha Loclear in a Hentai Verbal Submission Match (Lost Friction Hentai Championship)
Win against Yayuuki “Lucky” Sakura in a Hardstyle Hentai match. (Won Friction Hentai Championship)

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