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Match search

Tue Mar 21, 2023 4:20 pm by GrandAkumaShogun

Looking for a match for any of my three guys. If interested feel free to get in touch and we discuss ideas for a match and either plan out who will win or wing it. If you want info on each the links are below.

Takeichi Mori
Takeshi Kawai
Imai Cosmo

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Melanie needs a Debut♡

Tue Mar 21, 2023 9:29 pm by Leon564

Above here should be the link to my character Melanie. She is in need of a debut match and so I'm making this notice here.

Disclaimer: She does not enjoy muscled or feminine men. And does not desire to have fights with women.

You're free to message me here on site or on Discord if you wish: Leon564#4514

Thank you for reading and have a great

[ Full reading ]

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Friction ( toys ) match wanted

Sat Mar 18, 2023 10:45 am by Coolgirl1999

Yep! That's right I want my first match to be a toys match! I'm wondering if there's any woman brave enough to take me on!!!

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Social Media Etiquette: Alois Trancy vs Ayesha Mustafa

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Social Media Etiquette: Alois Trancy vs Ayesha Mustafa Empty Social Media Etiquette: Alois Trancy vs Ayesha Mustafa

Post by ARStudios2000 Mon Mar 13, 2023 2:03 pm

Social Media Etiquette: Alois Trancy vs Ayesha Mustafa 059d1c28-9d76-4d80-8cf7-b229613cf984


Ayesha stood around near the edge of the lake of the park, her lips pursed, sweat dripping down her forehead. Wearing a yellow dress, blue baggy jeans, a pink scarf, and a seriously worried expression, she looked around all over her, looking both lost and doomed.

Inokishira Park. A great and beautiful place in Tokyo. With a lake designed for romantic evenings in the swan boats for couples (or you and your food and other smuggled entertainment stuff). The mood and atmosphere was perfect for any couple worth their salt. Except Ayesha wasn't here for a romantic time.

No, she was kinda scared out of her wits.

What had started as her trying to be supportive to some Tension wrestler by the name of AloisAFW had ended up with a childish bicker and now her challenging a pro wrestler on social media, of all places. Not only that was a dude. She didn't know how to feel about that. Sure, she had fought other ladies (actually "fought" was a generous term, more like "been thrown around by") but this actual dude. Sure, he dressed somewhat like a drag queen when she looked him up on Google Images, in her opinion, but still. He was a professional wrestler, this was no sparring match, this was an execution in her mind. Her brain was conjuring some very creative images right now of her walking up to a battlefield, wielding a crappy spear and a gambeson for armor, as she faced what looked like a powerful knight wearing radiant armor charging at her, as she screamed at the blinding lights, then snapped back to reality that it was just a daynightmare.

He had sent the venue to her in Private messaging, and here she was. In a romantic park with not very romantic intentions.

She was seriously considering just making a run for it.

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Social Media Etiquette: Alois Trancy vs Ayesha Mustafa Empty Re: Social Media Etiquette: Alois Trancy vs Ayesha Mustafa

Post by ihateocrecolors Sun Mar 19, 2023 6:33 am

“Hm. I expected the person that had this much of a big mouth to be a bit…taller.”

A voice mused from behind Ayesha, it was just the man Ayesha wasn’t looking for. Alois Trancy, a newcomer to AFW who seemed to have a bone to pick with her. Suprisingly Alois wasn’t dressed like a drag queen at the moment. Instead, he was dressed formally, wearing a black suit and red tie, his hair gelled up to the point it almost looked like a snail crawled all over him. Looking less like the radiant knight in her daydream and looking more like a snobby rich kid.

Alois looked less angry than he was letting on in those social media posts. Maybe it was the catharsis from seeing that he had Ayesha scared? Or perhaps he had something up his sleeve? Regardless, he extended a hand out to the nervous rookie. A small smile forming on his face. Maybe Alois didn’t want to absolutely destroy Ayesha, maybe it was just a joke. He seemed friendly enough.

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Social Media Etiquette: Alois Trancy vs Ayesha Mustafa Empty Re: Social Media Etiquette: Alois Trancy vs Ayesha Mustafa

Post by ARStudios2000 Sun Mar 19, 2023 4:01 pm

Ayeshas blood froze immediately on hearing the voice. She has been praying that he wouldn't be able to figure out where she was if she just kept her head down.

Ok maybe standing out in the open like this wasn't the best idea. Nor the fact she had posted on social media so he could easily see how her clothes and face looked. But still.

She slowly turned around to face the harbinger...and her mind blanked out. She wasn't exactly sure what was she expecting to happen, but realizing Alois was her own height, perhaps a bit shorter, definitely wasn't one of them. Not only that, but he had actually come dressed in a rather....dapper suit and tie. So much so it almost made her feel like a financially poor person the way she was dressed comparitively.

On him extending a hand, she paused for a second as Angela's arc words came to her mind.

"Never shake a heel's hand."

She was...almost certain that wasn't exactly it. Shit, did she forget most of what Angela said already? Oh well. She hadn't seen her "trainer" in a month now. What's she supposed to do? Hoping that Alois was a face, or at worst a tweener, she extended her own hand forward, giving her best smile; it was wobbly and her eyes seemed to be slipping off her face like she was deforming while melting.

"H-hello, Alois! S-sorry for the trou-trouble. I wanted to- so you know how people- so I thought that I could- so I tried to hold my end-" she immediately snapped shut on realizing she had no clue what was she trying to say and immediately pursed her lips.

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Social Media Etiquette: Alois Trancy vs Ayesha Mustafa Empty Re: Social Media Etiquette: Alois Trancy vs Ayesha Mustafa

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