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Looking for New RPs

Sat Jan 28, 2023 8:41 pm by Daaharu

Hi all,

As always, I am looking for new RPs. I would love to reconnect with old roleplay partners, but I'd also be really happy if anyone out there who's new wants to play. My Discord, Daaharu#6352, is probably the best way to get in touch with me nowadays.

My two major rules for matching characters up are: 1) only female on female interactions, and 2) I like to make sure the two characters are of similar size (within 1-2 inches in height and similarly built in terms of muscle and chest …

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New year, same ol Me

Sat Jan 14, 2023 1:31 am by ihateocrecolors

Happy New Year everyone! I'm looking for more matches for my newest and also older tension characters: Kelani Alex and Aiden Bolt! I will also be taking mixed matches but mostly interested in MvM.

Kaihua Vs Wild- Long lost Rivals. - Page 2 20230111_144029

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New Year. New Matches

Sun Jan 01, 2023 12:08 pm by Deus001

Heya folks!

So to roll in 2023 I want to look at making new RPs, I'll still be writing to my current ones as well don't worry but I want to drum up more activity.

I mainly want to look at things for Eliza Harenwood, Florence Knight, Kitty N, Ryan Knight and Jaqueline Rose. For Eliza in particular I'd like for her to fight some guys mainly to show she hasn't lost her steps, Florence could do with a squash match in her favour. Ryan can do with some stuff. Kitty N could do with a rival and …

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Kaihua Vs Wild- Long lost Rivals.

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Kaihua Vs Wild- Long lost Rivals. - Page 2 Empty Re: Kaihua Vs Wild- Long lost Rivals.

Post by Tarantulust Sun Jan 01, 2023 11:44 pm

Kaihua’s cheeks were burning red, his own confession hurting his pride in an attempt to force Wild to remember him. To her, that battle had been years ago, but Kaihua had to live with that feeling ever since. Just thinking about it stirred something in his chest that made it feel all warm and weird, so much so that it almost distracted him from the fight! Thankfully, Kaihua wouldn’t have to keep going into the humiliating details, as his larger opponent finally seemed to grasp his meaning, the look of recognition now deep in her eyes. His bright blue eyes glared back in anger and embarrassment, the young tiger managing to monopolize on Wild’s stunned state by successfully pushing her all the way against the ropes! It was a shock to see the bigger, more muscular feline be the one that found themselves up against the ropes, but Kaihua was clearly there to prove something. Maybe to himself, and most certainly to Wild!

Pushing Wild with everything he had, Kaihua growled as he quickly threw his knee forward to try and slam into Wild’s stomach! The young tiger had far more power then one might expect in his small frame, with his promise to pay Wild back burning in his bright blue eyes! He already knew what he would do next if his attack stunned his large opponent, the tiger retreating a step so that he could swipe at Wild!

His black claws would come quick like a sickle reaping its harvest! But rather than aiming at Wild herself, his claws looked to slice up the Tiger woman’s top! He had a goal in mind, and he wanted to peel away her pride just like she did his all those years ago!


Meanwhile, inside the announcer's tower, the woman in purple smirked to herself. While the fight that fell through was extremally annoying, it was an interesting experience she would be able to enjoy tonight. Rivalries were always exciting, and while Eros didn't get to have any real audience for Kaihua's big reveal it was still nice to see Wild's reaction. Eros had been curious of her recent acquisitions talent, and she had always regret missing the Tiger woman's debut. She had heard of Wild's victory, but the bakeneko wanted to see her with her own eyes. How did she fight? How would the tiger respond to the threat? How primal civilized was she?

Eager thoughts that filled the Warden's head and made her curious for answers~ Wild was a recent addition to her ranks, and careful as Eros was, she felt she absolutely had to see her in action.

Tarantulust's Lair
Kaihua Vs Wild- Long lost Rivals. - Page 2 7pKWB42

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Kaihua Vs Wild- Long lost Rivals. - Page 2 Empty Re: Kaihua Vs Wild- Long lost Rivals.

Post by Old_Man_Tai Sun Jan 22, 2023 9:03 am

Wild was definitely surprised. She had thought her past as a pit slave was behind her, something to only pop up in her bad dreams, when here was another former pit slave, a former opponent, glaring at her with eyes so blazing bright blue that they were fascinating on their fact, it was those eyes that she remembered most about the young tiger she had fought and dominated a long time ago, and those eyes that made her realize that yes, this WAS in fact-


Wild gasped, as a hard knee slammed right into her stomach, Kaihua showing how his strength had certainly grown since their last encounter, as the bigger feline was now bent over. While bent, she raised her scarred head to keep an eye on the white tiger...and her eyes went wide as he bared his claws at her and swiped, the bigger orange tigress actually wincing and recoiling, expecting to feel the painful sting of claws stabbing into her, a feeling she had never wanted to experience again.

...except the sting never came, and when Wild looked down...she saw why, as the tattered remains of her top fluttered down off of her body, exposing the tigress's round, firm, proud breasts and leaving them completely on display for everyone to see.

While normally, Wild had little shame about being nude, as she had years to get used to not having much clothing, something about her reaction, and just knowing it was *this* opponent stripping her, actually made the Tigress blush!

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