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Looking for match for Enki

Sun Sep 11, 2022 7:52 pm by Void Effect

Anyone want a match with Enki?

Enki Gale:

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Match Hunting

Sat Aug 27, 2022 12:33 am by GrandAkumaShogun

Hello all who take the time to read this. I'm hoping to get back into the swing of things by having one or more of my boys in a match. If you're interested feel free to hmu on pm or on here and we can decide who will be in the match and we can either plan it or play it by ear. Hope to get a chance to interact with someone I have yet to before. Thank you for your time.

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Looking for potential squash matches.

Fri Sep 02, 2022 2:42 pm by Jobber/squashfan

Hello! I am looking for potential squash matches. i am a fan of one sided matches and am fine with playing either side of the squasher of the jobber! My roster is listed below. You can reach me on here through DM or feel free to message me on discord! squash/jobberfan#6084

Hannah Venturi

Kayla Tsunade

[ Full reading ]

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SS22 Silver Ace vs. Bashira Matsumoto

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SS22  Silver Ace vs. Bashira Matsumoto Empty SS22 Silver Ace vs. Bashira Matsumoto

Post by killcarrion Sun Jul 17, 2022 2:17 am

SS22  Silver Ace vs. Bashira Matsumoto FChKGaH

SS22  Silver Ace vs. Bashira Matsumoto H9Jv7XL Vs. SS22  Silver Ace vs. Bashira Matsumoto UVkyiu4

Match Type: Standard Match
Win Conditions: Pinfall, Submission, Knockout.

SS22  Silver Ace vs. Bashira Matsumoto IzEu9yM

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SS22  Silver Ace vs. Bashira Matsumoto Empty Re: SS22 Silver Ace vs. Bashira Matsumoto

Post by Old_Man_Tai Wed Aug 31, 2022 9:55 am

Texas. Summer Splash in America. Funny, Silver Ace's first ever Summer Splash had also been on PPV, a tag team match teaming her up with her love, Valley Doll, in a losing effort against another team. That was the last time her and Val and teamed up too. Damn. The years really had flown by, hadn't they?

The 28 year old Canadian had been thinking quite a lot about her career as of late. All the miles, the trials, the tribulations. The successes, the highs, the lows. The friends she'd made and lost. To call it a hell of a ride was certainly saying something. It even felt like an entirely different AFW since the last time she had wrestled in America. Most of the wrestlers she knew and had come up with fighting against were gone. Blossom. Miss America. Taylor Parker, Akashi, Her surrogate big sister Angel. Cassie Sato, Cecilia Northman, Yatori Shizuku, Heather Mason, Chigusa Yuuki, even Adrian Kytes had recently ceased active competition. Even the Four Horsewoman of AFW weren't all together anymore, with Valley Doll being in California now.

Sure, they talked over Zoom and texted constantly...but it just wasn't the same. and as if she hadn't been feeling strange enough about her career, she found herself getting interrupted and disrespected in a promo by...a fired up new talent, one who was building a reputation, and clearly wanted to challenge one of the higher ranked fighters on the roster as a way to build her name, much like Ace had back when she was just 20, the bulky woman reminding Ace of the time she challenged former World Champion Akashi right out of the blue. The balls on her.

Did that mean she was a veteran now? Was she getting...old?

Gah. Thoughts for later.

So, she had accepted the match, immediately, of course. No sense letting a good challenge go to waste, and Ace had zero intention of letting the new bloods around the locker room think she was easy pickings. No way.

So there she was, backstage in Texas, applying her war-paint and making sure her outfit was properly laced up. She got the note that she only had minutes before her entrance, sent Valley a quick text promising to call her after she got home and showered off, and put her jacket and mask on, looking at herself in the mirror.

Once was Showtime.
Silver Ace Ring Gear:

Finally, the lights would dim in the arena, the Texas crowd firing up as they realizied who was coming out next when Ace's triangle symbol appeared on the screen, and her theme began to play. The masked woman came out onto the stage, overlooking the massive crowd in the arena, easily one of the biggest she had ever performed in front of, and bounced on the balls of her feet, shadow boxing repeatedly before raising her hands up, her hands making her now signature "A" symbol with her fingers before making her way down the ramp.

Getting to the ring, she slid under the ropes, standing up and climbing the turnbuckle, she'd take her mask off, putting the forehead of it against her own and closing her eyes, whispering her now standard prayer for her mentor to watch over her match and not find her lacking, kissing the mask before holding it up for all to see. Hopping down, she removed her jacket, handing both to the time keeper before moving to her corner, hopping back and forth and stretching as she awaited her opponent.

Regardless of everything else rushing through her brain, one this was clear. This was going to be a hell of a fight. Bashira wanted her to retire, to add her name to the list of all those that have come before, and were gone now. Tonight, she proved to Bashira and everyone else that the Silver Ace wasn't going anywhere.

Check out the recently revamped Roster Page, now with pics!

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