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Old Flames Reunite

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Old Flames Reunite - Page 2 Empty Re: Old Flames Reunite

Post by Grievous77 Tue Jun 21, 2022 2:16 am

"Really now?"

He wouldn't say that was entirely true. If his performance in bed was to be compared with fighting, then he'd have said his performance as a lover was downright hellish when it came down to his skills. Still, Tsukiko never did know to hold herself back, much less restrict herself from mincing words and insulting someone else. To his honest surprise, even his eyes growing a little wide, he found her leaning into him and relaxing her frame against his like he was a stone slab.

Surprisingly enough, he didn't wrap his arms around her at that moment. He stared at her quietly and kept his arms to his side as she spoke in that soft melodious tone of voice.

"You actually thought a name I came up for you was sweet?" He did forget though. Yet, it felt like it was still lingering within his mind, somewhere. It wasn't even some half-assed attempt just to impress her either. He really did feel like some part of that memory was there, just buried beneath booze, women, and whatever crap he felt about himself to boot.

Her eyes were gorgeous. He stared down at her and quietly hummed a gentle tune from his throat the second she planted her smooth backside right up against his package. He wasn't even going to deny the subtle motions and rising heat that grew from the mere gesture alone, but the fact that her hands had dug into his waistband let him feel skin. That very same skin of hers that was pressed up to him at some point in the past, the two of them sweaty, panting and moaning the other's name like no tomorrow.

Up until she pulled away and left the man hissing softly before he winced. It wasn't from the gesture but her words regarding his little fuck-up. Hard to call it that when it was on purpose. For the most part, he did actually look ashamed, but there were reasons for that. He crossed his arms over one another and watched his old flame slip beneath the ropes and into the ring.

Crossing his arms over one another, he closed his eyes for a single moment before peering at Tsukiko.

"...Hmph, still haven't changed, eh? Alright, fine, let's do this. One quick little spar and we'll see how far the other's come or if we've fallen behind. I hope the same can be said about you, Tsu-chan." Within moments, the man grabbed a pair of stray gloves and lobbed them into the ring. A fitting size for Tsukiko unless her hands grew...

Strolling forward and bending beneath the ropes, the man pulled himself into the ring and promptly tossed aside his shirt. From a body littered with subtle scars to one gruesome one across his body, he was as built as one would expect from a fighter turned manager.

Kicking up a pair of gloves from the side to his hands, he raised his brow over to Tsukiko and gave a simple nod. A spar and that was it. The two weren't going to go at it, but if there was one thing about Tsukiko he knew well?

It was that she was going to be trying to vent a lot at him and it was his job to hold out. If he could...

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