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Belinda Northman vs Juri Sanada

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Belinda Northman vs Juri Sanada  Empty Belinda Northman vs Juri Sanada

Post by Teenwrestler Tue Jan 11, 2022 3:40 pm

Match Type: Submission Wrestling.
Rules: Standard Pro wrestling rules.
Victory Condition: Defeat by making your opponent submit.

The last time these two had met or rather accidentally bumped into each other in the cafe, Juri had managed to get the better of her rival and had smothered her out in the cafe. Not just physically out-matching the blonde, she had also humiliated her by stuffing her face full of cake and taking pictures of her defeated body. Juri knew that the blonde was not going to let this humiliation slide by and despite Belinda being ahead in their in-ring score, she would demand a rematch against the Black Widow. This was Juri's plan all along, she had no leg to stand on to demand a rematch and had to force Belinda to be the one to issue the challenge and now that the challenge was set Juri was going to do everything she had to even the score.


"A submission match? Heh, this kid is too arrogant for her own good. Fine by me, I'm the master of submission" she said adjusting her gloves, cracking her neck while she was waiting in gorilla. After a while, her theme cued and the Black Widow, the Ace of Miyabi would make her way out to the AFW arena with a cocky smirk across her lip. She would make her way down the ring ramp with a swagger in her step, ignoring the jeers of the crowd while forming a L with her right hand and raising it high in the air.

The Ace of Miyabi would step up the ring apron and make her way inside the ring and after briefly doing some light warm-ups and stretches, she would stand in the middle of the ring waiting for her rival to get her ass out to the ring so that the two could settle it. Juri couldn't wait to remind Belinda who came out on top in the cafe and was really looking forward to rubbing it in her face.

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