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fraction match wanted

Tue May 23, 2023 6:46 pm by Rohi Yamin

looking for a match

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Leaving here because of a baby

Fri Jun 02, 2023 4:22 am by Coolgirl1999

Goodbye everyone but I have to leave as I longer will have the time to roleplay as you seen by the title I have recently got legal custody of a family member 3 month old son and I have to focus on him, pets and work now which means I won't be able to do any more roleplay matches for a while, so goodbye

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Tension Match Hunt

Fri May 19, 2023 9:50 pm by GrandAkumaShogun

Looking for matches for my boys

Takeichi Mori

Takeshi Kawai

If anyone is interested feel free to hmu. ty in advance to anyone who responds.

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Seaside Squishfest - Yahagi vs Saskia

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Seaside Squishfest - Yahagi vs Saskia Empty Seaside Squishfest - Yahagi vs Saskia

Post by LunarOcean Mon Nov 22, 2021 11:00 pm

Nude Match
Private Arena and Audience
Iron Body Battle: Opponent must be made to submit, orgasm, or passed out while pressed abs to abs.
No rope breaks for body-to-body submissions against the ropes or corners.


For some women, going in the nude was a bridge too far especially before a ravenous crowd. Yet this was not an ordinary woman walking down the ramp before the entirely female crowd. It was an AFW Ladies' Night special and what better to entertain the hungry, lustful crowd than two sapphics who exuded sheer femininity and power? From the all women Seaside Wrestling League, the ponytailed hardbody Yahagi immediately drew more than a few alluring stares and sultry looks; replied to in kind either with slyly knowing glances or oh-so-nonchalant flexes of her powerfully built limbs, bouncing her chest as a bodybuilder might with their pecs.

She was a middleweight but the sheer density of her muscles combined with her impressively voluptuous form combined for something that seemed more befitting of a heavyweight. She wasn't just her impressively sharp, militant core but the smoothly steeled muscle lining thighs and arms. This was a woman who was used to taking things by force and by finesse alike; things far tougher than the various potential conquests all looking at her with longing and curiosity. Stepping into the ring, flexing muscles powerfully as she pulled the reinforced top rope upwards to make room for herself, she only had eyes for someone else entirely.

Saskia Schleswig-Holsten - the name brought a grin to her face. She remembered her from years ago as a friend and a rival. She'd thought little of her at first but soon, multiple battles in the ring brought their pride and their prows to clash physically and mentally. Yahagi couldn't say she hated her; she was a bit of a snob in her eyes and too saucy for her own good, but she did feel great when she was quivering and scraping against her dominating belly. She'd always thought she was a bit of a princess but one who had a very good teacher. Not as good as her own of course; she hoped she could make Nachi proud if she was watching.

"Been a while since I carved that tummy of yours to a nicer shape~" Yahagi would tease as she watched Saska enter the ring. "Seems you decided to bulk up; is that Wales' doing or are you thinking you're some bruiser heavyweight now?"

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