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Tension Match for Melanie~

Tue Nov 28, 2023 12:56 pm by Leon564

Hi folks! To put it simply, Melanie is looking for a hentai match. Her profile will be attached here. Fair heads up that she's more of a dominant lean and tends to like opponents who aren't super duper competitive. If you've got a male (MALE) opponent you'd like to throw at her, PM me here or hmu on Discord: Leon564#4514

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Howdy strangers.

Wed Nov 29, 2023 1:25 am by Yori

Just a small hello from an old face. I will be coming around for a bit soon and figured I would pop in. To anymore I have an unfinished thread with, if you have a desire to continue it with me just let me know and shoot me a link. While I am open to fielding ideas for new threads, I will be very selective with taking anything while I gauge my activity capability and trim/update my roster.


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Looking for a match for Lucy

Tue Nov 21, 2023 1:49 am by NobuharuKinjo

Hi there! I'm looking for a match for my new adopted character Lucy

Just hit me up on DMs if you're interested!
Looking forward to Lucy's return to AFW

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Mindy "Merciless" Jang

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Mindy "Merciless" Jang Empty Mindy "Merciless" Jang

Post by BuckleBuster Wed Nov 10, 2021 12:13 am

Mindy "Merciless" Jang R6ZGfV0

Name: Mindy Jang
Alias: "Mindy Merciless"
Age: 19
Eyes: Pink
Hair: Pink
Height: 5'5
Weight: 124 lbs
Nationality: Korean-American
Hometown: Busan, South Korea
Alignment: Heel - Chaotic Evil
Entrance music: Deadman Wonderland

Wrestling Information

Strategy: Wildly unpredictable yet predictably wild, there is just no telling where Mindy plans on striking next. She never enters the ring with a plan in mind, only a goal: To destroy everyone and everything in her path. Destruction comes in many forms, whether it be physical, psychological, or even sexual; Mindy can do it all. She isn't satisfied until her opponents have been reduced to a mere shell of themselves, with every shred of dignity and courage ruthlessly beaten out of them. She adapts to her opponents in the moment, using whatever tactics appear to best prey on their weakness. Powerful opponents may find themselves overwhelmed by her impressive speed and seemingly never-ending energy, while meeker foes are bound to succumb to her ruthless psychological attacks and salacious advances.

She gives her all in every single match regardless of the difficulty of her opponent, unleashing round after round of unfiltered mayhem on all those unfortunate enough to share the ring with her. Her manic bloodlust is sure to put off even the most stoic of opponents, while her tendency for rage and destruction is certain to earn her many rivals and victims alike. Her striking game is without a doubt her specialty, as she is able to wield kicks and punches with devastating force, but she is more than capable of combining slams, submissions, and aerial attacks into her repertoire of pain. Her training in Taekwondo means she tends to favor combination kicks, while still interspersing them with a variety of pro wrestling moves and maneuvers. Despite her aptitude for combat and flair for unpredictability, Mindy can still find herself disadvantaged to more skilled, experienced or specialized fighters.  

Type: Streetfighter/Brawler, Pro Wrestling

Style: Taekwondo, Striker, Weapons Specialist

Preferred Matches: Hardcore, Weapons, NHB/No DQ, Hardstyle Hentai, Humiliation

Physical Stats


Wrestling Technique Stats:

Striking: ★★★★★
Submissions: ★★★☆☆
Powerhouse: ★★☆☆☆
Aerial: ★★☆☆☆
Counters: ★★☆☆☆

Favorite Attacks:
- Palm Strike
- Heart Punch
- Elbow/Knee strikes
- Question mark kick
- Drop Kick
- Roundhouse Kick
- Suplex
- Chokeslam
- Ankle lock
- Boston crab

Signature moves:

Flying Nightmare: A flying dropkick that can be aimed either at the face or the solar plexus of an opponent. Either way, it is powerful enough to send them winded and down on the mat
Flying Nightmare:

Death From Above: A devastating elbow drop performed by leaping off the turnbuckle, descending through the air and landing with an outstretched elbow on the back, stomach, or face of an opponent
Death From Above:

Neck Breaker: Gripping an opponent tightly by the throat, Mindy raises them up in the air before slamming them down into the mat neck first in a brutal chokeslam.
Neck Breaker:

Heart Stopper: A monster heart punch aimed at the center of the ribcage. The shock can be enough to knock some opponent clean of their feet, while leaving other temporarily winded at the least
Heart Stopper:

Finishing moves:

Spirit Crusher Kick: When an opponent is groggy and dazed on their feet, Mindy ends it all with a powerhouse question mark kick capable of knocking them out cold. Another variation consists of a powerful 180 degree side kick aimed at the side of their head that provides similar results for when opponents find themselves on their knees.
Spirit Crusher Kick:

Smiling Facelock: A camel clutch taken to another level, Mindy makes sure to toy and manipulate the face of her victim  for an extra layer of humiliation on top of the already excruciating hold.
Smiling Facelock:

Mindy Madness: A hold Mindy hates letting go, she first interlocks her opponents legs with her own, before grasping their wrists and elevating them up into the air, showing of their broken body in a horrifying inverted figure four ceiling hold.
Mindy Madness:



Ring Attire:
Alt Attire:
Crazy Eyes:

Personality: If it weren't for that psychotic stare and fallacious smile, one could almost be forgiven for mistaking Mindy's innocuous appearance with innocence. Except, Mindy is anything but innocent. She is destruction, danger, and devastation incarnate, rage personified in a young and nimble form. Every swing of her fist is delivered with a smile, every skull crushed beneath her heel done so with a gleeful giggle. She directs her rage at random, hurting whomever she pleases whenever her warped mind feels the need to. She derives joy from sucking the life out of others, demolishing their hopes, dreams, and bodies in a clash of fists and fury. She is capable of showing some semblance of normality and even kindness, especially after her bloodlust has been quenched, but it isn't long before her thirst for delivering pain creeps up on her once again, and when it does, you best make sure you are nowhere near her sights.

History: Born and raised in Busan South Korea, Mindy is the only daughter of a wealthy American businessman and his Korean wife. A troubled child from birth, Mindy would constantly wreak havoc on the household and it's inhabitants. Countless diagnoses, medications, and therapies did little to calm the ferocious bundle of chaos that was Mindy. It didn't get any better by the time Mindy was of school age, as her knack for violence soon descended on her poor classmates. Fights and bullying became the norm, and Mindy's name was associated with terror and tyranny throughout the halls.

The only normal thing Mindy seemed to enjoy in life was the game of baseball. The fact that she was the star player on her school team kept her from being expelled for her violent antics, as she was regularly a key player that won the school trophy after trophy. Her team never lost a game, until the divisional championships in her junior year, when a fellow teammate struck out in the remaining minutes of the last inning. In a fit of rage Mindy swung her bat at the poor girl, hospitalizing her for weeks and earning Mindy an expulsion from the school and the sport itself. Devastated, Mind began looking for ways to express her rage elsewhere, eventually stumbling on the Korean martial art of Taekwondo.

She did her best to calm her violent tendencies, trying to learn the practicums of the art before using them to their full effect. She learned very quickly, and was soon training at one of the top dojo's in Busan. She placed regularly in tournaments, but quickly grew dissatisfied with the rules and regulations of the sport. Limited contacted, softened blows and protective pads - this wasn't fighting! Still, she restrained herself, abiding by asinine rules until eventually she worked her way up to Korea's premier taekwondo tournament. Fighting her way to the finals, and up against a skilled opponent, Mindy decided she wouldn't hold back, and despite the referee's protest, ended the fight with a devesting axe kick after she had already downed her opponent.

A gasp rang out across the arena as Mindy raised her fist up in triumph over an unresponsive opponent, only to learn she had lost by disqualification. Enraged, she grabbed the microphone from one of the fight officials, before bellowing out to the crowd about how she deserved the win, how she had obviously bested her opponent. She pushed aside those who tried to interrupt her, screaming with passion about how she was stronger than all the rest, and didn't need the stupid trophy. With a defiant mic drop, she stormed out of the arena, still in her Gi.

Her wild display soon made it's way on local television, and her history of violence and distaste for the rules soon earned her the nickname of "Mindy Merciless," a name that she loved the minute she heard it. Only 19 years old and once again banned from the sport, Mindy couldn't help but feel pure despair. All she knew was how to hurt and maim others, and she wasn't ashamed to admit that she enjoyed it. Yet no one would allow her to express it, that is until she received a fateful phone call one night. The man on the other end explained to her that he was an official representing the illustrious AFW wrestling league in Japan, and had hear about her Taekwondo exploit on the news. He explained that the league that didn't mind housing the ruthless and merciless, and that she would easily find herself right at home with some of the worlds most brutal fighters. Ecstatic, Mindy accepted immediately without a second thought, boarding the first plane to Tokyo.

She was enrolled in AFW's trainee program, and as was expected, learned very quickly. She learned the ins and outs of pro wrestling, combining moves with her Taekwondo skills and manic personality to become a truly unpredictable fighting force. She even got her own attire tailored fit to her, one that came complete with a hand-crafted baseball bat that paid homage to her love of the sport, and would of course prove a painful weapon should the need arise. Equipped with the knowledge and the means to deliver excruciating pain, Mindy was ready to set carve out her own path of destruction in her pursuit of unfiltered carnage.

Fun Facts:

Rule Breaker: As to be expected from her crazed personality, Mindy rarely abides by the rules of a match. She won't hesitate to use dirty tricks and tactics if it means it'll help her get the upper hand and hurt her opponent even more, even if it means she's risking disqualification, although she'd preferer to still have a W attached to her record after the fact.

Head Hunter: Mindy regularly collects a trophy after she has defeated an opponent, usually in the form of an article of clothing or trinket attached to their attire

True Sadist: Mindy likes torturing her opponents in a variety of forms, whether it be uncouth taunts, unnecessarily long submissions, or ravaging sensual experiences, opponents are bound to get a little taste of everything when it comes to Mindy's lust for chaos.

AFW Information




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Mindy "Merciless" Jang Empty Re: Mindy "Merciless" Jang

Post by killcarrion Wed Nov 10, 2021 12:52 am

Approved, you may RP as you wish.

Mindy "Merciless" Jang IzEu9yM

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Mindy "Merciless" Jang Empty Re: Mindy "Merciless" Jang

Post by BuckleBuster Fri Dec 17, 2021 1:58 am

Buckle's Busters

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Mindy "Merciless" Jang Empty Re: Mindy "Merciless" Jang

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