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Time to fight and ...... think

Mon Nov 22, 2021 1:56 pm by Lederface!

Well, it's about time I did this again, with my Roster starting to take shape, it doesn't hurt to start getting my characters to have their fights, and that's why I'm here, to look for fights for different characters.

I am looking for a fight with her ... Of any kind, she is not in one of my priorities for now.

With her I'm looking for a "Humiliation" Match type …

[ Full reading ]

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Looking for a match

Sat Nov 13, 2021 4:01 am by Void Effect

Due to boredom, I had once again, here to ask for a match with my characters, we can discuss about the outcome and character on Discord

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Fri Nov 12, 2021 5:14 am by Underdog21

I just want to pipe in and apologize for all of the delays in my posting. I've been going through a lot right now, emotionally, psychologically and in some cases physically. I'm going to try posting again when I can get my head in the right place. In the meantime I just ask everyone to please bear with me.

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Special News: Legend of The Upbeat Dragon

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Special News: Legend of The Upbeat Dragon Empty Special News: Legend of The Upbeat Dragon

“Hello! I’m your American news host, Brandon Cage. Today I’d like to go over a fascinating amount of events that have happened in Japan. Today I’d like to report on the Legend of the Upbeat Dragon, a ongoing story that has been looked into for over through the past few years.

First report was five years ago when a 14 year-old child was walking her dog, a group of 5 boys that were on their first year of high school surrounded and bullied the little girl. The dog would start barking in the situation, but then was kicked away by the delinquents. As the victim cried and try to reach her dog, a 16 year-old girl would show up on the scene.

The child and high schoolers reported she had black and blue hair and looked like a delinquent herself. They say with a smile on her face, she would challenge all 5 boys to fight. Even though she was outnumbered, she beat up every single one of them to a bloody pulp. The boys said they never felt scared for their lives, describing her brutal strength as unnatural. The boys were then later suspended from school after the incident, but reportedly have changed their lives around after recent interviews.

The victim herself said after all was done, the girl would comfort the dog and escort the pair home. She described the girl as cheerful, outgoing, and upbeat. Something you wouldn’t expect after the violence she unleashed.

That’s it for now on this story which we shall continue another time. Until then, my name is Brandon Cage. Signing off.”

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Special News: Legend of The Upbeat Dragon :: Comments


Post Wed Oct 27, 2021 2:25 am by Frodouken

“Hello! Its your favorite news host: Brandon Cage. Last time during this segment, we covered how the Upbeat Dragon took down a bunch of older teenagers on her own whilst bringing safety and kindness to a bully victim and her dog.

Today, we’re going to talk about another story involving the mysterious legend. About 4 years ago, a woman said she was in relationship with a fine man from a host club. Throughout the short relationship, he’d beg her for money to payoff criminals that he claimed to have had bad ties with. Later on, him and of bunch of other men were eye-witnessed of trying to kidnap the woman, trying to force her into human trafficking. Luckily for her, a young girl of the description was sighted there.

The victim said she saw a delinquent-looking girl take out the thugs using a pink plastic sword, effortlessly beating them all up. All the criminals were found bruised or injured in some way. One had a broken elbow, one had a black eye, another had a dislocated shoulder, another had a broken wrist and a broken nose, and the host had a broken nose and broken foot. The victim also said she was awfully nice to her and toyed with the criminals like nothing, spewing an insult of “You guys are more gross and worthless than” and pardon my vulgarity here, “cum-stained tissues in a trash can. I’d rather grab a handful of those than see you ugly buttfaces again.”

All the criminals were arrested at the scene and the victim said she’d later meetup with the vulgar woman, hanging out at an arcade. She’d describe her as goofy, joyful, and full of energy.

That’s our tale for today on this story and we’ll have one more to tell soon. Thank you for your time and until next time, I’m Brandon Cage. Signing off!”

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Post Fri Oct 29, 2021 5:35 am by Frodouken

“Hi. I’m your always amazing news host, Brandon Cage. Today I talk about the final tale that really put the Upbeat Dragon on the map, making her a legend amongst the public in Japan.

About 2 years ago, there was rumored turf war between “suited gangs”. No video was recorded for it due to fear of being caught filming, but many eye-witnesses who’re anonymous told others what happened. After some digging, I was able to get a good idea on what transpired that night.

What really happened that night, there was no turf war, as it was seemingly a mutiny amongst the higher ups in the “suited gang”. The altercation took place at the headquarters of the gang, where many fought on the streets using bats, knives, bottles, and many other weapons. Gun shots were heard inside the building as well and the screams of men audible for the people near the scene.

After some of the action had started, the delinquent girl was spotted storming the scene and fighting one side of the gang. She was later seen entering the building, then progressively the gun shot noises were reduced. After some time, she came out of the building with her hair down and blood streaming from her forehead. It is unknown what she had done or who she fought, but whatever happened seemed to have been for the better. Crime rate noticeably went down and places say they had less of a tough time with the “suited gangs”. Ever since then, people started talking about her story across Japan, making the Upbeat Dragon a bonafide legend.

Some time later, there have been recent sightings of the women lately, as it seems the legend has been making a name for herself in the wrestling scene. The name of this legend: Keiko Kiryu.

I’m Brandon Cage, signing off, and hoping the best for the legend herself.”

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