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Looking for matches

Wed Oct 20, 2021 10:49 am by skip-stop

Ahoy! Skip-stop is in touch and I'm still looking for some matches

Charlotte Ravel' reporting for duty
Charlotte Ravel':

Hatsu Shinada - "The Flaming Beauty" Xewd2110

I see it as intense matches where our characters will be able to show aerobatics of wrestling. All match types except hentai are fine. FvF only, not FvM

Initially I'm looking for one-shot matches and would like her to get some wins. But I'm open to any questions and suggestions. If we can come up with a decent storyline, I don't mind if …

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After a long time I return, looking for a match

Thu Sep 16, 2021 11:20 pm by GrandAkumaShogun

Hello all, I would firstly like to apologize for the long periods that I've been away from here. Been taking time away to focus on my mental health but I think I'm ready to return and looking for a match or two to get back into things. All three of my boys, Takeichi Mori, Takeshi Kawai, and Imai Cosmo are up for matches. If you want I can link their profiles so you don't have to search through the roster page. Anyone interested feel free to hmu through private messages. Hope to hear from …

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Request Filled for Now, IGNORE!

Thu Sep 23, 2021 10:18 am by Frodouken

New here and wanting to put my character to use

Down for any match type involving FVF. Think I’ve got a good understanding of the rules rp

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Hatsu Shinada - "The Flaming Beauty"

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Hatsu Shinada - "The Flaming Beauty" Empty Hatsu Shinada - "The Flaming Beauty"

Post by Kicktastic Mon Oct 11, 2021 9:29 pm

Hatsu Shinada - "The Flaming Beauty" Z4mfpNt

"Oh, you thought that was bad? Cause this firestorm is just getting started baby!"
Available For:|FRICTION|

Name: Hatsu Shinada
Aliases: “The Flaming Beauty”
Sex: Female
Age: 18
Height: 5’2”
Weight: 114lbs.
Hair: Black with blue streaks
Eyes: Grey
Nationality: Japanese
Alignment: Tweener personality, Heelish tactics

Rock On!:
Hatsu Shinada - "The Flaming Beauty" Qzqk1uK
Hatsu Shinada - "The Flaming Beauty" 4H7V6OO
Hatsu Shinada - "The Flaming Beauty" KWc8yzS
Hatsu Shinada - "The Flaming Beauty" MTHxFoK
Hatsu Shinada - "The Flaming Beauty" ODKQMFS
In Action:
Hatsu Shinada - "The Flaming Beauty" H5oq7iE
Hatsu Shinada - "The Flaming Beauty" Pr6HZDr
Hatsu Shinada - "The Flaming Beauty" 4K1BMW2
Hatsu Shinada - "The Flaming Beauty" M4rbbxL
Hatsu Shinada - "The Flaming Beauty" RsdY4PH
Hatsu Shinada - "The Flaming Beauty" JN4nhi8
Hatsu Shinada - "The Flaming Beauty" W3ukrYA
Hatsu Shinada - "The Flaming Beauty" SKGLFAw
Hatsu Shinada - "The Flaming Beauty" NGDgh28
Hatsu Shinada - "The Flaming Beauty" ASSE0JO
Hatsu Shinada - "The Flaming Beauty" ML1oUQE
Hatsu Shinada - "The Flaming Beauty" ZlSRswE

Fight Information

Type: Speedy Brawler

Style: Professional Wrestling, Street Fighting

Preferred Matches: NHB, Hardcore, Hardstyle Hentai

Strategy: When it come to fighting, Hatsu loves to get into the nitty gritty of it. Raw, brutal, and unfiltered combat is more her taste, and she doesn't mind bending the occasional rule or two to get there. Headbutts, throat punches, and palm strikes are all fair game to Hatsu, not to mention what she can do with a folding chair in hand. Opponents are often left in awe of how a fighter of her size could be so unrelenting and uncompromising in combat. While she'll hesitate to get her self disqualified, she certainly doesn't mind pushing the boundaries of what's allowed, and forcing her opponents to experience every grueling second with her in the ring.

Hatsu is equally adept at traditional wrestling techniques, and combined with her brawler bravado and insatiable thirst for combat, she can come off as unpredictable yet skilled fighter. She's an all around skilled wrestler, knowing how to intersperse technical submissions with wild striking. Every limb is a weapon, and she knows how to wield them all. Punches, knees, elbows, kicks, slams and throws can all be used to devastating effect by Hatsu, and while her small stature may limit her ability to put significant power behind her moves, she more than makes up for this in the sheer volume and ferocity of her attacks. Her defense tends to suffer as a result however, and she can be at a loss of how to counter if overwhelmed by a more skilled attacker.

Her intentions are rarely malicious; she doesn't get a sadistic kick out of seeing others in agony or torturing helpless opponents in the ring: She just likes to fight. She'll often seek out opponents equal or greater to her in skill, always willing to push her body to the absolute limits in terms of the punishment she can both receive and dish out. She is equally as skilled at verbal jousting as she is in fighting. Hatsu doesn't mind hurling vile insults if they'll get into her opponent's head and maybe disrupt the flow of their attacks. She'll even stoop to lewd taunts or other sensual tactics if that's what throws her opponent's game off (and get a little taste of her opponent's while she's at it).

Favorite Attacks:
- Acrobatic takedowns
- Flying Knees
- Palm strikes
- Low blows
- Armbars
- Boston Crab
- Combination kicks and punches

Signature Moves:

Fire, Fist, and Fury: Two timely punches to the face and/or solar plexus of her opponent. Each one has a staggering effect, stunning the opponent to the point where they are unable to retaliate in-between punches unless they posses extreme physical and mental prowess. The punches serve as a setup to the third and final strike, the most powerful of the bunch that is able to send most opponents clean off the mat.
Fire, Fist, and Fury:
Hatsu Shinada - "The Flaming Beauty" O94IDEl

Shooting Flame: Springing into action, Hatsu launches herself upwards directly towards an upright opponent. Her knee extends forwards, poised directly underneath the chin of her opponent. A successful strike can stagger an opponent for quite some time, leaving Hatsu with enough time to follow through with yet another attack immediately after she has landed.
Shooting Flame:
Hatsu Shinada - "The Flaming Beauty" JVNnHF3

Springboard Blaze: A risky maneuver, Hatsu runs straight into the arms of an otherwise unfazed opponents. Resembling a stance that makes it appear as if she is about to engage in a lockup, Hatsu feints at the last second, instead clasping onto the shoulders of her opponents and using them to springboard herself up into the air where she can then perform mid-air drop kick straight into the face of her unsuspecting rival.
Springboard Blaze:
Hatsu Shinada - "The Flaming Beauty" UiAPoZN

Fireball: With a downed opponent lying prone on the center of the mat, Hatsu rushes to the top of the nearest turnbuckle. From there she leaps into the air, coiling herself into a ball as she summersaults in the air and lands with both legs extended to stomp directly on top the midsection of her poor opponent.
Spinning Libélula:
Hatsu Shinada - "The Flaming Beauty" NAP09M3

Inferno Takedown: By far her most complex takedown, Hatsu dodges an incoming attack only to channel her opponent's momentum into her own. She first wraps herself around an opponent midsection mid-attack, wrapping her arms around their head and swing her legs outwards so that their combined center of mass is now off-balance, causing her entrapped opponent to stumble directly face down into the mat while allowing Hatsu a smooth landing and recovery.  
Inferno Takedown:
Hatsu Shinada - "The Flaming Beauty" HrE1cr5

Finishing Moves:

Burn the House Down:Hatsu always loudly exclaims the name of this finisher to the crowd before wielding it on her opponent. With her foe groggy and nearing defeat, Hatsu rebounds of the rope and comes hurdling back in order to perform a brutal front flip backstabber that she can then transition into a neat pinfall for the win.
Burn the House Down:
Hatsu Shinada - "The Flaming Beauty" O5ICymK

Firestorm:A flying armbar that Hatsu is able to transition back onto the ground. The combined effect of the  impact of the mat plus the debilitating hold usually leave her opponents without many options for escape
Hatsu Shinada - "The Flaming Beauty" XLu4VZt

Physical Stats


Fight Stats



Hatsu is a feisty young girl with a glaringly obvious Napoleon complex. She is almost always yelling when she speaks, even when she's not necessarily angry. She has a very short fuse, and can seemingly be set off by even the slightest of remarks. Some find her demeanor intimidating, which is exactly how Hatsu likes it. She establishes herself at the top of every interaction simply with the command of her voice, but she is more than willing to add some bite to her bark if anyone dare challenge her.

Her fighting spirt extends well past the ring, as she seems to find insult in everything and is almost always looking to start a fight. Some think she has some sort of repressed rage or deep seated trauma behind her attitude, when in reality this isn't the case at all. The truth is that Hatsu truly is looking for a fight. Nothing to her is as enjoyable, as thrilling, as euphoric as the feel of her fist flying at lighting seed across someone's jaw. Hatsu is no bully though, and she'll never unleash her aggression on someone who didn't have it coming.

Her brash personality has made it hard to make friends, but she is incredibly loyal to the few friends that she does have. Almost all of her friends are former adversaries and opponents who have bested her in combat, people she admires, respects, and learns from. She will defend their honor at all costs, and will fight by their side whenever they call on her. She has a deep-seated sense of honor, even if her ruthless fighting style may say otherwise. She is merciless to her enemies, faithful to her friends, and cynical to everyone in between.

From the very beginning, it seemed Hatsu was practically born to fight. She was a troubled child from the very start, constantly antagonizing those around her. Her parents were the founding members of a fledgling rock band in Osaka, and it wasn't until they introduced her to her first electric guitar did her craziness seem to die down a little. She fell in love with the genre, picking up the rock sub-culture very early one and molding it as part of her identity. She seemed destined for a life of musical greatness, but even the awesomeness of rock wasn't enough to quell the fighting spirit still raging inside her.

It was while she was in a school for the musically gifted that Hatsu got into her first fight. She doesn't even recall how the argument started; all that she remembers is a girl mocking her cool rock getup one moment and Hatsu's favorite guitar smashed across her head the next. Needless to say, Hatsu was soon expelled, and left feeling an immeasurable amount of guilt.

At the same time she was deeply torn. There was no denying that hitting that girl felt good, like really good, but on the other hand she was in no position to fight back. With no music school willing to take the troubled girl, it was looking like life as a professional Rockstar would forever be out of her grasp. But Hatsu wasn't all that disappointed. Where one dream had fizzled out, another had been born. She wanted to hit more girls, smash more things over peoples head, bring more carnage and destruction and relive that moment of pure adrenaline all over again! But she didn't want to leave any victims in her wake either.

And so a career in professional fighting was born. She enrolled in a school specializing in training future professional wrestlers, and there she excelled. She learned all the in and outs of professional wrestling, learning new techniques while at the same time never losing her brash style. By the time she got into the amateur leagues she was already a local star, known for her sheer ruthlessness and fiery passion for fighting, thus earning her alias as "The Flaming Beauty." Her performances even caught the eye of AFW scouts, and it wasn't long until she was offered a contract to join on the greatest wrestling leagues in the world, an offer she happily accepted.

With her life's purpose finally being realized, Hatsu boarded the train to Tokyo with a devious grin on her face, ready to bring a little heat to her newfound league.

Fun Facts

- Hatsu's love for Rock never left her once she started wrestling. Her attire, brash attitude, and theme song are all still very much inspired by the music genre.

- To compliment her alias of "The Flaming Beauty," Hatsu likes to stress the importance of awesome pyrotechnics shows before she makes her entrances.

- Hatsu's soft side comes out whenever in the presence of pets. Her bravado seems to completely dissipate and she is reduced to a cooing mess once she has a cute puppy in her arms

AFW Information





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