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Time to fight and ...... think

Mon Nov 22, 2021 1:56 pm by Lederface!

Well, it's about time I did this again, with my Roster starting to take shape, it doesn't hurt to start getting my characters to have their fights, and that's why I'm here, to look for fights for different characters.

I am looking for a fight with her ... Of any kind, she is not in one of my priorities for now.

With her I'm looking for a "Humiliation" Match type …

[ Full reading ]

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Looking for a match

Sat Nov 13, 2021 4:01 am by Void Effect

Due to boredom, I had once again, here to ask for a match with my characters, we can discuss about the outcome and character on Discord

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Fri Nov 12, 2021 5:14 am by Underdog21

I just want to pipe in and apologize for all of the delays in my posting. I've been going through a lot right now, emotionally, psychologically and in some cases physically. I'm going to try posting again when I can get my head in the right place. In the meantime I just ask everyone to please bear with me.

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[Two Out Of Three Falls Match] Margarita Jorgensen vs Serafina Kunisada (D) - The Stars That Shine Brightly

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[Two Out Of Three Falls Match] Margarita Jorgensen vs Serafina Kunisada (D) - The Stars That Shine Brightly Empty [Two Out Of Three Falls Match] Margarita Jorgensen vs Serafina Kunisada (D) - The Stars That Shine Brightly

Post by skip-stop Thu Sep 16, 2021 8:55 pm

Match type: two out of three falls
Victory conditions: to win, the wrestler must take two of three rounds by pinfall, submission, knockout, disqualification
Special conditions: standard rules are applied; the loser has to reward the winner to their liking

"So what do you think of my idea?" asked Margarita, finishing her warm-up.
I think it will be extremely difficult,” Victoria answered honestly, adjusting her glasses, “we are, of course, lucky that everyone in our team is ready to support each other, but your request, otherwise you cannot name it, may cause inconvenience to some."

Victoria, as always, was very perceptive and looked at things sensibly, while for Margarita only enthusiasm was important. Therefore, these words did not sadden the Danish girl. She assumed that some would not be able to do for her the favor she was about to ask for. Still, she was sure that many of their team would not deny her this. The former actress finished stretching and turned to the manager.

"But you think that would be great, right?" she asked with a smile.
Oh, Margarita…” the Englishwoman sighed, after which she also smiled, “if you always smile like that, then I'm sure everyone will agree with me that this is a good idea. Such as Charlotte and Astrid are our present. But I am more than sure that people like you are our future. I think that most of our team will support you in your quest to become stronger and better.”
I knew that you would support me!” Margarita rushed to Victoria with hugs. "You always do!"

Caught in the arms of the former actress, the manager was slightly embarrassed, but hugged Margarita in return. This girl has gone through a lot. And not every person could cope with this. When all your dreams are crumbling before your eyes, despite all your efforts, this can be the most painful blow. But Margarita found the strength to cope with this. And now she walked forward with her head held high. Looking at this kind and aspiring girl, Victoria with all her heart wanted to support her.

"Well, now I have a match!" the pink-haired girl said happily, letting go of the manager. "So I have to go!"

After receiving a nod from Victoria, the former actress left the locker room and headed down a long corridor. The idea of ​​asking everyone on their team to help her for a little bit was just recently born. And she wanted to hear that Victoria would support her. This was very important for Margarita. Considering that she received much more support from Victoria than from her own parents, she was very glad that the Englishwoman liked her idea. The young girl stopped in front of the curtains.

"To the dream!" she said to herself.


[Two Out Of Three Falls Match] Margarita Jorgensen vs Serafina Kunisada (D) - The Stars That Shine Brightly Marg10

Entrance Music:

Her dynamic music began and Margarita came out from behind the curtains to the screams and applause of the audience. The young girl turned sideways to the viewer, slightly bent her knees and put her palms on them, after which she playfully stuck out her tongue. Straightening sharply and turning around on her own axis, she raised her hand above her head, and then quickly lowered it, pointing to the ring.

"Upside down!" she exclaimed and all those who came to support her today.

The Sea Star, dancing slightly, began to go down the ramp. With a big smile, she stopped every time someone asked for a selfie or autograph. She was here only for the sake of the audience and their smiles. She always dreamed of being the one who will be the brightest star for them. She wanted to be here, she wanted to stand in the ring and see their smiles. And for that, she was ready to fight.

Taking run, the pink-haired girl jumped to the edge of the ring, and then jumped over the ropes. Coming to the center of the ring, she raised her right hand, showing the symbol "V". To the applause, the former actress smiled broadly and radiantly.

"Hey, Tokyo!" she shouted. "I want to hear as much noise as possible because a great match awaits you!"

When her music ended, she greeted the referee and headed to her corner. Victoria gave her some information about the girl she was supposed to meet today. Despite the fact that this was her debut in Friction, she had already taken part in the Tension matches. The young girl took off her jacket and hung it on the corner. She was looking forward to the match. The best of three. She hadn’t had to take part in something like this before, but she was sure it would be as tense as her match with Camelia. And she can't wait to start!


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[Two Out Of Three Falls Match] Margarita Jorgensen vs Serafina Kunisada (D) - The Stars That Shine Brightly Empty Re: [Two Out Of Three Falls Match] Margarita Jorgensen vs Serafina Kunisada (D) - The Stars That Shine Brightly

Post by Jaystar Sat Sep 18, 2021 4:20 pm

"No. You stay here!"
"But... A-are you sure, Sera? What if she's really really evil, and I could do something to help you?"
"No, Amelia. I'll be fine. Just watch the match through the screens, OK? I'll come back here straight away when it's done."
"Oh, OK, Sera. OK."

Serafina Kunisada and her sister Amelia were naturally close allies, even forming a tag team together. But tonight their tag team wasn't to make an appearance - instead the elder sister Serafina was having her first singles match in the Friction arena. And obviously, if Sera was having a singles match, she was determined to battle through it without any aid from her sister.

Another question though was why she wasn't keen on having her little sister accompanying her anyway, and for that she wasn't keen on telling the reason for to her little sister. During their short time in AFW so far, it had become very evident that the league was full of evil and vicious opponents, and above all, La Liana Azul always aimed to protect her little sister to the best of her capabilities. So did she want to take the risk of getting a terribly heelish opponent tonight, who could hurt Amelia in the process? Definitely not! That's why she wanted Amelia to remain backstage, even if she was keen to make up for her sister the loss La Liana Rosa had endured in the claws of Jinx.

Sera's gaze fixated on the screens as she watched her opponent, Margarita Jorgensen apparently, making her entrance. And what she saw actually surprised her - both positively and just a little disappointingly. The positive part was that what she was seeing was in stark contrast with the evil villains called P.D.S.M. who she had been facing together with Amelia in the tag team debut match. This girl was clearly much nicer and probably more friendly, and unlikely to be harmful at all - obviously apart from the fact that they were going to be wrestling each other. She also seemed to be a big crowd favorite and really eager to also engage with them, which probably made it harder for Sera to win over their hearts tonight... But the blue-clad fighter could not deny being just a bit disappointed as well that her opponent did not turn out to be an evil heel - she would have loved to get the opportunity to be the brave and magnificient ninja to take down a villain.

In any case, it was her own turn to enter now. Even though Sera was mildly irritated that she was officially still being labeled tonight as a debutant, having already completed a tag team and a Tension match, technically it was still correct regarding a singles match here in Friction, so the kunoichi knew that she couldn't really complain. In any case, she just had to battle three rounds to the best of her capabilities tonight, or hopefully even two would be enough, and come home victorious despite the popularity of her opponent.

Just as Sera began making her way towards the ramp though, she glanced over her shoulder and looked at Amelia. Realizing that Margarita was highly unlikely to harm her sister, Sera had concluded that she could delight her sister and give her a little leeway. "Alright, if you really want, you can come by the ringside to watch the match. But not immediately! Wait until the match has gotten started, OK? And don't interfere, under any circumstance, OK?"
"Oh, yesss!!! Thanks Sera, and no, no I won't, I promise!"
The delight in Amelia's voice was indeed very heart-warming, and Sera's own voice when she had been laying out her conditions had been stern and serious enough that the elder sister was confident that Amelia wouldn't disobey her instructions.

Serafina Kunisada - La Liana Azul:

[Two Out Of Three Falls Match] Margarita Jorgensen vs Serafina Kunisada (D) - The Stars That Shine Brightly SwaoSNx

Entrance Theme:

The mystical tunes of Sera's entrance theme accompanied the blue-clad ninja as she made her way down the ramp in a graceful and determined fashion, her eyes fixated on her opponent waiting for her in their corner. Not really engaging with the crowds at all before she had reached the ring apron, their reaction to Sera's entrance was definitely rather positive, but nothing compared to all the applause and love that her opponent had been getting. Not that Sera minded too much about that though, she preferred impressing the viewers once inside the ring, and the battle was on.

Still, Sera's entrance did include some theatrics. By the time she had reached the ring apron, she promptly climbed onto the closest turnbuckle. Then finally turning her sight towards the crowds' direction, she bowed in a typical Japanese manner to each side before jumping down into the ring in a Somersault and setting her sight to Margarita again. Settling right in the center of the ring, Serafina made her final bow towards her opponent. She then stayed there for just a moment to see if Margarita seemed keen to meet her there, but if the pinkette stayed in her own corner, Sera would just turn around and proceed to her own corner as well, getting ready for the match to begin.


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[Two Out Of Three Falls Match] Margarita Jorgensen vs Serafina Kunisada (D) - The Stars That Shine Brightly Empty Re: [Two Out Of Three Falls Match] Margarita Jorgensen vs Serafina Kunisada (D) - The Stars That Shine Brightly

Post by skip-stop Wed Oct 13, 2021 9:37 am

When music, unfamiliar to her, began, Margarita turned her head to the side to look at her rival. The young girl was confidently approaching the ring, while she practically did not pay attention to the fans and spectators. However, they still gave her more than a warm greeting. This made the pink-haired girl smile. She always liked it when both fighters got support.

Although the former actress was slightly rushed to conclusions, as her rival still showed interaction with the audience. Bowing is a very respectful gesture. This reminded Margarita of her master. Charlotte was the one she respected the most as a fighter. And she was still very sorry that the events of the Summer Splash had caused their paths to go separate ways. They were no longer a student and a master. However, this did not change Margarita's relationship with Charlotte, she still believed that her former master was the best fighter this ring had ever seen.

Finally the brown-haired girl entered the ring. Now the Sea Star could look at her in all her glory. It was easy to see that Margarita's eyes widened noticeably. The Mexican-Japanese girl was very beautiful. Indeed, Margarita has always been very impressionable. But now it was impossible to notice that Serafina had a truly outstanding appearance.

But besides this, the former actress noted something else. They were both almost the same height. And even their weight was almost identical. Of course, Margarita did not know anything about the fighting skills of her rival. But even that was enough to make the assumption that the match would be very interesting.

Margarita was about to push off from the corner to go to the center of the ring and greet the brown-haired girl, but Serafina did it first. She bowed to Margarita, which made the young girl again remember Charlotte, who always bowed to her opponent before the start of the match. With a smile on her face, the Danish girl walked towards the center of the ring.

Stopping in front of Serafina, the former actress clenched her right fist and pressed it against her straightened left palm. She usually didn't do that, from her point of view it was too formal. But she also wanted to show respect for the Mexican-Japanese girl, so she bowed.

"My name is Margarita Jorgensen!" she said in a ringing voice after she stood up to her full height. "You look just stunning! Let's give our viewers a great match! And hope we'll have a wonderful time after!"

She then extended her right hand with a smile, offering Serafina a more classic handshake. Margarita has gone through a fair amount of matches. And although the last matches were very successful for her, she still remembered her first rivals. Each of them gave her not only a crushing defeat, but also humiliation. This greatly influenced her. But now she did not see anything bad in her rival. That is why she wanted this match to start off on a good note.

If there were no problems with the handshake, the pink-haired girl would have taken a few steps back. She intended to take a fighting stance, turning slightly sideways to Serafina and putting her right foot a step back. She raised her right fist to the level of her chin, and her left fist remained at the level of the middle of the torso. Lately, she has increasingly used her former master's fighting stance.

The Danish girl intended to nod to the referee to signal that she was ready to start the match. She was sure that she was going to have a tough match. But the way forward is never easy. She was going to be the best and for that she was going to show everything that she is capable of today.


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[Two Out Of Three Falls Match] Margarita Jorgensen vs Serafina Kunisada (D) - The Stars That Shine Brightly Empty Re: [Two Out Of Three Falls Match] Margarita Jorgensen vs Serafina Kunisada (D) - The Stars That Shine Brightly

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