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Howdy strangers.

Tue Nov 28, 2023 8:25 pm by Yori

Just a small hello from an old face. I will be coming around for a bit soon and figured I would pop in. To anymore I have an unfinished thread with, if you have a desire to continue it with me just let me know and shoot me a link. While I am open to fielding ideas for new threads, I will be very selective with taking anything while I gauge my activity capability and trim/update my roster.


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Tension Match for Melanie~

Tue Nov 28, 2023 7:56 am by Leon564

Hi folks! To put it simply, Melanie is looking for a hentai match. Her profile will be attached here. Fair heads up that she's more of a dominant lean and tends to like opponents who aren't super duper competitive. If you've got a male opponent you'd like to throw at her, PM me here or hmu on Discord: Leon564#4514

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Looking for a match for Lucy

Mon Nov 20, 2023 8:49 pm by NobuharuKinjo

Hi there! I'm looking for a match for my new adopted character Lucy

Just hit me up on DMs if you're interested!
Looking forward to Lucy's return to AFW

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Irmela Von Schaffhausen

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Irmela Von Schaffhausen Empty Irmela Von Schaffhausen

Post by Knocked Wed Sep 08, 2021 5:26 am

"When, if not now?"

Real Name: Leonie Bernhard
Age: 20
Eyes: Black
Hair: Blonde
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 150 lbs
Nationality: Austrian-German
Alignment: Face
Entrance Music: 'Wo stehen unsere letzten Burgen' - Sturmvogel


Ring Gear:

As Irmela, the girl can best be described as Quixotic. Extremely idealistic and one to uphold chivalry on impulse, even to her detriment. She also has a bit of a habit of challenging wrestlers to fights until they relent, always eager to test herself against others, no matter the disadvantage. Yes, she has delusions of grandeur and her grip on reality is tenuous at best, but she's a genuinely good fighter.

Off the stage however, Leonie is a soft spoken individual, being quite a cultured individual in a variety of fields despite her young age. Always open for giving and providing feedback (some of which may be misguided due to her being a Sports Entertainer first and foremost) and thinking of ideas to take her character next. Above all else, no one would take her to be anything but a woman of thoroughly sound understanding.


Once a journeyman independent worker in Austria, Leonie Bernhard's wrestling career really took off when she branched out to work the rest of the European continent in 2012. Initially continuing her traditional babyface gimmick, a meeting with a fellow wrestler would transform her character from bland to unique in one fell swoop! At a suggestion, Bernhard became Irmela Von Schaffhausen, a noblewoman hailing from the Holy Roman Empire who was a famed duelist when a vortex pulled her through time into the present day!

As silly as it sounds, the "fish out of time" gimmick (as Bernhard has branded the character) works well thanks to the Austrian's deadpan delivery. Whether the gimmick will hold up in a mainstream, more combat-oriented promotion like AFW may be in doubt, but should she carve out a niche for herself in Japan, she may well have a bright future.

Wrestling Info

Strategy: An opportunity taker, will capitalize on mistakes and weaknesses and exploit them dearly. Will work a match if the fellow wrestler is an entertainer, like her.

Preferred Attacks: Flying Mares, Punches, Weapon Attacks (Occasionally)

Preferred Matches: Worked Match, Hardcore (Occasionally)

Attitude towards Hentai: "In all honesty, I'm curious about this whole proceeding! I should challenge someone to the stipulation to see what it's like!"


General Stats
-Endurance: 4/5 - Is a very durable wrestler despite her size, turns to a 5 when armored.
-Strength: 3/5 - Average power, can lift people smaller than her, takes more considerable effort in deadlifting people around her weight.
-Speed: 3.5/5 - Would strut around at average speeds, but shows above average agility in her moves.
-Defense: 2.5/5 - Irmela may be a little overconfident, and would occasionally brace herself to tank a hit. Amplified tenfold if she is wearing any armor, which drops it to a mere 1.5.
-Technique: 3.5/5 - A decent technician in her own right, she can hold her own in terms of matwork.

Wrestling Stats
-Strikes: 3/5 - Although she does throw the occasional kick to the shin and knee, her strength lies more in her punches.
-Submissions: 2/5 - Has some understanding with submission holds, but most of the time she applies it as a rest hold of sorts to give herself time to recover.
-Power Moves: 2/5 - Feats of strength are not her strong suite.
-Aerial Moves: 3/5 - Irmela knows the basics, but won't do any more complicated aerial maneuvers.
-Counters: 3.5/5 - Despite being well-versed in reversing a hold or two, Irmela may crack in a non-scripted environment.



Mace Swing

Downward Axe

Passing Of The Guard

Remind The Terms!

The Dagger



Salzburg Plunge

Raising The Flag

AFW Information
Record: Has yet to debut.

Wins: 0

Losses: 0

Draws: 0


Friends: Nothing yet.

Allies: Nothing yet.

Rivals: Nothing yet.

Enemies: Nothing yet.

Crushes: Nothing yet.

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