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After a long time I return, looking for a match

Thu Sep 16, 2021 11:20 pm by GrandAkumaShogun

Hello all, I would firstly like to apologize for the long periods that I've been away from here. Been taking time away to focus on my mental health but I think I'm ready to return and looking for a match or two to get back into things. All three of my boys, Takeichi Mori, Takeshi Kawai, and Imai Cosmo are up for matches. If you want I can link their profiles so you don't have to search through the roster page. Anyone interested feel free to hmu through private messages. Hope to hear from …

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New to site - loking for a fight on Tension

Wed Sep 15, 2021 1:42 am by RedBasher

Hi guys,

This is my first time on the site and I'm looking a deput for my starting character. Here is her Bio and a rundown of what kind of matches she is available for

Eva Cravina:
Let's Find It Out EEgKtgc

Eva Cravina Bio:

Eva is a talented but inexperienced rookie face preparing for a debut in the AFW, preferably a standard one. She is aways looking out for a challenge and is willing to take any opponent in the roster, as well as a bit naive and …

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Aye I'm back. I suck. Wanna wrestle?

Thu Sep 09, 2021 6:54 am by yummybunny

Aye I'm back again, the loser that pops in and out for like 5 years straight. I know I know, no need for cheers. Uh, but no seriously I'm feeling pretty good lately and would love to throw my hat back in the ring. If anyone wants to wrestle my losers let me know, I have a few now. Just made a new one in fact.
Queen Bitch:

Other than her I have like...A few others? I forgot who's made on here and who isn't. I WILL say, they ain't that good and …

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Let's Find It Out

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Let's Find It Out Empty Let's Find It Out

Post by skip-stop Fri Sep 03, 2021 10:49 pm

Charlotte doused her face with cold water and exhaled loudly. She felt very tired now. She did not get enough sleep due to the fact that she was a lot of nervous. The Frenchwoman has always been not the most sociable person and therefore such events brought her some amount of stress. Of course, this was not her first interview, so it wasn't all that bad. But it is difficult for a person to change his essence. Charlotte was a fighter, not a public figure.

Pull yourself together,” she said to herself, looking in the mirror, “people want to know more about you, and you should be grateful for that.”

The young woman took some paper towels and wiped her face. She never thought that there would be a place in her life for interviews, conferences and other things. But this place changed her. And although that was not her goal, she gained popularity. But more importantly, she received the support of the audience. And even after she screwed up on the Summer Splash, they didn't leave her. Rather, on the contrary, they began to treat her even warmer.

Charlotte threw away the paper towels and turned around. She took a deep breath and left the restroom. It has been a long time since her crushing defeat. She returned to the ring and after three impressive and tough matches, she received an invitation for an interview. Of course, this was not an interview and the main interviewer of AFW, but, nevertheless. Charlotte went back to the room to the interviewer and the photographers.

"Ready to continue?" asked the blonde with a notepad.
Yes, of course, I apologize for the wait,” Charlotte replied with a slight smile, sitting down in her chair, “where did we stop?”
“The fans sent us a lot of questions about your life outside the ring,” flipping the page, the interviewer said, “I think it's time to voice them before we go back to the matches and stuff.”
Of course,” the pink-haired woman agreed.
"Fine. Then let's start with the most frequently asked question. As far as I remember, you already received a similar question at a conference in front of Avalanche. But a lot of time has passed and this issue is still relevant. So, your heart is already occupied by someone?"

She should have expected this question. She still didn't have a new answer, though, so Charlotte decided not to reinvent the wheel. Plus, this time it was much easier to answer. Alaina was not there now. In addition, she no longer felt a secret passion for the American woman, so this stone no longer pulled her down.

No, I'm alone,” Charlotte replied, just as she did last time.
"Why?" continued the theme of the blonde. "There are no worthy candidates?"
I don’t think these are the right words,” the Frenchwoman replied with a slight smile, “I think it’s just me. I will not hide the fact that I prefer women, not men. This already imposes some restrictions. But the point is rather, I am not a simple person. And it's not easy to find a pair with the same luggage as mine. I am sure that it is a wonderful feeling when there is someone with whom you can share everything that lies in your heart. But this feeling is not familiar to me, unfortunately."

She would like to give a different answer, but she did not know how to lie. Therefore, the answer was not very happy. It seems that the interviewer noticed this too, so she hastened to ask the following question.

“Name any five points that a woman you might see next to you should have,” she asked after reading the question from the notebook.
Oh... it seems to me that it all depends on each specific case,” Charlotte was slightly confused, “but perhaps I could say that I would like to see an honest and devoted woman next to me. I would like her to share my passion for martial arts and my drive for self-improvement. Since I have some problems with my sense of humor, I think that would be a good trait to complement our couple. And... it may sound trite, but I would like a sincere understanding between us."
“I hope you find your companion,” the woman said, to which Charlotte smiled again, “now let's get back to our main questions.”

It was a relief for Charlotte. It was not easy for her to answer questions about her personal life, so she was happy to answer other questions that related to her matches and other things.

“After your failure this summer, you took part in three matches that were distinguished by a very high level of brutality,” said the interviewer, “you used to say that hardcore is not the way of a real fighter. So what has changed, why are you now taking part in such unusual and very tough matches?"
I love this question,” said Charlotte, “I will try to answer as openly as possible. Indeed, I used to be sure that hardcore has no place in my code of honor. But everything is changing. And I have changed too. Many things, especially the confrontation with Alaina, showed me that if I want to get what I want, I have to be ready for anything. I used to think that my skills are enough to adapt to any opponent. But when Alaina nearly broke my spine, she proved that it's not true. And now I am ready to take part in any match. Tables. Cell. Handcuffs. Anything. All the matches I went through made me better, made me stronger. And I'm going to keep working on myself. It may not get me anywhere, but at least I will know what I'm capable of. Perhaps this will be enough for me to be able at least to respect myself again. But honestly, I hope this will lead me to an opportunity to do what I was not able to do this summer.”

Charlotte took a glass of water and took a few short sips, her throat dry. But she felt better. Sometimes it's good when you have the opportunity to speak out, even if it's the interviewer and not a close friend.

“A question that worries many,” putting the notebook aside, the blonde began, “it's commendable that you returned to the ring with maximum activity, but how hard was your defeat at the Summer Splash? Are you still upset?"
I thought I had enough comments on this already,” Charlotte sighed slightly, “but okay, I'll answer that one last time. I lost. I admit it. I wanted to surpass Alaina, but everything turned out so that Alaina surpassed me in everything. Am I upset about defeat? I cannot say that I am upset exactly by the defeat. It was not just a match for me. Not only because it was a title match. It was much more than a title match for me. This is not the easiest thing and I don't know if I should talk about it. So let's note that this is just my personal opinion. There are many talented people in the federation who want to prove themselves, but who do not see the way forward for themselves. I wanted to beat Alaina not just to get a belt, not just to become a champion. I wanted to win this rivalry and become a champion so that all talented people could believe in themselves. I wanted my example to help them come out of the shadows. Because if I could beat a woman like Alaina in the title match, it would be a new page in history. And perhaps we would see what is usually hidden from our eyes. But now it is too late to talk about it. Alaina deserved this victory. As for me... I just move on. I got to my feet and I returned to the ring. And I do my best to ensure that you can see something special in each of my matches. That's all I can do now. Whether it is enough or not... I think everyone has to decide for themselves."

Charlotte took the glass again and took a few sips. She hoped this was the last time she had to answer a question about the match with Alaina. This story is left behind. And nothing has changed. Therefore, the Frenchwoman did the only thing she could do. She stepped over it. She gathered her strength and returned to the ring. She lost a lot. The biggest loss was her honor. Well. In a match, there is always a winner and there is always a loser. She was the one who lost and Alaina was the one who won. And it couldn't have ended in another way. But that doesn't mean Charlotte has stopped. She was here. And she was ready to fight.

"Do you still have questions?" asked Charlotte.


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Let's Find It Out Empty Re: Let's Find It Out

Post by SimplyMoon Sat Sep 04, 2021 3:58 pm

“I do. If you are so good, why didn’t you win against some old has been for the belt. I could sworn someone as strong as you could win, lost me twenty bucks to some blonde bimbo with a god complex on that too, the bitch,” spoke a distinctively French from just outside the small interview set.

There stood a woman over six feet tall with a full bodied brown hair that she pushed off to the side as she stepped in to the view of the interview camera. Standing at a similar height to Charlotte the woman seemed to be the spitting image of a wrestler by any definition. As compared to her she was far larger in bulk, less muscular but still appearing rather tough in appearance. A tough look on her face as she stared down the old sand lizard of the ring rather cocky like, pushing the interviewer away and grabbing the mic, “Hors de mon chemin,” she spoke as she took a seat across from Charlotte.

The woman would lean forward, pushing that mic up to her, “You lost and here you are claiming you’re going to get back into it again, that you know our capable of, do you? I know exactly where I’m at and will tell you ferme ta gueule! she curses at the interviewer to shut up whom had  just complained at losing control of her interview.

“Hogging the glory of the belt, I’ve hadn’t had a match in months and yet you get all these seconde chances. C’est de la connerie! I was ranked first in France for collegiate wrestling, coached the Olympic team, I deserve a shot!” she spoke, less of a question and more an overall statement.

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Let's Find It Out Empty Re: Let's Find It Out

Post by skip-stop Tue Sep 07, 2021 11:10 am

Charlotte turned her head to the side, raising her left eyebrow slightly. This interview was just for her, but it looks like someone had a different opinion on this matter. The young woman's eyes flickered over the intruder. And first of all, she assessed the physical parameters of this woman. They were almost the same height, but this brown-haired woman was definitely heavier than Charlotte. Despite the fact that not a single muscle twitched on the Frenchwoman's face, she tensed and braced herself. Judging by the fact that the uninvited guest from the doorway began to throw insults, this whole situation could end not only with words. And Charlotte wasn't going to be the one to get the sneaky blow.

However, she ignored the first words of the stranger. She did not like what was happening, especially when this woman rudely pushed the interviewer away, but it was too early to do anything. She wanted to understand what was the reason for such an unceremonious intrusion into her interview. Her brown eyes were directed to the eyes of the larger woman. And there was no fear in Charlotte's gaze.

The young woman almost smiled when she heard French. She has not had to communicate with people from her homeland for a long time. The last such meeting, coincidentally, was also during an interview. That time, opposite Charlotte, sat a beautiful blue-haired woman named Natasha, who also had French roots. However, Charlotte changed her mind to smile as the intruder finally got to the bottom of her claims.

"Seriously?" thought the pink-haired woman, raising her left eyebrow again.

She had not yet encountered such people personally, but she knew about their existence. Not so long ago, her friend, Astrid, came into confrontation with several such people. And now it looks like it's Charlotte's turn. The young woman leaned forward slightly, resting her elbows on her knees and bringing the pads of her fingers together. For a moment it might seem that her eyes sparkled, but it was just a play of light.

Bonjour,” Charlotte was raised to be a decent person, so it was natural for her to say hello to the other person, “so you accuse me of losing the title shot, but I'm still going to go back to it anyway? You, apparently, did not listen well to what I was saying. I admitted defeat. But I'm not going to give up my path. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow. But I'll get to Alaina and her title again. And this time I will not lose."

Charlotte could not resist and smiled, showing that she was in complete control of this conversation. If this woman thought she could come here and just start shouting insults in Charlotte's face, then that was a big mistake. The pink-haired woman didn't even need to raise her voice. The facts were on her side. And she was ready to confirm her every word.

As for the fact that you deserve a shot,” Charlotte leaned back in her chair again, “don't you feel like you're making a claim in the wrong place? I don't have a title to offer you a match for. But it doesn't matter anyway. Do you know why? Because you yourself have already answered your claim."

Charlotte's eyes narrowed and this time it was clear that her face had changed. She became more serious. And somewhere in the depths of her eyes, anger could be seen. She continued to look at the intruder, but now everything was different.

Was ranked first in France for collegiate wrestling? Coached the Olympic team?" even Charlotte's voice became more serious. “This is the difference between us. You think that your achievements in the past give you the right to something in the present. And as long as you live in the past, I don't look back. I go forward every day. I look for matches every day. And I'm ready to fight every day. No doubts. No compromises. No excuses. This is why your career is stagnant, and my career is going forward, despite the fact that I lost the match for the world title."

Charlotte heard that now her former rival is struggling to prove to everyone that she is a worthy champion. The Frenchwoman had no right to judge it, but it disgusted her. She fully understood that after so many years Alaina wanted to prove that she had received this belt for a reason. But when Charlotte found out that after the Summer Splash match, her former rival went to a match against a girl who had only one losing match behind her... at that moment Charlotte was ready to punch herself in the face. She believed that Alaina was above such things. But, apparently, the mighty Amazon has so far adhered to the principle that only the number of matches is important, not their quality. But that was something she had to come to terms with. But she was not ready to accept the fact that there was a woman in front of her who demanded something, not deserving it.

"Since you have already interrupted my interview, maybe you will at least introduce yourself?" asked Charlotte. “You and the audience know my name, but I'm afraid your name remains in the fog for us.”


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Let's Find It Out Empty Re: Let's Find It Out

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