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Looking for a match

Sun Jun 26, 2022 3:38 am by TomboyTsuka

Anyone here up for a match with my girl Jocelyn? A normal match would be nice for her debut!

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Rabbit in a Snake Pit (Maelle vs. Rareta)

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Rabbit in a Snake Pit (Maelle vs. Rareta) - Page 5 Empty Re: Rabbit in a Snake Pit (Maelle vs. Rareta)

Post by dlamp Thu Dec 02, 2021 4:07 am

"... ... ..." Despite Maelle's command, Rareta saw it fit to remain on the floor, continuing to cry and whimper as the regret of her loss took over. The rush of victory slowly left Maelle, and as she watched Rareta continue to cry she found her spirit wavering. It was obvious as to why Rareta was in such a state. After shouting harsh words and forced to endure even harsher attacks both physical and sexual it was safe to say any woman would be reduced to tears. Especially when dueling with a friend in a match that all but severed the past bonds made due to some harsh words. And as the anger died down Maelle's first instinct was to try and comfort Rareta.

But... no.

No, Maelle gritted her teeth, eyes narrowing Rareta's way. Friend she may be, but in a match like this, with so much said and done to each other, Maelle refused to see Rareta's tears as anything but weakness.

And Maelle had sick of seeing it.

"Enough!" Maelle's voice echoed through the ring as the crowd's cheers died down. Without thinking, she snatched Rareta by the hair, pulling her face closer Maelle's, forcing the two to meet eyes. "I'll not have you lay there and cry like a child, Rareta! You will stand!" Maelle pulled at Rareta's hair, jerking it upward to make her point.

"Listen here little rabbit." She began. "Spare me and the audience both your tears. Don't waste them on me. Did you think I'd stay my hand in a duel to push each other to our emotional and sexual limits? No! You sour my victory with your pathetic sobbing." Maelle tighten her grip on Rareta's hair, pacing in front of her. "You're a wrestler now, Rareta. A warrior. You stripped my top, tried to force me to orgasm, and you relished in stripping my body bare, as I did with you." Maelle snapped her fingers, a servant handing her a fan as she cooled her forehead of the building sweat from her lecture. "If this is how you're going to behave then I suggest you retire from this ring now and spare all of us the trouble of seeing you curl into a ball at every loss you experience." She closed her fan and a swift motion. "Otherwise... I suggest you stand up and prove to both the audience and me why you're even here." Maelle finally released Rareta's hair, pivoting on a heel and making her way out the ring.

"Face me again when you've gathered your wits, little rabbit. I'll let you taste defeat again. I only hope you'll take it better than this." And with that, Maelle walked away, her theme playing out as servants following behind her.

The Azure Squadron

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Rabbit in a Snake Pit (Maelle vs. Rareta) - Page 5 Empty Re: Rabbit in a Snake Pit (Maelle vs. Rareta)

Post by Valicon Sat Dec 04, 2021 1:32 am

Rareta was stunned and shocked by those words. The tears still fell, but the crying at least seemed to have stopped. She listened to the tirade directed at her in silence, then was thrown to the side as she recovered she witnessed Maelle leaving and got a strange and sudden surge of courage inside of her.

Before in could vanish she grabbed a mic, the first time she had ever done so, and undid something from her hair. It was a slender pink silk Ribbon, one of the earliest gifts the girl had ever gotten Rareta, and her absolute favorite accessory. "Maelle. You beat me today, and were a monstrous bitch about it. But you I leave you with this." She held up the ribbon and vaulting out of the ring she caught up to Maelle and shoved the ribbon in her hand. "There. One more reason to face you again...if I win...I get that ribbon back. But we do this again...2 out of 3 falls humiliation. Next friend...we play for keeps"

Without waiting for a response she left the arena, angrier and more determined than ever.

Winner by sexual humiliation:Maelle.

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Rabbit in a Snake Pit (Maelle vs. Rareta) - Page 5 YuH7iit

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