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Rough Upbringings (Maelle vs. Yasuko)

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Rough Upbringings (Maelle vs. Yasuko) Empty Rough Upbringings (Maelle vs. Yasuko)

Post by dlamp Mon May 31, 2021 6:15 pm

Match Type: Hentai Match
Win by forcing your opponent to climax

"My, it seems this league really is for me!" Maelle fanned herself as she waited backstage, looking herself over in the mirror. Her attire was simple for tonight, a simple bikini swimsuit. Nothing more was needed for this type of match. Hell, one could debate it might be better to show up naked instead, but... her maids had requested otherwise. Still, this was to be a fine duel. Her first battle on the AFW stage, and a hentai match as well. This was definitely something she was looking forward to. To test not only her martial prowess, but her sexual prowess as well as she clashed fists and sex against a fellow Kawaii wrestler. She honestly didn't know much about the girl in question, Miss Chikamatsu. But apparently she was a sort of bully within the league, a type that Maelle was very use to dealing with back a home. I wonder... perhaps I shall punish this girl depending on how things go. A hentai match was geared to punish an opponent after all, deservedly or not, but she'd have the fight to figure that out.

"My lady, it's almost time." A maid said, now finishing Maelle's pedicure. The noble looked down at her painted toenails, giving a smile as she stopped her fanning and smacked her Japanese fan into her palm, shutting it.

"Very well! Time to show the world how a woman of French nobility and Japanese grace does battle!"

With that said, her theme music came on and Maelle walked out with a stride, several maids following after her as walked onto the ramp with only her swimsuit and a Japanese fan in hand, a Japanese fan displaying French colors. She walked down the stage, fanning herself as she waved to the cheering crowd. Whether popular for her lack of attire or the crowd seeing her dignified aura despite her lack of dress didn't matter, she washed herself in the cheering, wearing a wide and sure smile on her face as the ring drew closer.

Just before reaching the ring, a maid walked ahead of her, opening up the ropes for her master. Maelle nodded to the servant, graciously walking under the raised rope and into the ring, fanning herself further as approached the center, giving her fan a final flourish before handing it off to one of her maids as they bowed to her and quickly made themselves scarce. With the theatrics done, with the crowd excitedly waiting the arrival of her opponent, Maelle moved to her corner and waited, a coy smile on her face.

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