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Brittany (Major Beats) Lewis gets squashed.

Fri Jun 11, 2021 9:15 am by Lotuswarrior

Its been a long time and I thought I'd see how things are going. So I figured I'd help someone out with putting someone over. Looking for a heavyweight or some heel to show off what they can do to another person. Got a big match coming up and want to highlight certain traits/skills with your wrestler then I'd help you with those.

I don't expect the match to be long, but not a complete squash match. Kinda want Brittany to piss off her opponent by dancing around the ring and avoiding being hit, …

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In need of a debut match for two heavyweights.

Tue Jun 01, 2021 10:17 pm by LunarOcean

So I've officiallly returned. I'm currently limiting my wrestling activities to two heavyweight wrestlers, Ionel and Amandine. Iodel is the priority right now and I'm looking for a match with her and any heavyweights out there. It will definitely be a hentai one with knock out and verbal submission as alternate win conditions. It will involve a lot of body to body friction and pressing and I prefer it if both parties are okay with that kind of thing. Bikinis are preferred but one pieces too if …

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In Need of Debuts

Thu Jun 10, 2021 8:15 am by Tick Tock

Hello there. I'm in need of debuts for my wrestlers, that you can find here. I'm down for normal single/tag matches to start, but promos/ambushes/angles also work with me. PM me here or message me on Discord(Frog#0076) if you are interested.

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Shohei 'Sho' Jiangsu

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 Shohei 'Sho' Jiangsu Empty Shohei 'Sho' Jiangsu

Post by Cosmos Mon May 17, 2021 12:27 am

Name: Shohei 'Sho' Jiangsu
Age: 21
Sex: Male
Height: 5'8
Weight: 175lbs
Nationality: Half Japanese/Chinese
Sexuality: Pansexual
Alignment: Tweener
Entrance Theme: From Zero

Wrestling Style: Sho is very much a brawler in every sense of the word. Having picked up a rudimentary understanding of fighting from the streets, he has further built upon this base by techniques learned from his time with the yakuza. Improvised weaponry is also a preferred tactic of his – if it's not nailed down, it's his to hit the opponent with. His ability to never let go of his opponent once he has them cornered like prey has earned him the title of 'The White Tiger' among his peers.

Preferred Matches: Pin to win, Submission, No-Holds Barred, Cage Match

Available For Hentai: Yes

Preferred Moves: Lariats, Chops, Boston Crab, Stretch Mufflers, Power Bomb, Atomic Drop, DDTs


Tiger Fang (Superkick)

White Tiger Bomb (Tiger Bomb Into Jacknife Pin)

Tiger's Prey (Sharpshooter)

Ready To Rumble:
 Shohei 'Sho' Jiangsu 0Cs9Imh
Staring is free:
 Shohei 'Sho' Jiangsu CWWgAo3
Taking on an unlucky victim (his main gear):
 Shohei 'Sho' Jiangsu TKG3fBa

Bio: Shohei was the result of a one night stand between a Chinese woman and a Japanese man, the latter of whom was visiting China at the time due to a business trip. His mother was ostracised by her family and society for falling pregnant out of wedlock, and with a foreigner no less. Struggling to make ends meet, she would often go without food so her son was able to eat. In the end, the malnourishment caught up with her, and she died shortly after Sho turned five. Her relatives were far from keen when it came to taking the boy, and the feeling was mutual due to how they had treated his mother. Instead, they opted to track down Sho's father, who was traced to Tokyo. Sending him off without even so much of a warning, he was coolly received by a father who didn't even know Sho existed, and was the kind of man who prioritised his career over having children. Despite this, he accepted the responsibility and took Sho in.

Although his father was able to provide far more than his mother even did, Sho still had a tough time growing up. His fellow students when he enrolled at school bullied and taunted him for his half Chinese heritage, refusing to accept him as one of them. Anonymous messages drawn on the blackboard, aimed at him. His glasses constantly being stolen and broken. At first, Sho just took it in silence. That only spurred the bullies on, labelling him a 'half-breed' and 'a freak of nature'. Then one day, the red mist descended. He lashed out with his fist, breaking the nose of one of the bullies. He became embroiled in brawl after brawl, refusing to take anymore, even when he was heavily outnumbered. His father was called into school multiple times, but no amount of discipline worked due to the lack of respect Sho held for the man...not to mention, his father never really had the time to enforce it. This continued well into middle and high school, where he started to attend lessons less and less. He wandered the streets, entertained himself with arcades, and even tried to get alcoholic drinks where he could.

One day, he wandered into a bar owned by a yakuza clan, although he didn't realise it initially. The aloof, disrespectful manner in which he carried himself did not sit well with the patrons and staff, all of the same clan. The final straw was when he demanded a drink, which was actually delivered for a change...only to be splashed right into his face. Sho responded with his fists as he always did, and actually managed to hold his own against the larger adult men. Until a wine bottle cracked against his temple, knocking him out. Awakening in the basement of the bar tied to a chair, Sho was beaten within an inch of his life. Several of his bones were shattered, and he even had a tooth knocked out. Suddenly, one of the yakuza called for the beating to stop. He introduced himself as the clan's deputy, and had been impressed by Sho's fortitude. Despite being only 16, he had shown considered resolve and skill in the bar fight above earlier, even if he'd caused significant property damage. And during the torture, he hadn't cried, screamed or begged for mercy at any point. To him, Sho had shown 'more balls than most real Yakuza ever did in their entire life'. He ordered the men to release Sho, and had the youth patched up.

Learning about Sho's history and heritage, the clan deputy grew more intrigued the longer he spoke with the boy. He then made Sho a surprising offer. Become a yakuza, and he may just find a family that would accept him for who he is. The prospect took Sho by surprised, but that was secretly what he desired more than anything after being shunted from pillar to post for most of his life. Sho agreed, deciding to see where this went. The next five years, he made waves through the yakuza hierarchy as he proved himself on job after job, test after test. Some resented him and whispered behind his back about him being a 'favourite', but no one dared say it to his face. After all, the kid was more than capable of shutting up anyone who had anything to say about him by this point. Eventually, his next mission came along. He had an aptitude for brawling, and the clan wanted to place a finger in the pie that was AFW. One of the largest growing federations in Japan that attracted talent from all over the world? There was a lot to gain, financially and in terms of reputation as well. But they needed a wrestler on the inside. That wrestler, according to the deputy, would be Sho. His response was an aloof nod, and he signed up for the league...

Personality: Cool and distant, Sho has been a loner for much of his life and is usually happiest this way, although many would describe him as 'stand-offish'. He likes to keep to himself and isn't one to really get close to others. Or allow anyone to get to know him. If they did, he'd quickly become embarrassed and flustered, looking for ways out of the situation. Sho likes to pre-occupy himself with a goal or a mission, and to him, he'll do what needs to be done. However, he does have a code that he strictly adheres to – he isn't like certain Yakuza that will pick fights and throw their weight around purely because they 'think they can'. He also isn't fond of fighting those he perceives as being significantly weaker than him. For instance, if he was in a match against a jobber, he would seek to end it as soon as possible for the well-being of the other person. He also isn't fond of seeing people gang up on individuals, perceiving it as cowardly. Except when it's him, in which case Sho says 'you better bring as many as you can to take me down'.

-Sho is trained in the use of a katana since joining the yakuza, although he will never use this in an actual match obviously.
-Contact with his dad is strained at this point. While not disowned, he isn't acknowledged by his father ever since he left for the Yakuza.
-Sho tends to wear contact lens instead of glasses these days. It's pretty much mandatory given he's a wrestler.
-Sho's tattoo and mark as a yakuza is of a white tiger that covers his back.
-If one brings up Sho's mixed heritage as a negative, he will as quoted 'cave their ****ing head in.'

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