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Character Adoption

Wed Apr 07, 2021 5:25 pm by killcarrion

Greetings...I've decided to relinquish some characters as well. For purposes ranging from not knowing where to proceed with them, lack of interest, and guilt from feeling they could be better used in other people's hands. It's on a first-come, first-served basis and they'll be readily offered to whomever expresses interest. Send me a PM or message me on Discord if that's the case. I'll update this page if adoptions happen.

Adoption Page:
SRW: The Warden meets an Enigma.  - Page 2 NRW9QKe

There are also other characters I …

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Putting characters up for adoption

Mon Apr 05, 2021 1:30 am by Old_Man_Tai

The following characters of mine are being put up for adoption due to lack of use and interest in using:

- Grizzly Yamamoto

- Hazuki Musumi

- Garm Takanashi

- Riyu Kikuchi

- Dark Star Chaos

- Will also at least hear out and entertain other character adoption offers if anyone has any.

Send me a PM or contact me on Discord if your interested in any of the above. Thank you.

NOTE: Anyone not listed below as having my permission to adopt a character, but uses one anyway, does not have …

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Looking for a Match

Sun Mar 21, 2021 7:56 am by Lobo

Hi, I'm interested in a match for Clyde Gastin

SRW: The Warden meets an Enigma.  - Page 2 35i7wx0

Please PM if interested.

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SRW: The Warden meets an Enigma.

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SRW: The Warden meets an Enigma.  - Page 2 Empty Re: SRW: The Warden meets an Enigma.

Post by Tarantulust Fri Mar 19, 2021 9:01 pm

It wasn’t long before the golem guards had torn the straight jacket asunder from Claudia’s shoulders. Thankfully it wasn’t any sort of magical bound clothing or else it may have been tougher to get off. Instead, Claudia was free to fix her uniform as she desired while glaring at Felis. Judging by the look on her face, Eros could determine that Claudia had experienced such behavior before...but had no idea exactly how it happened.

Eros wasn’t even sure herself, if she were being honest. The world had seemed to be frozen in those brief few seconds when Felis pulled her prank. The golem guards didn’t react to Felis’s movements towards Claudia, didn’t try to stop her from wrapping the Officer up in a restrictive jacket. Eros herself was the only thing unaffected by it. She could move, even to the point of restraining Felis had she desired. But doing so would have kept her from seeing all of Felis’s power. Apparently, she could only freeze time for a short period...but could freeze it again in almost as short a period. Truly terrifying power if it were placed in the wrong hands. Was it really just luck that Eros happened to be immune to such a fantastic, alien gift? Or were there other powers at work here? Had the Overseer seen this all come to fruition? Did he know this would happen?

A truly amazing thought. It seemed there was nothing the Overseer could not predict! He placed Felis under her care because Eros was the only one immune to her trickster ability! That must be it! His amazing foresight and ability to predict events was truly unparalleled! No wonder he was the hero and supreme Law of Gaia!

Before Eros could get too deep in thought, Felis would suddenly dart over like an excited kitten and grab ahold of Eros’s hands. The Warden maintained her professional, if mischievous expression as the inexperienced enigma began rattling off questions and answers in a manner befitting of a child. But, there was promise in Felis. For one thing, she didn’t harm Claudia. Her prank was strange certainly but it could have been worse given her powers. At the very least, Felis seemed to have a grasp on morality and mortality.

Felis asked the Warden if she herself had any “superpowers”, leaving Eros to simply stare into her eyes before a Cheshire grin split across her face.

“Indeed I do, Felis. But sadly that will have to wait until later, after we have been together for some time. After all, I’d hate to scare you away so quickly after we had only just met. So sit tight, and I’ll show you your duties after I escort Claudia off~”

Eros would finally split away from Felis, leaving her alone with the two giant rock golems. Of course they couldn’t do anything to her while time was frozen, but Claudia was still there. For the moment, Eros wanted to spare herself the pain of explaining what she herself did not fully understand and decided to at least look as though she were following protocol.

“Warden Officer Claudia, are you alright?”

“A miserable little pest, she is! I’ve spent years drilling the Warden code into her head, and she’s incapable of remembering anything that didn’t happen in the last few weeks! She always escapes our discipline cells because of that disappearing act of hers, so I insist you keep her under proper guard at all times.”

“I understand, Ma’am. As the Sub-Warden of this facility, she will report directly to me and be under my constant supervision. And, it is no coincidence her personal quarters will be next to the surveillance room for the entire facility.”

“...Which is under heavy guard at all times. Whatever you think will work, then do it. She’s your trouble now. May you have an easier time with her than I ever did.”

With that, the Elf turned away and left. Eros gestured for one of the Golems to follow Claudia out and give her a proper escort. The facility was large and filled with hidden dangers. Best not to have her fall into one of them accidentally.

Eros would return to Felis and the rock guard, gesturing for her newest recruit to come along and follow her.

“This way Felis. It’s time we showed you your new room and get your schedule in order. I’ve been in need of proper help for some time now, and I would love to see what you are capable of.”
SRW: The Warden meets an Enigma.  - Page 2 IccFoP1

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SRW: The Warden meets an Enigma.  - Page 2 Empty Re: SRW: The Warden meets an Enigma.

Post by Chaos Tue Apr 06, 2021 9:32 pm

A grin appeared on Felis’ face thinking about what had just happened. It was funny to see her freak out, it always was, especially with that attitude of hers only made it seem more over the top and therefore even more funny. The last time this had happened Felis threw a few stinky bombs everywhere and had stopped time only to throw a few more, in the end she had never seen so many things floating mid-air before eventually time unfreezing and flooding the guild with bad smell for weeks. These types of pranks were funny to make and with her abilities it was really simple to make, she was almost glad that she had them, however going through all that was horrible and made her thing really worth it all.

Discovering now that someone else also had powers was amazing, she didn’t have to feel alone in that regard. People had called her immature before, wasn’t exactly known if it was about her usage of her powers or not, so maybe it wasn’t at random that they were putting her under Eros’ care as she also had powers and seemed confident in her abilities and perhaps it was to do what Claudia couldn’t. At least she wasn’t didn’t seem as authoritarian as the elf and seemed more friendly, making it much easier to get along with her. The Neko didn’t know much about this Overseer, or perhaps she heard and simply forgot about it, didn’t quite remember that part…

Seeing Eros leave to take care of Claudia, Felis turned to the Golems to play with them. She quickly walked and warped around them to explore how they worked, how they felt and moved. She was having fun comparing herself to the golem, how her hands, legs and overall smaller she was compared to them. It was funny to play with them and by the time Eros returned, she was sitting on a Golem’s shoulder as he had a normal sized top hat, a scarf around its neck and a mustache drawn on its face with a marker, all stuff she brought with her warp gates.

As the other golem left, escorting Claudia to the exit, Felis simply watched. She knew what she was doing and never had the intention to hurt her in any way even if they didn’t get along. Like a Kid, she might think of something bad of her, but never death or major harm to her, as she always wanted to see her as a friend…

Upon being called by Eros, Felis quickly jumped down and started following. A smirk appeared on her face as they were finally getting that over with. “Well, and I might show what I am capable of… if you also do~! I really, really, REALLY want to see your Superpowers Nyan~!” The cat girl followed her like an excited little child. She also tried to ignore the fact she was still in training for being a “Warden” however it was stuck in the back of her head.

While walking she looked around at the cells and all the beasts inside. “So many more of these monsters. Did you catch them all?! How did you do it?!”

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