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Bored, want some matches, the nomal

Sun Dec 20, 2020 1:03 am by Void Effect

Want some RP matches, Bored mostly, find me on Discord, I am free most of the time, don't really have any limit of which types, okay with anything, and just bored, DM me if interested

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Looking for fresh matches :D

Fri Jan 08, 2021 9:32 am by Vcom7418


Like the title says, looking for more matches.

Clara and my new gal Chika are my priorities. Looking for new potential stories and/or one-off matches for both ladies, especially a debut in Chika's case. Alice is also available for matches, as are Clara and Alice together as a tag team.

It may take me a while to respond here, so I recommend contacting me on Discord (links and Discord profile are in my signature)

Match preferences:

Clara - Normal, softcore

Alice - Normal, Hardcore, …

[ Full reading ]

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Moving to a New Computer

Mon Jan 04, 2021 11:26 pm by Gwyndolin

Hello everyone. With the passing of this Christmas, I've finally gotten a replacement for my old, dying laptop, not a moment too soon. Starting today, all of my threads will have to be placed on hold as I focus on setting up the new computer and moving everything over to it. I sincerely hope that this won't take more than a couple days, but computers are anything but predictable, so there's no telling for sure when I'll be back to writing here. I'll update this thread when it's all done.

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Johanna Vogel vs. Felina Rodriguez - Like A Glove

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Johanna Vogel vs. Felina Rodriguez - Like A Glove Empty Johanna Vogel vs. Felina Rodriguez - Like A Glove

Post by acuya on Mon Dec 28, 2020 5:11 am

Johanna Vogel vs. Felina Rodriguez - Like A Glove GVfPTKh


Johanna Vogel vs. Felina Rodriguez - Like A Glove J7BJOgi

Match Type: Cage Match
Victory Conditions: Victory by Submission or Knockout.

* * *

So, this was a new thing.

For starters, Felina was in a cage, not a ring. That wasn’t exactly a new thing, she’d been in cages all throughout Europe during her kickboxing days, one of varying quality and legality. If anything, being in this one was a little nostalgic, bringing her back to some of her earliest fights outside of Puerto Rico. The metal shadow creeping over you as you walked around the ring, mixed the crowd baying all around, throw in the rattle of metal with every step you took…

Yeah, there was an energy to being in the cage. While she wasn’t quite ready to go back to it instead of the ring the ropes, there was no denying the allure. The draw.

Strapped and ready to go in her green kickboxing attire, she made her way to the corner and leaned against it, reaching up to grab the chain links on both sides. She dipped forward and hung by arms, stretching out, getting all the old kinks out, and took a minute to look over the crowd left and right. A Friction crowd, that was a new thing. She’d never moonlighted in Tokyo before, though she knew it was only a matter of time before they brought her over. It was also only a matter of time before they took advantage of her kickboxing background and put her into something like this.

Against Johanna Vogel.

That little tidbit was the one thing that made her eyebrow raise in all of this. Felina was only vaguely aware of the name, coming across her once or twice in social media, didn’t seem like a big deal. So why was she taking her on in a match like this?

It raised a couple of red flags, but she supposed there wasn’t any sense in dwelling on them. Not with her music dying down and her opponent on the way right now.

”Get pumped, get pumped…”

Johanna Vogel vs. Felina Rodriguez - Like A Glove SPoWQN2

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