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Character Adoption

Wed Apr 07, 2021 5:25 pm by killcarrion

Greetings...I've decided to relinquish some characters as well. For purposes ranging from not knowing where to proceed with them, lack of interest, and guilt from feeling they could be better used in other people's hands. It's on a first-come, first-served basis and they'll be readily offered to whomever expresses interest. Send me a PM or message me on Discord if that's the case. I'll update this page if adoptions happen.

Adoption Page:
Ayggil vs Nagana - Harpy vs Naga Unleashed match! - Page 2 NRW9QKe

There are also other characters I …

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Putting characters up for adoption

Mon Apr 05, 2021 1:30 am by Old_Man_Tai

The following characters of mine are being put up for adoption due to lack of use and interest in using:

- Grizzly Yamamoto

- Hazuki Musumi

- Garm Takanashi

- Riyu Kikuchi

- Dark Star Chaos

- Will also at least hear out and entertain other character adoption offers if anyone has any.

Send me a PM or contact me on Discord if your interested in any of the above. Thank you.

NOTE: Anyone not listed below as having my permission to adopt a character, but uses one anyway, does not have …

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Looking for a Match

Sun Mar 21, 2021 7:56 am by Lobo

Hi, I'm interested in a match for Clyde Gastin

Ayggil vs Nagana - Harpy vs Naga Unleashed match! - Page 2 35i7wx0

Please PM if interested.

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Ayggil vs Nagana - Harpy vs Naga Unleashed match!

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Ayggil vs Nagana - Harpy vs Naga Unleashed match! - Page 2 Empty Re: Ayggil vs Nagana - Harpy vs Naga Unleashed match!

Post by Iceman Sun Mar 14, 2021 1:08 pm

Definitely that catperson was a show… showneko. They knew really well how to handle an audience and they had achieved something that promised to elevate that match from the rest for some time: it invested that day’s bout in some epic narrative that would make it so easy to sell that fight to the people who already bought it based on how furiously they were cheering for their favorite. That wasn’t a match or combat anymore, it was a mighty battle of the elements: land vs the skies, snake vs harpy. Two bitter rivals going at each other not only to represent themselves but their own species’ pride.

But for both contestants the story behind it was too different: it was a tale of ages long spite and unending strife, of blood and tears. No glory behind it but the cold embrace of death and unnamed graves. They weren’t fighting for their people’s pride, they were doing it for survival, struggling against the gears of a machine much bigger, older and powerful than them so they could only go with the flow and relive the hatred of the past. For everyone else was show, but for the fighters it was a new verse on a song of lament. Not to mention that Ayggil didn’t even consider herself a harpy anymore. Since her banishment from her people she had struggled with ideas ofidentity and belonging. So it wasn’t that cool bout for the races’ pride but a sad struggle for survival.

And there was the wingless harpy, holding her side where that atomic fist had landed while trying to recover from that mighty blow. But her rival wasn’t going to just let her regain her strength and before Ayggil could even notice the naga was gone from her eyesight. Luckily she knew really well the means of attack of the snake people and looking down confirmed her suspicions as Nagana was trying to wrap her long body around Ayggil. The harpy knew really well that being constrained by a naga was certain death, and even if the Sovereign wouldn’t allow someone dying in his arena that wouldn’t prevent some painful injuries and broken bones. She had to get out of there as soon as possible so Nagana couldn’t lock her embrace and that was why Ayggil jumped out of the way.

If only she had done it a little sooner. If only the harpy’s speed hadn’t been hindered by the pain in her ribcage. When she thought escape could be achieved, Nagana’s grip got her by one leg and then the rest of her body flopped on the arena. “Sh-shit!”, exclaimed Ayggil at the sight of her own leg trapped. Getting caught like that wasn’t as terrible as getting fully wrapped by the naga but she was sure about her rival making the most out of what she got. That was why Ayggil charged her free leg and threw it several times against that scaly body entrapping her, taking her time to get the most out of each kick as she struggled for freedom while groaning in exertion and pain.


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Ayggil vs Nagana - Harpy vs Naga Unleashed match! - Page 2 Empty Re: Ayggil vs Nagana - Harpy vs Naga Unleashed match!

Post by Tarantulust Sat Mar 20, 2021 3:41 am

The walls were already shaking in thunderous applause as every member of the audience shouted down for their favorite to prevail! To all of them, this was a fight of pride! A battle between two species that had a heated rivalry since before the Overseer united the lands! Animosity, pride, and combat prowess was on full display inside the arena, but few truly understood the hate the Naga and Harpy harbored for one another. The audience seemed to think of it as little more than an intense game. Those magical barriers and solid stone walls provided more than protection from the most savage of fights. It also provided the crowd emotional distance from the fighters stress, fear, and loathing. Despite the fear pumping through Ayggil’s heart, all the crowd saw was the speed her adrenaline bought her. Despite the enraged, fanged sneer of Nagana, they only ever cared about the riveting impact of her blows! Only one person really understood what was going on inside that arena, and she was describing the entire thing with glee~

The Warden watched with a smile on her lips as Nagana moved to bind Ayggil’s frame. The danger these two were truly in was unknown to the general populace that viewed this fight. But why tell them and ruin their good mood? Eros’s job as an announcer was to keep the crowds entertained and into the fight, not to read a contract out to them. A high octane fight with nothing held back was exactly what the crowd wanted, and the Bakeneko knew that these two could provide better then anyone in her control. They might seriously injure each other, but Eros would be careful not to let either of them die. Nothing killed the mood like a death, and she kept the controller to their collars nearby. A dead switch that would stop them both in their tracks should anything prove too lethal. But anything less than that, and the fight would continue. This was an unleashed match after all. The first in SRW history. Why not make it a bit special?

“Ms. Zuul! We’ve just gotten the numbers! It looks like we already have record viewership in Gaia for any sports program, and they are still climbing!”

The Bakeneko couldn’t have been prouder! The Overseer would certainly be pleased, which would be all the reason she would need to do something like this again if she needed to. The Warden would stand up from her chair, flicking off her microphone so she could speak privately with her staff.

“Excellent results! But I’m not convinced we can’t do better. We have to convince the public that this is how to properly settle disputes! No war, no countless killing. Just two picked warriors fighting for a this case, survival~”

The Bakeneko moved from her seat and walked toward the observation opening. She could see the two fighters with clear vision despite being so high and away from them. Ayggil had gotten her foot caught in Nagana’s binding body, leaving her to try and strike herself free.

“Ayygil...Nagana...make this a match to remember for our audience...and for me~”
Ayggil vs Nagana - Harpy vs Naga Unleashed match! - Page 2 TJgP7xL


Nagana felt her body seize the Harpy’s foot! The wingless creatures' talons were sharp, but useless in her crushing grip, leaving only the free foot of the bird woman able to commit to any type of defense! Ayygil quickly and forcefully kicked the long, scaly body of her opponent but would find the effort akin to kicking a steel wall. Nagana’s scales and taut muscle made her flesh almost as solid as rock, and with the Harpy unable to get any proper air or momentum to create her truly devastating kicks, the blows would have seemingly no effect.

A cruel, horrifying hiss rumbled in Ayygil’s ears as an immense pressure began to crush her Tarsus bone in a painful squeeze! Nagana’s bright yellow eyes bore down on her as her serpent tongue continued to flick between her pointed teeth. As Ayggil threw yet another defensive kick, Nagana would move to catch it, pulling the Harpy closer if she succeeded and using the leverage to wrap herself around the Harpy even more!

“Scared? I can’t say I blame you. It’s not every day you feel the instrument of your destruction slowly bind you...squeeze you! I’m certain you know what happens to a harpy stuck in a Naga’s coil.”

More and more of Nagana’s body was wrapping around Ayggil. Her legs were twins together, as was most of her body! Her wingless limbs were free, but that could change at any moment!

“First, your weak bones break!”

The tight squeezing from before was now intensifying! But rather than being centered in one spot, the pressure was crashing down on her entire body! Everywhere the Naga was, the pressure followed!

“Then, you blood pools up as it has nowhere to go! Your face starts to get red...and as your lungs collapse, it will turn a sickly bluish purple.”

Nagana’s face drew closer to Ayggil, her fangs secreting a venom that dripped and stung Ayggil’s beautiful skin! Her wings were still free, but the tip of Nagana’s body was slowly restraining the left arm.

“And before you drift away...the last thing I want you to think about is all of my people your kind slaughtered. Their skins you wore as a mark of pride! I hope you meet them in the afterlife!”

The sharp his was dangerously close now, Nagana’s golden gaze glaring only an inch away from Ayggil’s struggling vision. It seemed things were at an end…

But...things were just about to get started!

Tarantulust's Lair
Ayggil vs Nagana - Harpy vs Naga Unleashed match! - Page 2 7pKWB42

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Ayggil vs Nagana - Harpy vs Naga Unleashed match! - Page 2 Empty Re: Ayggil vs Nagana - Harpy vs Naga Unleashed match!

Post by Iceman Mon Apr 05, 2021 12:08 pm

Most of the bloodthirsty people and fans gathering in the crowd and cheerfully wailing at the smallest sign of violence wouldn’t even know the implications of having a naga’s body wrapping oneself, but for someone as Ayggil who grew up learning how to fight against the serpent people it was a lesson burned into her memory: getting caught by a naga’s constriction movement meant death.

Luckily for the wingless harpy, the Sovereign made sure that no one could sustain fatal injuries while in the arena, but given the fact that was an unleashed match that didn’t mean that Ayggil wouldn’t travel to a world of indescribable pain. Ayggil wailed in pain as her leg was getting crushed while trying to kick her way out of Nagana’s reach, but her kicking would be as effective as some gentle pats against the naga’s powerful scales, and now that the harpy was losing her strength due to the pain there wasn’t much more she could do.

Anxiousness sank in as Nagana got a hold on her remaining leg and started wrapping herself around the harpy’s torso. Ayggil desperatedly tried to claw against the arena’s sands in an attempt to use some leverage to escape her predicament, but a new squeeze made her cry in pain and stop her struggling. Situation was becoming dire as she really needed to escape if she wanted to have any option in that match and also to remain as unscathed as possible.

Nagana was taking her damn time teasing the harpy though. She knew that there was no actual chance for Ayggil once the naga’s body wrapped around a victim, so she was using all the time she wanted to use some mind tricks on her, teasing the harpy and provoking her anger and triggering her frustration. It turned out Nagana was also good at that.

Ayggil’s torso was now fully wrapped and with each squeezing movement the harpy could feel her body and her bones breaking in several spots at the same time. The pain and the pressure were so unbearable that all sounds muffled inside her head, but at least that meant not having to listen to Nagana’s provoking as she got closer to the harpy. From that fanged, smiling face dripped several drops of poison that left a burning sensation on Ayggil’s face. She had studied how the venom from an adult naga could paralyze and kill a harpy in less than two minutes from its insertion in their bloodstream, and the idea still terrified her.

At certain point one of Ayggil’s arms got into the hold and the harpy was certain about her defeat. She could only accept it and endure the pain while her bones broke and Nagana had her fun until the arbiters would stop the naga from killing her. She was closing her eyes to accept all of it when Ayggil noticed two golden orbs in front of her. They were Nagana’s sardonic eyes gazing at her misery, boastful, confident, and open for anything. Ayggil managed to clench her teeth and form a claw with her only remaining arm before throwing it against those golden eyes. Her scales would be hard as steel, but her eyes were as soft as anyone’s, thought Ayggil while digging her fingers in those yellow orbs.


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Ayggil vs Nagana - Harpy vs Naga Unleashed match! - Page 2 Empty Re: Ayggil vs Nagana - Harpy vs Naga Unleashed match!

Post by Sponsored content

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