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Thu Nov 19, 2020 7:17 pm by WrestleMind

Howdy everyone, 

I've recently had a bit of an appifiny that drives me to retire from this forum for the foreseeable future.

I'm sorry to everyone I have an active thread with. Unfortunately, I won't be finishing our threads. If you wish you have my blessing to finish the threads however you like. 

If anyone wants to take my face claims or my characters as a whole please feel free to reach out and ask. 

It's been a fun ride. Good luck and thanks for everything.  Razz

Edit: Sorry I didn't …

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Need Debut matches/Simply looking for more

Tue Sep 08, 2020 11:19 pm by Void Effect

Got bunch of girls that need to debut, if anyone interested, PM me here or on Discord

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Debut match needed for Li May and Satsuki Suzuki

Sun Nov 08, 2020 10:40 pm by Jstruggs716

Looking for a hentai match in FnF for Li May debut:

Anything is fine with Satsuki, but her debut will on December 9:

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Savannah Love vs. Zulime Lafitte - Ultimate Surrender

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Savannah Love vs. Zulime Lafitte - Ultimate Surrender Empty Savannah Love vs. Zulime Lafitte - Ultimate Surrender

Post by BritBrat on Sat Oct 31, 2020 5:12 pm

Savannah Love vs. Zulime Lafitte

Match Type: Ultimate Surrender Rules
Victory Conditions: Victory is achieved by scoring the most points over your opponent at the end of three rounds. The winner can subject the loser to whatever she wants in the Prize Round.

Match Overview:

  • Round One (10 Minutes): Arm wrestling contest in the middle of the mat, the winner gets 5 points. Wrestler breaks and begins wrestling from a neutral position on their knees.
  • Round Two (10 Minutes): Point leader of round one will pick a number (between 1 or 2) held behind the referee's back. The winner can choose to either be in the “up” or “down” position to start the round.
  • Round Three (10 Minutes): Wrestler who started in up position for round two will start in the down position in round three. Both competitors will be nude. If the wrestlers do not get each others' clothing off before this round, points for removing articles of clothing are lost.
  • Prize Round/Round Four (5-10 Minutes): Winner performs sexual humiliation on the loser and decides how that round will play out. The winner is encouraged to dominate and humiliate the loser.

Point System:
Control Points: 9 Points during one continuous control
Kissing (Face, Neck, Ear): 3 Points 
Kissing (Mouth on Mouth): 5 Points
Breast Fondling: 10 Points
Pussy Rubbing: 20 Points
Pussy Fingering: 30 Points
Pussy Licking: 40 Points
Facesitting: 30 Points
Submission: 50 Points
Orgasm: 100 points

Truth be told, she wasn't too surprised that she was put into a speciality match of all things.

There are always mixed feelings for every rookie once they have been put into matches like this. Not every newcomer that gets accepted to join the illustrious AFW will have the start that they dream of. Most times, you don't get the stipulation that you'd prefer usually they are the kinky variety. Other times you don't even debut in Friction's very ring in Tokyo. Just because you're technically a part of the Friction roster, doesn't mean that they won't throw you into a debut in Tension or whatever dead league they have. Well, that if they get the inkling that a female doesn't mind slugging out with the bros. The thing to understand is that there isn't always a guarantee when it comes to higher-ups like this. These type of matches usually fall under the "gimmick" category. An excuse for management to throw a beautiful, sometimes flexible, woman and whoever else into a match together and ask them to tie one another into a lovely bundle of ropes and appendages. A throw-away match.

However, not every gimmick match would be considered a throw-away match. And sometimes you get a debut that turns out much better than you could imagine. That was at least what Sgt. Valentine thought. There wasn't any other reason as to why she'd be put into a match like this. Even as she sat on the bench, her legs crossed as the British native combed her ludicrously long mane. The toxic pink highlights only showing from the ends of the golden halo that is her hair. At first glance, if one were to see her in casual clothing, she'd seem nothing more than the basic white woman. Rather trashy, plastic, one that would fit the stereotype someone would have upon seeing her face. But even when she's stripped down into nothing more than a skimpy bikini, her body shows something much more. The model looks do a pretty good job at hiding the fact that she was a wrestler. Her actual attire does a good enough job showing off that flawless body. The Sergent may not be cut and tricked out, but she looks strong. The tweaked top that shows off her midriff, the skirt that doesn't really do an excellent job in covering her lady parts, and those succulent buttocks. Everything to accentuate her form. It's what drove the crowd crazy when she was in back in the land of Britannia. And she did not doubt that the same effect would occur in front of the AFW audience.

It's just a shame that she won't be performing to the AFW audience. In fact, she wasn't coming out as Sgt. Valentine. She's just plain, Lil' Savannah Love. Not that she would be boring without her persona, far from it. Her sultry, teasing self is mixed with excitement. It's not like everyone can say that they had an Ultimate Surrender match as their debut match. With AFW's Hentai division booming, it was a surprise to her that those kinds of matches don't often happen as she'd think. In fact, there was only one in AFW's history, where that type of match actually happened. And that was a tag team match, which is a massive shame when you think about it. So although Savannah is far from being in a match that breaks new ground, this is perhaps the first partnership between the two leagues and the first singles match to have taken place. And with AFW, they are the type to go all out, splurge on a lot of money to make it just as authentic as possible.

As Savannah ties her hair into twin ponytails, she looked upon the mirror. A massive smile on her face, the Brit can't help but be in disbelief that this is actually happening. The blue bikini that barely contains her assets, the bands that wrap around her biceps and ankles. The black wrestling shoes were never a well-liked attire of clothing, many viewers cringing at the constant squeaking they make with every movement. But Savannah thought they complimented well with the fact that this is pure grappling competition. No fancy intros, no flips over the top rope, no strikes and no bullshit. Just straight up mat tussling. Mind you; there aren't many wrestling meets and competitions that allowed to fuck someone into a quivering and mewling mess, laying in their puddle of juices. Luckily for Savannah, this was allowed. But even though it would be her debut, a dream debut at that, she cannot slack at all. There was no way she was getting into a match like this and get humiliated like this. Especially as she wore the colours that the likes of Dragonlily, Cheyanne Jewel, Darling, Syd Blakovich, Bella Rossi and Penny Barber wore, these were her colours. And she was wearing them with pride. Her opponent was far from a newcomer or a rookie, as much as she was told. So this definitely guaranteed a competitive match. At least, Savannah hoped so. It would suck massively if she'd be pitted against a jobber.

The stagehand would notify Savannah that it's time, not before knocking on the door. Her legs uncrossed, giving her attire a few tweaks before checking herself out in the mirror. She gave a double bicep pose to the mirror, giggling at the sight of it. Savannah hoped to do the same thing once she'd win this match. Not wanting to make the man wait, even more, Savannah moved out of the room to walk with the stagehand. This wasn't your typical walk down to gorilla position. Instead, the British wrestler would walk into a set prepared for her and her opponent. And hoo boy, this was just as she'd expected and more. Everything was exactly as she'd seen from the videos. The red and white is the constant theme of the room. From the walls to the mats, with the US logo in the middle. It wasn't like the black background, white and green set of old, but this was still magnificent. The stagehand gave instructions of what to expect and how filming was going to go down, but Savannah was busy letting her eyes soak in the sight of it all. Three cameras were placed outside of the mats, with one cameraman to get up and close to the action. The same one used for all the Ultimate Surrender matches at their website. This was as legitimate as it can get, and they were pulling out all the stops.

The twin-tailed blonde's mind would finally be attentive after photographers wanted to take pictures of the first competitor. This was far from her first photoshoot, wouldn't hurt to get a few snaps in for the crowd. She walked up next to the wall with the US logo, before giving a few serious poses in front of the lens. Some with her arms crossed, some with her biceps flexed. With the colour of her bikini, she definitely felt like she was Cheyanne. Suppose she was a blonde instead of a redhead. Regardless, she was more than ready to get this party underway. She has to wait for the other guest to arrive...

Savannah Love vs. Zulime Lafitte - Ultimate Surrender NbT0iL5

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Savannah Love vs. Zulime Lafitte - Ultimate Surrender Empty Re: Savannah Love vs. Zulime Lafitte - Ultimate Surrender

Post by LtLukas on Thu Nov 05, 2020 12:08 am

Zulime was strutting around the arena like she owned the place. She really felt like she did, after all. When she checked social media, she found a lot of her highlights getting tons of coverage. When she talked to her manager, she found that the AFW management was constantly bugging her to get into another match. When she walked the streets, she found that fans would walk right up to her and ask for autographs. She was more than happy to sign whatever the fans wanted. There were even a few woman who asked to sign their breasts, and there was nothing that made Zulime happier than to do just that.

The green bikini that she was wearing was straining against her buxom frame. Even if she were wearing fairly normal clothes, she would have stuck out like a sore thumb. The workers swarming around the arena were wonderful Japanese men and women, diligent with their work but perhaps overly focused on the task that they had at hand. Zulime was the complete opposite. It had been a long time since she had roamed from her locker room, looking for everything and anything that might capture her fancy before her match. It occurred to her that she perhaps ought to concentrate on the match, but Zulime was never going to go for that. After all, why would anyone who was as heralded and as popular as Zulime was worry about something so silly as winning a match? There was something to be said for looking good while you did that, which was why she wore a smile on her face, but she didn't want to think about that. It was five minutes in the future, which to Zulime may as well have been ten thousand years.

She was fairly excited, after all. Tonight was a special night. She knew of Ultimate Surrender, as any self respecting wrestling and sex addict would, and she would be in one of those matches this evening. The swaggering, confident Riverboat Queen was still prowling around when one of the worker bees walked up to her. Her smile was reciprocated by an awkward grin. For someone who worked at AFW, the man was acting like he had never seen such a pretty woman that close, in that sort of outfit. It was a shame, really. She thought that someone with a body like hers should make what she looked like known to the world.

He told her that it was nearly time for the match. The worker bee started explaining the rules, and Zulime was patient enough to listen for a second or two before she cut the man off. She had already all but memorized the rules, and intended to kiss and facesit and fondle her way to victory. In most matches, she was tacitly rewarded for such behaviors, either by the approving roar of the crowd or the fact that it got her just that little bit closer to a hentai finish. But now her actions would literally get her a few points closer to victory, which Zulime found to be nothing short of perfect for her.

Especially given her mood. Zulime found the right door, and threw it open. The woman that she saw a woman who was nothing short of stunning. Zulime would not have been surprised at all if she found out that the blonde was an honest to goodness model, given how attractive she was. Plus the fact that she walked in while Savannah was flexing certainly helped her cause. That bikini didn't leave much to the imagination, but Zulime found herself imagining anyways, a fact that was revealed as the woman bit her bottom lip for a second.

But she did make sure that it was only a second. "Well, darlin', ain't I nothin' short of charmed to make your acquaintance here, of all places." Her toothy grin made her look like an alligator, she thought. And Zulime found herself very hungry for one particular type of meat.

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