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Who wants a match?

Fri Aug 12, 2022 9:28 pm by Bahamut01

Hey all its been a while. So trying to get some matches going! Reply here or pm me and let's make something happen!

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Mon Aug 08, 2022 8:04 pm by ihateocrecolors

Due to some issues that I think have been popping up because of my involvement in stuff, I believe it's in the interest for me and everyone else that I take a temporary or probably permanent leave from AFW-related stuff. I have been nothing more than a burden to most of you. I won't make this into a giant paragraph. All I want to say is that I apologize to everyone who's ever rooted for me because I can't hack it not anymore.

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Retiring some wrestlers

Sun Jul 10, 2022 6:42 am by Deus001

Hey all

Deus here, I've been thinking it over and I'll be looking at benching some of my roster. Been thinking its a bit over bloated and with newer ideas on the horizon for me I've figured its time to shuffle them off to greener pastures or let their faceclaims be free to use.

So at the moment I will be retiring Chuang Lingxian, Qi Lingxian and Leon La Rouge effective immediate. I might be considering benching other people but atm the above three are getting axed. If you want to adopt any of …

[ Full reading ]

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Isaac Clarke VS Sona Buvelle: One Very Happy Jobber (Complete)

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Isaac Clarke VS Sona Buvelle: One Very Happy Jobber (Complete) Empty Isaac Clarke VS Sona Buvelle: One Very Happy Jobber (Complete)

Post by WrestleMind Sat Oct 17, 2020 11:37 pm

Isaac Clarke VS Sona Buvelle: One Very Happy Jobber (Complete) Img_2017

          Sona would thank her friend for giving her a lift to the apartment building, before double checking the address one last time. Yup, she got it right, this was Isaac's apartment building. Now she just had to go in and find his apartment! Exiting the car, the petite woman was wearing a large overcoat with a hood, entering the building. She greeted the receptionist and told them they were looking for a man named Isaac Clarke. They happily told them his apartment number and pointed the way to the elevator. Sona gave them a smile and bowed before entering the elevator and riding it up to the right floor. The elevator would ding, and Sona stepped out, walking down the hallway and carefully looking at all the numbers. One...Two...Three...Four...Sona counted the doors before finally finding the right one. A bright smile on her face as she would knock on Isaac's door, waiting for her new friend to answer the door. She had called them earlier that week. Ever since they first met, they had become good friends, and admittedly, Sona couldn't get the hunky gentleman out of her mind. While they managed to talk on the phone and text, they haven't had a match in awhile, so she proposed they had one tonight, although this time she proposed a handicap. This time Isaac had to wrestle with one arm tied behind his back to make things interesting. It would be a multi-fall match, winner would be the one with the most points! So of course, with such an interesting stipulation in mind, Sona had actually prepared a new wrestling attire to wear, one that was different from her usual bikini attire. She just hoped Isaac liked it.

Isaac had eagerly been waiting for one of the world's most beautiful jobbers to arrive. After hearing her lightly tap on his door the poor man's heart skipped a beat. After a few deep breaths he summoned the courage to open the door. Tonight he wore his usual dress shirt and pants. Of course when it came time to wrestle all that would be coming off. 

A smile spread across his face when he saw his Buxom Beau coming back for more. "Umm... Thanks for agreeing to another match... The last one was... Well, it was amazing!" Isaac paused a moment while his cheeks reddened at the thought of their first erotic knockout fest.
"umm... Anyways there's a gym with a ring in it down in the basement... This late at night we'll have it all to ourselves..."

Sona's face would light up when the door would finally open, and standing before him was the man who dominated her oh so thoroughly in their last match. She would look up at him, pulling down her hoodie and smiling at him. He looked quite handsome in his usual dress shirt and pants...but she also knew how much more handsome he gets when he strips down.

Sona would step forward and suddenly hug Isaac, and he could feel her huge breasts pressed up against his abs as she wrapped her arms around him. "Our last match was a lot of fun. How could I refuse another?" Sona giggled before pulling herself back and looking up at him, before blushing when he mentioned about a gym in the basement, and how they could have the ring all to themselves. She would squirm a little, looking down.

"Um...well...I...I think it better if we do," Sona whispered sheepishly, gently pressing herself against Isaac again, "Let you something~ That I only want you to see~" If Isaac would let her, the jobber would push him back into his apartment and closed the door behind him...before dropping her coat to reveal what she was wearing underneath.

Isaac wasn't stupid enough to argue with the buxom girl. Instead, he immediately began undressing.

Once he had slipped out of his dress shirt, jacket, and pants all that was left was his tightening boxer shorts. The red-cheeked man could barely manage to look at Sona's magnificent body.
"You look... Radiant..." He said with a small smile on his lips. "I almost forgot about our stipulation... One sec!"

The nervous hunk would rummage through a nearby kitchen drawer before pulling out a few feet worth of thick rope. 
Having practiced tying knots for just this sort of situation Isaac skillfully tied one end of the rope to his wrist and the other around his waist. The end result being Isaac had one hand tied tightly behind his back.

The cocky man's smile widened as he looked back up at Sona. "I bet even with this you can't knock me out..." He said teasingly. "Anyways how about a quick hug before our match!?" 
Isaac didn't know it yet bur Sona was about to make him eat his words.

Sona smiled as the larger man would comply with her little selfish desire...before her face reddened and she found herself drooling a little when the Freelancer began to undress. She watched as the man essentially gave this small, busty little woman an amazing gun show...and looked away when he looked at her, blushing.

"Y-Y-You...look amazing too," Sona said with a small smile on her own lips. She turned back to him when he mentioned almost forgetting their stipulation, and then she recalled what it was herself. She was so preoccupied with how Isaac was going to react to her attire this evening and fantasizing about some things that were best kept in the bedroom, she even forgot the handicap she was going to be given.

She watched Isaac go over to his kitchen and rummaged through a drawer, before coming back with some rope. Her mind immediately thought of some other ways Isaac could use that rope for, but quickly shook it off when Isaac finished tying one of his hands behind his back and teased her. She smiled and nodded before deciding a little sneaky surprise attack herself. The small woman would jump up at him to hug him, wrapping her legs around his waist and smushing her breasts right into his face as he hugged her, letting out a soft giggle as she did.

To Isaac's surprise, Sona embraced his hug and even jumped it up to eleven. The thick woman glued herself to the burly man, legs wound tightly around his waist, breasts blocking out every ounce of his air. There was nothing Isaac could do with just one arm. He would trie pulling her off but to no avail, the blue-haired jobber was stronger than she looked. He even tried yelling for air, yet to Sona, it would only seem like muffled moaning. 

After just a few brief moments the once-unstoppable brute was fading. First, he dropped to his knees. Next, he lost the energy to fight and let his free arm dangle limply. Finally, his lights faded and eventually extinguished. Sona could not see it but his eyes had rolled back to their pearly whites. Only when he was KO'd would Isaac finally let Sona drag his Limp twitching body to the floor.

Sona giggled softly as she clung onto the muscular hunky man, looking down at the top of his head, gently patting him. She would be careful as he teetered a bit from her smother, feeling his free arm prying at her, but it seemed with one arm, Sona was at least strong enough to hold on while he began to fade. Feeling him drop to his knees, Sona unhooked her legs and stand up straight in front of Isaac. She would begin to shush and lull him as he was beginning to fade, before whispering some teasing suggestions. "Maybe when I win...we can do more of this~ Fufufu~" Sona giggled before he would finally fall limp onto the floor. Sona would let out a quiet oof as he fell onto his back, with her landing on top of him. Sona would slowly sit up, straddling his abdomen while feeling her breasts. That was...surely a new feeling. She was always the one on the receiving end of these knock out holds, but that...that was absolutely exhilarating! She would immediately lean back down, poking at Isaac's cheeks to wake him up.

"Wakey wakey sleepyhead~" Sona whispered into his ears, hesitating a moment...before giving him a gentle kiss on his cheek.

Isaac would lay flat on his back for a minute or two. His chest would slowly rise and fall as he took slow deep breaths. Eventually, his eyes would flutter open and he would look up at the beauty who had laid him out so easily. So that's what that felt like...

Isaac was humiliated! It never felt good to get KO'd by a girl, especially one who was a notorious jobber. With reddened cheeks Isaac would sigh and moan.
"Well I definitely didn't see that coming... Could you... Let me up..." He felt both embarrassed and pleased that the plump girl pinned him down with her curvy hips. For once in a long while Sona was in complete control. Able to toy with Isaac as she pleased.

Sona would basically lay on his chest, gently poking him until he would finally wake up. Her face would blush and giggle when his eyes slowly began to flutter as he regained his consciousness, he looked cute with a flushed face. She would comply with his request and slowly got off him, sitting next to him as she helped him sit up.

"Hehe, you look cute when you're sleeping. Like a sleeping baby," Sona whispered as she pressed her breasts against his free arm, nuzzling herself next to him, "I guess that's one point for meeee~" Sona was just teasing him but she wanted to egg Isaac on, to fuel up his determination, that way when they really began, he'll really let her have it.

"What do you say the winner gets a little treat?" Sona mused, "I wouldn't mind 'playing' with you if I win~" Sona would gently run her hand down his chest, down his strong six-pack...before reaching his crotch, gently pressing her palm against it.

Lucky for Isaac Sona was in a generous mood. Not only did she let him sit up but she offered a "little treat" for the victor. Isaac had to have it! With a girl as gorgeous as Sona even a little treat was worth fighting for. To top it off the teal haired temptress let her hand slowly drift towards the blushing man's growing bulge. With just a little press of her palm, Sona almost knocked the wind out of her gentle brute.

While Sona fondled Isaac he plotted his comeback. With his arm bound he really only had a few brutish options. Unfortunately, he needed to fight a bit dirty...
"That's a very nice offer... I accept... Also... I'm very sorry..." Isaac would suddenly swing his free arm at Sona, aiming to slam his balled fist against the side of her head. He prayed it would only take one strike to KO his Beau.

Sona giggled from Isaac's reaction just from her little teasing, gently grasping the bulge of his, and running her hand up and down. She began to drool a little...thinking at what would happen if she would win or if Isaac would win. If she win...then she could have Isaac do anything to her...and if Isaac wins, she could only imagine the amazing things Isaac would do to her in bed...this big, hard thing. 


As she was daydreaming, she was unaware of what Isaac was plotting before it was too late. Sona would glance at him, a bit confused before her eyes widened and her jaw went slack when his fist hit the side of her face. Her eyes would roll up into the back of her head and she slumped against the wall, her tongue hanging out as she was slumped there, her arms hanging limply at her sides as she began to droll. A one-hit KO, even if Isaac only had one arm, that's really all he needed.

After taking a short moment to cringe at his loves hard knockout Isaac got to work. After a few seconds, he had grabbed onto one of Sona's ankles and dragged the plump girl away from the wall.
With Sona splayed out and wide-open Isaac would take the pleasure of spreading himself over her like butter on toast. Finally, he would announce the pin himself. 
"One... Two... Three... Four... Five.!" upon that last number he would peck the unconscious beauty on the lips. "That's one for me sweety!"

Sona would be leaning against the wall, with her eyes rolled up and tongue hanging out, twitching from the surprise knockout. It wasn't like she disliked it, in fact, if she was conscious, she would actually tease Isaac and encourage for these type of nasty surprises.

As Isaac dragged her away from the wall, she was nothing more than like a ragdoll, laid out on her back like a starfish. She would gently twitch underneath Isaac as he pinned himself on top of her. He could've counted to 30 and she most likely wouldn't have regained consciousness. But just as he finished the pin, and gave her a little peck on her lips, her eyes slowly fluttered, her eyes rolling back down and she looked at Isaac's handsome face. She blushed and giggled quietly, "ugh... That... was quite mean sweetie~ But...I hope you can get rougher~"

Isaac couldn't help but smile at Sona's request. He had to admit he enjoyed ragdolling the big blue beauty around, mostly because she was such a willing partner.
"Rougher huh... If you insist I guess I can test out a new move... It's something called the Iron Claw!" Isaac would immediately clasp his free hand around Sona's forehead and start squeezing her sensitive nerves with all his calloused hands

Sona would sit on her knees before Isaac, looking up at the towering man and waiting for him to have his way with her. She listened to his idea and grew excited at this new move he wanted to test. Then, she would feel his hand clasping around her head and suddenly squeeze. Her eyes widened and she tried to hold back this rather slutty smile when he began to push against her sensitive nerves, causing her eyes to dilate and roll up a little. She would bring her hands up and grasp Isaac's arm, folding her legs as it felt like electrical shocks were coursing through her body as he began to do his Iron Claw.

Isaac's aggressive side was in full swing. Sona's desperate struggles only served to rile up the usual gentleman even further. Just as the poor plump jobber was about to pass out Isaac released his hold. It may have seemed like mercy to the dazed jobber but it was simply a transition. As Sona took in a few deep breaths Isaac would suddenly slip his fingers down her throat and press them firmly against her most sensitive nerve. "I remember you really enjoying this one!" Isaac said with glee as he throttled Sona.

Sona's eyes were slowly rolling up, her tongue sticking out as she was struggling to stay conscious. Her hands would slowly slide off his wrist and dangling limply before he finally released the hold. She would be sitting there in a slutty daze. She would soon snap back to her sense when he suddenly slipped his fingers down her throat. Sona's eyes widened but she didn't respond, raising her hands up and her fingers curling up in the air as she began to choke on Isaac's meaty fingers, drool beginning to bubble up to her mouth.

Isaacs grin widened as Sona slipped deeper and deeper into unconsciousness. After just a few more choking spasms the Blue Belle could take no more. Her eyes would finally roll all the way back as her eyelids frantically fluttered. Yet Isaac kept up the pressure for just a few... More... Seconds...

After slipping his saliva drenched fingers out of Sona's throat Isaac quickly rubbed them against a nearby hand towel. 
"Ugh... Wrestling can be such nasty work" he declared with a rueful smile. From there Isaac showed a bit more of his gentle side; gingerly cleaning off the copious drool all over Sona's lips and cheeks. "Oh shoot! I almost forgot to pin you!" He declared after snapping his fingers.
Isaac would quickly correct this error by wrapping his hand around the snoring girls throat and slowly counting up. As she ate the pinfall Sona snorted, gagged, and convulsed from Isaacs's overly aggressive choke.

"One...... Two........ Three........... Four............ Five!...." Satisfied, Isaac let out a soft sigh and released Sona from his deadly grasp.

Sona's arms would finally fall limply to her sides as Isaac held his hand deep into her mouth, only the whites of her eyes visible while her eyelids fluttered. There was a slight smile on her face as he kept his fingers in her mouth before he finally pulled them out. Sona would slowly fall down on her back, sprawled out, while occasionally spasming and twitching, her tongue lolled out. Sona was in pure bliss, but she was excited for what her opponent would have planned next. Slowly, after the five count, her eyes would begin to flutter, and she would regain consciousness, coughing as she was finally able to breathe again, before looking at Isaac with a smile.

Isaac would gently cup Sonas cheek with his free hand. "I adore that smile of yours..." he said sincerely. feeling he had kept Sona planted to the ground for too long Isaac quickly rose to his feet and offered a hand to Sona. Assuming Sona accepted his hand and got to her feet Isaac would immediately spice things up with a sucker punch to her plump belly. He would quickly lock Sona in a front face lock while she was doubled over before snapping back to the floor. Of course, Isaac was a softie so he aimed his snap DDT onto his thick shag rug.

"Hehe, and I adore that charming personality of yours~" Sona giggled as she gladly took his hand and got up onto her feet. She didn't even have any time to catch her breath before Isaac suddenly threw a sucker punch into her plump belly. Her eyes widened and she bent over, spittle flying out as she felt his arm wrapping tightly around her head for a front facelock. She was looking straight down as Isaac snapped himself back for a DDT, slamming her right down!

Sona would be facedown, her eyes slightly rolled up and tongue hanging out, ass in the air as she twitched. Surprisingly this didn't knock her out but she was moaning a little. "P-P-Please...c-choke me out like this~" Sona moaned.

To Isaac's great surprise his DDT couldn't quite KO Sona. She might e been a jobber but she was still a tank!l of a girl! Isaac sighed as if he wouldn't love to oblige this glutton for punishment. "If you insist..." he said with a wide grin on his lips. The delicate powerhouse would gently ramp up the pressure on Sona's throat. "Don't fight it..." the gentle pressure would turn into a full on throttling. "Sleep tight, my jobber princess..."

Isaac thoroughly enjoyed making his plump opponent twitch and drool all over the floor. His enjoyment became extra obvious as his bulge grew and his briefs tightened. With Sona KO'd once again it was time for another pin. After rolling the soft listless girl onto her back Isaac would straddle her pelvis before slowly lowering and spreading himself on top of her.

This time he didn't bother counting out loud or even in his head. The hungry man took his time, sloppily kissing the Limp beauty as he used his free hand to gently grope one massive utter of a breast at a time. He was losing control of his carnal desires.

Sona was oblivious to what the muscular man was doing to her as he dropped her to the floor, and rolled over. She would let out an erotic moan, and her tongue would twitch when Isaac straddled her pelvis area, pressing that bulge of his against her. Her huge bare breasts, save for the two pasties she wore, were flattened against his amazing pecs, as he began to sloppily made out with her while groping one of her massive utters. Through his groping, her nipples would slowly get erect and her thick legs began to convulse and twitch.

Slowly, but surely, Sona would regain her consciousness while Isaac was kissing her and groping her. She would let out a moan, wrapping her arms around him as she returned the kiss. She attempted to wrap her legs around him too, rubbing her crotch against his bulge.

Before he knew it Isaac was doing what he thought he'd never do. Without thinking he tore Sonas panties aside and ripped his briefs down. After a single deep breath, he entered Sona with seven inches of steel. As he plowed the hell out of the thick beauty Isaac locked a hand around her mouth and nose. While Sona got closer and closer to passing out Isaac only got closer to exploding inside her. A full minute and a half later both would reach their destination. 

The tender powerhouse was now coated in a thick sheen of sweat. Fsatisfied for now he pulled out of Sona and took his coarse hand off of her lips. "Sorry I kinda got out of hand there Sona?... Sona... Are you... Awake?"

The silent beauty would only let out yelps and moans as she was still in a rather daze state, feeling the man she had feelings for tear her panties aside and feeling that rock hard erection pressed against her. Her eyes would widen as she soon snapped back awake when he slipped every inch of himself deep into her!

Her mouth opened in an O-shape, tongue sticking out, but before she could let out any sort of cry, Isaac's hand clasped over her mouth and nose. Her pupils began to dilate as Isaac began to move faster and faster, slamming every inch of himself into her pussy and kissing the entrance to her womb with his tip. She came tonight expecting something like this, but she didn't expect to get such pleasure so soon.

A minute and a half later, she would let out a loud muffled moan as she felt Isaac exploding inside of her, her legs twitching and quivering as her cum would mix in with his own. Sona would slump forward, her tongue hanging out and the woman panting and giggling. "Heh...heh...Isaaaaac~" Sona giggled as she glanced at him with lustful eyes, "That wasn't...veeeery niiiice~" 

Sona would slowly push herself up, pressing her huge breasts against his pecs and nuzzling her cheek against his neck. "Don't tell me this is all~" Sona whispered as she wrapped her arms around him, hugging him. However, as she did so, she began to fiddle with the rope, slowly untying Isaac's arm.

Isaac chuckled softly under his breath. Sona was damn resilient. He had just pounded her with all his sexual might while laying on some suffocation for good measure and she still asked for more.
"I'm glad you liked it... But before I can tear you up we gotta get cleaned up... Now be a good girl and come to the shower with me..."

Sona probably would've come along without any objection. Just in case Isaac would suddenly coldcock the unsuspecting girl. Once she was good and KO'd he would drag her towards the bathroom.

"Mmmmm~ Taking a shower with you? That sounds like fu-" Sona giggled as she was close to untying Isaac's arm before she was suddenly sucker-punched once more. Sona would just remain sat upon Isaac's lap. She would be staring right up at Isaac before her eyes slowly rolled up into the back of her head, and her arms fell limply to her sides. Her jaw would go slack and her tongue hang out. She was nothing more than like a life-size ragdoll.

After taking a moment to gently troke the unconscious beauty's blue hair Isaac sighed. "Guess we better clean you up my jobber queen..."

Isaac would slowly rise to his feet while still lifting Sona. Eventually, he would succeed in holding onto her like a backpack on his chest. After strolling into the bathroom Isaac would gently lay the messy beauty in the corner of the shower. After fiddling with the knobs to get the shower nice and warm Isaac would plop beside Sona.

As an afterthought, Isaac shut the door behind him.

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