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fraction match wanted

Tue May 23, 2023 6:46 pm by Rohi Yamin

looking for a match

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Tension Match Hunt

Fri May 19, 2023 9:50 pm by GrandAkumaShogun

Looking for matches for my boys

Takeichi Mori

Takeshi Kawai

If anyone is interested feel free to hmu. ty in advance to anyone who responds.

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Looking for Friction Hentai debut match

Tue May 23, 2023 8:50 pm by SigmaMorgan

Hentai for me character Loren.

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Jason Reed Vs Isaac Clarke: A Lesson in Respect

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Jason Reed Vs Isaac Clarke: A Lesson in Respect Empty Jason Reed Vs Isaac Clarke: A Lesson in Respect

Post by WrestleMind Tue Oct 06, 2020 4:29 am

Jason Reed Vs Isaac Clarke 
A Lesson in Respect
Jason Reed Vs Isaac Clarke: A Lesson in Respect Img_2014
Isaac paced impatiently around AFWs private training ring, waiting for his very late opponent. It was late at night so the usual hustle and bustle had died down, now only Isaac and an annoyed referee were waiting in this unnervingly quiet room.


Because AFW had their eye on a fresh piece of meat. An incredibly popular wrestler names Jason Reed. While he certainly was no slouch in the ring Isaac knew the AFW league wasn’t interested in his history of local championships or his solid win-loss ratio. All they wanted was a sexy slab of meat with a bad attitude.

Jason was acutely aware of his demigod looks and his strong appeal to the female demographic. Aware enough to demand an impressive starting salary, a luxuriously furnished dressing room, and a match of his own design with Isaac. Apparently, he was quite the fan.

He was the sort of fan who demanded a 2/3 falls match. A match where both competitors had to be stripped down to their knickers and Jason could not be disqualified. Once the match was complete, win or lose, he would join the roster.

Per usual Isaac couldn’t help but say yes to anything that was asked of him. Even though the new kid hadn't left a good impression the sensible man gave him the benefit of the doubt. So when the speedo clad teen sauntered into their private ring 30 minutes late he greeted him with a scowl and a polite “Hello”.

Jason, on the other hand, could barely contain his excitement. Since Isaac's debut in the roster, he had not missed a single match. He loved the dueling lawful and sadistic sides of the muscle-bound analyst. More than that he fell head over heels for Isaac's sculpted chest and dreamy eyes. Simply put, he was crushing on him pretty hard.

Round One

"Um... Oh my God... I mean...  uhh... I'm Jason! err Let's uh... Wrestle?..."
Jason cheeks turned scarlet as he nervously averted his gaze. This was unusual for the teen heartthrob. Usually, he had to have his security keep throngs of thirsty women off his back. Now he was chomping at the bit just to lay one finger on this dark-haired brute.

Isaac rolled his eyes and sighed. "Alright... let's get this over with..."


Just as the bored man turned to face his Jason the young man's brass clad fist slammed into the side of his cheek.

Isaac stumbled about for a few moments as his eyes rolled back into his skull and he groaned in confusion. “Urghh… whaa…” Just as he was about to collapse on his own his greedy opponent threw another brass clad punch, this time to Isaac's other cheek.


The blindsided man flopped in the center of the ring, his legs and arms sprawled out like a starfish, his chest rising and falling rapidly. As he took a little nap his limp body gently convulsed.

As soon as his crush was incapable of resisting the muscle-bound boy spread his taught body over every inch of him. He vined his slender legs around Isaac's thighs. He pressed his bulge tightly against Isaac's stomach. Finally, he made out with his KO'd crush as if his life depended on it. Kissing, licking, and biting Isaac's tender lips. While the big man snoozed he unconsciously returned the favor, letting his tongue and lips mingle with Jason’s.

“Jesus christ this is a weird place…” The referee thought glumly as she knelt down and began her count. Each slap of her hand and autorative voice reverberated through the small room, signifying Isaac's total humiliation.
Isaac twitched and moaned softly but put up zero resistance...
"FOUR!.......... "
Isaac gagged slightly as Jason slid his tongue deeper down his throat.

"Alright, Mr. Reed... The first round is yours..." The ref gave a concerned look at the twitching mass of muscles and the sexy weirdo who had knocked him out cold.
"You know... You could just pin him again and pick up the win right now..."

Jason gently pulled his lips away from Isaac's with a soft smack. After rising to his knees he wagged a finger at the ref as if she were a misguided child. 
"No way! I've been waiting to meet this man for months! We're gonna take things nice and slooow..."

The referee could only nod and cringe. She couldn't help but notice the hard outline of throbbing erections under both men's speedos. "Whatever you say..." She murmured with a blazing red face.

Round Two

After slipping off his brass knuckles the young stud would gently tap Isaac's heavily bruised cheek. The slumbering man slowly awoke from his coma. First, his eyes gently rolled back into place then feeling returned to his limbs inch by inch. Groggy and furious, Isaac squinted up at the young redhead who was leering over him.

"You... Little punk... you.. you Fucking sucker-punched me!" Jason nodded, grinned, and caressed Isaacs's tender cheek. "Sorry babe... I just couldn't wait one. more. minute! I had to feel those lips, those abs, those..." Reed would gently squeeze Isaac's hard on and wink suggestively. "Now you just wait here... I'm gonna grab a little chloroform... It kinda almost seems like your not into this? I'll grow on you though...."

The handsome villain would quickly crawl off of Isaac and roll out of the ring. While he rummaged around under the ring Isaac tried to regain his bearings. It took only a minute for the young predator to find a bottle of chloroform and a filthy rag. He was back in the ring and approaching his crush before he could even get on his feet.

Isaac looked up nervously as Jason practically drowned the rag with chloroform. A panic set in for the usually serene veteran. The thought of what this emboldened perv might do to his unconscious body... It made him tremble with fear and a bit of repressed excitement.

Isaacs fight or flight instincts gave him a sudden adrenaline rush. With his newfound strength, he lunged forth, spearing the young man to the ground and mounting his abdomen. In the ensuing struggle, he managed to rip the drenched rag from the boys hands and give him a taste of his own medicine.

The arrogant boy thrashed about pathetically but Isaac was heavier and stronger. He wasn't going anywhere, All he had to do was sit and let the chloroform do its work. It only took a few seconds for the punk kid to start tiring out. His thrashing soon became weak squirming. His violet eyes fluttered gently then rolled up to their whites. After one last pitiful grunt, he went Limp as wet dough... Of course, Isaac wasn’t going to take any chances. Only after checking the boy's weak pulse did he toss the rag.

Isaac placed his hands on Jason’s undefended throat and applied gradual pressure. All the while he silently glared at the defeated boy beneath him. "I'm gonna teach you a few lessons in respect... Then next time we fight it’ll be nice… and… clean… With each word he squeezed harder and harder; making the pitiful demigod twitch, gag, and drool helplessly. Eventually, the referee's desperate protests made Isaac come to his senses. Jason took slow raspy breaths while his furious opponent plotted his destruction.

Isaac straddled Jason's waist and waited patiently for the beautiful teen to become lucid but not so long he could fight back. With Jason “awake” Isaac grabbed ahold of his bright purple hair, slowly dragging the Limp boy to his knees. The chloroform and strangulation were still retaking havoc on the skinny punk; drool dripped from his lips as his eyes were still half closed. "urgghh Wha...ouch! My… fucking hair!"

"That should be the least of your worries..." Isaac said chillingly. Before the drugged redhead could regain his bearings he was placed in an airtight frontal face lock while his new bully applied an atomic wedgie that exposed his toned but paled but cheeks.

The brilliant brute would use the leverage of this wedgie to lift Jason to his feet and then into the air. The handsome boy was suspended just long enough to have terror overwhelm him. "Wai- wait! Don't do it!!! I Love you!"


Isaac would silence his talkative friend by falling backward and spiking his skull into the mat with an unforgiving sharp-angled DDT. Jasons tanned body would stay erect for a few moments before he turned into a jumbled pile of spaghetti on the mat. Convulsing, twitching, and drooling more than ever. The referee couldn't help but let out a nervous "Yelp!" at seeing the poor newbie destroyed. "Maybe we should... Get a doctor?" She asked, nervous what the quiet sociopath might give her a DDT next.

Isaac would take a moment to sigh deeply before responding. "No... The new guy wanted a match so... Were gonna give him one!" The handsome psycoh would smile at the ref warmly. This only made her more uneasy.

Satisfied, for now, Isaac would allow Jason to eat the pinfall without further punishment. After sitting on the KO'd boys' face Isaac would grab a leg and pull it back as far as it would go. Jason proved to be flexible. the ref couldn't help but notice both guys were at full mast once again. Isaac's thick bulge had partially slipped into Jason's gaping mouth. The triumphant man didn't seem to mind or notice.

Jason gagged softly as he gargled Isaacs's marbles.
Jason's muscular belly would gently rise and fall with each passing number.
The ref sighed. This was inevitable...

Isaac would let Jason's limber leg clamber to the mat. After crawling off of the TKO’d jerk he would wait almost five minutes for him to regain some energy. Isaac wanted the uppity Newby to be able to stand on his own. It opened up alot of possibilities.

Round Three

Isaac wasn't that patient though. As soon as Jason had staggered to his feet and wondered aloud. "huh... who… what… where am I?...” The sound of ropes stretching and someone running on the mat alerted Jason, but it was too late.


As soon as he turned around Isaac turned him inside out with a clothesline that almost broke his arm. It was worth it. His lightweight opponent would tumble through the air before smacking against the mat with a wet SLAP.

Isaac was almost done with his merciless pursuit of revenge. He dragged the broken boy by his hair and got him to sit up. The pain woke up the groggy kid a bit. Isaac added on a few hard slaps to Jason's unblemished face. "Wakey, Wakey pretty boy! I want you to really enjoy this last move..."

Isaac would plop down behind Jason before wrapping his legs around the newbies slender waste. Jason had watched his crush enough to know what was next. 
"No no no! I'll pay you! ill suck you! I'll do anything! ill-". Isaac silenced the boys pleading by wrapping one of his meaty pythons around his throat.

The exhausted jobber squirmed and thrashed like his life depended on it. For all he knew it might. Isaac chuckled softly as he tightened his grip on the teen's tender neck. Very quickly the once energetic beauties fight would slow before coming to a complete halt. His limbs once thrashing and clawing drooped limply to the mat. His lively purple eyes would roll into the back of his head one last time.

"Isaac I think that's enough..." The ref pleaded, knowing she had already lost control of the match.

Completely ignoring the referee's desperate plees, the brilliant brute continued to brutalize Jason without an evil glint in his eyes and a cruel smile on his lips. Drool bubbled from the boys talented lips and tears streamed from his empty eyes. Not quite satisfied, Isaac whipped the unconscious boys head from side to side like a dog tearing apart his favorite toy.

This was too far. The untrained newbie was now convulsing as if struck by a severe case of epilepsy. Satisfied but also somewhat ashamed of his over the top revenge Isaac would finally let go and roll his ragdolled opponent into the center of the ring. He wasn't too ashamed to pick up the final pinfall. Afte placing his barefoot on the comatose kid's sweat-drenched chest Isaac signaled for the referee to end the slaughter.

Splay Legged and spasming like a mad man; Jason ate the pinfall with no complaints.
"ONE!... TWO!... THREE !...... FOUR !...... FIVE!"

The referee breathed a sigh of relief. Thank God it was over...

The hotshot jobber had made one Fiery entrance but his new buddy Isaac had escorted him to the bottom of AFW's savage hierarchy.

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