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Looking for... anything really.

Mon Jul 26, 2021 10:43 pm by Chaos

Hey. I'm just here to look for one more thread, just trying to be active.

Could be anything as I don't have anything in mind.

if interested, don't be afraid to PM through the forum or Discord (ChaosDeku#0180) or even here, so that we may discuss.

Thank you and hope to see you soon.

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Debut Match

Sat Jul 24, 2021 1:34 am by Rymiscuius

I might have time for a thread or two.

Got one character so far, she’s pretty snazzy.
PM if interested but discord will likely be easier


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Match Wanted

Sat Jul 17, 2021 6:51 pm by KillerV

Looking for female opponents against my Killer King or Nathan Ballwin.

Prefer my males win the match.

Can discuss via DM or Discord KillerV#5130 for more details.

Thank you.

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Brittany and Sarah

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Brittany and Sarah Empty Brittany and Sarah

Post by Jstruggs716 Thu Jul 16, 2020 8:12 am

Brittany and Sarah CLR9GcM
Name- Brittany Stacy and Sarah Stacy
Age- 23
Birthday- May 10, 1998
Sexuality- Bi (Both)
Hair- Blonde (Brittany) and Black hair (Sarah)
Eyes- Blue (Brittany) and Black (Sarah)
Height- 5'3 (Both)
Weight- 121lbs (Brittany) and 126lbs (Sarah)
Combined Weight- 247lbs
Ethnicity- Caucasian
Nationality- American
Nicknames or Tag teams names- The Stacy twins or The Stacy sisters
Alignments- Face
Debut- November 12, 2018 (In a losing effort against more experiences women tag team.)
Rival- None yet
Theme- You Can Look (But You Can't Touch) by Kim Sozzi
Likes- Each other, Their mom, Wrestling, Winning, cute boys and girls, and purple. Brittany: Sweets, cats, and Villains in superhero comics. Sarah: Meats, dogs, and Hero in superhero comics.
Dislike- Losing, People messing with them or their mom and friends, and Their Father. Brittany: Meat, Dogs, and boring protagonist. Sarah: Sweets, Cats, and boring antagonist.
Accomplishment- one tag team championship reign, though, it was the shortest in the promotion they won it history as it was fourteen days.

Brittany and Sarah were born on May 10, 1998 in Cameron, North Carolina. But before they were born their father left their mother to raise the twins by herself. So she did as she raised the Stacy twins to be respectfully, responsible, kindhearted do as they are told by authority, and to always love each other no matter what! And the sisters did just that especially the latter parts as they almost did everything together. So, when Brittany into a wrestling as her one day she was channel surfing until she saw a pro wrestling match and was immediately hooked onto it! It was no surprised to their mother that Sarah, soon, became interested in it as well. So, after years of watching to it together, the twins would decide to become pro wrestler after graduating high schools. And after training of two years, the Stacy twins made their pro wrestling at the ages of twenty. But sadly, they lost to more experience tag team. There was many wins and loss for the twins in the their first years of being pro wrestlers. But their biggest win yet in their career was winning a tag team titles at indy promotion on January 21, 2020. Even though, they held them from January 21-February 3, being the shortest tag team title reign in that indy promotion history. It still put them on notice in the wrestling world and a lot of wrestling promotion were looking to them. Brittany and Sarah are very excited about it! Seeing it as their big break in the wrestling of world! And they are going to be doing it together.

Thanks to being raised by their mother, The twins are good and kindhearted people, always doing their best to help each other or someone else. And naturally, they love each other and their mom with all their hearts! The twins spend a lot of time growing up so they would share many things that like and dislikes together, almost if they were the same person. But they do have some difference in personality, likes, and dislikes. As Brittany can be rash, energetic, hotheaded, not most smartest and be very sensitive sometimes while Sarah is calm, patient, very smart, cautious (though little too cautious sometimes), and it is one of very last person you would see to cry.

Wrestling Info
Wrestling Strategy- As Tag team, the twins, of course uses combination attacks to wear down their opponent. Like one of them will a submission to hold down their opponents while the others use a high flying move to hit their opponent.

Preferred Attacks: Double teaming

Preferred Match: Tag team, Two on one handicap, Tornado tags, and Tag team elimination.

Attitude towards hentai: Brittany: "You bet! You sis?" Sarah: "If you're up for it then so am I."

Double Dropkick
Double Stinkface
Rapid Kick
Stacy's scissor (Double Bodyscissor)
Stacy booty in your face! (One of the twins reverse facesit their opponent while sit down on their waist to hold them down.)

Signature moves-
Knock the wind out of you! (Sarah traps their opponent in a headscissor while Brittany goes up on the top rope and hits a splash onto her opponent to knock the air out of them and hopefully gets a pinfall.)
Full Stacy's lock (One twins traps their opponent in full Nelson's lock while the other twin kissed them on lips to air block any air from come in to their lungs.)

Your done! (Once their opponent is in the middle of the ring. Brittany would first hit a 450 splash! Then Sarah would lands a hit moonsault! And finally the twins would both cover their opponent for the pinfall!)
Double Stacy's knees (With their opponent on their knee. The twins both grabs their opponent arms, reels back their own their knees before slamming it into their opponent chin!)

Fun facts
1. Sarah was born five minutes before Brittany. Making her older twin but Brittany don't see it that way considering that they were born on the same day on same month in the same year so don't considering Sarah to be the older twin.
2.They lives together in apartment
3. Brittany has a cat while Sarah has a dog.
4. Both has yet to compete in single match.

Artwork done by

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Brittany and Sarah Empty Re: Brittany and Sarah

Post by Jstruggs716 Fri Jul 31, 2020 1:06 am

The Stacy Twins Official Matches

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Double T


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