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Tue Aug 09, 2022 1:04 am by ihateocrecolors

Due to some issues that I think have been popping up because of my involvement in stuff, I believe it's in the interest for me and everyone else that I take a temporary or probably permanent leave from AFW-related stuff. I have been nothing more than a burden to most of you. I won't make this into a giant paragraph. All I want to say is that I apologize to everyone who's ever rooted for me because I can't hack it not anymore.

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Retiring some wrestlers

Sun Jul 10, 2022 11:42 am by Deus001

Hey all

Deus here, I've been thinking it over and I'll be looking at benching some of my roster. Been thinking its a bit over bloated and with newer ideas on the horizon for me I've figured its time to shuffle them off to greener pastures or let their faceclaims be free to use.

So at the moment I will be retiring Chuang Lingxian, Qi Lingxian and Leon La Rouge effective immediate. I might be considering benching other people but atm the above three are getting axed. If you want to adopt any of …

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Gai Tendo vs Eliza Harrenwood - Flame Reignited

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Gai Tendo vs Eliza Harrenwood - Flame Reignited - Page 2 Empty Re: Gai Tendo vs Eliza Harrenwood - Flame Reignited

Post by Old_Man_Tai Tue Mar 30, 2021 11:19 pm

Gai stayed down, eyes rolled in the back of his head, completely and utterly KOed by the Dancing Passion, making no movement other than his breathing as the pinfall attempt was counted.



Just like that, it was over again, the fans laughing in delight as the arrogant and blustering Gai was defeated again in record time!

Check out the recently revamped Roster Page, now with pics!

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Gai Tendo vs Eliza Harrenwood - Flame Reignited - Page 2 Empty Re: Gai Tendo vs Eliza Harrenwood - Flame Reignited

Post by BritBrat Fri Apr 02, 2021 1:42 pm

This was ridiculous.

Eliza really did not know what to expect when Gai came down to challenge the Dancing Passion. He looked like he was in the right shape for this, seemed to have the confidence that teetered towards arrogance and looked like a seasoned competitor. Eliza has seen worse coming out of the curtain in her storied career. Some had no business being a competitor in AFW and those who invoke Eliza’s ire, yet they still had the skills to back it up.

Gai, however, was another level to the British Aristocrat. Unlike the Letharios like Marc and the narcissists like Levi, they could, at the very least, take a lot of punishment from Eliza’s educated legs.

Gai got knocked out with just one kick. And got counted out for the pin.

The usual fanfare turned into snickers, giggles and laughter ad the man who talked big game would be taken out with one kick. The Darling of Tension could not believe it, and she stared at the unconscious Gai in disbelief. Usually, she would have had an arduous battle, and even jobbers put up a bigger fight than the Bukiri-One King. It is hard to believe that a man with the biggest mouth simply couldn’t take a simple shot to the head. Was it a result of her training? Eliza couldn’t think that she was that strong, but at that point, she was expecting so much more from the redhead.

“He can’t be serious.” Eliza gave an exasperated huff as she sat up, sitting at Gai’s side. A hand of hers came towards his face to give some light slaps to the cheek. “Alright, enough of this. Wake up, Mr Tendo!”


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