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Tension Title Belt matches

Thu Jan 21, 2021 12:16 am by SimplyMoon

As with Aphrodite being the new holder of Hentai championship belt for Tension((Spoilers))I hope to reinvigorate the belt with a few matches and am beginning to plan out what to do. If you are interested in storyline or just a plain match let me know with a pm or a comment down below.

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Looking for a Hentai Debut match!

Tue Jan 19, 2021 11:20 am by Diesel_Electric_Razor

Hello AFW! Asking again for anyone to take my dear lad Jasper Rhys on for a somewhat unusual hentai match, as I want him to face off against another male wrestler, preferably a masculine male for his Hentai debut match.

Essentially I'm asking for a gay hentai match, I.E. yaoi
Jasper's Page

If anyone is interested, hit me up on Discord so we can plan it out!
my Discord is

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Bored, want some matches, the nomal

Sun Dec 20, 2020 1:03 am by Void Effect

Want some RP matches, Bored mostly, find me on Discord, I am free most of the time, don't really have any limit of which types, okay with anything, and just bored, DM me if interested

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Nekketsu Championship Tournament: Round 1: Evelyn Evans vs Bryan Daniels

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Nekketsu Championship Tournament: Round 1: Evelyn Evans vs Bryan Daniels - Page 5 Empty Re: Nekketsu Championship Tournament: Round 1: Evelyn Evans vs Bryan Daniels

Post by killcarrion on Sun Nov 22, 2020 5:19 am

Equal parts disoriented, bewildered, agitated, and of course still unfathomably handsome~...Bryan struggled spastically to liberate himself from the pinning predicament sprung upon him right when the gorgeous male model was about to superkick his way right into the second round of the tournament. He didn't have a clue where Evelyn cobbled together enough wherewithal to have the rookie red-head turn the situation around so decisively in her favor, especially considering the beautiful beat-down she'd just been put through thanks to his glamorous girlfriend at ringside. Regardless, he was dead-set on muscling his way out of the roll-up with fidgeting resistance until achieving what he thought was his well-earned freedom just in the nick of time.

Only to hear Evelyn's theme start playing from the speakers to his stark-wide eyed astonishment, the model athlete now shuffled onto his knees and gazing up at the referee. Still in slack-jawed disbelief even with the official currently raising Evelyn's hand and the rousing applause emphatically directed at the bandit having, appropriately enough, stolen this win from the baffled model who had no right to complain about dishonest tactics. But was damn well going to do so anyway as he stood back up and approached the referee after she'd released Evelyn's wrist. "Are you kidding me?! How do you not see my big toe grazing the bottom rope??!! And don't think I didn't hear that fast count!!!! This ain't over!!! I'm reporting you, and by this time next week, you'll be cleaning up the grease trays in Hooters!!!" Bryan bellowed, prodding the stoic official with his index finger who was taking the verbal abuse but mainly reiterating that her decision was final.

Nekketsu Championship Tournament: Round 1: Evelyn Evans vs Bryan Daniels - Page 5 IzEu9yM

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Nekketsu Championship Tournament: Round 1: Evelyn Evans vs Bryan Daniels - Page 5 Empty Re: Nekketsu Championship Tournament: Round 1: Evelyn Evans vs Bryan Daniels

Post by Teenwrestler on Mon Nov 30, 2020 9:13 am

Sensing danger and seeing that it was her ever-lasting duty to get her Bry-Bear out of trouble, the supermodel would quickly seek to interject herself into this matter to get the attention of the referee and give Bryan enough time to break out of the pinfall. However, the supermodel did not expect someone else to be inserting themselves into this affair and out came an unknown male charlatan by the name of Ko, who was looking to spoil the party of the Fashion Icons.

"Why don't you do your jo-Uuuughhh!" Ami's rant aimed at the referee was cut short and she was taken off the ring apron and dumped unceremoniously on the outside floor. Clutching her back and moaning in pain, the referee was no longer distracted by the irate supermodel and Ko would help the referee focus back to the match and a three count was achieved, giving the victory to Evelyn.

Eventually, Ami would sit up and shake her head. When she heard Evelyn's theme playing, she would get back up on her feet and be livid. Her face almost was turning red in anger. Ami would slide into the ring and rush to stand beside her significant other and began to join him in his rant to berate the referee. "You idiot! First, I told you Bryan had his foot on the rope and then an outside attacked me and you didn't even DQ Evelyn. Where did you learn to your job huh? You'll be through with professional wrestling refereeing when we are done with you......aww shush, shush come on Bry-Bear" Ami would say, fixing Bryan's hair and patting him on his shoulder.

Ami would gently grab Byran's left arm with both of her hands to get cozy beside him. "Come on, we need to get out of here and report this moron to the appropriate authorities."

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Nekketsu Championship Tournament: Round 1: Evelyn Evans vs Bryan Daniels - Page 5 Empty Re: Nekketsu Championship Tournament: Round 1: Evelyn Evans vs Bryan Daniels

Post by Iceman on Mon Dec 14, 2020 6:55 pm

Everything had happened so fast that Evelyn was struggling to react. Definitely that was a part of the big leagues that she wasn’t expecting and had caught the redhead off guard. Back on her indie wrestling past interferences and in ring drama was also a common thing, but the stakes weren’t as big so oftenly things would get sorted with some promo or standoff. But in that case situation looked way more complicated, with Red was still processing that she had been declared winner even if she had needed some help from her husband to be. She didn’t feel bad because of it since her rival was the first one to bend the rules in his favor. While she was in there with the referee being declared victor, Bryan and Ami rushed to her, yelling and accusing her of foul play. Since they weren’t wrong it wouldn’t help her to remain there longer should things escalate, so after waving and bowing to the crowd she started her way up the ramp to backstage before the referee could get her attention.

“That was a bumpy debut.”, Ko said from her hiding place under the backstage’s corner.

“Hon! Did you see that finisher move?!” said Evelyn as she jumped on top of her fianceĆ© so he would carry her around, deeply kissing him. “Thanks for coming in my help, my hero...”, she would moan in whispers.

For some seconds that threatened with becoming minutes both Bandits were just there getting lost in the passion of the moment making out. But it wasn’t a smart idea since Bryan and Ami could come anytime, so in the end they needed to move.

“We should move before they can arrive and catch us in here.” Kotaro said with difficulty in between his moans. Evelyn always knew how to get him hot and bothered in no time.

“Bummer… I just wanted to enjoy my darling a little bit more… And what should we do with this??” She would say as her hand would rest against Ko’s badly hidden erection. “I know! I need to get out of this sweaty wrestling gear and have a shower. Maybe I will let you look, maybe I will let you join me...” With that and a teasing wink Evelyn started dragging Ko towards the shower room, already forgetting about that night's nasty rivals.

Winner by pinfall: Evelyn Evans


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Nekketsu Championship Tournament: Round 1: Evelyn Evans vs Bryan Daniels - Page 5 Empty Re: Nekketsu Championship Tournament: Round 1: Evelyn Evans vs Bryan Daniels

Post by Sponsored content

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