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Tension: Looking for a Debut!

Tue Feb 23, 2021 3:49 am by Gadot

I'm looking to send Nic out there and give him a proper debut, would love a nice match for him! I've honestly got no preferences in terms of a match, but I would love something that either gives him a nice plot to ride out with someone else, win or lose. He's down to play with both men and women, either hentai or not. Link is in my signature!

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Searching for some standard matches

Thu Feb 11, 2021 3:26 pm by Iceman

Hello there. Now that I took care of my posting schedule and I managed to catch up it is time for me to make an open call for anyone willing to give this new wrestler of mine a cool standard match. I have plans for her so the options are somehow a little limited, but if you reach me through PM or Discord we can discuss things. Also, I'm on some kind of schedule so I would like those matches to last a couple of months, three tops.

Thanks a bunch. Have a nice

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Poll regarding the possibility of Mods booking PPV matches.

Sat Oct 24, 2020 1:43 am by Old_Man_Tai

So, basically, was wondering all of your thoughts regarding the possiblity of mods booking ppv matches.

The thought was, since people often seem to have trouble finding partners for ppv matches until the last minute or so, what if the mod team was to step in and, well in advance of the show, book the show ourselves, and try to put together the best matches we can, including title defenses, no.1 contender matches, and so on and so forth?

While I doubt our more popular members need such a …

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A Surprising First Meeting (For WrestleMind)

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A Surprising First Meeting (For WrestleMind) Empty A Surprising First Meeting (For WrestleMind)

Post by Ragdoll_Jobbers Tue Dec 03, 2019 3:17 am

After a hard-fought match with the tenacious feline Teddy; Isaac had taken a week off to recover. Now feeling 100% he sauntered down the hall, hoping to meet with management and get a fresh opponent.
He suddenly noticed a buxom blue-haired girl walking his way. In an attempt to avoid accidentally bumping into her Isaac stepped to the side before continuing down the hall.

Isaac Clarke:
A Surprising First Meeting (For WrestleMind) L00wdt10

It had been quite a while since Sona had managed to get herself a big match. Most of the time she got smaller matches, and while they were satisfying to be in and used as a jobber, she wanted something more exciting. Trying to recall when the last time she had a match against a nice strong and handsome man would more often than not cause her to draw a blank. Well, that was until she turned the corner into a hallway. That's when she saw him, Isaac. She smiled and immediately knew what she wanted.
Walking down the hallway in his direction, she'd take actions in order for her to be able to bump into Isaac, while managing to make it look like a complete accident. Her huge breasts would practically squish against his nice muscled body as she stumbled back.

Sona Buvelle:
A Surprising First Meeting (For WrestleMind) Sona_b10

Isaac was completely taken aback when the thick girl suddenly lurched in front of him. For just a moment her heaving breasts pressed tightly against his chest, then she pulled away.
It seemed like she had bumped into him on purpose. Yet Isaac always tried to be chivalrous so he took the blame. With a hand outstretched to the blue-haired girl, he apologized. "Geez, I'm really sorry about that! Are you okay?"

Sona would flail her arms as she was stumbling and tipping backwards, before Isaac stretched out his hand to her. She'd grab it and balance herself, letting out a sigh before smiling at Isaac. "Sorry about that. I'm okay," Sona replied in almost a soft whisper. Her voice was rather sensual and alluring. The woman standing before Isaac was only wearing a tight black t-shirt that could barely hold her huge breasts back, so in the end, the black t-shirt ended up accentuating the size of her bust. She wore skin tight jeans that showed off her hips and thick thighs, her legs slightly crossed. She'd look up at him.
"I'm sorry for bumping into you, I hope I didn't cause you any distraught," Sona apologized, bowing her head.

Isaac couldn't help but blush with this beautiful girl literally bowing before him. "Really it's fine, probably my fault too..." He said while averting his gaze and awkwardly looking away.
A thought suddenly occurred to the suit-clad man. "Excuse me but... Are you a wrestler? If so i list happen to be looking for an opponent... If you want..."

Sona giggled at how much of a gentlemen Isaac was, and the blush that crept up on his face. It was cute when a man didn't know where to look when standing in front of her. And then...Isaac asked the magic question. Her smile became a bit more mischievous. "Why yes, I am. I was actually looking for a partner myself~" Sona replied, leaning forward a little to show off a little bit of cleavage, "But what a direct way of asking a woman~"

Each of Sona's flirtatious motions reddened Isaacs face even more. "Sorry if I'm still being forward but... What type of match... I'll do whatever you want..." Isaac gulped nervously after saying this. This strange girl might be a psychotic heel attempting to lure him into a steel cage!

"Hehehe! So cute~ And quite the gentlemen to let me choose~" Sona mused as she turned around, tapping her chin with a finger as if she was thinking, "I'm unsure...I was looking for a little knockouts only match~ But I doubt a gentlemen such as yourself could do that to little ol' me~" Sona cocked her head slightly to give him a slightly taunting smile.

Isaac struggled to figure out the polite way of saying "I can easily knock you out" to this broiling hot girl. "It'll certainly be hard to hurt someone... Like you..." The young man tried to immediately change subjects.
"So... We could schedule a time to use the ring... Also my rooms nearby..." Isaac finally looked and smiled back at Sona.

Sona's mischievous and playful smile grew when Isaac mentioned his room being nearby. She'd spun back around and leaned against him, pressing her breasts against his abdomen, and looking straight up at him. "Alright then~ How about we have the match now~ Your room~ I'll give you five chances to knock me out~" Sona taunted, sounding confident as if he wasn't able to. In reality, she was hoping for more, but she wanted to start at a moderate and reasonable stipulation before seeing if she could push this gentlemen higher. Maybe during the match~

For a moment Isaac thought with all the blood rushing to his head, he might faint. Yet he maintained his grip.
The powerful yet gentle man looked down at Sona and placed his hands on her shoulders. With a grin that conveyed more confidence than he really had, Isaac agreed. "Sounds like we've got a deal! Take my hand and i can help you up. My rooms just a few doors down, I'll take you."

Sona may have been having a bit too much fun teasing this man. She could tell he was a good and honest man, so she supposed she could hold back on the teasing...until they got in the bedroom that is. Feeling his grip on her shoulders, she could tell she chosen quite the man to be her partner. And she was glad with her choice. She would nod and take his hand, her hand was so small when compared to his, and soft too. She'd let Isaac take the lead, letting him whisk her away into his personal room where they would finally have a match.

Upon arrival to his room, Isaac had to begin the awkward process of stripping down into his "wrestling gear". After turning away from Sona he would quickly slip off almost every layer of his suit; from his dress shirt to dress socks. Finally, after about a minute, he had stripped down to his tight-fitting black briefs. With his pants off Isaacs hefty bulge was now clearly visable.
Undressed and ready to fight, Isaac turned to face Sona.

When they finally arrived to his room, Sona was completely ecstatic and excited for the two of them to just get down and dirty right away. Though essentially watching a strip show happen in front of her wasn't too bad either. Isaac had quite the amazing body, with nice bulging and chiseled muscles. Sona would lick her lips before she began to slowly undress herself. Slowly pulling the top off, she'd reveal she was wearing nothing but a white bikini tie top, her breasts threatening to slip out. She'd toss the shirt to the ground before slowly slipping out of those tight jeans, showing off her cute white bikini bottoms. With everything gone, she'd step up to Isaac, a sweet smile on her face, and a pair of taunting eyes looking up at him.
"Well then~ Round 1~" Sona whispered before raising her hands up to offer a test of strength, which seemed insane to do considering this man severely taller and clearly stronger than her.

Isaac held in his excitement at seeing the full extent of Sonas voluptuous body. Every little pale curve made his knees weak and his mind hazy. After quickly shaking his head like a dog he stepped forward and laced his hands with Sona's.
"It feels silly to say but... Sorry in advance..." With his apologies out of the way, Isaac would go on the attack. He would simultaneously pull Sona in by the arms while shooting his knee into her plump belly.

"Hehe, it's quite alright~" Sona giggled again as the two would begin their match. As they locked hands, she wasn't all to surprised when the larger man pulled her in and shot his knee into her belly. Her eyes widened and she let out a quiet groan, her legs immediately feeling like jelly. She would slump forward, resting against the man. The only way she was still able to stay up was because Isaac was still holding her hands. She would take a moment to catch her breath before flashing him another taunting smile, as if daring him to go on. This was a match, a private match even, so there was no need for him to be such a gentleman about it. All the officials needed to know was the results, and that was that. Now Sona wanted to see what else this man had in store.

Isaac froze for just a moment. The way Sona grinned at him after getting gut checked spooked the young man. "I'll... I'll make this quick..." He said in a soft voice.
The merciful man would quickly sidestep around Sona and stand behind her. After slipping his arms around her slender neck he would lock her in a rear-naked choke. The deceptively strong lad would slowly increase the pressure until his beautiful opponent passed out "Just... Just go to sleep!"

Sona would blush at how sweet Isaac was, though she supposed it would be a weird thing to blush about. After all, a normal person normally wouldn’t be excited about getting choked out, but Sona was a hardcore masochist after all. She wouldn’t even bother trying to stop Isaac as he stepped around her, sliding his strong arms around her neck. Sona would end up getting hoisted into the air due to their size difference, her toes 6 inches off the ground as she grabbed onto his biceps. Her cheeks began to slowly turn red, a smile slowly creeping up on her face. She pawed at his strong arms and kicked her legs, her body instinctively trying to fight out of the hold.

Isaac grimaced at Sonas pathetic attempts at freeing herself. With no option to show mercy and no referee to stop him Isaac had no choice but to knock her out hard. So he would.
In an attempt to speed things up the usually gentle man would jerk the poor girls head from side to side. Each time yelling "Sorry!"

Sona’s eyes widened and her darkened as Isaac began to jerk her head side to side! Her pupils dilated and she began to drool. Drool rolled down the corners of her mouth, her teeth grit as her pawing and kicking began to grow weaker and slower. After one final jerk, her eyes would roll up into the back of her head, and jaw went slack. Her tongue lulled out, and her arms would fall down to her sides, as she swayed back and forth. The only time she moved was when she twitched involuntarily.

Sona's decline had seemed gradual until she practically imploded under Isaacs withering sleeper. When her eyes rolled back like two curtains Isaac called it. Clearly, she was knocked out.
With tender care, he slowly guided his sleeping opponent down to the floor. Seeing no pillow nearby he spooned her entire body, cradling her lolling head against his chest.
Isaac was no doctor but he felt the need to check his plump opponents pulsed. After a few terribly tense moments he judged Sona to be not dead.
All that was left to do was wait. Wait for Sona to recover as her moist body twitched and spasmed against Isaacs. "That's okay... Just relax..." Isaac cooed while dabbing the saliva off his victim's lips.

Sona was like a ragdoll in Isaac’s arms. She would continue to twitch and convulse on the floor, before her body began to calm as Isaac spooned with her. After a few short minutes, the colour returned to her face, and her eyes fluttered. She would look up at Isaac, and smile. “That was quite...the knock out~” Sona sighed as she snuggled up to him, pressing her breasts against his chest, “And such a nice sight to wake up too~”
Sona would rest her head on his chest, wrapping her arms around him, snuggling up to her partner.

Isaac breathed a sigh of deep relief. Sona was okay. The gentle man couldn't help but smile back at his drowsy opponent. Though she had just been brutally KO'd she batted her eyes as if she woke up from a short catnap.
He didn't resist her attempts snuggling either. After a few minutes of letting Sona rub every bit of her plump body against him, Isaac felt a duty to press on. "When your feeling okay we can startup the next round..." He said gently combing the belle's blue hair.

The normally silent jobber would let out a soft purr when Isaac bombed her blue hair, nuzzling her cheek against his pecs. His warm and muscular body was so nice and comforting. She'd look up at him with a seductive smile, before leaning closer to his face. "I'm always ready to be knocked out~" Sona whispered as she brought a hand up and tapped his nose, "You can be as rough or gentle as you wish with me~ Though, I do have quite the suggestions for how you knock me out in the next few rounds~" She was quite with what she wants, and doesn't really hide the joy she takes in being dominated.

Isaac liked to think he had a good deal of willpower. A little bit of purring and smiling melted all that away. Normally he would've rejected Sonas offer outright! But... The buxom girl had slowly eroded his willpower with her seductive glare.
"Haven't had a match like that before but... I'm happy... To oblige... How do you wanna be knocked out?" He said, gently massaging Sona's bruised neck.

"Hehehe~ Many of my opponents' have said similar things before too~" Sona giggled before purring again when Isaac gently massaged her neck. It felt nice and comfortable to be taken care of so carefully after a nice knock out. But the two were in the middle of a match, so the comfort and puppy love would have to be put on hold. To answer Isaac's question, Sona would gently push Isaac from his side onto his back, before gently crawling on top of him, laying down on her back.
"Mmmm~ Oh dear~ I'm too weak to get off of you~" Sona moaned as she stretched her arms and spread her legs while laying on top of Isaac like a bad, her head nestled on his pecs.

"Too weak to get off," Isaac thought with a snicker. The normally restrained young man took that as a license to add a little sexual aggression to his offense. "I think I can help you with that..." He said cautiously, unsure if he had misread her.
Best to start small...
Isaac would first wrap his legs around Sona's thick waste, his bulge growing by the second. Next, he would wrap his arms around his opponent's frail neck. Yet he held off on actually squeezing the life out of her. Instead, he would slowly inch his face closer before he started to tenderly kiss her bruised neck. In between his gentle kisses, Isaac asked: "Could you be a bit more specific... Maybe a new type of sleeper hold?"

"Mmmm~ Oh? Can you~" Sona giggled seductively as she felt him wrap his legs around waist, feeling something poking at her. He was getting hard over her? That only made the jobber blush even more, flattered by the handsome young man. She'd let out a soft gasp when he wrapped his arms once again around her neck, and glanced back when he didn't squeeze. Rather than she bit her lower lip and tried to hold back a moan when he began to tenderly kiss her bruised neck. Such care and affection, she never received this sort of treatment before. If she could say, she liked it. She smirked when he leaned in and asked her to be more specific, and her answer to that question was slightly adjusting Isaac's arms before pressing them together to choke herself.
"Heh~ I would like...another classic~" Sona giggled as she would get nice and comfy on top of her partner.

"Yes, Mam!" He declared after one final kiss of Sonas cheek. Knowing his victim was enjoying the pain Isaac began to enjoy delivering it... Just a tad.
With a soft grin, he began constricting his arms. Second by second, he would amp up the pressure. Not wanting to bore his new friend the inventive lad added a new dimension to the sleeper. On top of the blood choke, he would clasp Sona's nose and mouth shut with his free hands. Still, a softie at heart Isaac gave the masochist an out. "If it's too much all you gotta do is tap!"

"Hehehe~ T-Thank...y-you~" Sona giggled while blushing when feeling Isaac giving her one final kiss on the cheek before he began to constrict his arms. Sona would begin to feel her windpipe being forcefully clamped and a lack of air going into her body. Her hands began to move up and down, digging her fingers into his biceps and arms as her face started to turn red again. Her jaw was going slack again and she began to gasp for air while weakly kicking her legs. Yup, she was enjoying this alright, but to her bewilderment and joy, her partner seemingly added a new dimension to the classic choke hold and bodyscissor combo! Sona's eyes widened when Isaac suddenly clasped his free hand over her mouth and nose. She felt her nostrils pinched shut and her pupils dilated.
"Mmmmmmph~" Sona moaned as her eyes began to roll up, her hands weakly tugging at his arms in a pathetic attempt to free herself. She would start getting turned on, especially after Isaac's offer to tap out, but the man was going to learn which choice this woman was going to obviously take.

To Isaacs's utter shock Sona continued to show signs of life even after her eyes rolled back. Yet just a few moments later she fell completely limp and he could loosen the hold.
Isaac felt shame wash over him. He had to admit that choking this willing girl into a deep sleep had sent an excited chill down his spine. Now that he had finished his dirty work he had to look at the results.
The chunky sweaty girl laid atop him; her ragged breathing occasionally interrupted by an erratic twitch. Isaac gently laid a hand against her black and blue neck as he combed a hand through her hair.
He would let his sleepy opponent use him as a bed until she woke from her coma.

"Mmmmph~ Mmmmm~ Mmmmmmm~" Sona moaned as she continued to struggle and twitch atop Isaac, her eyes still rolled up, drool beginning to roll down her lips and mouth. To be smothered and choked by a man, this was such a new and exciting experience, she couldn't pass this up. She wanted to enjoy for as long as she could but alas, the lack of oxygen was finally setting in. Her hands would weakly tug at Isaac's arms one last time before they slowly slid off and flopped limply to her sides, her legs stopped kicking and laid spread eagle. She laid atop her partner like a starfish, twitching erotically.
She slept peacefully, her tongue lulled out and eyes rolled up in an erotic manner. There was even a lewd smile on her face as she twitched. Finally, after a few more minutes, she began to regain consciousness, but she didn't move.
"Mmmm~ Such...a creative man~" Sona sighed, still trying to catch her breath. Her body was now covered in sweat, having been knocked out twice now, which added to the exoticness of her body.

Isaac blushed a bit at the compliment. "Thanks... I think... I feel a bit silly saying this to you of all people but if you feel too worn out we can finish the match early..."
Isaac paused to place a hand on the girls rising and falling chest.
"But... If you're feeling up to it just tell me what move you'd like to be... Used next." Isaac smiled wide, his earlier excitement already returning.

Sona giggled and blushed. This was the first time any of her opponents had ever offered her for them to end a match early, it honestly made her heart flutter. When he placed a hand on her rising and falling chest, her blushed brightened...before she placed a hand over his tenderly.
"You are...quite the gentleman...buuuut~" Sona giggled before gently grabbing his hand and pulled it up, clasping it on her cheek, "I think you know my answer~" Sona would enjoy cuddling with the man some more before asking him to help her get off and sit up. Once he did, she would ask him to sit cross legged, before crawling onto his lap, with her back pressed against him.
"Mmmm~ I always wanted to try falling asleep on a chair like this~" Sona whispered as she cuddled up against Isaac once more.

Though he had brutally knocked the girl out twice she still bossed him around with ease. When asked Isaac instantly sat up and helped Sona use him like a chair. Yet when she asked for another sleeper Isaac put his foot down.
"N- no! If I choke you out like that again you might never wake up!" The affectionate lad wrapped his arms under the hefty girls breasts and laid his chin against the nape of her neck. "There are other options... I could put you... To sleep... With a mandible or iron claw... How does that sound?"

Sona's eyes widened as she was certainly surprised at how gentle and worried this man was. Sona had been through much worse in her career, but this man ceased to surprise her with how much of a good guy he was. She simply chuckled and decided to give in to his personality. "Alright alright~ How about this then~" Sona asked as she would ask him to let her spin around so she was facing him while sitting in his lap. She'd then wrap her thick legs around his waist and pressed herself up against him, her breasts mushrooming upward, looking up at him.
"Mind giving me a hug~"

That was a compromise he could happily agree to. Sona got things started by twisting around and embracing Isaac breast to pec. After a momentary distraction from Sonas perky breasts, he got to work.
The powerful young man resumed his hug, gently increasing the pressure. At first, Sona probably felt no discomfort. Soon her breathing would feel stifled. Eventually she wouldn't be able to breath at all. Once Sona tap-... Who was he kidding!? When she passed out Isaac would stop the slow suffocation.

Sona purred and snuggled up to Isaac, finding him being distracted to be cute. She would feel those muscular arms wrapped around her waist start squeezing. She could feel the air slowly being pushed out of her lungs and out of her body. She'd wrapped her arms around Isaac, letting a slight moan. Her body was slicked with sweat, and her wet body would begin to rub off onto Isaac's body, her breasts rubbing up and down on Isaac's pecs. She began to paw at Isaac's back as he kept squeezing her harder and harder. "Mmmmm~ Squeeze me harder~" Sona moaned as she looked up at him, a seductive smile on her face, "Would you...give me a kiss~"

Isaac complied on both counts. After a few lingering kisses up and down her tender neck, he would finish the job. Before he had squeezed his plump friend hard now he squeezed her as if trying to draw water from a stone.
"Sorry beautiful... Looks like it's nap time again!" He said with an estatic grin on his lips.

Sona would close her eyes and moan as the two of them began to make out while Isaac was crushing her waist and hugging her out. As he broke off their kiss, Sona’s began to arch her back, throwing her head back. She couldn’t help but let a slutty smile creep into her face, her legs squeezing his waist tightly. Her eyes would roll up into the back of her head as her tongue killed out once more, letting out an erotic moan, before falling completely limp in his arms. Her arms would fall limply to her sides and she began to twitch again.

With brute force, Isaac squeezed every bit of oxygen from his willing opponent. To his growing enjoyment, it only took a few moments to finish her off. One second she was moaning in ecstasy the next she became like dough in his capable arms. Sona was truly a world-class jobber.
As was becoming his habit Isaac gently cared for his snoozing friend. He gently pulled the limp girl back into his embrace, making sure to cradle her lolling head.

Sona would sit limply in her hunky friend’s lap, twitching every so often as drool rolled down her chin and dripped onto her heaving breasts. She had such a blissful look on her face, and even unconscious, she looked absolutely beautiful. Never had she been treated like a princess, and it felt nice. After a few minutes of just sitting and twitching in Isaac’s embrace, she began to come too. She’d look up at him, wiping her drool, and smiled. “3 to 0~ I kind of wish this match can on longer~” Sona giggled as she hugged Isaac, cuddling with him, “I haven’t ever been treated with such care feels...quite nice~”

Isaac waited patiently for his beautiful friend to recover. Though she drooled on the both of them quite a bit it was well worth it. Having this buxom jobber cuddling up to him was every man's dream.
Isaac smiled right back at Sona, then he frowned. "Jeez... If I knock her out more than five times... I don't want to think about it!" Yet Sonas gentle smile broke the young man's will. "I'll knock you around as much as you want!" He said with more confidence than he actually had. "As strange as it sounds I want to protect you... Even while hurting you..." Isaac paused for a moment while massaging Sona's shoulders. "Let me ask you something... What would you prefer... A piledriver or a pedigree?"

Sona's eyes widened, and her seductive and lewd expression would soften, and her face blushed a crimson red when Isaac suddenly said that. She absolutely didn't know how to react and ended up covering her face, letting out a silent squeal. Her heart began to beat faster and faster...what was this feeling? She never felt this certainly didn't feel like the normal erotic sensation that bubbled inside her. It wasn't fear or uneasiness either. She squirmed like a high school girl gushing over her crush before Isaac asked her for the next move. A piledriver or pedigree? She slowly uncovered her face, looking at him and thought. " has been quite a long since I was in either of those holds..." Sona pondered before gazing down at Isaac's crotch, " about a piledriver?" Once Isaac responded, she would snuggle with the man.
"But let me...enjoy this first~" Sona whispered as she pressed her huge breasts against his pecs, feeling the warmth from his body.

Isaac grinned, that was his preference as well. "Take your time! When you're ready I can help you to your feet..." He said moving his hands down and clasping Sonas' love handles.

"Mmmm~" Sona hummed as she simply just rested against the handsome man. He was so strong...and caring...and kind to her. This was...certainly quite different from what she's normally used to. After a bit of snuggling, Sona looked up at him.
"When you set me up in the piledriver...may I ask you to hold me tightly, just for a few minutes?" Sona asked. She always wanted to be lifted upside down, and it seemed this man would comply if she simply just asked nicely.

After gently helping his woozy opponent to her feet Isaac would grab onto her waist and rotate her. He would hold her in position for a tombstone. Her cameltoe pressed firmly against his lips and her thighs squeezing his head. On her end was Isaacs tight bulge brushing against her cheek.
Ever the professional, Isaac would wait for Sona to give the signal before dropping to his knees and spiking her into the carpeted floor. Despite his progressively reddening face, he was mostly worried for his plump friend.

Sona would thank Isaac for helping her up, needing to hold onto him for support as he legs were still wobbly from the three previous knockouts. Isaac would wrap his arms around her waist and rotate her, putting her in a tombstone piledriver setup. She would squeeze her thighs and squish them against Isaac’s head. Isaac would be able to see that her bikini bottoms were noticeably wet, seemed he wasn’t the only one excited. Sona wrapped her arms around his waist, feeling his bulge press against her cheek. She blushed...before suddenly giving it a kiss through his tight fitting briefs. She would sniff it, and rub her face against it, letting the blood rush to her head. Finally, just as she felt she was about to pass out, she’d give Isaac’s ass cheeks a squeeze to signal him to finish her. Sona would feel her head smashing into the carpet floor, and upon impact her eyes immediately rolled up into the back of her head, her tongue lulling out. The impact of the piledriver would actually cause her to cum, the damp spot on her panties growing as she twitched in Isaac’s hold.

With Sona playing around with his crotch it took all of Isaac's willpower to not jump the gun. Thankfully the giant jobber would squeeze one of Isaacs cheeks, that was all he needed.
Instead of a slow gentle knockout, this one was hard and fast. Upon impact, Sona was gone. Her thick legs spread apart like they were on a hinge. Isaac would try gently lowering her convulsing body to the floor. The excited girls progressively listening crotch made this extra difficult. He managed.
Isaac suddenly had a neat idea. While Sona was out cold he would go for a quick pin. It certainly wasn't required but he would enjoy it. After folding Sonas arms over her chest Isaac would lay a hand on her cheek while whispering: "One... Two... Three..." As thinks he would give the snoring girl a peck on the cheek.

Sona was quite the sight to behold as Isaac drove her into the ground. Her body laid out, twitching and it seemed the impact of the tombstone piledriver had caused her breasts to bounce around wildly that one of her breasts slipped out. She wouldn't resist at all as Isaac folded her arms over her chest as he pinned her. Sona would let out a soft moan feeling the man on her, and eventually, her eyes began to flutter and she regained consciousness. Looking right at Isaac, she blushed as she noticed her right breast was out. The small jobber, would giggle and look at Isaac for his reaction, and waiting for him to let go of her arms. Once he did, she'd sit up, rubbing her head as it pounded...before leaning against Isaac and kissing him on the lips.

After seeing Sona's little wardrobe malfunction Isaac blushed far more than she did. After staring blankly for a few moments he would help her out. Without a word he clumsily squeezed her breast back into her bikini. After feeling up the defenseless girl far more than he intended Isaac was paralyzed by Sona's sudden kiss. Intoxicated by the woman's plump lips, he would let her give the commands for now.

Sona would be taken aback when Isaac would clumsily squeeze her breast back into her bikini. This elicited a giggle from her before she suddenly kissed him. After pulling back, she’d stare dreamily into his eyes, before nuzzling her cheek against his. “You’re...quite the gentleman Isaac~” Sona said in a soft whisper, before looking up at him again, “Seems we’re on the last ‘round’. One more knockout and you win~” Sona felt a bit sad and disappointed. She didn’t want their match to be over, it felt just too soon. Hopefully, just hopefully...maybe she could convince him to continue longer, or maybe stay with him after their match.

Isaac shared Sona's sadness. With each knockout, he had felt freer to enjoy their time together. Freer to explore his dark side.
Isaac gently went along with the cheek nuzzle; Adding in a small kiss here and there. In part, this was to allow Sona some time to recover. Mostly he just enjoyed putting his lips on her supple body.
"I suppose your right I would win. Of course... If you want... I could knock you around a bit more after our match..." Isaac would grin as he popped Sona on the nose with his finger. "So how do you want your last official knockout?"

“Mmmm...that sounds lovely,” Sona hummed as she suddenly kissed Isaac on the lips, blushing, “As for my last official knockout...well, I always wanted to try this against a man...” Sona would look away, blushing even harder as she squirmed and fidgeted in Isaac’s lap. This was super embarrassing...she couldn’t quite understand it. In any matches she has been, she was always a slut, a girl with no shame. Yet with this man, she felt...different...shy. After shaking her head, she recomposes herself and looked back at Isaac.
“Would you mind sitting on my face...while ‘playing’ with me?”

By now Isaac had mostly gotten over his initial butterflies. With experience under his belt, he was happy to immediately comply. After sitting up he would plop back down onto Sona. Making sure his thighs squeezed her face and his bulging crotch pressed against her lips and nose.
The professional would then work his way down Sona's thick body. First massaging and groping her heaving breasts. Next kissing along the beautiful girl's tender navel. Finally, it was time for the finale. After gulping Isaac would kneel down and move aside Sonas bikini bottom. Then he would finish her off. At first, ruling her up by wiggling a few fingers into her camel toe. Then would come the finishing blow. Kissing and licking her exposed crotch until she passed out from excitement.

As Sona was laid down on her back, she looked up with a smile on her face as Isaac had easily gotten over the butterflies he originally had during this match. Looking up and seeing his ass and bulge would make her even more excited as he sat down on her face, feeling those strong thighs of his squeeze her face, pressing her lips and nose against his bulge. Sona took one big whiff as she moved her hands up, grabbing his ass cheeks as he began to play with her breasts, shifting her legs along the floor as he peppered kisses down her body...before finally delivering the finishing blow. She felt him move her bikini bottoms to the side as he toyed with her cameltoe, before kissing and licking her wet pussy. Sona's eyes began to roll up into the back of her head, her legs kicking and twitching like crazy as she let out loud muffled moans, her body squirming...before she finally let out one loud scream of pleasure...before her legs stopped struggling and laid flat, spread eagle while her hands dropped to her sides, only the whites in her eyes showing as she laid underneath Isaac, limp, twitching and convulsing every so often. Isaac had officially won their match.

Isaac chuckled as his plump opponent twitched and squirmed beneath him. The knockout had been one part suffocation and one part stimulation. Each sending the poor girl to KO County.

Though he had satisfied the conditions of the match Isaac wasn't ready to end things quite yet. "Hey Sona how about one more knockout?" Instead of waiting for the unconscious girl to answer Isaac grabbed ahold of her limp hand and made a thumbs up. "Awesome! I got something that's gonna rock your world..." He said with a confident smirk.

Of course Sona had to wake up before she could be kncoket out again. Patient as ever Isaac kneeled down and gently tapped her cheek, eagerly waiting for his chance to put her down once again.

Sona's eyes were completely rolled up into the back of her head, and her jaw was slack, so she would have a goofy slutty smile on her face with her tongue hanging out as Isaac finally got off her. She wouldn't be able to answer at all as he grabbed hold of her limp hand and made a thumbs up. Of course she would've done it herself if she could. If she was even awake, she would've thought of how much of a gentleman Isaac was.

As Isaac began to gently tap her cheek to wake her up, her eyes began to slowly flutter as she regained consciousness, moaning from the stimulation and pleasure Isaac had given her. "Mmmmm~ Isaac?" Sona murmured in a loving tone as she slowly sat up to hug the man.

Instead of accepting Sonas embrace Isaac gently pushed her back to the floor.
After wagging his finger disapprovingly the suddenly Savage brute stuck two fingers down Sonas throat. For added effect he used his free hand to clamp the woozy girls nose shut. As his longest fingers pressed against nerves at the back of Sonas throat the freelancers miler warmly at her.

"Last knockout I swear! Then we can call it a night and I'll drag you to bed... My bed... Now... Go to... SLEEP"

Sona's eyes widened when Isaac suddenly became so forceful, something she really liked. But she couldn't enjoy it right away as the man would suddenly stick two of his fingers down her throat! Not only that, but he used his free hand to clamp down on her nose! Sona's eyes widened as she stared at Isaac, kicking her legs as she began to gag loudly, the loudest she's been throughout their whole match.

"Grrrrgh! Gaaaahh! Krrrrk! Mmmmmph!" Sona moaned as her hands would flail wildly, gripping the carpet floor while she bucked her hips in a sensual manner! She was enjoying this. This was one hold she had yet to experience...and she loved it.

Despite already being brutally knockedout five times Sona still resisted like a wild Bronco; yet Isaac held firm. She got close to bucking him off a few times but the professional kept his balance and his grip.

"No no... Don't fight it... Just show me those whit eyes of yours... My pretty little Jobber"

"Mmmmm! Mmmm....Grrrr..." Sona's struggle was getting weaker and weaker as more and more drool began to foam and bubble up at the sides of her mouth. Isaac could feel her tongue wrapping around his if she was enjoying it. Her eyes began to cross as she sound of hot steamy liquid began to trickle down her thighs...the Silent Jobber having wet herself as her eyes rolled up into the back of her head and she fell unconscious one last time.

Isaac huffed and puffed as as he throttled the life out of Sona. Not so much from exertion but exhilaration. Onse Sona lost the ability to resist Isaac dutifully let withdrew his moist fingers and let go of her nose.

"I don't think I ever fought a jobber as tough as you..." Isaac noticed the small stream eminating from the KO'd girls crotch. "No shame in that! I'd probably do the same thing after such a brutal claw..."

His bloodlust settled Isaac was back to his gentle ways. He hooked his arms under Sonas armpits and dragged the plump twitching girl into the shower. After propping her against a corner he blasted the dirty girl with a torrent of warm water.

Sona had a look of pure bliss on her face. Her face was beat red, strands of her hair was clung to her forehead from all the sweat. Her bare breasts would be rising up and down, showing she was still alive despite all that rough treatment. This...was honestly the best match she's had in so long...and with such a hunk too. She might of fallen for him...well at least this joy of hers is still continuing in her dreams as she dreamt of Isaac having his way with her.

Of course that dream didn't last long as Isaac lifted up the plump and short girl into the shower, in which he would begin to blast her with a torrent of warm water. It didn't take long before Sona's eyes began to flutter open and she began to shake her head, moaning at the touch of the warm water hitting her skin.

As soon as Sona was rinsed off and coming to Isaac shut off the shower. After a hearty yawn the hunk extendee a hand to the drenched girl. "Man knocking you out a million times really tired me out! Wanna come and hit the hay with me pal?" he said, flashing a confident smile.

Sona would look up at Isaac, with a mad blush on her cheeks as he flashed her a confident smile. Her heart...was fluttering and beating madly. She...never felt this way before...but it made her smile. She would accept his extended hand, and smile back. "I would love too...that is...if you don't mind holding me close~" Sona giggled, sticking out her tongue and giving him a cute wink.

Isaac would lift the wobbly girl off her feet and into his arms. After matching down to his bed and gently placing her down he would roll in after her.

Now blushing himself Isaac inched closer to Sona. After pausing for a moment he would hug her from behind, acting as the big spoon. He would then gently wrap his arms around her neck, caressing the legions of bruises on her pale neck.

"Sorry about those... I can get excited some times... Anyways good night my sweet little jobber!" The exhausted wrestler would softly kiss Sonas tender neck before gently falling asleep.

Sona would let out a yelp when she was suddenly lifted off her feet like a princess, blushing even harder as she hugged Isaac. She was still naked, but she didn't really mind showing her naked body to a hunk like him. Finally, they would lay down in bed, where he would act as a big spoon for her, gently wrapping his arms around her neck and caressing the bruises on her neck.

"'s alright...I'm used to it~" Sona giggled before she would close her eyes, enjoying the soft kiss the gentleman gave her as she held his arm close to her, "Good sweet gentleman~"


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