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Who wants a match?

Sat Aug 13, 2022 2:28 am by Bahamut01

Hey all its been a while. So trying to get some matches going! Reply here or pm me and let's make something happen!

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Tue Aug 09, 2022 1:04 am by ihateocrecolors

Due to some issues that I think have been popping up because of my involvement in stuff, I believe it's in the interest for me and everyone else that I take a temporary or probably permanent leave from AFW-related stuff. I have been nothing more than a burden to most of you. I won't make this into a giant paragraph. All I want to say is that I apologize to everyone who's ever rooted for me because I can't hack it not anymore.

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Retiring some wrestlers

Sun Jul 10, 2022 11:42 am by Deus001

Hey all

Deus here, I've been thinking it over and I'll be looking at benching some of my roster. Been thinking its a bit over bloated and with newer ideas on the horizon for me I've figured its time to shuffle them off to greener pastures or let their faceclaims be free to use.

So at the moment I will be retiring Chuang Lingxian, Qi Lingxian and Leon La Rouge effective immediate. I might be considering benching other people but atm the above three are getting axed. If you want to adopt any of …

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AV 19 Opening Ceremony Feat. Saskia Schleswig-Holsten

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AV 19 Opening Ceremony Feat. Saskia Schleswig-Holsten Empty AV 19 Opening Ceremony Feat. Saskia Schleswig-Holsten

Post by killcarrion Sun Nov 24, 2019 11:38 pm

AV 19 Opening Ceremony Feat. Saskia Schleswig-Holsten KnrRSD1

AV 19 Opening Ceremony Feat. Saskia Schleswig-Holsten Dn8m8hg

Host Of Avalanche 2019
Saskia Schleswig-Holsten's
Opening Address

AV 19 Opening Ceremony Feat. Saskia Schleswig-Holsten IzEu9yM

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AV 19 Opening Ceremony Feat. Saskia Schleswig-Holsten Empty Re: AV 19 Opening Ceremony Feat. Saskia Schleswig-Holsten

Post by BritBrat Tue Mar 31, 2020 7:10 am

Never in her wildest dreams would she ever have the chance to do something quite like this. Even now, as she stands inside this very ring, she had to remind herself that this isn’t a dream, this is real. Very, very real.

Her eyes scanned around the German crowd standing in attendance tonight at Berlin. Watching the fans pumped for this winter classic in AFW, the woman standing inside the ring at this very moment shared their enthusiasm. Why wouldn’t she? She shared their nationality, understood the chants that were a mix of English and German, the latter being the majority that is heard at the Mercedes-Benz Arena. Well, there was one technicality that is brought up. She was only part German.

That didn’t deter management when it came to picking her specifically to be the host of Avalanche 2019, and the honour was one that she happily obliged. It wasn’t as if this isn’t undeserved, her growing popularity was something one couldn’t ignore, and the higher-ups figured they would capitalise on the chance. Even if this wasn’t the CEO or the General Manager of one of the three leagues, this didn’t mean that this event is less important.

The black, silk gloves held the microphone given to her as she waited for the crowd to die down after their initial and grand welcome. Even if she’s part German, they treated her as one of their own. The crowd able to have the privilege of getting to see her in something, not in a bikini, but something that shows off her body still. The only similarity is that she’s dressed in black. A fancy designer dress that showed sensuality but still showed class. The Ashen-haired woman wasn’t nervous, far from it. And even if she was, she did a great job in not showing it, her face betraying nothing. A smile that showed she was enjoying the attention she was getting. But she cannot bask in the applause after all.

Saskia had a ceremony to commence.

“Guten Abend, alle zusammen. Es macht mir große Freude und Freude, Sie alle willkommen zu heißen und Ihnen die jährliche pay-per-view vorzustellen, die Lawine ist!” The German crowd gave a massive cheer. The hype was palpable, nary a person that showed their dislike to this, although anyone that did not understand German would be confused as to what it is that she said. Saskia was quick to accommodate those so that they are not deprived. “Ladies and gentlemen, the great people of Germany, and everyone that is watching, it is a great honour to introduce to you AFW Avalanche 2019!”

“While this is a massive privilege just to stand before you all, it is with regret that I won’t be able to compete this year.” The Swiss-German can hear the disappointment that came from those in attendance. Saskia herself would have loved to perform and compete, but no match came her way. At the very least, management was able to give her the chance to do this, so she wasn’t left out completely. “I know, Ich weiß. I understand you all. While this is great, nothing would make me happier than to be able to compete and perform to you all in this ring tonight. Do not worry; my time will come.”

“That is not to say that me competing in this year’s Avalanche would make this less exciting. Far from it. Two grudge matches are on the cards, a hot, steamy battle in a hotel room, something I wouldn’t mind getting into…~” A wink was given to one of the cameras nearby. “…A Hell in a Cell match, two women, fighting for the newly cachet that is the Rising Star Title and even the World title being defended tonight!”

“Those are just a few matches I have mentioned in what will be a jam-packed event. And I am sure that you do not want me to deprive you much longer. With that being said, I-“


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