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Looking for fun Fights

Tue Sep 27, 2022 5:34 am by Leon564

Hello folks! Putting it out that I'm available to discuss matches for either James or Melanie.

If you are trying to find their profiles you can use the character search and type in the following;

James Elforn

Melanie L'belle
If it's for an author of my name tag then that's me! You're free as well to throw me a friend request on Discord since I'm not in the Discord server at this time.
Leon564#4514 (Discord)

Thanks for your read and have a great

[ Full reading ]

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Astrid «Golden Dragon» Arvidsson

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Astrid «Golden Dragon» Arvidsson Empty Astrid «Golden Dragon» Arvidsson

Post by skip-stop Sun Nov 17, 2019 7:32 pm

Astrid Arvidsson
Astrid «Golden Dragon» Arvidsson VE6QaKz

Personal information

    Name: Astrid Arvidsson

    Alias: Golden Dragon

    Sex: Female

    Sexual orientation: Bisexual

    Age: 23

    Birthday: 24 December

    Eye color: Blue with the lavender tint

    Hair color: Blond

    Height: 180 cm // 5’11’’

    Weight: 77 kg // 170 pounds

    Nationality: Norwegian

    Alignment: Chaotic Good

    Entrance Music: Led Zeppelin - Immigrant Song (Original Audio)

    Twitter: Astrid Arvidsson @GoldenDragonAFW

    Astrid has the rather ambiguous appearance, because in spite of the rather muscular physique, she retains female beauty.
    She is tall, one hundred eighty centimeters or five feet and eleven inches. She has rather pale skin and a tan does not go well on the woman. Among other things, Astrid has the large rounded chest, four size or D.
    With her fairly high height, Astrid maintains stable weight and it's equal to seventy seven kilograms or one hundred seventy pounds.
    Astrid has the frankly athletic figure. Thanks to regular training, most of her mass is muscle. She has strong muscles in her arms and legs, but the blonde’s main pride is her powerful, well-trained abs.
    The Norwegian woman has the triangular shape of the face, which tapers from the cheekbones to the chin. Astrid has thin eyebrows, but long and thick eyelashes. However, her eyes are the most unusual part of the face, they are blue with the lavender tint (like Elizabeth Taylor).
    Astrid's hair color is blond. The length of the hair almost reaches her lower back. In most cases, she leaves her hair loose, however, sometimes the woman collects them in one large tail.
    Facial expressions of Astrid directly depend on a specific place, a specific situation and a specific company. If she feels comfortable, but she often smiles and laughs. Feeling dissatisfied, Astrid is usually rather stingy with facial expressions. In the event that she is with a person unpleasant to her, she will not hide her dislike. Astrid has a low voice (like Mathangi Arulpragasam).
    Astrid prefers to dress in clothes that are rude enough for the woman. Usually her clothes are more like men’s, however, only in this way does she feel comfortable.
    Astrid has an outstanding tattoo. The dragon is drawn on her entire back and left arm.

Standard wrestling attire:

Standard wrestling attire (another look):

Casual outfit:

Astrid Arvidsson vs Karen Starring:

Astrid Arvidsson vs Karen Starring:

Astrid Arvidsson vs Alison Seong vs Cecilia Northman:

    Astrid is a real charge of endless energy.
    She is always sociable and ready to make contacts. They say about such people that they are ready for anything at anytime. And this is really true. Astrid loves meeting new people and having fun. This is very closely related to her constant thirst for adventure.
    However, the Norwegian woman is never naive. Even though she is always open to new acquaintances, she will never trust a stranger from the first second. Her trust is hard to earn and even harder to earn her sympathy. However, if you managed to achieve this, you can be sure that you have got a reliable friend and comrade who will be ready to give you the last shirt and the last food if necessary.
    Respect from Astrid is perhaps a little easier to achieve. Astrid respects those who are equal or superior her in strength. However, this does not guarantee her trust or sympathy.
    Astrid has her own specific code that revolves around the simplest but at the same time the most profound rule. She firmly believes that people need to be treated the way that they treat you. If a person is rude to her, then she has no reason to do otherwise. If a person is courteous enough, then she has no reason to do otherwise.
    For her friends, Astrid is ready to be the person they need. If her friend needs moral support, she will provide it. If her friend needs to unwind and have a good time, she will be there. If there is need to destroy the one who hurt her friend, she will crush this bastard.
    It is worth noting that Astrid herself is a strong-willed person. She has tremendous willpower and never betrays herself. Even if she has to defend her point of view against the whole world, she will grow into the earth and will not budge. Therefore, it is easy to guess that the Norwegian woman never refuses a good challenge, that way she checks and improves herself.
    Astrid has a real inner fire. It is because of this that she got her alias. And although this is only a metaphor, her father always said that inside the woman lives the Golden Dragon who is waiting in the wings to destroy absolutely everything. She never holds back, and therefore each of her matches is a real uncompromising and brutal confrontation.
    A special trait of Astrid is that she has a talent for finding adventure and trouble. Sometimes it's a bar fight, and sometimes it's passionate sex after first meeting.
    Astrid is a real fighter. And every fight for her is just a fight. Each new opponent is a wall that needs to be destroyed. She devoted her whole life to earn the right to be called the strongest fighter. Therefore, in every match, she is ready to do the impossible in order to become a winner. She never gives up and never backs down.
    An important part of her life is her origins. Her pedigree goes back to the distant past. Astrid is a descendant of the great Vikings. In addition, she is a supporter of old traditions. She believes in the old gods. And she's going to write her name in history. And when she finds herself in Valhalla, she will sit with her ancestors and tell them stories of her victories.
    Astrid is an insanely passionate woman. And most of all it can be seen in the ring. If the match is really good, the Norwegian woman will be completely immersed in passion. She experiences incredible sensations when she confronts a worthy opponent. And more than once, after a good match, her passion led to new meetings outside the ring.

    Stage personality:
    Astrid actively uses her origins as her stage image.
    She is a descendant of the great Vikings and she never hides it. Plus, she often references her alias, saying things like "don't wake the dragon" or "feel the fury of my flame".
    During a match, a Norwegian woman never holds back, she always goes forward with the intention of crushing her opponent. She puts her maximum effort into every attack. Because of this, even a standard match usually turns into something that resembles hardcore.
    Sometimes Astrid can afford one or another comment in the direction of the opponent, however, she will never go to insult if the opponent did not do it first.

           Victoria Palmer - Astrid treats her manager with sincere respect, Victoria is one of the few who can pacify the fiery temper of the Norwegian woman.
           Charlotte Ravel' / Sand Lizard - when Victoria introduced them to each other, they immediately hit it off. They found out that they had a lot in common, this brought them together not only in training, but also allowed them to become friends.
           Karen Aoki-Justice / Hawk Moth - Charlotte's student turned out to be very close in spirit to Astrid, after the first acquaintance they began to spend time together often, both in bars and in the gym.
        Ex-Friends: nope
        Allies: nope
        Rivals: nope
        Ex-Rivals: nope
        Enemies: nope
        Lovers: nope

    Astrid was born in Norway, the city of Oslo. Her father, Gunnar Arvidsson, is the hereditary boxer and multiple European middleweight champion. Her mother, Johanna Arvidsson, is the surgeon.
    The girl’s childhood passed like for normal child who was surrounded by parental care and love. From an early age, she was interested in the work of her father, who by that time had already completed his sports career and became the professional boxing coach. However, Gunnar was not filled with a desire to convey his knowledge to his daughter. Despite the fact that he loved her very much, Gunnar always thought that he would have a son, not a daughter. He could raise his son as a real fighter who would achieve great success, however, for his daughter he saw a different future that should not be connected with sports.
    However, Gunnar did not forbid Astrid to be in his gym. But he certainly did not suspect that the little girl is not just watching with childish curiosity how he teaches his students. Despite the fact that Astrid could not train normally, every day in the evenings in her room she repeated everything she saw in the gym.
    For Astrid the first school day came. She waited a long time for this, like most children at her age. She thought that this was the beginning of her long journey and that her life would become much more interesting. However, on the very first day of school, she had trouble. The girl did not know the reason why this happened, but at one break between the lessons two girls approached her and began to bully her. Not understanding what was happening, Astrid initially tried to simply leave, however, when one of the girls pulled her hand and slapped her in the face, the girl took the classic boxing stance and knocked out the tooth of this girl with one single right hook. Her friend screeched and rushed to Astrid, but the girl shifted to side with one movement and laid her on the floor with one precise jab to her cheek. Within half an hour, the girl was sitting in the office of the school director with her father. She received a reprimand and a warning that if this happens again, she will be expelled from school. Astrid and her father were silent until they got to the car. "Well done, Astrid," he said.
    The girl remembered those words for life. But more importantly, from the next day, her father began to train her. Astrid always wanted exactly this and therefore it became a real happiness for her. After the first training, Gunnar realized that his daughter had real talent. Her movements were sharp, but clear, her blows were strong, but unexpected. So she began to train under his guidance.
    Astrid combined school and her trainings. So her life turned into a continuous cycle of school, home and gym. The girl always trained with passion and zeal, because of this she received the alias the Golden Dragon from her father. However, when Astrid had reached the age of high school, she realized that she needed more than boxing. At first, Gunnar did not take this very well, because in his family everyone was boxers. But he did not want to suppress his daughter's talents and aspirations. After talking with his longtime friend, Gunnar found a new trainer for Astrid, who was supposed to diversify her fighting style. Thus, Astrid began MMA trainings.
    Boxing became the basis of her style. The girl had a strong body and she was going to use this to crush her opponents. For her legs, she chose Taekwondo to be able to switch from hands work to legs work if necessary. And for the closest contact Astrid chose judo, which combined a whole arsenal of useful techniques, for example, throws and submission holds.
    Over time, the girl began to perform in real fights. And then she finally realized that this was her calling. City competitions. District competitions. Championship of the country. She moved forward like a train, obsessed with the desire if winning. And so she reached the European level. By that time, Astrid was already finishing school, after which she planned to continue her professional sports career.
    However, during the European tournament, something happened that did not exist before. Her opponent was the rather unpleasant woman who did everything necessary to insult not only Astrid, but her whole family. The Golden Dragon awoke and contrary to the orders of the referee, Astrid continued to beat her rival until an entire crowd of security burst into the octagon to drag her away. She was forbidden to perform in the professional arena for one year.
    Astrid tried to explain to her father that she was defending the honor of their family and that the accusations against her were unfair. However, Gunnar was adamant, he believed that a fighter should never lose control of themselfs. Since she could not professionally engage in sports for a year, Astrid decided to arrange herself a test for this period. Having gathered things, she left her parents and left her country. First, the woman went to Thailand, where she planned to spend part of her time in the highlands. It was an extremely rewarding experience, especially considering that, by sheer chance, in one of the villages she found a guide who was a former member of the royal guard. Astrid was amazed at the martial art that he owned. Gritting her teeth, the Norwegian woman had to pay a considerable amount in order to get all the knowledge about lerdrit that this man had over the next six months. However, it was worth it. Astrid mastered the real almost deadly martial art.
    Further, her path ran through the real kingdom of ice. Astrid went to Greenland to spend some time with the local Eskimos. And this was the most severe test that she had ever experienced. As she herself believes, after that she is not afraid of anything else. Endless cold, food production with one's own hands, work with others - all this taught her humility more than any psychotherapy. Here she spent the rest of her year. At times, the woman was even visited by thoughts of staying here forever, however, her fate was not here.
    It was hard for her to part with the good people with whom she lived all this time, but still Astrid decided to return home. Parents listened to stories about her life with open mouths and bulging eyes. But she didn’t return home for stories. Her ban was over. And her body hardened during this time, now Astrid was a whole piece of hardened steel. Her dragon was still inside, but now she was sure that she would not let him go if it was not necessary.
    Astrid returned to MMA. And her return was grand. Her career went uphill. She fought and won. Astrid did not feel pity to her rivals. She waited a moment and attacked her victim, destroying them with one magnificent blow.
    Astrid won fight after fight and even won the European Championship. She was already ready to sign a contract with one well-known sports organization, when suddenly she received another offer. At first, Astrid was rather skeptical about this. However, then she spent some time watching the matches of the women from AFW. The Golden Dragon fire caught fire like never before. Astrid was struck by the strength and will of the women she saw. She wanted to be there.
    Through her father, Astrid found the manager named Victoria and she soon signed a contract with AFW. Her experience and physical training allowed her to tighten her knowledge in the field of pro-wrestling as soon as possible. The Norwegian woman arrived in Tokyo. She left MMA as undefeated and now she was ready to sweep away everyone who stood in front of her and her new way.
    The new era begins. The era of the Golden Dragon.

    Interesting facts:
    1) Astrid is fluent in Norwegian, English and Greenlandic. At a basic conversational level, the Norwegian woman speaks Japanese, Danish and Thai
    2) Her favorite alcohol drink is beer
    3) Astrid owns the black and yellow Suzuki GSX-R1000R motorcycle
    4) She has a small foot fetish

    Astrid rents a fairly simple one-room apartment in a residential area of Tokyo. She repeatedly thought of something better, but so far decided to stay here. This is the most ordinary apartment with a minimum set of everything necessary for a comfortable life.

Wrestling information

    Destruction. Astrid uses all her physical abilities to crush any defense of her opponent and knock them out with powerful blows and throws.
    Each punch and kick is a train rushing at maximum speed, which is ready to destroy any obstacle in her path. Astrid forces her opponent to retreat back until they are in the corner, and then beat them until their bones break.
    However, this does not mean that this is the only strategy for victory. Astrid is an experienced fighter who is seasoned not only in fights. She can and knows how to use the moment. The Norwegian woman knows how to analyze and make decisions depending on the situation. And if a specific case requires it, she can move away from her tactics of continuous pressure in order to use a different approach.

    MMA: boxing, taekwondo, judo, lerdrit. Pro-wrestling

    Preferred Matches:
        Standard - full ahead
        Hardcore - full ahead
        Hentai - no
        Special conditions - full ahead

    Physical characteristics:
        Endurance: 10/10 – Astrid not only hardened in numerous fight, but also spent a long time in rather harsh living conditions. She knows that endurance can allow her to win in the face of a more experienced or faster opponent, because she will be able to maintain a high supply of strength for a very long period of time
        Stamina: 10/10 – the combination of incredible willpower, experience of life in the most difficult conditions and the perfectly developed body allows the Norwegian woman to steadily hold blows and not succumb to pain during submission holds, because it is important not how hard you strike, but how well you hold the blow
        Strength: 10/10 – however, despite the statement above, Astrid believes that the impact force is no less important, therefore her body is comparable to hardened steel, the woman is very strong, she can lift a huge weight, and her every hit is a train rushing at maximum speed
        Speed: 6/10 – speed is definitely not the best quality of Astrid, it is able to move well and quickly change the position of the body, however, it prefers to act more destructive than repeatedly
        Defense: 6/10 – defense is not a priority for Astrid, she makes her opponent defend herself, so she is ready to use her defense skills only if necessary
        Technique: 8/10 – thanks to the experience and variety of martial arts, Astrid has a rather extensive arsenal of knowledge, she knows how to analyze and she knows how to use her strengths correctly

    Fighting stages:
    1) The Awakened Dragon Stage - the psychophysical state, in which Astrid's body works at the limit of its capabilities, is limited to a very short period of time; after the stage, the Norwegian woman almost completely loses her remaining strength. The Golden Dragon can enter this state either by meeting an incredibly strong rival, or by being unimaginably angry
    2) The Plus Ultra Stage - the psychophysical state, in which Astrid's body works only thanks to her willpower, is limited to a very short period of time; after the state, the Norwegian woman practically cannot move. The Golden Dragon can enter this state only when her desire to win is incredibly strong

    Favorite attacks:
    1) Almost all sorts of punches
    2) Almost all sorts of kicks
    3) Headbutt
    4) Knife Edge Chop
    5) Fisherman Suplex
    6) Powerbomb
    7) Fallaway Slam
    8) Chokeslam
    9) Clothesline
    10) German Suplex
    11) Bearhug
    10) Sleeper Hold
    11) Short-arm Elbow Smash

    Signature attacks:
    1) Dragon's Claws: when the necessary moment comes, Astrid uses all her MMA skills and makes a fast left jab to the opponent’s chin, after which she sends a right cross to their solar plexus. She makes another left jab to the opponent's head and finishes the combo with a powerfull right knee strike to their chin.
Dragon's Claws:
    2) Severed Head (Short-arm Lariat): when the necessary moment comes, Astrid grabs the opponent’s wrist and pulls them closer, after which the Norwegian woman attack them with her free arm, using a crushing lariat. In some cases, Astrid may apply this several times in a row.
Severed Head:
    3) Dragon's Wing (Exploder Suplex): when the necessary moment comes, Astrid wraps her arm around her opponent's neck and use her another  hand to grab their leg. Then she leans back, letting go of her opponent and sending their body to the mat.
Dragon's Wing:
    4) Drakkar (Fireman's Carry Backbreaker): when the necessary moment comes, Astrid takes the opponent by their elbow and knee, lifting them on her shoulders in a fireman's carry position. Then she throws the opponent in front of her, rolling them and dropping their back on her putted forward knee.
    5) Victim For The Dragon (Gutwrench Sitout Powerbomb): when the necessary moment comes, Astrid grabs the waist of the bent opponent, who's slightly to the side of her, then the Norwegian woman lifts them on her shoulders, after which she jerk them forward and falls on her ass, sending the opponent to the hard meeting with the mat.
Victim For The Dragon:

    1) Old Legend (Fireman's Carry Cutter): when the necessary moment comes, Astrid takes the opponent by their elbow and knee, lifting them on her shoulders in a fireman's carry position. Then she throws her opponent's legs behind her, after which she falls on her back, grasping the opponent's head with her hands and driving their head into the mat.
Old Legend:
    2) Road To Valhalla (Lumbar Check/Back Suplex Double Knee Backbreaker): when the necessary moment comes, Astrid stands behind her opponent, she wraps her right arm around their waist and grabs their left leg with her left arm, then she abruptly lifts the opponent into the air so that they are parallel to the floor, after that she falls on her back and pulls her knees to her chest so that the opponent falls on her knees, breaking their back.
Road To Valhalla:
    3) PLUS ULTRAAAAAAAAAAAAAA: when the necessary moment comes, Astrid uses all her strength, speed and willpower in order to send the most powerful right cross, which this world has seen, to her opponent.

    Submission finishers:
    1)  Dragon's Choke (Straight Jacket): when the necessary moment comes, Astrid takes a sit on the back of the opponent, who's lying on their stomach, the Norwegian woman grabs the opponent’s hands, crosses their arms and leans back, starting to choke them.
Dragon's Choke:

    Critical finishers:
    1) Dragon's Rage (Multiple Powerbombs): when the necessary moment comes, Astrid places the opponent’s head between her hips, then she grabs their around the waist and lifts them up on her shoulders. After that Astrid grabs their legs and throws them down, performing a classic powerbomb, after that the Norwegian woman doesn't let go of her opponent, but repeats this move twice more. If necessary, Astrid can repeat this more than three times in a row.
Dragon's Rage:

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Astrid «Golden Dragon» Arvidsson Empty Re: Astrid «Golden Dragon» Arvidsson

Post by skip-stop Sun Nov 17, 2019 7:32 pm

Matches information

    Score of matches:
    Wins: 6 / Losses: 1 / Draws: 1

    1) vs Mari Fuuma by pinfall
    3) vs Natasha Locklear by pinfall
    4) vs Reiko Shishigou by pinfall and pinfall
    5) vs The Part Timers by pinfall
    7) vs Daisuke Takeuchi by pinfall
    9) vs Misaki Toyoda by submission and pinfall and knockout

    12) vs Alison Seong by pinfall

    15) vs River Styx by double knockout (Cyber Saturday 2021, Hardcore Title Match)

    Championship belts and achievements:
    19) Hardcore Champion
          From: Avalanche 2021 (won the match for the vacant Hardcore title against Alexia Jackson)           To: Summer Splash 2022 (the Hardcore title was abolished)

    1) Astrid Arvidsson vs Mari Fuuma (Debut Match). Astrid enters her debut match against the outstanding rival, this will be a worthy start to the era of the Golden Dragon. Finished.
    2) Astrid Arvidsson and Mari Fuuma (Backstage). After a week of rest, Astrid finishes her recovery from the most difficult match in her life at the moment, however, she could not even imagine that on this boring day an unexpected surprise awaits her. Ongoing.
    3) Astrid Arvidsson vs Natasha Locklear (Match). Who would have thought that the Golden Dragon would have to face the former two-time hentai champion? It would be a lie to say that Astrid doesn't feel too excited about this brawl. Unfinished*.
    4) Astrid Arvidsson vs Reiko Shishigou (Match). The lion and the dragon. Astrid clashes with another furious beast in a long and grueling 2 of 3 falls match. The girl feels that it will be something incredible. Unfinished*.
    5) Astrid Arvidsson vs Yvette Lotharingia The Part Timers (Match). Astrid enters into a new confrontation. The Norwegian girl clearly sees her goal and is ready to do everything necessary to win. What could go wrong? Finished.
    6) Astrid Arvidsson and Daisuke Takeuchi (Gym). Astrid decided to do a little training with her manager. However, she did not suspect that some people have the ability to choose the wrong door. Finished.
    7) Astrid Arvidsson vs Daisuke Takeuchi (Tension Match). The first match for Astrid in the Tension unit, today will be a lot of new things for her, but she is ready to show that she is the best wrestler. Finished.
    8) Astrid Arvidsson and Daisuke Takeuchi (Backstage). Astrid decided she wanted to receive her prize in a more private setting. Immediately after the mast, she went to the locker room with the thoughts that perhaps this would be a prize not only for her. Finished.
    9) Astrid Arvidsson vs Misaki Toyoda (Jackpot PPV Match). The career of the Golden Dragon is going uphill and she is gaining more and more popularity, the result of this was that she was invited to take part in a new large-scale and unique PPV. Las Vegas, casino, bunny girls and a new hard match. She didn't need anything else. Unfinished*.
    10) Astrid Arvidsson and Victoria Palmer (No Thread). After Astrid did not get into any of the ratings of the past year, her manager fell into a real depression. Although Astrid didn't blame her for anything, they had a very difficult conversation. The blonde decided to go on a short vacation to Kyoto.
    11) Astrid Arvidsson and Alison Seong (Promo). Atsrid was about to start celebrating the upcoming vacation when her manager ordered her to come to the arena immediately. This seems to be something very serious. Finished.
    12) Astrid Arvidsson vs Alison Seong (Match). The week after the first encounter with Alison lasted almost an eternity for Astrid. But finally the day of the match has come and the Golden Dragon is determined to destroy the former champion. Unfinished*.
    13) Astrid Arvidsson and Valley Doll (Backstage). The start of the vacation was definitely not the way Astrid wanted it, the former world champion took care of it. And yet, she hoped to get away from work at least on the Kyoto beach. The main thing is not to meet anyone. Ongoing.
    14) .
    15) Astrid Arvidsson vs River Styx (Cyber Saturday 2021, Hardcore Title Match). The new PPV for Astrid. And this time she will face one of the toughest women in AFW. Astrid got her first title shot today. And she intends to become the new hardcore champion. Finished.
    16) Victoria Palmer and Astrid Arvidsson, Charlotte Ravel', Karen Aoki-Justice, Margarita Jorgensen, Lunara Ashmore, Sintharia Ashmore, Nerissa Labong, Lily Menage. Proud of you all (AFW Stories).
    17) There was supposed to be a Hardcore Title match at the Summer Splash 2021, but something went wrong and this match never happened, therefore, to preserve the chronology, I consider that this match was canceled for unknown reasons :(
    18) Charlotte Ravel' and Astrid Arvidsson and Karen Aoki-Justice. This moment, we own it (AFW Stories).
    19) Astrid Arvidsson vs Alexia Jackson (Avalanche 2021, Hardcore Title Match). Not everyone gets a second chance. But during the Hardcore Title shot on Cyber Saturday PPV, Astrid's rival, River Styx, was injured. Because of that she declared the Hardcore Title vacant. And Astrid got her second chance to become the hardcore champion. On Avalanche 2021. Ongoing.
    20) Astrid Arvidsson and Galina Romerno (Cyber Saturday 2022 Promo). The past must remain in the past. Therefore, Astrid is ready to meet tomorrow with her head held high as the new hardcore champion. New Cyber Saturday is coming. It is difficult to imagine better circumstances for the first title defense and the Golden Dragon has already chosen a worthy opponent. Ongoing.
    21) Astrid Arvidsson vs Galina Romerno (Cyber Saturday 2022, Hardcore Title Match). Cyber Saturday is coming. Galina got her chance, and the audience chose the conditions for them. It will be a hardcore match filled with blood and glass. Ongoing.
    22) Astrid Arvidsson and Panther Risako (Summer Splash 2022 Promo). The management decided that at Summer Splash 2022, the Hardcore Title and the 24/7 Title would be merged. As the current Hardcore Champion, Astrid got the right to choose a contender. She had a responsibility on her shoulders, she was obliged to leave the last bright mark in the story of the Hardcore title. And she knew a person who would help her in this. Panther Risako. Finished.
    23) Astrid Arvidsson vs Panther Risako (Summer Splash 2022, Hardcore 24/7 Title Match). Summer Splash 2022. Hell in a Cell match. Today, the story of the Hardcore Title will come to an end. And today the history of the Hardcore 24/7 Title will begin. Astrid chose Panther Risako for this match for a reason. She knew that this woman would fight to the last drop of sweat and blood in order to become a new champion. And for Astrid it was most important because she wanted to get the most difficult match in her life. Ongoing.

*Unfinished - a thread where my partner has disappeared and/or has not posted for a long time. Therefore, I consider such threads completed with a predetermined outcome.

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Astrid «Golden Dragon» Arvidsson Empty Re: Astrid «Golden Dragon» Arvidsson

Post by skip-stop Sun Mar 13, 2022 8:16 am

Updated on 03/13/2022
    All old arts have been removed; new arts have been added; minor additions to appearance, personality, stage personality, biography and move set have been added; mistakes in all sections of the profile have been fixed


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Astrid «Golden Dragon» Arvidsson Empty Re: Astrid «Golden Dragon» Arvidsson

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