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Possibly Searching

Thu May 19, 2022 12:58 pm by Rymiscuius

possssssssssssibly looking for a match soon
win / loss is dependant
mixed is fine
come get ur tiny super heel

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Back in the saddle, eyy! Looking for match with any of my three.

Fri May 13, 2022 2:45 pm by SiennaAFW

Short and to the point, looking for a match with any of my three wrasslers. Open to discuss ideas of how you'd like the match to go, what sort've rating the match might get (PG - R), et cetera!

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Looking for a debut

Fri May 13, 2022 10:34 am by Bare

Heyo everyone! New member here and this is my main oc Alizeh! More to come but for now I’m just looking for a match to grt her started. Im ok with (mostly) any match and as for win/loss id like to discuss that based on what character she would go against. So feel free to hmu ^^

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Tension World Title Match: Reira Kirishima (C) vs Mako "The Shark" Adachi

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Tension World Title Match: Reira Kirishima (C) vs Mako "The Shark" Adachi Empty Tension World Title Match: Reira Kirishima (C) vs Mako "The Shark" Adachi

Post by Old_Man_Tai Sun Nov 10, 2019 8:32 pm

Tension World Title Match: Reira Kirishima © vs Mako “The Shark”
Hardcore Match
Win by Pinfall or Submission
Weapons allowed, no DQ’s or Count Out.

Finally, the time had come. Months of waiting, of fan impatience, as Tension Champion Reira Kirishima constantly ducked and avoided challengers, claiming fake injuries and illnesses for weeks on end, refusing to defend her title, claiming there “were no worthy challengers” to fight her. Either out of cowardice or ego, she had refused to come to work. Finally, the league set up an Elimination Chamber match to crown a new contender for her to fight, and threatened to make the winner the new champ by default if she didn’t show up to fight the winner.

When the dust in the ECM cleared, it was Mako Adachi, “The Shark” who had become contender, with the champion Reira making her first appearance in months to congratulate the woman...and then smack her in the face with her title belt.

Tonight though, was the night. At last, the Tension fans would get a proper World Title match. Title belt around her waist, the redheaded former Wrestle Angel came down to the ramp as her music played, growling and flipping off the crowd as they loudly booed her and even went as far as throwing trash at her, further pissing off the champ as she entered the ring, taking off the title belt she had held hostage for so long and holding it up high, awaiting her opponent.

Meanwhile, backstage, a speedo clad Ryo was with the challenger, and his friend/occasional sex buddy, Mako Adachi herself, rubbing the woman’s shoulders. “You ready for this Mako? We need you to bring that belt back home!”

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Tension World Title Match: Reira Kirishima (C) vs Mako "The Shark" Adachi Empty Re: Tension World Title Match: Reira Kirishima (C) vs Mako "The Shark" Adachi

Post by M.J.Caboose14 Tue Nov 12, 2019 7:30 pm

Mako was eager to face Reira for numerous reasons. First and foremost, to beat the woman and get that championship belt she squandered. But also, the shark wanted to teach this bitch a lesson. Reira was guilty of many crimes against reigns. The worst of them, though, was refusing to defend it. Mako wasn’t really sure how many people were cheated out of a match because the redhead's excuses. However, tonight Mako was going to put an end to it. She’d earned the right to have this match, and now, the shark would win the Tension World Championship for herself. Then things would start moving around here again!

Mako had a shot to correct the momentum of Tension itself, and she’d rather die than let the entire roster down. However, the guy rubbing her shoulders wasn’t helping by voicing that fact. As confident as Mako was, she was nervous. More nervous than she was at ECM, more nervous than she’d ever been. This was her first title shot. She’d never been in this position here at Tension before. So it wasn’t surprising that her fears were getting the better of her beforehand.

“Thanks Ryo...I got this.” Mako said as she stood up. The shark was already in her black attire, and she’d stretch her arms a bit before turning to face Ryo.

“Also...if I I win, you and me are celebrating.” Mako said with a devious smirk. “So if you wanna find a few people who’d also like to celebrate while I’m kicking ass, do it~” the shark explained before ruffling his hair.

“Welp...wish me luck!” Mako finally said as she headed out of the room. The woman still had some fears, but she remembered all the good things that happened to her along the way. The matches she’d won, the buddies she’d made, and even all the sex. As she walked Mako thought about Makie, the shrimp she had become quite attached to. God she loved that shortie. Then Mako thought about Athena, the older woman she’d met in the ring. Maybe she’d enjoy meeting her and Ryo after this! Mako even thought back to her first match against Shido. He may be gone now, but the shark loved their match.

Now Mako was seconds from making her entrance. The time to remember was over. Mako had to focus on the now. As her theme played through the speakers, the shark ran onto the stage with her arms spread wide. The fans cheered loudly for their hero as she hurried down the ramp. Mako wasted no time, she slid right under the bottom rope as she glared at Reira. The woman wasn’t above dirty tricks and cheap shots. Plus since it was NO DQ, the redhead could attack before the bell. Standing up, the shark would stand close to her corner as she waited for the bell. However, it hit Mako that she didn’t need to wait either. Her intent would definitely show in her eyes, and a second later Mako would charge forward.

Sure the shark could be the better person. Mako had it in her. She didn’t have to do things like Reira would. But Mako wasn’t exactly a saint herself, and she wasn’t a shining knight in armor either. Mako decided the type of person she was a long time ago. The fans may have looked at her like a savior, but that wasn’t entirely true. In her core, she was a badass fighter that was always hunting for a thrill. Sure she loved to be cheered for, but that didn’t define her. She wasn’t just their hero...she was the shark! So Mako went for it. Hoping to start this brawl with a bang as she charged forward with her right arm ready to strike!

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Tension World Title Match: Reira Kirishima (C) vs Mako "The Shark" Adachi MiMAWbv

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Tension World Title Match: Reira Kirishima (C) vs Mako "The Shark" Adachi Empty Re: Tension World Title Match: Reira Kirishima (C) vs Mako "The Shark" Adachi

Post by Old_Man_Tai Mon Nov 18, 2019 3:53 pm


Reira, title in hand, watched as the Shark, Mako, her challenger, ran down to the ring, clearly eager to get her assed handed to her.


Determined to make good and short work of her opponent, eager to leave her broken and bleeding, wanting to use her as a message, so that any and all future challengers would think twice before ever trying to fight her again, the redheaded veteran wasted no time as her first match in over a year began, charging at Mako as soon as she entered the ring, dropping the belt to the mat as she charged, intending to pound on the challenger.

Little did she know, Mako had planned the same thing, both women meeting in the middle of the ring and already exchanging blows, Reira throwing a right hand at Mako's beautiful face as the blonde's fist smashed into her own cheek!


Mako wasn’t surprised when Reira turned around and charged. Both of them were brutal and hot headed fighters. So as the red headed bitch started swinging, Mako did the same thing at the same time. Both women swung some hard blows at each others heads. Reira focused on using her fist, which struck the shark’s cheek repeatedly. While Mako focused on smashing the brutish champ’s face with her forearm.

“Ack! Is that all bitch!? Come on! Oof! Hit me for real ya hag!!!” Mako barked in-between throwing and receiving strikes. Normally she didn’t insult one’s age, cause she kinda had the hots for older women. However, Reira was a different case. This redhead wasn’t worthy of her respect, or her lust for that Mako didn’t hold her tongue about insulting this fake champ’s age. Despite all the pain in her head, though, the shark wasn’t stopping. She was going to tear Reira apart and take that shiny belt for herself!


The match was off to a very exciting start indeed, the two hot-headed women, who already disliked each other, immediately began exchanging hard blows, trading shots to each others face.

Before long, blood was already spilled, as a shot to Reira's mouth split part of her lip, and another forearm shot smashed her nose, blood leaking from both. The referee, making no attempt to separate the two, signaled for the bell to ring, officially starting the match!

The Sharks taunts further inflamed the stubborn and thin skinned champion, the challenger goading her to hit her harder, as if her blows had no effect!

Be careful what you ask for…

After taking another hard forearm to the head, Reira staggered back a couple steps, before kicking her leg up, trying to hit Mako with a big boot right to the chest!


As the bell finally rang to signal the start of the match, Mako smirked as she not only managed to knock the foul woman back, but also caused her to bleed a little bit. The shark tried to follow up with another attack, but as she closed the distance she received a boot to her chest. Reira wasn’t a great champion, or even a good one, but it made sense why she was able to get the belt. The bitch could really hit, causing the shark to lay there for a few seconds while clutching her stinging breasts. But while the impact knocked the wind out of her, she wasn’t going to stay down for too long.

Instead, Mako mustered her strength, and shot right back up to her feet with a kip up. That way, she could get right up in Reira’s face and press their foreheads together for a staredown. “I’m not going down that easy, ya red-headed hag…” Mako growled as she butted heads with the older woman.


“Who the hell are you calling a hag!?” she yelled back, the two of them literally face to face, staring glares of aggression and hatred at each other, staring into each other’s eyes. Clearly they were proving to be a physical match for each other so far, as Reira’s busted nose and lip proved...but Reira was a clever woman, as devious as she was bitchy.

“Want to know the secret to being a REAL wrestling champion?” she growled out, pressing her head against The Sharks. “Wear BOOTS!” She yelled, raising her booted foot up and trying to stomp down hard on Mako’s bare toes!


“Oh get over’re still hot for a hag…I’m sure some people would screw you~” Mako laughed in the woman’s face with a flirty wink. The shark was intent on insulting Reira, but she had to give some respect where it was due. She didn’t know the redhead’s exact age, but at the same time she knew the bitch still had some looks. Plus, she had to be rough in bed, and Mako was a big supporter of rough love. Soon after, Reira would growl out a question for the shark. Something about being a real champ.

“Have an actual match?” Mako asked with a brow raised as she and Reira stared into each other’s eyes. However, as soon as the bitch gave her answer, she’d stomp on the challenger’s left foot at the same time! Mako howled out as the woman’s boot crushed her toes.

“I take it back! I wouldn’t fuck you if you were the last bitch in Tension!” Mako growled as she stumbled back, barely standing on her left foot as she hopped a bit.


“What the hell are you even talking about? Nobody here is fucking anybody!” Reira yelled back. Mako’s flippant attitude only further angered the perpetually angry redhead. Still her attack served its purpose, as the woman was off balance, having clearly not expected such an attack. Such a strategy served Reira well once in a previous title defence, she had no doubt it would do so again.

For now though, she followed up, chasing the hopping Mako and slipping behind her challenger, the world champion grabbing the Shark around her waist from behind and, with a heave, throwing her up and backwards with a powerful German Suplex, and, if she landed it, she’d keep a tight hold and bridge her back off the mat to make it a pin attempt!


Mako’s flirts and taunts may have make Reira mad, but the shark was the one who was really pissed. It wasn’t surprising to have received a dirty move like a foot stomp. Especially from this bitch. However, that didn’t mean Mako had to like it. The shark was caught off guard, though, because of this attack.

Reira had quickly slipped behind Mako before grabbed around the waist. Before the shark could make a lewd comment about being grabbed from behind, though, the bitch already began to lift her up. “GAH YOU BIIITCH-ACK!” Mako growled before grunting out as she was suplexed. However, Reira kept holding onto the shark in a bridging pin, keeping her shoulders on the canvas and her ass sticking up in the air.

Then the ref girl quickly got into position and slapped her hand on the mat. “ONE!” she shouted as her hand hit the ring. Suddenly, though, Mako would kick her legs hard and force herself out of the pin. The shark wasn’t going to stay down from that cheap trick. The badass woman ended up on her side, still somewhat reeling from the impact as she held her head.


Wrestlers who fought barefoot were stupid, and Reira was always happy to put them in her place with a good foot stomp. It served as a good distraction as well, though Mako was too stubborn, and kicked out of her follow up pin attempt.

Alright. Fine then. If Mako wasn’t going to do this the easy way…

Rolling away from the challenger, the champion made a point to exit the ring, before kneeling and raising the cloth of the ring apron, eagerly pulling out a wooden kendo stick, AFW staff having stocked the underside of the ring with weapons for this match. Rolling back into the ring, she stood up and approached The Shark, looking to swing the stick down onto her side with a heavy smack!


Mako would roll onto her side shortly after kicking out of the bridging pin. The shark was a little dazed but she would recover quickly if given enough time. However, Reira wasn’t exactly taking her merry time. The red headed hag would roll out of and back into the ring as she got herself a kendo stick.

The shark was just pushing herself onto her hand and knees when Reira brought it down on her. Immediately Mako cried out loudly as a long red mark appeared across her upper back. Gritting her teeth in pain, the wounded predator would try rolling to the ropes as she tried to bare through the stinging pain.

“’re...just really hard to like...” Mako growled as she fought to stand with the ropes help. Meanwhile, one arm was raised as she tried to defend the rest of her body from further strikes with the kendo stick.


The crowd winced loudly as the wooden stick smacked against The Sharks skin, loud boos echoing towards the champion, who simply flipped them off as she approached Mako again.

As for her comment about being hard to like, Reira simply shrugged in response. “I’ve heard that before. I don’t care. People seem to like you. I don’t care. You’re not in my league, you are not championship material! Go back to jerking off boys in speedos and leave the real wrestling to champions like me!”

She yelled, before swinging the stick and trying to smack Mako in the back yet again!


Mako took what Reira had said rather...poorly. Not championship material? Yeah that was a bad thing to say to the shark. What didn’t help at all was using Mako’s sexual history against her. In her mind, she wasn’t worthy because Mako liked sex? Well, now it was her turn to respond. And it was one hell of a response.

Reira cracked her over the back with the stick, and shortly after, Mako kicked her between the legs. She didn’t care what Reira said about this. It was cheap, it was dirty, but all that mattered was that it hurt. If the low blow worked, Mako would waste no time as she collapsed to the side, rolled out of the ring, and started to pull the champ out out of the ring with her. Things just took an ugly turn, and it would only get worse from here on out.


Reira had a wide smile on her face as she cracked the stick across Mako’s back, eager to hear the woman’s pained cry. After years of toiling in lower card matches, forced to watch in the back as a member of security, she finally was wear she belonged. In the ring, dominating and smashing an inferior opponent. She truly was on top of the world right now, in this moment.

...and then Mako’s heel smashed up between her legs, and ruined everything.

Eyes widening in shock and agony, the champion collapsed onto the mat, dropping her weapon and letting out a loud howl of pain and rage. In truth, she barely noticed being dragged out of the ring, collapsing onto the padded floor while in a fetal position, holding her sore crotch, alternating between whimpers and loud curses aimed directly at Mako!


After dragging the woman out of the ring, Mako enjoyed hearing Reira whimper. The redhead had done some crappy things, and now it was time for her to pay for them. So Mako would start by pulling out her favorite weapon from under the ring, a steel chain. That wasn’t all she got out, though. Mako also pulled out two chairs and table. But instead of setting it up, the shark would keep it flat on the ground before pulling Reira to her feet.

Then, Mako would grab her from behind and lift her up with a German Suplex. If successful, the shark would slam Reira’s upper back and head down on the wood surface of the table. Not only that, but Mako would roll herself over her opponent. That way, she could briefly keep Reira in a package-like pin, before releasing her, and then stomping down on her midsection to really punish the champ.


Reira did nothing but stay on the floor as The Shark gathered her weapons and gear, the legal low blow to her cooch rendering her entirely defenseless for the moment. It was a dirty, rotten move, and she SHOULD have done it first, damn it!

By the time Reira finally started crawling up to all fours, Mako was already making her move, the Tension World Champ being flung backwards, crying out in pain as her back and the back of her head landed onto the wooden table with a hard "SMACK", though her cries were cut off by a bare foot to her midsection, making her cough and wheeze from the shot to her breadbasket. The crowd loved it all though, cheering Mako on. In their eyes, Reira had kept the belt hostage for a year, attacked their favorites, insulted them, and deserved every bit of punishment Mako brought down on her!


“That hurt bitch?!” Mako barked down at Reira. The shark was still pretty pissed with the red head, and she didn’t give her very much time to respond before stomping her foot down on Reira’s right breast. “HOW ABOUT THIS?! DOES THIS HURT?!” Mako snarled as she started grinding her bare foot on the woman’s soft tit. Twisting her ankle for side to side, the shark really tenderized the champ’s large (And surprisingly not sagging) breast. Mako was even using her left foot as an act of karma for stomping on it.

“Damn...for a old hag you’ve got some nice tits…I don’t feel bad about bruising them, though~” Mako laughed mockingly before stomping on the other breast. Then she used her toes to basically grope Reira’s left orb like she would wet sand on the beach. The crowd loved seeing Mako being her usual self, and responded by cheering the badass on without end.


Reira had never been a flirty hentai type in the ring, finding that type of wrestling stupid and shameful. She also wasn't into women, at all. So the stomps to her breasts, while fun for Mako, were no fun for the champ, at all!

"Guhh! Ughh-AGHH!" She cried out at each stomp, her pained groans becoming angry growls, as she felt Mako using her toes to cop a feel on her! "The HELL do you think your doing!?" She growled, the combined pain still keeping her down...for now.


“To be honest...I’m kinda having my way with the champ’s titties~” Mako taunted Reira before finally taking her foot off the woman’s breast. “Older women do get me hot...but I bet you don’t have any interest in me…oh well...Guess I’ll just beat you up~” the shark chuckled before grabbing the champ’s red hair and pulling her back up.

Once she had Reira standing up, Mako would try to pull the champ with her as she ran towards the barricade. Then, once they got close enough, the shark would try to throw the bitchy woman into the dividers by her hair. If successful, Mako would send Reira’s upper back into the steel. She wasn’t done, though. Mako would back up and then run back at the sorry excuse for a champ so she could land a running knee strike to her opponent’s head with a yell. Which she would aim so her knee would bash her skull into the barricade!


Reira's standard growl of rage grew even louder as she attempted to grab Makos foot and shove her off, but the woman moved back on her own, causing the champ to miss her grab attempt.

The next thing Reira knew, she was being thrown, forced to run until, with a hard crash, she hit the barricade with her side, the impact of flesh hitting steel making her cry out. "AGH! Fuck!" She yelled, dropping to all fours, about to let out another curse, when something smashed into the side of her head, crashing it into the steel barricade and leaving her groaning on the mat, clutching at her head!


Mako smirked after driving her knee into Reira’s head. This was getting pretty intense, and the shark loved it. So, with her opponent clutching her head, Mako would grab the back of Reira’s attire. Then, while grabbing a fist full of the attire covering her ass, Mako would lift the older woman up on her feet.

“Come on...up we go...I’m not done kicking your ass…” the shark laughed while slapping the champion’s ass. This was mostly for her own urges, but the fans loved it too. Then, she’d try to launch Reira forward towards the post. She didn’t want to end Reira’s career, though, so she’d aim it so her shoulder would smack the post instead of her head.


Indeed the fans loved seeing Reira get her ass smacked, less because of any attraction to Reira per say, and more because Reira was a stone cold bitch nearly universally disliked by the AFW crowd, and anything that would piss her off was A-ok with them. Luckily for The Shark, the Champion wasn’t the most clear headed...mainly because a hard knee had just smashed into her head, the red head feeling her head swirling, hearing a rushing sound in her ears.

Oh yeah, that was a concussion...Fuck.

Even worse, in her state, she couldn’t properly defend herself, and soon found herself smacking shoulder first into the steel pole, letting out a howl and falling to her knees, clasping at her sore shoulder, biting her lip and holding in the dozens of justified swear words she had for her blonde haired foe, trying to focus on getting her head back in the game to defend her damn title!


Unlike the fans, Mako did spank Reira because she was attractive. Sure she was a mean old bitch, but she was hot too. The sight of Reira collapsing was thrilling to the shark. Things were going well, and Mako hoped to continue her dominant steak for a good bit longer.

“Come on baby~ Where’s the REAL champ...cause you clearly are not champion material?” Mako laughed as she nudged Reira’s ass some more with her toes.
While Reira was still weakened, the shark would walk away and grab the steel chain she had gotten out from under the ring. Smiling as she picked it up, Mako would then walk back over to her opponent and try sitting her up. That way she could wrap the chain around Reira’s neck and start choking the champ out like a little bitch! This was actually how she beat Daisuke in a past match, and Mako was looking forward to history repeating itself.


This was bad. Very Very bad. Her shoulder hurt, her crotch was still stinging, her head was still buzzing, and nobody was shutting the fuck up! Even worse, before she knew it, she was in a sitting up position...and choking, as the crazy deranged Shark bitch began choking her out with a goddamn steel chain! How crazy WAS this bitch!?

Reira gasped and gagged, one hand gripping at the chain in a futile gesture, as Mako slowly tightened it around her neck and choked her out, her breathing getting more and more strained and sounding more choked, her face turning red at first, then it started to turn a shade of purple, as her air was quickly and expertly depleted and squeezed out of her, her oxygen deprived brain screaming at her to find some way, any way out of this.

With pained and choked gurgles coming from her mouth, she used her free hand to pad around her nearby area. They two of them had thrown plenty of weapons around, there had to be SOMETHING that she could-THERE!

She felt something on the ground, something solid, something round...something...wooden. The kendo stick she had wielded earlier, having fallen out of the ring when she dropped it after Mako’s cooch kick! Desperate to defend her title, she grabbed it, and swung it upwards towards Mako’s head, trying to smack her right in the damn face with the wooden weapon!


Mako was laughing as she choked the champ out. With the crowd cheering her on, the shark watched as the life was drained from Reira. However, as the woman’s face started changing colors, Mako was starting to get worried. She didn’t want to kill the bitch. And the ref was shouting to Reira, trying to make sure she was okay to continue the match.

Mako really hoped the official would call the match if things got too serious. Then, as time went on, the shark would shout at the ref for two reasons. One, because she wanted her to end this for Reira’s sake. And two, because she wanted to win this god damn thing!

“Hey ref! Call this thing already-...” Mako would shout as Reira suddenly struck her with a kendo stick. Grunting loudly as her face was smacked, the woman released her grip on the chain to grab the stick. “Gggrrrr...crafty fucking bitch…” she growled while trying to get the weapon out of Reira’s hands. While the blow wasn’t too jarring, the kendo stick actually made a cut right above Mako’s eyebrow. Causing her to bleed a bit as she fought for control over the weapon with the champion.


Success! Granted, she lost the kendo stick, Mako having pulled it out of her hands, but the last ditch attack succeeded in breaking her grip on the chain around her neck, allowing the champion to breath. She stumbled forward onto all fours, gasping and coughing, her face returning to a normal color, her eyes watering from the effort, the tears only making her hate Mako even more.

“...c-crazy bitch...trying to kill me…”

She gasped out, pulling the chain off of her neck. Immediately though, she realized that Mako now had a shiny stick weapon as well. That...was not good either. Thinking fast, while the shark was still recovering, she took a quick glance behind her and kicked her leg back, donkey style, trying to get some payback on that bitch Mako and kick her right in the cooch!


“Kill is a strong word-” Mako would begin to stay, until she was suddenly mule kicked between her legs. Karma. Sometimes it didn’t care about right or wrong. Sometimes it was just an ironic little bitch. Mako didn’t cry out though. She just froze, and dropped to her knees. The shark stayed right there, immobilized by pain as she struggled to recover.

Being kicked in the pussy sucked. It sucked a lot. So freaking much. Mako was in big trouble now, and the fans knew it. The whole arena let out a loud “Oooooooooooh” while a small group of others let out a still audible “Daaaaaaammmnnn” from seeing the challenger get low blowed, donkey kick style.


Karma was indeed a bitch, and so was Reira.

Still, the low blow served a purpose, saving her from any follow up attacks with the chain or the kendo stick, and allowing her a few moments of piece so she could get her wind back, her throat sore from the chain having been wrapped so tightly around her neck.

Come to think of it…

Inspired by the sight of the chain before her, the Tension World Champ grabbed it, wrapping it around her hand, still coughing and breathing ragged breaths and ignoring the crowd’s loud boo’s of disapproval sent her way as she slowly stood onto her feet. Whatever. Fuck em. Fuck em all.

Turning to face the downed Shark, Reira raised her fist and swung it down, trying to punch Mako in the face with the chain wrapped around her fist, because fuck her too!


Mako wouldn’t like what came next. Still stunned by the mule kick, the shark was defenseless as Reira wrapped the chain around her fist and suddenly punched her in the face! Dropping backwards, Mako looked bad as she collapsed like deadweight. Limp on the ground, fans booed Reira more for taking control back from the challenger.

Despite being punched with an iron fist, though (Something she was known to do rherself), Mako was defiant and resisted the urge to stay down. Groaning as she slowly sat back up, the challenger would flip Reira off and laugh at her. “That’s it? Fu...Fuck you! Dumb-ass!” she groaned in a haze, earning the crowd’s approval and cheers. “Do something, pussy!” Mako yelled at the champ, provoking her just for the sake of pissing her off.


Reira had honestly thought her chain assisted punch would put the challenger down for the count, or at least stop the bitch from running her big mouth...but it seemed to fail at both!

Even more infuriated at her irritating opponent, Reira made a point to boot the woman right in the head too force her back down onto the ground, before tossing the chain away and lifting the flap of the ring, pulling out a steel chair, slapping her hand against the metal seat before tossing it into the ring. That could come in handy later.

For now though, she grabbed Makos arm, trying to pull The Shark up to her feet, gripping her cheeks in her hands, glaring at the woman. "Still wanna talk shit!?" She yelled, directly in makos face!


Mako knew that boot was coming before Reira even did. It was common sense. Mako egged her on, and the red head would make her pay for it. And pay the shark did as that boot clocked her like a hit with a brick. She ended up laying there on the floor, groaning in pain as Reira got a steel chair from under the ring. Then, after throwing it inside, the champ would pull the dazed Mako up onto her feet.

Clearly still a bit hazy, the shark would find her cheeks being squeezed as Reira barked in her face. She didn’t respond right away, but soon enough Mako did let the champ know what she was thinking. “...Are...are you tryin’ tah kiss me?” the challenger asked, although the words sounded a bit muffled since her bitch opponent was squeezing her face. This time the taunt wasn’t intentional, Mako was legit thinking that was the case. She’d taken some hard blows to the head, after all.


Ugh...this aggravating woman and her mockery were intolerable! Intolerable! With a growl of disdain, the Tension World Champion didn’t respond to her verbal mockery, instead shoving The Shark against the ring apron and, with a heave, forcing her onto it and pushing her under the ropes so she would re-enter the ring.

After a moment to catch her breath and massage her throat, still pretty winded, and throat still sore from nearly being choked out with that damn chain, she followed Mako into the ring, and quickly laid across her chest, hooking both legs of the possibly concussed woman to try and pin her and put this match to bed!


Mako was unable to stop Reira as she forced her into the ring. She was way too out of it, and she just laid there after being rolled under the ropes. The fans were chanting for her to get up, but Reira clearly thought the shark was done. She didn’t even bother hitting her some more. Instead, the champ went for a pin. Hooking Mako’s leg as she laid across her, the woman would hold her like this as the ref started a count.

“One!” the official shouted, while Mako suddenly blurted out something stupid.

“ really want me...huh…” the shark groaned, thinking this was a sex thing. Even for having possible head trauma the shark was being stupid.

“Two!” the ref girl suddenly shouted out as her hand slapped the mat again. This got Mako’s attention. The ref’s hand was just coming down again when she kicked while screaming out, “NOOOOO!”. Her whole body bucking hard enough that she almost pulled her back out! Mako would then go limp again on her side, still breathing heavy from all the fighting and punishment she’d gone through.


Reira couldn't believe it. How the hell was that not enough!? The Shark was damn near lord and loopy, how could she still fight back goddamnit!? She should be out cold!

Realizing her opponent really was made of tougher stuff, Reira stood up, panting heavily, feeling herself already running low on energy. Perhaps her year long vacation had made her weaker, sapped some of her energy?

Whatever the case, it was time for this bitch to meet her end. She grabbed Mako, pulled her up to her feet, the humorless red head ignoring the sharks sexual comments. Instead she pulled her in close, grabbing her body and swinging her upper body down, sending her legs in the air, intending to use her as a pendulum and swing her backwards while falling back, hoping to plant her face first with an End of Bitches!


Mako was happy to have broken out of the pin count. However, the shark now had to worry about Reira’s latest attempt to end her. AKA, the End of Bitches. After being pulled back to her feet in a daze, Mako would realize what the champ was going for a she swung her in a pendulum motion. What happened next was a combination of instincts, luck, and a ton of skill as the shark swung herself more than Reira intended.

That way, Mako would end up swinging all the way over the champ and land back on her feet. If successful, the challenger would grab the red head’s arms mid swing, and keep her leaning forward before suddenly shoving the woman’s head between her thighs. Then, without wasting time to even realize everything going on in full, Mako would attempt to hit Reira with a surprise pedigree out of nowhere! Slamming her face down to the mat, the shark hoped to not only get back into the fight, but she hoped this would win it for her!


Reira never saw it coming. One moment, she was about to plant Mako into the ground and finish her off for good, continuing her long title reign...the next, she was suddenly bent over, arms trapped and bent, something squeezing against her head!

Before she could even think to counter, think to struggle, even just think, Mako made her move, jumping high, raising Reira's body and planting her face first into the mat below, where she lay flat, limp body twitching in response as her vision went black!


Mako’s pedigree slammed Reira down with a thunderous impact. Fans all around cheered for the shark as she completely turned the match around in an instant. The challenger knew she had to pin Reira fast now. She’d just hit Reira with her best move. So with the champ flat on her face, Mako would roll the red-headed hag over and pull both her legs back.

The ref would quickly slide down on her belly and start the count. Mako would hold her there with all her might. The shark wanted to win so badly, and she could tell this was her best chance yet and she waited for the count to continue.



Reira was limp, the red headed champion’s vision filled with bright stars and black spots after being smashed face first into the mat, barely registering that she was flipped over and pinned, and only hearing a muffled noise, like something slapping against a solid...thing, and a muffled call. What was that?

The second thump was clearer, and louder, as was the follow up call with it.


Two? Two! Oh shit! She needed to kick out, put power to her legs, force herself free of this, kickout, kickout, kickout, kickout…


But it was too much, too much damage built up, too much exhaustion in the champions body, her legs hooked just too tightly to fully break free, giving a half-powered buck of her hips, not enough for force Mako off of her before the final pin count. Just like that, a year of refusing to defend the belt, a year of feeling superiority, a year of power and control, all gone in a flash. Her last sight was Mako’s hand being raised in victory, before her vision went black and she went limp, passing out for the medics to take away.

She had lost, Tension had a new champion now!


Mako could feel Reira slowly begin to buck, but it was too late. The champ didn’t have enough power to kick out, and as a result the ref girl would reach a full three count. The fans lost it immediately. Mako had honestly never heard them get so loud. But she couldn’t appreciate all their cheers fully. She loved basking in the roars of the crowd, but right now, the shark was focused on something else entirely.

She had just pinned the champ. Now...SHE WAS THE CHAMP!

After releasing Reira, Mako would roll to the side, remaining on her hands and knees from the shock. When the official finally came over with the belt, she couldn’t believe it. Even after everything she’d gone through, this still felt like a dream to Mako. As soon as she took the gold in her own hands, though, the shark knew this was real.

Mako was speechless. Shit she was going to cry. Mako reeeaaaallly didn’t want to cry. She wanted to look serious and cool when she held up the belt. Maybe if she did so fast enough she could hold it all back. Finally dashing towards the corner and jumping up on the middle ropes, the new champ would hold her prize high up in the air and yell out in celebration. The tears were already showing. She’d be embarrassed about that later, though. For now Mako was too busy losing it as she celebrated her victory.

Soon Mako would leave the ring entirely and dive into the front row. She had the good sense not to dive from the corner...but the shark was still instantly swarmed by fans. Or, depending on how people looked at it, Mako was swarming them. Later it would be revealed that three guys got headbutted and punched (not because they pissed her off, but because she was too happy to hold back around them), eight women were kissed, over 30 women were hugged, and one female fan was carried around on the champs shoulder.

Mako would end up with three bites on her body, over thirty phone numbers (seven of which were written across her body), and many bruises. Things may have seemed slow during Reira’s long reign, but one thing was clear, with Mako at the top, things were about to really pick up in Tension!

Mako Adachi wins via Pinfall, NEW TENSION WORLD CHAMPION

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