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After a long time I return, looking for a match

Thu Sep 16, 2021 11:20 pm by GrandAkumaShogun

Hello all, I would firstly like to apologize for the long periods that I've been away from here. Been taking time away to focus on my mental health but I think I'm ready to return and looking for a match or two to get back into things. All three of my boys, Takeichi Mori, Takeshi Kawai, and Imai Cosmo are up for matches. If you want I can link their profiles so you don't have to search through the roster page. Anyone interested feel free to hmu through private messages. Hope to hear from …

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Request Filled for Now, IGNORE!

Thu Sep 23, 2021 10:18 am by Frodouken

New here and wanting to put my character to use

Down for any match type involving FVF. Think I’ve got a good understanding of the rules rp

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Aye I'm back. I suck. Wanna wrestle?

Thu Sep 09, 2021 6:54 am by yummybunny

Aye I'm back again, the loser that pops in and out for like 5 years straight. I know I know, no need for cheers. Uh, but no seriously I'm feeling pretty good lately and would love to throw my hat back in the ring. If anyone wants to wrestle my losers let me know, I have a few now. Just made a new one in fact.
Queen Bitch:

Other than her I have like...A few others? I forgot who's made on here and who isn't. I WILL say, they ain't that good and …

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The Rhythm of the Night

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The Rhythm of the Night - Page 3 Empty Re: The Rhythm of the Night

Post by LtLukas Mon Nov 25, 2019 4:25 am

Zulime was a proud woman. Very proud. She would not suffice to have this man sexualize her without her consent. Worse still, this was not some playful little thing. Pierre was starting to stiffen against her soft and supple body, and Zulime was likely to end this man's life had she been granted the divine fortune of being presented with the opportunity to do so. Had anyone tried to pull this back on the riverboat, she would have them thrown into the Mississippi River without a moment's hesitation. Only, she was not on the boat any more, with no back up when things went awry. The only person who was going to get her out of this situation was going to be her, and the more time passed the more she found that particular proposition to be more and more difficult.

The claw that she had introduced into Pierre's side did have some effect, and she was very grateful for that. It was perhaps a bit dirty to have done so, but it was way past dirty at this point. She was willing to do more or less anything that punished this Quebecois jerk until he understood that Zulime was not to be trifled with. The Riverboat Queen was a whirl of motion. She found that her nails would be an effective weapon, so she was determined to use it until the man's blood was all over the ring.

Then, a savior appeared. In a sense. Melvin showed up and interrupted their tryst, much to Zulime's dismay. She wanted out of this situation, but the situation called for the fact that the Riverboat Queen would have to dig herself out of the hole on her own. When her Jamaican friend showed up, the man from Quebec fled. Zulime was burning with rage. She hadn't been doing that well, but this pre-empted any shot that she had at tearing this man a new one.

"[I hope you crash your car, asshole]" Zulime shouted. The act had been dropped at this point, and Zulime's French was as flawless as it was vituperative. It seemed to her that most of the time, in Japan at least, she was using French to insult someone. Still, it felt good but not sufficient. There would be a reckoning for this jerk who thought he could get away with so much.

She turned to Melvin. It wasn't really his fault that she would not have her revenge, and she knew that. But there was a certain acid in her tone that showed that she was not totally happy. "I'm fine. It was nothin'. Don't you worry about it." She was looking out the door where Pierre had exited. The Riverboat Queen was fixated on it, as if that would provide the answer to her problems.

"And reckon I am just about done." She threw her hands up and left the ring. It was a jerk move to leave her friend high and dry like that, but Zulime was in a bad mood. Already her mind was turning with how she was going to handle this French fop.

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The Rhythm of the Night - Page 3 Empty Re: The Rhythm of the Night

Post by BritBrat Mon Nov 25, 2019 10:32 pm

Melvin had no idea how it had happened, all that he was thinking off is getting that creep away from his student, the first-ever one mind you.

He had no time to think about anything else, how this man managed to get in was a different thing entirely. Melvin had no idea of the stuff before that had led to this incident happening, his grubby hands grabbing onto Zulime’s breasts and it was clear what his intentions were. Even if they may have been tussling, this was not the place to do stuff without the consent of the other. No, this was something he didn’t encourage inside his own training ring.

It wasn’t with the idea that he will get something in return for saving her, Zulime is her student and he needed to protect her. He never did manage to get his hands on him and kick him out himself but as he disappeared out of sight from the trees around the place, the Jamaican figured he wasn’t going to come back. Melvin never understood French so he had no idea what either Pierre or Zulime had said to each other, but he could guess from the way they spoke to each other, the vehement vitriol and venom in Zulime’s voice, they weren’t compliments. Then again, his Patois would be lost on the Louisianan, but it was close to English that she never had a problem with understanding him.

But with the Quebecois making a hasty retreat stage right, Melvin came to the aid of Zulime who was on the floor, seeing how she was fixated on the direction Pierre left. And what he could also see is that the Riverboat Queen was pissed. Rightfully so. Taking it on Melvin though, that was unexpected, but Melvin wasn’t the type to lash out right back at a person. In that case, he could see why she would be mad. Why she would be a whirl of emotion, why she would be burning with hate. But it was still a surprise when Zulime replied with acid in her tone. “Nahh, dat didn’t luk lakka nutten.” But before he could go in, Zulime threw her hands and left the ring in a bad mood. “Yow! Zulime! Hey!” He sighed but decided it’s probably for the best to leave her be. She wasn’t in the mood to talk it out and she’s going through all sorts of emotions. Not much he could do when she’s like that. He could only look back at the direction where that man had gone off. “Rahh, wah di rass happened?” That is the only question he could really ask for now as he’s left alone in the ring. Only that he wasn't his usual smiling self. But concerned.

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