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Looking for matches

Fri Nov 25, 2022 8:50 pm by Void Effect

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Looking for fun Fights

Wed Nov 23, 2022 1:55 pm by Leon564

Hi hiiiii
Hope you are well my fellows! Happy holidays to those that celebrate. Though some of you may indeed be busy, some of you might be bored and alone. Well I'm here as well bored and alone 😅 So same boat. But not always the same tastes.

Anywhoooooo I've got my two characters available for some battles. James is decently flexible on whom he fights. But Melanie is strictly for the men. She can't get enough of'em 😆

Take a gander at them and hit me up either with a …

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Free Face Claim

Thu Nov 17, 2022 6:11 pm by Void Effect

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Long Time No See

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Long Time No See - Page 3 Empty Re: Long Time No See

Post by HighFly Sat Nov 30, 2019 11:41 am

Alaina had dealt with Gwendolyn a lot lately, and recently she seemed to be just as good at getting under Gwendolyns skin as she was at messing with the amazon. Alaina was actually having fun taunting Gwendolyn and was going to look over at Julia before taking another jab when Julia seemed to want to do that in a quite literal sense! Alaina tried to reach out, managing to step in and grab hold of Julia at the last second before a brawl erupted! Gwendolyn had a small army of lackies with her and Sonic Boom was just two women.

"Whoa! Easy Julia! We can save this for the ring when we can kick her ass all around in front of a huge crowd okay? Not here, not now!" Alaina said, a bit surprised that Julia was the one going off. Generally if Alaina had to guess she may have been a bit more likely than Julia to fly off the handle but today was just full of surprises! Either way Alaina was going to do all she could to keep Julia from getting her hands on Gwendolyn at this exact moment.

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Long Time No See - Page 3 Empty Re: Long Time No See

Post by killcarrion Sun Dec 01, 2019 6:31 am

One would not expect this without having a well-trained eye for the competitive vernacular, but the embittered repartee between Gwendolyn and Alaina was one of a begrudgingly mutual respect and battle-tested acknowledgment of the other's grappling skills. There perhaps being no other fathomable way for one as snooty and pretentious as Gwendolyn to actually heap praise upon a bitter adversary. It was as if the pair were engaged in a precise and technique-honed fencing duel with hits, counters, blocks being accounted for along the way...except that Gwen's intentions towards Julia were far less honorable. The dainty socialite knowing that with enough poking, prodding and tasteful reminders of the humiliating indignities Gwendolyn had caused her throughout their careers...the masked bull would be seeing naught but crimson red. Gwendolyn reflexively scrunching her eyes shut before peering one open at a time to witness Alaina holding back her ravenously rabid tag-team partner.

"...*giggle*...As Madam Sanders imparted earlier, it does seem to appear that some things never change~..."
Gwendolyn haughtily imparted whilst looking down upon the enraged cow-girl with arms crossed beneath her heavenly bosom, implicitly inferring to their SS promo where Julia was hot-headed enough to tackle the heiress despite the small army of attendants accompanying their employer at the time. Except this time around her security detail hadn't needed to restrain Julia when her Amazonian partner set it upon herself to do just that, and save Julia from being handcuffed to the ground and potentially spending a dismal night in the nearest correctional facility. "Well...this was a delightful reunion amongst old comrades, and one I certainly hope to see replicated many times in the foreseeable future...TA~~~..." A prudish smirk and dismissive flick of her wrist signaling the her wish to be done speaking with the two of them, an elegant cadence to her waltz taking her back to her beach-side photo-shoot...her security detail following right along...

Long Time No See - Page 3 IzEu9yM

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