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Avalanche 2020 Postponement

Mon Nov 23, 2020 10:04 pm by killcarrion

Due to various circumstances, including some board members becoming ill (whom we all wish a prompt and speedy recovery), magnified stress levels due to the holiday season, and the fact that our delay of SummerSplash may have inadvertently pushed some storylines further down the line...this year we've decided to postpone the beginning of Avalanche from Dec 1st to Dec 15th.

This is to give members more time to finish threads or further storylines in preparation for their Ava match, and hopefully …

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Thu Nov 19, 2020 7:17 pm by WrestleMind

Howdy everyone, 

I've recently had a bit of an appifiny that drives me to retire from this forum for the foreseeable future.

I'm sorry to everyone I have an active thread with. Unfortunately, I won't be finishing our threads. If you wish you have my blessing to finish the threads however you like. 

If anyone wants to take my face claims or my characters as a whole please feel free to reach out and ask. 

It's been a fun ride. Good luck and thanks for everything.  Razz

Edit: Sorry I didn't …

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Need Debut matches/Simply looking for more

Tue Sep 08, 2020 11:19 pm by Void Effect

Got bunch of girls that need to debut, if anyone interested, PM me here or on Discord

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Las Ninjas Latinas Invite Challengers!

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Las Ninjas Latinas Invite Challengers!  Empty Las Ninjas Latinas Invite Challengers!

Post by Jaystar on Sun Sep 29, 2019 11:04 pm

"OK, listen Amelia, we can do this, all right? But you have to trust me. You have to listen to me. You have to obey my decisions. You have to stick with the strategy. OK?"
"But, what if-..."
"Just do as I say, OK? And it'll be alright!"
"But I can-..."
"This is our debut, OK? We need to do this carefully. We need to do this right. We don't know how the competition will be like..."
"But the management said that it's going to be OK?!?"
"Yes, yes, of course it will. If we are careful, play smart, and stick to the strategy! So that's why, please, just do as I say?"
"Ok, Sera... OK..."

The atmosphere between the Kunisada sisters was tense. In just seconds they were going to make their appearance for the first time as wrestlers in Japan, in the glorious AFW Friction arena, but what laid ahead of them tonight was still a mystery. Apparently, issuing open challenges for debut matches was somewhat of a popular practice in their new home brand, and the management had been keen to push them to fill up the first part of tonight's episode of Friction, without caring to arrange them any opponents beforehand...

While Amelia had been all excited about the idea, Serafina had her reservations. Well, if it had been just about herself, she would have not hesitated the idea at all. She was ready to take on anything, or anyone who would be coming.

But this was a tag team debut, and she was also responsible for her little sister. And frankly speaking, that made the older sister a little bit worried. Yes, she was ready to fight alongside her sister, and face anything that AFW had to offer in terms of opponents. But she was also aware that Amelia had less experience than her, was somewhat smaller and weaker than her, and could have used some more time and practice to hone her skills. That's why, she needed also to protect her. The last thing she wanted was her sister to get brutally squashed.

However, Lucha Liana wasn't a team to turn down a challenge. Lucha Liana wasn't a team who would be afraid of getting inside the ring. The most important thing was to get to show what Las Ninjas Latinas were capable of. That's why they were issuing their open challenge tonight.

Lucha Liana - Las Ninjas Latinas :

Serafina Kunisada - La Liana Azul:
Las Ninjas Latinas Invite Challengers!  SwaoSNx
Amelia Kunisada - La Liana Rosa:
Las Ninjas Latinas Invite Challengers!  DS7WCWG

As the lights dimmed in the Friction arena, the crowds were gradually getting silent as anticipation was building up in the air. While the more experienced viewers had already called something new and unexpected to happen based on the empty schedule, even they could only throw guesses of what was going to happen. The first clue was given in the form of the mysterious tunes of La Niña del Volcan gradually starting to fill up the arena.

The organizers had instructed the Kunisada sisters to let the crowds wait for a while before making their apperance, and they obeyed. Finally after a minute or so though, AFW's freshest pair of Ninjas put on their masks, and began marching their way side-by-side down the ramp.

Obviously, the crowds were very curious to see the newcomers, and the journey towards the ring was very overwhelming for the girls. The arena was so big, there were so many people, it was all just so grand and magnificient! But they could let none of that affect them... Instead, they had to focus on their plan, and march calmly and collectedly inside the ring.

By the apron, the two Ninjas parted, each of them proceeding to climb on top of a turnbuckle, which were situated on the opposite sides of the ring. Then, the sisters simultaneously jumped up, and performed a Somersault before landing inside the ring, and proceeded to meet each other in the center. Hand-in-hand, the Ninjas then greeted the crowds by bowing in the most Japanese way possible to each direction, before being given microphones.

"Good evening Tokyo..." Serafina began, waiting for the roars of the crowds to die a bit. "It's very nice to see you. It's very nice to be here, in this great country..." having to pause for a bit, before continuing. "We are Lucha Liana, from the jungles of Yucatan, Mexico... But we have Japanese blood running through our veins too... And that's why we are proud to call ourselves Las Ninjas Latinas..." Based on their reaction, the crowds were happy to see them. "I am La Liana Azul..." "...and I am La Liana Rosa..." "...and together we are here to take on any competition!" "Yes, anyone!"

By now, many were already guessing, that an open challenge was about to be issued. "We are sure that there are many of you other fighters backstage, in the locker rooms... So if there's any team that thinks they can try their luck against us, we ask you to come down here and accept our challenge!" Serafina tried to end her words with as confident tone as possible, while tring to still remain polite. And that's where she thought their had ended...until Amelia still decided to have something to add.

"Yes, come on, it's OK, we fight honest and fair, and accept any type of match!" Shooting a brief, murderous glance at her sister, it was soon obvious to Amelia that Serafina did not appreciate her seemingly innocent little addition... As the bigger sister quickly realized that further elaboration was very unnecessary!

Then, the lights dimmed again, and the girls were left waiting in the center of the ring, nervously waiting to find out who would be accepting their challenge.


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Las Ninjas Latinas Invite Challengers!  Empty Re: Las Ninjas Latinas Invite Challengers!

Post by Tarantulust on Wed Mar 25, 2020 5:30 pm

The crowd was excited to see these new girls in action. Nothing got the heart racing faster than throwing out an open challenge in a league full of interesting competitors. From the beloved to the infamous, no one could be sure who would accept the call to battle against the Las Ninja Latinas. Such mystery always made open challenges so very thematic! On top of that was the condition that the opposing team got to choose whichever match type the teams would fight in. This was a bold move, even for veteran fighters. The audience ate it up and were cheering the kunoichi’s on! Ready to see what these girls could do with such boiling confidence.

For a while, the entryway remained dark. No noise or music played, no lights flipped on. It remained dark for a good long while, leaving many to wonder if anyone actually heard Las Ninja Latinas challenge. Some in the crowd began to wonder if the fight they were expecting would ever come to fruition. After all, without foes, who could these girls fight? Watching the two women stand in the center of the ring, waiting patiently went on for an uncomfortably long time.

That is, until a cruel, high pitched shriek rang out through the Overhead speakers! The blood curdling cry was followed by a pair of sinister laughs, as a now somewhat infamous tune began to tear apart the silence that haunted the arena!

Purple smoke erupted from the entryway like a volcanic eruption! It rolled down the ramp and consumed the nearby lights, turning the smoke into an interesting shade of red! Like a beast of its own, the smog clawed its way down the ramp, stopped only as a whip carved it’s way through the cloud, parting it so that its master could be seen.

Selina Lash:
Las Ninjas Latinas Invite Challengers!  JTL74pB
The owner of said whip was none other than Selina Lash, the smog parting so that her terrifying and sensual form was on full display! Her masked face and predatory gaze were unmistakable as she looked the two ninja’s over with the same look a Snake gave a mouse it was about to devour! Her vicious whip returned to her with a simple flick of the wrist, demonstrating her skill with the weapon. It was as though it were a simple extension of her rather than a tool…

Día Sect:
Las Ninjas Latinas Invite Challengers!  IaJj7at
Before anything could be said, a bloody red claw erupted from the smoke next to Selina! It grasped around wildly! As though the hand was already chomping to wrap itself around one of the women in the ring. It was not long until Selina’s partner emerged, from the smoke! Like a walking nightmare,  Día Sect stepped forward! Her outfit consisted of patched up black cloth, giving her the appearance of a grim reaper of sorts!

Both women eyed the sisters inside the ring with lethal intent in their gaze. Selina’s gold and black orbs peered at the nervous looking form of Amelia, While Día grinned at Serafina with crimson covered eyes!

The referee would hand Selina a microphone as both women jumped into the ring, looking like horrific monsters compared to the sweet girls that stood across from them.

“Well noooowww~ Looks like we got a few new piggies in the stable...two new worms that want to pop their heads out of the dirt and play in the sun~”

The masked woman giggled maniacally, her partners claw making a terrifying scraping sound as she dragged it across the floor.

“We would regret it if we let you two stay out here and play by yourselves. Since you are new, why don’t we introduce ourselves? We are the P.D.S.M, and we will show you what that means in just a few minutes.”

“But first, we will name the game! Since you two are so confident in your abilities,
we think that you should get to show them off without any rules holding you back. So how about it? Would you two greenhorns be up to face us in a Hardcore tag match?”

“Ooooor...were you two just playing with our heart stringssss?”

The P.D.S.M members chuckled as they watched the two women across from them squirm. They had no idea the hell they had stepped into, or the searing pain they would experience at the hands of these two tormentors.

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Las Ninjas Latinas Invite Challengers!  7pKWB42

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Las Ninjas Latinas Invite Challengers!  Empty Re: Las Ninjas Latinas Invite Challengers!

Post by Jaystar on Mon Apr 13, 2020 7:43 pm

Oh, the waiting. It seemed like forever. And not only to the crowds, but especially to the brave rookies inside the Friction ring. The good part was that with the lights dimmed they were no longer in the spotlight, but the antagonizing part was that if someone wasn't going to walk down the ramp soon enough, they would again be in it, and not in a flattering way at all. Enough to cause some pressure buliding up.

"Why did you say that any match type goes?" Sera suddenly whispered angrily to her sister.
"Oh, I... I..." Amelia began, not really coming immediately up with any good answer.
"A standard match would have been more than enough as the first one, don't you think?!?"
"Well,'re right... But at least they think we're pretty brave now!"

While Sera couldn't deny Amelia's assessment, she still shot her one more displeased look, before focusing her attention to the ramp once again - right before the huge shriek filled the arena!

Purple smoke was covering the girls' vision, before a whip finally emerged from it! Then a claw... Before finally the girls could distinguish the forms of two - apparently - wrestlers, who began making their way towards the ring.

And this was the point where the Latin Ninjas really hoped that the attention of the crowds was not on them. It was obvious that they were getting afraid by what they were seeing. Acting subconciously, both girls took a step towards each other, eventually being side to side in the middle of the ring. The sight they were seeing caused a grim horror to lure its way onto Serafina's face, while Amelia's jaw dropped from it.

Luckily they had decided to put the masks on.

Apart from that, there seemed to be nothing lucky in this situation. Two terrifying monsters, armed with weapons, had just entered the ring with them. And based on the appearance of the monsters, their likely favorite pastime was to torture and kill.

Especially sweet rookie wrestlers.

By the time the devious duo began talking, Sera realized that she needed to het her head together. While Amelia was still in shock, the bigger sister was actually able to pay some attention to their introduction. And to even find a silver lining in this situation... If they managed to defeat this utterly menacing looking team, they'd surely be celebrated as great heroes, and magnificient victorious debutants, right?

...And that assumption was raising her spirits only until "Hardcore tag match" became mentioned.

"H-hardcore?" Amelia sobbed quietly to her sister, before Sera quickly raised her hand up signalling her little sister to stay quiet.
"Welcome, P.D.S.M., I hope I got it right. We're glad you took up our challenge. And like we said, any match type goes... So if a hardcore tag match is what you want, that is what you will get." Sera tried to keep her cool as best as possible, trying to sound as confident as she could with her words.
Taking a short break before continuing, the bigger sister decided to exert some faith into the capabilities of Las Ninjas Latinas - and into her sister.
"While I don't know what your team name stands for, I can see that you both appear very...evil. So you should be careful. We are very skilled ninjas, representing the good and righteousness, and we're always ready to defeat any evil that comes our way! Right, Rosa?"
"Y-yes, we are... Th-that's right Azul!"


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Las Ninjas Latinas Invite Challengers!  Empty Re: Las Ninjas Latinas Invite Challengers!

Post by Tarantulust on Sun Jun 28, 2020 9:12 pm

As the Las Ninjas Latina’s discussed the P.D.S.M’s deadly deal, the two nightmarish women seemed to be enjoying their prospective opponent’s hesitation! While it was impossible to see from the audience area, Sera’s scolding of her sister was more than visible enough for the two cackling creeps to overhear and enjoy. They seemed to revel in the discontent that was already rifling through the two ninja’s sisterly relationship, as though their discomfort was a simple game to them! Judging by the way the two villains grinned and glared, the entire fight to come was little more than an amusing distraction that would likely be forgotten an hour after it was finished.

“Wellll?! Are you two sssstillll debating over our little offer? Come now, you two were sssoooo impressive just a few moments ago! Did we end up frightening the newest, saddest, and most dull tag team to enter our hunting ground?”

Selina’s attempt to mock the Kunoichis earned a few jeers from the audience, but also a stern glare from the eldest of the two sisters. The P.D.S.M were clearly goading them, playing with their inexperienced enemies while grinding their ego’s into the dirt! Such cruel perseverance would earn them an answer from dear Sera, the lead kunoichi accepting the vile villain’s twisted terms. If they had expected respect, they would be sorely disappointed as Selnia and Día broke out in crooked laughter!

“You morons aren’t gonna be saying shit once we're finished with you! You think stupid shit like righteousness or goodness is going to stop us from beating your green asses? I hope you believe that, because it will make my day when I get to rip that stupid little mask off your partners face and let you watch as she cries out in submission!”

Día’s bright red claw flashed over her face as she grinned. Her scarlet eyes burned into the Ninja forms like a laser pointer, so focused and violent was her gaze that it felt like a blazing fire ready to devour all that it set its sight on. Paired with Selina’s hungry gaze and the long reach of her sadistic whip, the armed and dangerous duo seemed ready to carry out their promise!

“You asked what the P.D.S.M stands for, didn’t you? Well, we would be happy to explain~”

“P is for Pain! Which we will be sure to inflict on your loved ones!”

“D is for Domination! Our favorite position~”

“S is Sadism! The joy of inflicting suffering on others!”

“And finally, M is Masochism! The joy of being in pain! We love to endure it, and we love to dish it out~ You can’t hurt us, little ninjas! You can only entertain us!”

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Las Ninjas Latinas Invite Challengers!  Empty Re: Las Ninjas Latinas Invite Challengers!

Post by Jaystar on Tue Jul 28, 2020 11:55 pm

Well, it certainly was never a proud feeling getting laughed at your face. But right now it was still a feeling that brought some determination flowing inside Serafina's vains. She was going to show the devious duo that they wouldn't be laughing the next time!

That brief determination was quickly challenged by worry and concern though, as the duo began talking again. They appeared to be confident, very confident, and while Sera knew that taunting was a central part of psychological warfare and she should not let it get into her head, she was becoming increasingly worried of her sister.

From the corner of her eye, Sera could see that Amelia was getting afraid.

And frankly, Sera was a bit worried too. She knew that her little sister wasn't the strongest or the most experienced fighter, but she also knew that Amelia showed huge promise, and exceptional skills at times. But her state of mind did tend to effect considerably on her performance. And tonight, she knew that she was going to need the support from her sister.

Also frankly, exactly that reason made Sera regret that she had asked what their name stood for. Pain, domination, sadism and masochism weren't exactly the words she wanted her sister to hear right now. Or herself, for that matter.

But again, she should have concentrated on the positive. This team was a dream opponent, right? A pair of villains who the crowds surely wanted to see getting punished, and a chance for Lucha Liana to give an outstanding first impression in the AFW ring? Surely not an opportunity to miss, right?

"Well, I'm glad to hear that you enjoy masochism. At least you'll be getting some pleasure tonight, then. Right, Amelia?"
"Right, Amelia?"
"R-right, Sera!"

Usually, it could have been good to evaluate the situation, study your opponents, try to form some kind of strategy. Usually, the longer one had the chance to prepare for their match, the better the outcome was going to be.

This time, it wasn't likely. It was dead obvious to Sera that the longer she would let the devious duo speak, the more afraid they were going to make her sister. And potentially get inside her own head too...

No. This time, the faster Las Ninjas Latinas could get to demonstrate their skills, the better chances they had to defeat these villains.

"Fine. Lucha Liana is ready for the battle. So, please tell me, which one of you crooked devils is going to dare to face us first?"


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Las Ninjas Latinas Invite Challengers!  Empty Re: Las Ninjas Latinas Invite Challengers!

Post by Tarantulust on Mon Aug 03, 2020 5:23 am

Making opponents scared was easy. But seeing them wallow in their own cowardice, to see their eyes fill with terror at the simple idea of fighting the hellish pair of demons that stood in front of them was a magical moment all on its own. Las Ninjas Latinas was a completely green group out to show what they could do to the world, and with a simple introduction, they were already shaking like trees in a storm. Their pride as warriors was hanging by a thread, and their response could permanently leave them to be perceived as weak willed jobbers! The entire experience made the two Harpies that stood across from them even more excited than before! Practically chomping at the bit to further the terror and humiliation the young rookies were enduring.

The eldest of the Kunoichi sisters would respond to the PDSM’s challenge, assuring them that they would indeed have their fill of pain for their masochistic tendencies. To be fair, her tone stayed calm and never once wavered, which got a few members of the crowd on her side. She put on a brave face, and that was the best thing she could do at the moment. However, she would soon unintentionally reveal the weak link in the duo as her younger sister hesitated to join in on the verbal sparring between the two teams. The poor girl practically had to be forced to speak up against the living nightmares that glared at her with hungry eyes, and whether she knew it or not, she had made herself an even bigger target.

Selina and Día exchanged a small glance with each other before a malicious smile spread across both of their faces in tandem! Both of them looked over at the shy and scared Amelia like hungry dogs looking at fresh steak. Día flicked her clawed fingers excitedly while Selina began to wrap her whip around her arm. Already, they began to target young Amelia, excited to get their hands on her and make her nightmares come true! To hear her beautiful screams and let her realize with horror that it was too late to back out now.

“Let’s make it a Surpii~iise!” Selina hissed in a gleeful tone! Before any objections could be made, she pointed at Sera with a gloved finger. All but wagging it in her face.

“But, YOU get to start things off! Biiiig tough talk should be backed up, right?”

Día was already moving back, turning around and slipping out of the ring to lean on the nearby cornerpost. She still had a sadistic smile visible on her lips as she glared at the Latinas, a monster waiting in the shadows for things to get started, and Chaos to ensue. The Devil’s partner didn’t seem to mind her retreat, Selina still glaring down on Sera like a hateful judge. The audience constantly reminded the two ninja’s that their newfound opponents had a certain number of male fans in the crowd, cheering them on and telling the PDSM to tear the newbies apart. Selina paid them no mind, and seemed to shift her focus onto Sera and Sera alone.

”Ready? Or not?”

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Las Ninjas Latinas Invite Challengers!  Empty Re: Las Ninjas Latinas Invite Challengers!

Post by Sponsored content

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