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Who wants a match?

Sat Aug 13, 2022 2:28 am by Bahamut01

Hey all its been a while. So trying to get some matches going! Reply here or pm me and let's make something happen!

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Tue Aug 09, 2022 1:04 am by ihateocrecolors

Due to some issues that I think have been popping up because of my involvement in stuff, I believe it's in the interest for me and everyone else that I take a temporary or probably permanent leave from AFW-related stuff. I have been nothing more than a burden to most of you. I won't make this into a giant paragraph. All I want to say is that I apologize to everyone who's ever rooted for me because I can't hack it not anymore.

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Retiring some wrestlers

Sun Jul 10, 2022 11:42 am by Deus001

Hey all

Deus here, I've been thinking it over and I'll be looking at benching some of my roster. Been thinking its a bit over bloated and with newer ideas on the horizon for me I've figured its time to shuffle them off to greener pastures or let their faceclaims be free to use.

So at the moment I will be retiring Chuang Lingxian, Qi Lingxian and Leon La Rouge effective immediate. I might be considering benching other people but atm the above three are getting axed. If you want to adopt any of …

[ Full reading ]

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Charlotte «Sand Lizard» Ravel’

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Charlotte «Sand Lizard» Ravel’ Empty Charlotte «Sand Lizard» Ravel’

Post by skip-stop Sat Jul 27, 2019 9:59 pm

Charlotte Ravel'
Charlotte «Sand Lizard» Ravel’ Charlo13

Personal information

    Name: Charlotte Ravel’

    Alias: Sand Lizard

    Sex: Female

    Sexual orientation: Bisexual

    Age: 25

    Birthday: 21 December

    Eye color: Brown

    Hair color: Natural – blond, painted – pink

    Height: 185 cm // 6’1’’

    Weight: 70 kg // 154.3 pounds

    Nationality: French

    Alignment: Chaotic Good

    Entrance Music: Cyberpunk 2077 – Chippin’ In by SAMURAI (Refused)

    Twitter: Charlotte Ravel’ @NobleAFWLizard

    Instagram: Charlotter Ravel' @NobleAFWFighter

    Charlotte has an outstanding appearance.
    She is quite tall, one hundred eighty-five centimeters or six feet and one inch. She has fair skin, tanning has never been a part of her life. From nature, Charlotte got a big chest, round shape, the third size or C.
    She has a perfectly balanced weight, which is equal to seventy kilograms or one hundred fifty four and three tenths pound. She specifically holds such a weight to be as fast as possible, but at the same time maintain impressive power.
    Charlotte has a slender figure and noticeable muscle relief. Her strong legs are especially noticeable, because her taekwondo skills are her most powerful weapon. She also has prominent biceps and abdominal muscles. She is far from the level of a real bodybuilder, but Charlotte keeps herself in great shape.
    After Alaina injured her spine, Charlotte was forced to undergo surgery. There is now a thin scar on her lower back, three centimeters long.
    The Frenchwoman has a beautiful and pointed to the chin face. After accepting who she is, Charlotte made a sand lizard tattoo on the right side of her neck and part of her right cheek.
    She has thick but thin eyebrows and long eyelashes. Her eyes are brown in color.
    Charlotte's natural hair color is blond. However, when she decided to stay in Japan, she repainted them pink. The length of the hair reaches the elbow. Usually she walks with either her hair loose or gathers them in a bun just above the back of the head, during a fight, her hair are always gathered in a bun.
    Like many other people, Charlotte's facial expressions and gestures depend on each specific situation. At one moment she can smile broadly and sincerely, and at another moment even a stone will seem more expressive in comparison with her. During a fight, Charlotte is usually as concentrated as possible, this is especially noticeable in her eyes. Charlotte has a low voice, which according to the classification refers to the contralto (like Rihanna).
    Charlotte prefers simple and comfortable clothes. Jeans, T-shirts, hoodie and etc. However, if the situation requires it, she does not mind wearing something sophisticated.

Standard wrestling attire:

Standard wrestling attire (another look):

Casual outfit:

Old standard wrestling attire:

    Charlotte is an example of a true noble fighter. At least she prefers to believe it.
    Charlotte doesn't have the easiest temperament. It is quite difficult for her to correctly express her emotions, sometimes because of this she seems very closed in herself. The situation is aggravated by the fact that she follows her own code of honor. Charlotte never lies and therefore does not hesitate to tell even the harshest truth, not caring about the consequences.
    Despite the fact that she does not consider herself a lone wolf, it always takes her some time to trust someone and start building any kind of relationship. Because of this, she has very few friends. However, those people who can find a friend in her can always count on her.
    The Frenchwoman has a high sense of justice, she is always ready to defend those who need help. This is especially true when it comes to those whom she can call friends.
    Most of the time, Charlotte maintains an astounding composure. Life taught her not to succumb to emotions, because this can lead to disastrous consequences. And this quality has helped her more than once to keep the situation under her control, even in spite of the circumstances.
    At the same time, the Frenchwoman has a very great sense of self-esteem. She will never let anyone bully her. And if necessary, she will use all her skills to show this person that it was a bad mistake.
    Charlotte has a bad sense of humor, but at the same time she has good sarcasm skills.
    She always shows respect for those around her, especially those whom she considers worthy rivals. In the ring, she will never succumb to the temptation to break the rules to win. And although she does not hesitate to use the conditions that this or that match is given to her, she is sure that life will never stoop to using dirty tricks and the like.
    Traveling is Charlotte's passion. When she was eighteen, she left her family and went traveling around the world, visiting America, Brazil, China, Russia and Japan. In each country, except Japan, she remained for one year. Because of this, she was able to study the cultures and ethnic characteristics of different people.
    Her travel experience made her understand how different people can be. And yet she could not help but notice that people remain people everywhere. No matter how many differences she found, people from different countries always had something in common.
    Charlotte is uncompromising on some issues. She does not accept any excuses for defeat. She always strives forward, no matter what. And if she sets a goal for herself, she will work harder than anyone to achieve that goal.
    She has certain psychological problems. She used to be too cruel and aggressive, especially in terms of fight. After spending a year in the Chinese monastery, she was able to learn how to keep her anger in check. But sometimes she is still afraid of losing control of herself.
    Because of her love for martial arts, the woman has a rather uncompromising position about her rivals. Even if it is her best friend, she will do everything necessary to win, since for a real fighter, only one result is acceptable - victory.
    It is no secret that Charlotte's family is very rich. However, their relationship ended on a very negative note, especially with her younger sister. And yet the woman has access to a trust fund and, therefore, she could live in absolute luxury. But instead, Charlotte leads a relatively modest lifestyle. She rents an apartment and lives at her own expense, which she earns in her own martial arts school. The gym is the only acquisition made at the expense of the trust fund.
    The most unusual side of Charlotte is that she is a geek. She adores star wars to the core, she has a huge collection of comic books, special editions, figures and other things merchandise, not to mention two height figures, Boba Fett and Yoda. In addition, Charlotte loves movies, TV shows, anime, manga and music. She keeps it a secret but in Russia she learned to play the balalaika.

    Stage personality:
    Charlotte does not have a unique scenic image. However, several features are still present.
    She adheres to her own code of honor, so she always shows due respect to the opponent, if he deserves it. At the start of a match, Charlotte will always bow and offer a handshake. During the match, she never brake the established rules. And at the end of the match, she will always thank you for a good match. She is a true example of a real fighter for whom honor is paramount.
    But during the fight, Charlotte gives no mercy to anyone, whoever is in front of her. She sacredly believes that if you entered the ring, it means you have no right to wait for a condescension.

            Victoria Palmer - Charlotte has endless respect for her manager and greatly appreciates Victoria's care.
            Astrid Arvidsson / the Golden Dragon - it would be strange to assume that Victoria's two strongest wards will not get to meet each other. Victoria brought Charlotte and Astrid together and it turned out that their views and aspirations are in many ways similar. Thus, they not only began to train together, but also became true friends.
            Belinda Northman / the Shooting Star - it's always nice to meet someone who shares your views, Belinda has become not only a rival for Charlotte, but also a friend.
            Alaina Sanders / the Amazon - after all that happened, Charlotte tries to avoid Alain, considering this chapter of her life closed.
            Sintharia Ashmore / the Komodo Dragon - Charlotte received invaluable support from this person, we can say that thanks to Sintharia, she found a goal, therefore the Frenchwoman considers her to be her ally.
            Belinda Northman / the Shooting Star - Charlotte had heard about Belinda many times, but had not had the opportunity to meet her personally. When this happened, Charlotte realized that she had found a friend and a rival.
            Ouka Shumisen - Ouka was the one who pushed Charlotte to the hardest challenge of her life and they both knew that this would be just the beginning.
            Adrian Kytes - this is one of those cases when there is unfinished business every time, Charlotte and Adrian believe that they both have something to beat out of each other.
            Rebecca Owens / the Crimson Warrior - when two fighters come together in a bloody match, it always marks the beginning of something bigger, after their match Charlotte was sure that she would have to meet Rebecca again.
            Ragna Lemoine / the Crushing Beast - the encounter with Ragna was quite aggressive, and their match was filled with an amazing level of brutality, but even after that they remained confident that they would meet again.
            Juri Sanada / the Black Widow - there are bad days, there are very bad days, and there are days when you meet Juri Sanada, after such a meeting, there was no chance that they would not meet again.
            Alaina Sanders / the Amazon - unfortunately, Charlotte's attempt to surpass her idol proved to be a complete failure. During the title match, Alaina proved that she is superior to Charlotte in absolutely everything.
        Enemies: nope
        Lovers: nope
            Karen Aoki-Justice / the Hawk Moth - after Avalanche 2021, Charlotte started training Karen again on an individual basis.
            Margarita Jorgensen / the Sea Star - after Avalanche 2021, Charlotte started training Margarita again on an individual basis.
            Hideko Matsuoka - when Hideko found out that another famous streamer had joined AFW, she decided that it would be banal to join the federation after her. She stopped training and changed her mind about becoming a pro-wrestler. Enjoy another steamer.

    Charlotte was born in France, the city of Paris. Her father, Francois Ravel', and her mother, Penelope Ravel', own a fairly large freight transportation company.
    From childhood, Charlotte was provided with everything that could be desired, except for parental love. She was entrusted with a huge responsibility, in the future she was to become the heir to the family and continue their family business. This is what she heard from her parents almost every day. Her younger sister, Elizabeth, who was born three years later, was in the same position. However, with age it became increasingly clear that Elizabeth was not against this responsibility, while Charlotte had no desire to sit in the office all her life, solving economic and other issues.
    Even in times when she attended a private school, her heart seized the desire to travel. And not only. The parents gave the girl to the boxing section, because they believed that she should not only keep herself in good shape, but also be able to stand up for herself. However, they could not even imagine that it was in the sport that their child would find herself and see her future in it.
    Private school was a real hell for Charlotte. It would seem that everything should have been just wonderful, however, she could not be in the company of aristocrats and the children of rich parents. Most of her peers talked only about how they will manage family affairs in the future. She didn't feel right among them.
    She was sleep in extra classes organized by her parents. She was not interested in going to the branches of the family campaign and acquainting herself with the employees she allegedly would manage someday. Her mother and father did everything possible to limit their daughter from external influence to make her finally accept who she was to become. But because of this, the girl became more and more wayward.
    But Elizabeth, on the contrary, showed herself to be a much more ideal child. Despite the fact that Charlotte did not want this, she still had to learn how to manage their company. But her younger sister always did everything better. Better assimilated information. Was more courteous in communication. And she was already beginning to correspond to the future status. And at that time, Charlotte read a work of poetry, the last lines of which became her moral principle for the rest of her life. “I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul» Invictus by William Ernest Henley.
    When Charlotte was thirteen years old, she decided to end the intensive boxing training and do something else. Despite the fact that she liked this martial art, she wanted something new and therefore she took up taekwondo and soon realized that this was her real passion.
    By the age of sixteen, the distance between the two sisters began to equal the real abyss. Charlotte finally decided not to follow in the footsteps of the family, and Elizabeth decided to take the place of her elder sister. And the girl was not against it, the only problem was the parents who still wanted the eldest daughter to become the future head of the company. By the way, Elizabeth also engaged in martial art, like Charlotte, she began this journey in ten years and still prefers kickboxing. But Charlotte by this time decided to continue her development and after taekwondo began to engage in Muay Thai in order to coordinate the work of arms and legs.
    Parents wanted Charlotte to graduate from a preparatory lyceum and go to university. However, and here she decided to take the shortcut. Instead, she enrolled in professional lyceum, specialty tourism. When parents found out about this, their anger knew no bounds, and Elizabeth was disappointed with her older sister.
    Deciding that her legs and arms work was now fairly coordinated with each other, Charlotte left the Muay Thai training after a year and began to study a new direction, namely judo. She wanted to expand their capabilities and the technique of throws was to help her in this.
    At eighteen, Charlotte graduated from lyceum and then her relationship with her family was over. One day, when she was in the gym, her sister came to her and declared Charlotte a traitor to the family. The younger sister ordered her to leave and never get back. As a gesture of goodwill, she, as the future head of the family company, gave access to the trust fund so that Charlotte would not need anything. With a heavy heart, but the girl was agreed. All these years she hoped that the family would understand her and accept her for what she is, but she did not count on “exile”. At that moment Charlotte sighed heavily and said that she would go to take her things. However, when she past her sister, Elizabeth grabbed her and gave a strong slap in the face.
    Elizabeth accused Charlotte of forcing them to kick her out and that it was all her fault. Not holding back her anger, Charlotte sent a right cross to her little sister's face. That blow was enough for Elizabeth to fall on her ass.
    Elizabeth just spat blood and rose to her feet, standing in a fighting stance. In another situation, Charlotte would not give in to emotions, but now she has become terribly enraged because of her sister. Ten minutes later, Charlotte, barely able to staying on her feet, stood above Elizabeth. They beated each other terribly, but the variety of Charlotte's technique was her advantage. With tears in her eyes, Charlotte said goodbye to her beloved younger sister and headed for the exit. The younger sister did not answer, just turned her head to the side so as not to look at the girl leaving the gym.
    The first country where Charlotte went was America. Visiting several states, the woman stopped in Los Angeles. Here the woman stayed for one year, having decided to study American culture in the most depraved city of the country. And here she began training in Krav Maga. She was lucky to find an Israeli soldier who agreed to train her after she demonstrated her technique of already studied martial arts.
    A year later, Charlotte went to Brazil. This country has long attracted her and therefore in the list of places that she planned to visit, Brazil occupied one of the first lines. Moreover, where it was possible to better study the Brazilian jiu-jitsu, if not in Brazil? Charlotte stayed in the city of El Salvador for one year, and then moved on.
    China. Charlotte suspected that it would be the most difficult and most exciting journey in her life, at least in the coming years. Her path lay to the Chongshen Monastery, Dali City, Yunnan Province. It was there that she spent a whole year on an equal footing with the monks, studied wushu and gained control of her emotions. It was there that she gained the right to call herself a martial arts master, and also received her alias, the Sand Lizard.
    And then the woman decided to afford an experimental trip, from which one could expect anything. Vodka. Matryoshka. Balalaika. Charlotte headed to Russia. Having settled in the cultural capital of this huge country, namely in St. Petersburg, the surptise was waiting for woman. She was able to find herself an aikido sensei. She planned to complete her list of martial arts in Japan. However, a man named Yuri was able to surprise her. He took Aikikai as a basis for Aikido and modified it using percussion techniques such as Muay Thai. This played into the hands of Charlotte. And so all the next year she drank vodka, wore a ushanka-hat, hang out with bears and studied Aikido in the Russian style.
    The next destination for Charlotte was Japan. When the woman visited Tokyo, something happened to her that she did not expect at all. She wanted to stay here forever. She planned to continue traveling, however, she firmly decided that this country and this city would become her new home. She rented an apartment in a residential area and did what was left on her list. One year she studied kendo, and after that another year she practiced pro-wrestling. On this, her list of martial arts that she wanted to learn was over.
    The woman was eager to continue traveling, however, another thought came to her. She has been wandering around the world for six years, is it time for her to take at least a short break, not thinking about where she will spend the next year? She decided to stay in Tokyo for another year, but she could not afford to sit without work, especially since she had never used the trust fund that her younger sister had given her. Wherever she was, she always found a way to make money.
    But this time Charlotte took advantage of her position. She bought an empty gym not far from her apartment and equipped it, after which she opened a martial arts school where she was ready to share her experience with everyone who wanted it. And she had that experience, how many sensei visited six countries to twenty-five years? Of course, Charlotte did not expect that the crowd of pupils would rush to her, however, her shool had gained some popularity and now she could afford to live at her own expense, without worrying about tomorrow.
    And now a year has passed, Charlotte has already decided that she wants to return to Europe and visit several countries there. The woman continued to train her students and in parallel was preparing to leave. But that all changed when a woman named Victoria came to the gym. Initially, she was looking for a master for some of her ward, but, seeing how Charlotte showed herself in a sparring, she told that she is the manager of AFW and offered to sign a contract to participate in the matches of the best wrestling federation. In the ring, Charlotte always felt free, she always wanted to win and always wanted to improve. And she felt that AFW would give her everything she wanted from life. Highlighting a clause in a contract that she can freely continue to work at her school, she put her signature on the document.
    The noble fighter is ready to join the battle.
    Everything seemed to be going more than well and steadily. Training more than ever before in her life, Charlotte even believed that she was able to surpass her rival and idol, Alaina. But Summer Splash 2021 showed that these were nothing more than dreams. Alaina turned out to be stronger in almost all aspects, once again confirming the fact that no matter how talented the newcomer is, they has no chance to surpass the vetaran, especially who became the champion.
    Finding herself in the hospital with a spinal injury and a broken collarbone, Charlotte could not believe it had ended like this. She always thought that this story should have a different ending. But everything turned out exactly the way it happened. She lost the title match. She lost the rivalry. And now honor did not allow her to call herself the Sand Lizard and the martial arts master.
    Because of all this, many doubts flooded the young woman. She wasn't sure she should return to martial arts practice after all. But, nevertheless, she agreed to surgery for the sake of a stable condition of her spine. And at the first opportunity she returned to training. Perhaps now she was at the bottom of the cesspool. But she didn't give up. And no one can break her. Neither Alaina nor anyone else. With these words, her journey to return everything that she has lost begins.
    The path of a real fighter is never easy. But Charlotte never looked for easy ways. For six months, she was looking for the hardest matches with the strongest opponents. She was eager to get back everything she had lost. She worked on herself every day in order to become the best version of herself.
She met amazing women on her way. Someone shared her views, who turned out to be the complete opposite. Half of her matches were accompanied by loud conflicts. But she kept going forward, gradually regaining her self-respect.
    And this path led her to the Avalanche again. Charlotte knew who she wanted to see as her opponent. Belinda Northman. Charlotte challenged her. She knew that if she could defeat this great woman, she would be one step closer to becoming the Sand Lizard again. However, the chance to regain her honor presented itself to her faster than she thought. Ouka Shumisen challenged her to a match. The second match on the Avalanche in one night. She could have refused. But this was her chance. Charlotte has come a long way. And as a true fighter, she couldn't turn down the opportunity to become who she should be again.
    The first woman to win two matches at one PPV. For the first time in her life, Charlotte felt worthy to call herself a real fighter. She began to respect herself again. Now she knows exactly who she is. She's Charlotte Ravel'. She's the Sand Lizard. And she will continue to do what she was born to do. To enter the ring and show everything she is capable of.

    Interesting facts:
    1) Charlotte is fluent in several languages: French, English, Japanese. Also, the woman at a basic conversational level speaks languages: Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, Hindi.
    2) From every country where she was, she always takes a few souvenirs with her. From America - a statuette of the Statue of Liberty and a thousand-dollar piece chip from a Las Vegas casino. From Brazil - a statuette of the Statue of Jesus and a five-liter bottle of Cachaça. From China - a statuette of a jade dragon and calligraphy of her name on a tablet in Chinese. From Russia - a matryoshka, a ushanka-hat, a balalaika, a bottle of vodka, a photo with a bear.
    3) Charlotte can't drink alcohol at all. If she does not stop after a few cocktails, then it will end very badly, because she will become completely out of control.
    4) At home, she has an amazing collection of manga, comics, figurines, and other such things.

    At the moment, Charlotte rents an apartment in a residential area of Tokyo. This is a fairly ordinary two-room apartment. There are the following rooms: living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, pantry, balcony. From the interior and home appliances is difficult to select something very remarkable. However, there is something in the living room that deserves attention. There is a personal collection of Charlotte. An innumerable number of comics, manga, special editions, models of lightsabers, discs with video games, figures, and her main pride are the growth figures Boba Fett and Yoda. Also in the living room on the shelves are souvenirs that she brought from other countries.

    Charlotte also owns the martial ars school, which is located near her home. When she just bought it, it was empty, dusty, and in general it seemed that the gods had left this place. However, she breathed life into this place. The school has everything you need. Sports equipment, punching bags, mannequins, tats, two rings, locker room, shower room and etc.

Wrestling information

    During the fight, Charlotte uses her entire huge arsenal of martial arts.
    Her main techniques are boxing and taekwondo, however, depending on the situation, the woman is able to instantly change the style of fighting, adjusting to the situation. She got the alias the Sand Lizard for a reason, she can adapt to almost any opponent.
    Using fast, numerous and devastating punches and kicks, Charlotte stuns her opponent and then uses her most devastating throws and most painful submission holds.

    Taekwondo, boxing, muay thai, judo, aikido (modified aikikai), wushu, brazilian jiu-jitsu, krav maga, kendo, pro-wrestling

    Preferred Matches:
        Standard - full ahead
        Hardcore - full ahead
        Hentai - no
        Special conditions - full ahead

    Physical characteristics:
        Endurance: 8/10 – Charlotte has stepped up her cardio workouts to achieve new results in her endurance, besides she knows when she needs to move as aggressive as possible, and when she needs to take a short break.
        Stamina: 7/10 – the woman is not afraid of pain, she can take blows if the situation requires it, but in most cases, Charlotte prefers to dodge the enemy’s attacks rather than take them.
        Strength: 8/10 – after some events, Charlotte paid special attention to her physical strength, now she is sure that she will not have problems with heavy opponents.
        Speed: 10/10 – Charlotte is constantly working on her speed, this characteristic is her strongest side.
        Defense: 7/10 – Charlotte’s reaction speed and defensive skills are high, but she prefers to use more technique defenses rather than simple evasions.
        Technique: 10/10 – Charlotte trained in martial arts around the world, her arsenal of techniques is huge and she knows when to use each of them, and she also uses her knowledge and experience to uncover the weaknesses of her opponent.

    Fighting stages:
    1) The Controlled Rage Stage - the psychophysical state, in which Charlotte releases her anger and balances on the brink of bloody madness and complete tranquility, this allows the woman's body to work to its limit. However, in the event of a violation of concentration, there is a high probability that Charlotte will turn into a maddened beast, capable only of destroying everything in her path.

    Favorite attacks:
    1) Almost all sorts of punches
    2) Almost all sorts of kicks
    3) Sidewalk Slam
    4) Monkey Flip
    5) Fallaway Slam
    6) Dragon Sleeper
    7) Armbar
    8) German Suplex
    9) Back Suplex
    10) Vertical Suplex

    Signature attacks:
    1) Hungry Lizard: when the necessary moment comes, Charlotte attacks her opponent using a fast and powerful left swing punch to force the opponent into defense. She then uses a left low kick on her opponent's hip to destabilize them, and then the woman completes the combo with a crushing right roundhouse kick to her opponent's head.
Hungry Lizard:
    2) Sly Lizard (Revers STO): when the necessary moment comes, Charlotte with one hand wraps the neck of her opponent, who's standing in front of her, and sharply falls on her back, driving the opponent's head in the mat.
Sly Lizard:
    3) Lizard's Burrow (Fireman's Carry Gutbuster): when the necessary moment comes, Charlotte takes the opponent by their elbow and knee, lifting them on her shoulders in a fireman's carry position, after which she throws them in front of her, forcing the opponent's belly to land on her knee and hip.
Lizard's Burrow:
    4) Lizard's Embrace (Modified STF): when the necessary moment comes, Charlotte fixes the foot of the opponent, who's lying on the stomach, on the back of the kneecap of their other leg, then the woman puts her leg between the opponent's legs and fixes the opponent’s free foot. After that, the woman lyes sideways on the back of the opponent and wraps their neck with one hand, fixing the chokehold with other hand, thus starting to choke them.
Lizard's Embrace:

    1) Dexterous Lizard (Rolling Cutter): when the necessary moment comes, Charlotte uses a inverted facelock hold on the opponent and moves their hand to the side, after which the woman falls, rolling herself one hundred and eighty degrees forcing the opponent rolling themself too, so the opponent's head goes to meet with mat.
Dexterous Lizard:
    2) Lizard's Adaptation (Double Underhook Powerbomb): when the necessary moment comes, Charlotte uses a double underhook hold on the bent opponent, then straightens up to her full height and lifts the opponent vertically with their head down. After that, she grabs the opponent's waist and falls on her ass, driving the opponent’s back and head in the mat.
Lizard's Adaptation:

    Submissions finishers:
    1) Lizard's Skin (Leg Hook Camel Clutch): when the necessary moment comes, Charlotte takes one of the legs of the opponent who's lying on the stomach, and bends it to their nape, after that the woman fixes the foot under her armpit and puts her hands in the lock on the opponent's chin, starting to pull their head back.
Lizard's Skin:
    2) Lizard's Tail (Koji Clutch): when the necessary moment comes, Charlotte clasps the neck of the opponent who's lying on the stomach with her right hand and throws her left leg to the opponent's chin and neck, then she joins her hands, starting to choke them.
Lizard's Tail:

    Critical finishers:
    1) Lizard's Evolution (Lifting Double Underhook Facebuster): when the necessary moment comes, Charlotte uses a double underhook hold on the bent opponent, then straightens up to her full height and lifts the opponent vertically with their head down. After that, the woman falls on her ass, spreading her legs to the side, crushing the entire opponent's body into the mat.
Lizard's Evolution:
    2) Flying Lizard (Diving Corkscrew Stunner): when the necessary moment comes, Charlotte climbs to the top ropes and turns to face the opponent, after which she jumps forward, making a corkscrew rotation. At that moment she grabs the opponent's head with two hands and lands in a sitting position, driving her opponent's neck and jaw into her shoulder.
Flying Lizard:

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Charlotte «Sand Lizard» Ravel’ Empty Re: Charlotte «Sand Lizard» Ravel’

Post by skip-stop Sat Jul 27, 2019 10:00 pm

Matches information

    Score of matches:
    Wins: 9 / Losses: 2 / Draws: 0

    1) vs Lucy Stone by pinfall
    6) vs Ayumi Sato by pinfall
    7) vs Alaina Sanders by K.O.
    10) vs The Beach Beauties by pinfall
    20) vs Alaina Sanders by pinfall (Avalanche 2020)
    34) vs Cassandra Selinofoto by pinfall
    35) vs Rei Sato by submission
    38) vs Olivia Torres by pinfall
    44) vs Tamara Espinoza by putting the opponent through a table

    4) vs Alaina Sanders by pinfall
    30) vs Alaina Sanders (Summer Splash 2021, Friction World Title Match)


    Championship belts and achievements:
    8) Babe of the Month for February 2020 as part of the regular magazine of Natasha Loclear
    21) AFW Golden Wrestling Ring Award 2020 - Rivalry Of The Year with Alaina Sanders

    1) Charlotte Ravel' vs Lucy Stone (Debut Match). The debut match for Charlotte against the submission specialist, it looks like a menace, but for whom? Finished.
    2) Charlotte Ravel' and Karen Aoki-Justice (No Thread). The original reason why the future manager of Charlotte came to her school was to find a mentor for her ward. And when Charlotte met a girl named Karen, she was very pleased, she took her to students, hoping that someday she would become a real champion.
    3) Charlotte Ravel' and Alaina Sanders (Gym). Charlotte could not believe her eyes when she saw the Amazon at her school. Today's training will be very intense. Finished.
    4) Charlotte Ravel' vs Alaina Sanders (Match). After sparring Charlotte and Alaina have the unfinished business and now they should meet in the official match. Finished.
    5) Charlotte Ravel' and Alaina Sanders (Backstage). A week after losing the match against Alaina, Charlotte feels that she needs a long meditation in order to bring her thoughts back to normal. But it turns out that in Tokyo it is very difficult to find a secluded place in nature. Finished.
    6) Charlotte Ravel' vs Ayumi Sato (Match). Charlotte is very depressed due to recent events, but she is ready to give another newcomer a good match. Unfinished*.
    7) Charlotte Ravel' vs Alaina Sanders (Match). The second meeting of Charlotte and Alaina in the ring. Despite the previous failure, now Sand Lizard is ready to prove to her rival and to herself that she can defeat such a strong opponent. Finished.
    8) Charlotte Ravel' and Natasha Loclear (Interview). Almost immediately after her last match, Charlotte received an invitation for the interview from one of the most famous women in AFW. Having no opportunity and desire to refuse, Charlotte becomes Babe of the Month for February 2020. Unfinished*.
    9) Charlotte Ravel' and Sintharia Ashmore (No Thread). All recent events have prompted Charlotte to visit a psychiatrist. Sintharia turned out to be a very unusual person, however, a conversation with her helped the master of martial arts find new ways to solve her psychological problems. On the advice of Sintharia, she decided to open some new horizons.
    10) Charlotte Ravel' vs The Beach Beauties (Match). Charlotte decided to take a bold step forward by taking part in an extremely atypical match for her against two rivals at once! But this is not the strangest thing that awaits her! Unfinished*.
    11) Charlotte Ravel' and Margarita Jorgensen (No Thread). When Victoria sent another person to Charlotte, the master of martial arts was skeptical. However, Margarita, who had an incredibly bright temperament, made a strong impression. Charlotte saw in this girl the best version of herself. Therefore, she agreed to take another student.
    12) Charlotte Ravel' and Alaina Sanders (Backstage). They did not have the opportunity to talk due to the large number of events recently. In addition, the psychiatrist advised Charlotte to spend more time with someone. So she decided that inviting Alaina to the spa was a good idea. Finished.
    13) Charlotte Ravel' and Margarita Jorgensen (No Thread). During the next training session with Margarita, Charlotte gave the young girl an offer to participate in a charity match with Alaina Sanders. Margarita received this proposal with great enthusiasm.
    14) Charlotte Ravel' and Sintharia Ashmore (No Thread). After another session, Charlotte made new conclusions for herself. She set a goal for herself. And she decided that she would no longer be afraid of her anger, she would use it if it would help her achieve what she wanted.
    15) Charlotte Ravel' (No Thread). After receiving a short break from matches, Charlotte took up intensive training. She became not only stronger, but also more enduring. And now she is ready to start climbing towards her goal.
    16) Charlotte Ravel' and Margarita Jorgensen (No Thread). Charlotte tried to talk to her student about what happened during the charity match. However, this conversation only made it clear that Margarita is now in a very difficult emotional state. The Danish girl refused to continue training with Charlotte and said that she would deal with her problems herself.
    17) Charlotte Ravel' and Alaina Sanders (Backstage). Charlotte decided to meet with her friend and rival in order not only to talk about the latest events, but also to challenge her. Their rivalry has not ended yet and now Charlotte intends to face Alaina at one of the most important PPV's. Charlotte wants to face her at the Avalanche. Finished.
    18) Charlotte Ravel' and Alaina Sanders (Promo Conference). Charlotte and Alaina organized a promo-conference to officially announce their match at the Avalanche, as well as answer questions from journalists and fans. Finished.
    19) Age Is No Guarantee Of Efficiency And Youth Is No Guarantee Of Innovation. The Battle Of The Generations (Magazine Article). A magazine article about the rivalry between Charlotte and Alaina that led them to the match at the Avalanche.
    20) Charlotte Ravel' vs Alaina Sanders (Avalanche 2020 Match). The Avalanche 2020. The Steel Cage Match. Today she will face Alaina again, and today they will continue their rivalry. This is the main event of the year and Charlotte is going to be the one whose hand the referee raises at the end of this grueling match. Finished.
    21) Charlotte Ravel' and Alaina Sanders (AFW Golden Wrestling Ring Award 2020 - Rivalry Of The Year). Three uncompromising matches, endless respect for each other and an unquenchable desire to become better in order to rise to the top - all this did not go unnoticed. Thanks to the love of the fans, the rivalry between Charlotte and Alaina was not only nominated for the AFW Golden Wrestling Ring Award, but it really became the brightest and most significant rivalry of 2020!
    22) Charlotte Ravel' vs Georgia Flynn (Match). The recovery period from injuries sustained during the match at the Avalanche took longer than Charlotte had anticipated. However, now she is ready to return to the ring with renewed vigor and a new rival. Ongloing.
    23) Charlotte Ravel' and Victoria Palmer and Hideko Matsuoka (No Thread). Charlotte was extremely surprised when Victoria asked her to meet one-on-one because the manager brought a certain girl to the meeting. This girl wanted to become a pro-wrestler and asked Charlotte to take her as a student. Considering that Hideko was practically unfamiliar with martial arts, Charlotte was about to refuse her. However, Victoria asked her for a favor. And she could not refuse her. Charlotte took a new student who has to enter the ring one day.
    24) Charlotte Ravel' and Alaina Sanders (Gym). Charlotte was already finishing her training with Astrid when she saw Alaina. It seems that her friend is experiencing some moral difficulties. Well, Charlotte is determined to support her as much as she can. Finished.
    25) Charlotte Ravel' and Akiha Kosha (Promo). While Alaina got another title shot, Charlotte got the match she has long wanted. Akiha noticed that Charlotte mentioned her during the conference and decided to take a look at the martial artist in person. Finished.
    26) .
    27) Charlotte Ravel' and Alaina Sanders (Promo). Recently, Charlotte's friend and rival, Alaina, became the world champion. The Franchwoman has not yet had time to congratulate the Amazon, but, apparently, Alaina also wants to say something, since she invited Charlotte to take part in the promo. Finished.
    28) Margarita Jorgensen and Charlotte Ravel'. That's why we are here (AFW Stories).
    29) Victoria Palmer and Astrid Arvidsson, Charlotte Ravel', Karen Aoki-Justice, Margarita Jorgensen, Lunara Ashmore, Sintharia Ashmore, Nerissa Labong, Lily Menage. Proud of you all (AFW Stories).
    30) Charlotte Ravel' vs Alaina Sanders (Summer Splash 2021, Friction World Title Match). The Summer Splash 2021. The most important match in Charlotte's life. Today she will face her rival for the last time. And she intends to prove that she did not go this way in vain. Finished.
    31) Charlotte Ravel' and Astrid Arvidsson. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger (AFW Stories).
    32) Charlotte Ravel'. It's a matter of honor (AFW Stories).
    33) Charlotte Ravel'. No doubts. No compromises. No excuses (AFW Stories).
    34) Charlotte Ravel' vs Cassandra Selinofoto (Match). Defeat in the most important match of her life. Four long months of recovery. But she is ready to enter the ring again. Without any doubts. She starts her path to the top again. Unfinished*.
    35) Charlotte Ravel' vs Rei Sato (Match). Recently, more and more talented newcomers have come to the federation. And Charlotte is ready to meet each of them. Unfinished*.
    36) Charlotte Ravel' vs Rebecca Owens (Match). Charlotte takes part in a new type of match for her. She is determined to become the best and for this she needs to be ready for anything. Ongoing.
    37) Charlotte Ravel' and Ragna Lemoine (Interview). Charlotte was invited for a small interview, however, she did not even suspect that she would have to face an intruder who wants to challenge the former number one contender for the world title. Finished.
    38) Charlotte Ravel' vs Olivia Torres (Match). Lately, every new match of Charlotte seemed to her more tough than the previous one, but she was not going to stop. She wanted to hack her way to the top, so she was ready to take a hardcore match again. Unfinished*.
    39) Charlotte Ravel' vs Ragna Lemoine (Match). A casket match. Charlotte did not think she would ever take part in something like that. In order to become who she wants to be, she must take risks. Even if this risk means that she may end up in a coffin. Ongoing.
    40) Charlotte Ravel' and Alaina Sanders (Backstage). Charlotte was forced to take part in an autograph session event for fans, but she could not even imagine that she would have to meet a person with whom she definitely did not want to see and talk. Finished.
    41) Charlotte Ravel' and Adrian Kytes (Promo). Another fan event, this time Charlotte is in a very good mood. But it seems that some things are starting to turn into a tradition because she did not expect an intruder to join her again. Finished.
    42) Charlotte Ravel' vs Adrian Kytes (ICW/ICWA Title Match). It had to happen someday. And it will happen today. Charlotte intends to face in a match with her complete opposite, the former world champion, Adrian Kytes. Ongoing.
    43) Charlotte Ravel' and Belinda Northman (Backstage). Lately, Charlotte has forgotten that besides training and matches, there are other things in life. Her fridge was empty and she decided to take a night walk to the store. Who knew this would lead to a new acquaintance? Ongoing.
    44) Charlotte Ravel' vs Tamara Espinoza (Match). Charlotte is confident that this is her last match before the Avalanche. This time she will face the new debutant in the tables match. Unfinished*.
    45) Charlotte Ravel' and Juri Sanada (Backstage). Before announcing the opponent she had chosen for the match at the Avalanche, Charlotte decided to take some rest. A massage session in the spa is what she needs, no one will disturb her there, right? Ongoing.
    46) Charlotte Ravel' and Belinda Northman (Avalanche 2021 Promo). The Avalanche is coming. Charlotte knows exactly who she wants to be her opponent this winter and she intends to challenge this great woman during the promo. Ongoing.
    47) Charlotte Ravel' and Ouka Shumisen (Avalanche 2021 Promo). Charlotte was sure that she would no appear at the AFW arena before the start of the Avalanche, but suddenly she received an invitation for another promo. Finished.
    48) Charlotte Ravel' and Astrid Arvidsson and Karen Aoki-Justice. This moment, we own it (AFW Stories).
    49) Charlotte Ravel' vs Belinda Northman (Avalanche 2021 Match). A year later, Charlotte returns to the Avalanche. Today she is waiting for a match with one of the best, strongest and most worthy women. She chose Belinda Northman for a reason. A real fighter needs a worthy opponent. And Charlotte knows that the Swedish woman will give her everything she has. Ongoing.
    50) Charlotte Ravel' vs Ouka Shumisen (Avalanche 2021 Match). Charlotte was not mistaken, Belinda really gave her one of the most difficult matches in her life. Her body was covered with bruises and she left the ring, barely standing on her feet. But it wasn't the end. Ahead of Charlotte is waiting for the second match on the Avalanche. A hardcore match against Ouka Shumisen. Was it madness? Perhaps. But Charlotte saw only one thing in it. This was her opportunity to regain what she had lost on the Summer Splash. This was her opportunity to regain her honor and become the Sand Lizard again. Ongoing.
    51) It comes down to a simple choice, really. Get busy living or get busy dying (Magazine Article). A magazine article about the path that Charlotte made after the Summer Splash 2021.
    52) Charlotte Ravel' and Samantha Ironside (Summer Splash 2022 Promo). Deja vu. It couldn't be described any other way. A year ago, Charlotte was standing in this very place. Summer Splash 2022 is coming and she has received an invitation to a promo from the Entropy champion. And she knew what that meant. She would accept this challenge. Ongoing.
    53) Charlotte Ravel' vs Samantha Ironside (Summer Splash 2022, Entropy Title Match). Should Charlotte have forgotten what happened a year ago? No, she would never forget that. But that doesn't mean she hasn't left it in the past. Summer Splash 2022. Entropy title match. She's ready. Ongoing.

*Unfinished - a thread where my partner has disappeared and/or has not posted for a long time. Therefore, I consider such threads completed with a predetermined outcome.

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