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Tension matches wanted

Tue Sep 26, 2023 11:25 pm by Midori Hyuga

Hello two of my characters need a match both are on tension
Wolfgang Bruan ( tension )
Sasuke Moto ( tension )
If you are interested please private message me with a match idea and character you want me to use ( both of these characters are into mix wrestling btw )

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Tricks and treats: Vicky Vs. Ryu (complete)

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Tricks and treats: Vicky Vs. Ryu (complete) - Page 4 Empty Re: Tricks and treats: Vicky Vs. Ryu (complete)

Post by wrestleryu Thu Jan 09, 2020 6:48 am

Ryu enterteined the two girls with muffled moans and helpless squirmings as Vicky mashed her massive breasts over his face, smooching his squirming chest for erotic extra-taunt, once again with the biased ref's help.

Pulling out a final desperate ace out of his sleeve, Ryu had manged to put Zoey out of the games in a triangle choke, but that couldn't save him from Vicky's massive breasts.

"Mhhm... mmmfffhh.... mpffh... Z-Zzzz... @_@".
The crowd roared happily, conquered by Vicky's 'beautiful villainess' charms, loving how she taunted her smothered victim by plastering a final. mockingly tender goodnight kiss to his forehead.

But Vicky was not officially the winner, not yet: For that, the slumbering ref girl had to wake up and seal Ryu's defeat.

Ryu's team:

Friction: Aiko, Yuko, Sakura

Tension Boys:  Ryu, Ataru, Okami, Nico, Andy, Koji
Tension Girls: Alena

Fur&Feathers: Okami, Toshiro

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Tricks and treats: Vicky Vs. Ryu (complete) - Page 4 Empty Re: Tricks and treats: Vicky Vs. Ryu (complete)

Post by WrestleMind Fri Feb 21, 2020 12:16 pm

After looking up from Ryu's red and sweaty face Vicky was mildly amused to see Zoey KO'd before her; The petite girls face firmly pressed against Ryu's thick bulge. "Woah... Sorry honey... Didn't even notice he was choking you out..."

Instead of checking in her friends health Vicky immediately grabbed her by the wrist and dragged her limo twitching body to Ryu's side. While Zoey drooled and moaned Vicky firmly planted her massive ass cheakes on Ryu's face and folded his noodle like arms over his chest. 

With everything just right Vicky grabbed Zoeys wrist again and began slapping it against the mat. To make things squeaky clean of course. As Zoeys flopping hand slapped against the mat Vicky would call out and savour each digit.

"ONE!... TWO!... THREE!..."

With that final suspicious pinfalls the bell would ring and Vicky would raise her own hands in victory.

Of course Vicky wasn't nearly done with the uppity young dragon. She would quickly rise off of him before lifting the Limp boy onto her shoulders in a fireman's carry. From there she would leisurely walk down the ring steps and stroll up the ramp. It would be a shame to let such a fun opponent go unused... The Devious girl would be sure to rent out the battered boy as if he was a literal punching bag.

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