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Time to fight and ...... think

Tue Nov 23, 2021 12:56 am by Lederface!

Well, it's about time I did this again, with my Roster starting to take shape, it doesn't hurt to start getting my characters to have their fights, and that's why I'm here, to look for fights for different characters.

I am looking for a fight with her ... Of any kind, she is not in one of my priorities for now.

With her I'm looking for a "Humiliation" Match type …

[ Full reading ]

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Looking for a match

Sat Nov 13, 2021 3:01 pm by Void Effect

Due to boredom, I had once again, here to ask for a match with my characters, we can discuss about the outcome and character on Discord

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Fri Nov 12, 2021 4:14 pm by Underdog21

I just want to pipe in and apologize for all of the delays in my posting. I've been going through a lot right now, emotionally, psychologically and in some cases physically. I'm going to try posting again when I can get my head in the right place. In the meantime I just ask everyone to please bear with me.

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Karen «Hawk Moth» Aoki-Justice

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Karen «Hawk Moth» Aoki-Justice Empty Karen «Hawk Moth» Aoki-Justice

Post by skip-stop Sun May 19, 2019 6:17 am

Karen Aoki-Justice
Karen «Hawk Moth» Aoki-Justice W6j10

Personal information

    Name: Karen Aoki-Justice

    Alias: Hawk Moth

    Sex: Female

    Sexual orientation: Bisexual

    Age: 22

    Birthday: 10 October

    Eye color: Light green

    Hair color: Dark brown, hair tips painted in a blond color

    Height: 183 cm // 6’0’’

    Weight: 71 kg // 156.5 pounds

    Nationality: Japanese

    Alignment: Chaotic Good

    Entrance Music: Mawr - The Legend Begins (with Silverberg)

    Karen has atypical appearance for the Japanese.
    The girl is rather tall, a hundred and eighty-three centimeters or six feet zero inches. The girl's skin is a little dark. Karen's chest is small, neat, round in shape, second size or B.
    Together with high growth girl has a fairly dense physique, her weight is equal to seventy-one kilogram or one hundred fifty-six and a half pounds.
    Karen is quite muscular for a girl, her biceps, leg muscles and abs are clearly pronounced. But despite this, the girl has a slim figure. This is easily explained by the fact that she has been involved in active sports from childhood.
    Karen’s face has a rounded shape, and the cheekbones and nose are covered with numerous dark brown freckles. Eyebrows are very thick, and eyelashes are thick and short. She also has a very rare light green eye color.
    Karen's natural hair color is dark brown, however, she dyes her hair tips in blond color. The girl's haircut is a slanting bob, the length of which is slightly reducing to the back of the head. During a fight or a workout, a girl collects a part of her hair in a bun.
    A girl's mimicry and gesticulation completely depend on her mood. If she feels well, then she constantly smiles broadly, and if she is not in the mood, then the girl’s emotions are almost not manifested. Karen's voice is quite high and according to the classification fits the classic mezzo-soprano (like Taylor Swift).
    Karen prefers to dress in the most simple and comfortable street clothes, unless we are talking about going somewhere, where you have to look decent.


    All arts belong to lesly.oh

Wrestling standard:

Karen «Hawk Moth» Aoki-Justice 36765710

Karen «Hawk Moth» Aoki-Justice 36897710

Karen «Hawk Moth» Aoki-Justice Dc10c610

Karen «Hawk Moth» Aoki-Justice 33402910

Karen «Hawk Moth» Aoki-Justice 35341910

Alternative wrestling / Workout:

Karen «Hawk Moth» Aoki-Justice 09c1c810

Before street fight:

Karen «Hawk Moth» Aoki-Justice 21296110

Abstract nude:

Karen «Hawk Moth» Aoki-Justice 21372010


Karen «Hawk Moth» Aoki-Justice 21296210

In water:

Karen «Hawk Moth» Aoki-Justice Emerge10


Karen «Hawk Moth» Aoki-Justice 36147511

Karen «Hawk Moth» Aoki-Justice 21224910

Karen «Hawk Moth» Aoki-Justice 21294610

Karen «Hawk Moth» Aoki-Justice 21227810

Karen «Hawk Moth» Aoki-Justice 21294710

Karen «Hawk Moth» Aoki-Justice 21294910

Karen «Hawk Moth» Aoki-Justice 21295210

Karen «Hawk Moth» Aoki-Justice 21296211

Karen «Hawk Moth» Aoki-Justice 24254210

Karen «Hawk Moth» Aoki-Justice 26350410

Karen «Hawk Moth» Aoki-Justice 28152410

Karen «Hawk Moth» Aoki-Justice 35338010

Karen «Hawk Moth» Aoki-Justice 36480110

Karen «Hawk Moth» Aoki-Justice 36523610

Karen «Hawk Moth» Aoki-Justice 40088910

Karen «Hawk Moth» Aoki-Justice Bbf6d410

Karen «Hawk Moth» Aoki-Justice Cold_m10

Karen «Hawk Moth» Aoki-Justice Far_aw10

Karen «Hawk Moth» Aoki-Justice Tumblr12

Karen «Hawk Moth» Aoki-Justice Xxx_by10

With sister:

Karen «Hawk Moth» Aoki-Justice 21294310

Karen «Hawk Moth» Aoki-Justice 21372610

Karen «Hawk Moth» Aoki-Justice 21294711

Karen «Hawk Moth» Aoki-Justice 21296010

Karen «Hawk Moth» Aoki-Justice 45974010

Karen «Hawk Moth» Aoki-Justice Babies10

Karen «Hawk Moth» Aoki-Justice Gals_b10

Karen «Hawk Moth» Aoki-Justice Gfs_by10

Karen «Hawk Moth» Aoki-Justice Jlo_by10

Karen «Hawk Moth» Aoki-Justice Kiss_m11

Karen «Hawk Moth» Aoki-Justice Kiss_m10

Karen «Hawk Moth» Aoki-Justice Sleepy10

Karen «Hawk Moth» Aoki-Justice Spy_gf10

Karen «Hawk Moth» Aoki-Justice Take_m10

    Once Karen was described as follows: this bastard can only be tolerated by a few, her often excessive straightforwardness and personal principles, the enumeration of which could take several books, will easily bring many to the rage.
    It is worth noting that the overall picture of the character of the girl formed directly life experience.
    In most cases, Karen behaves very openly and freely, allowing himself to talk incessantly. She firmly believes that conversation is the best way to endear oneself and make the interlocutor open up. Actually, that is why she is not afraid to start a conversation with strangers or be in a big company.
    But there are pitfalls. Honesty and straightforwardness is something for which a girl often after meeting no one wants to see anymore. Preferring not to walk around, she usually directly says what she thinks, often raising topics that are uncomfortable for the other person. Among other things, the girl does not like to lie, of course, sometimes she has to dissemble, but instead of lying, as a rule, Karen usually either avoids the answer or simply does not answer the question.
    One of the distinguishing features of Karen's character is her black, sarcastic and caustic sense of humor. The girl does not miss the opportunity to comment on someone or his actions. However, self-irony is not alien to her, if it is appropriate.
    By the way, Karen tries to live for her own pleasure. It is for this reason that she almost always does only what she wants, even if it is an insane and fleeting thought, the realization of which can cause discomfort to others. She also loves alcohol, music and karaoke.
    Karen is absolutely not shy about foul language, what to say, she spent most of her adult life on the street, in various companies.
    Among other things, true realism is inherent in it, she perfectly understands that the world is quite clearly divided into weak and strong, rich and poor. However, this does not prevent her from believing in humanism, at least that mankind deserves it.
    Attitude girls to people - this is quite an interesting question. As already mentioned, Karen spent time with people from all walks of life. Therefore, for most people, the girl is not biased. Still, there are some personalities that she hates. Explicit teasers who are trying to prove their superiority to others, people with a cosmic sense of their own importance, who believe that the rest are much lower than themselves, sick bastards and sadists who consider themselves special. In general, there are people whom Karen hates.
    Despite the fact that Karen highly values human life and is not in itself a conflicted person, she, as if by bad luck, often has to use her fists for they very direct purpose.

    Stage personality:
    Karen has no outstanding features in her stage personality.
    Depending on who her opponent is, she can offer a handshake or offer help after the match, or maybe abandon all of this if she has a dislike for the opponent.
    It can be noted that during a fight, Karen often talks, partly because of his character, and partly to provoke the opponent to make more mistakes.
    Karen also respects a clear victory, so she doesn’t use dirty moves, at least until the opponent does it.

            Lily Menage / Black Crow - Despite the fact that the girls decided to stop the love relationship, each of them found the strength to maintain friendship, and this is good.
            Margarita Jorgensen / Sea Star - Once, when Karen came to Charlotte's training, she met with Margarita, since then the girls have become good friends. Karen loved to look at the smile of the Danish girl, she believes that she and Margarita are like two sides of life, bright and not so.
            Charlotte Ravel' / Sand Lizard - Karen decided that she was not using her legs effectively enough, so she soon found a teacher. She managed to impress the master of martial arts and now she can always count on the necessary help.
        Rivals: nope
        Enemies: nope
        Lovers: nope
            Lily Menage / Black Crow - This romance was stormy, but rather short. Lily, possessing a unique temperament, strongly attracted Karen. But then both girls realized that they were not on the way in this life. However, they remained friends.

    Karen was born in Japan, Tokyo. Her father, Toshi Aoki, was a diplomat, and her mother, Hira Nagata, was a doctor. And it so happened that when the girl was six years old, Hira left their family, saying that she could no longer tolerate her husband's permanent absence due to her business trips around the world. It would seem that she should have kept her daughter, but this woman has changed since she met Toshi, over time she became rude and callous, and therefore she did not feel much love for her daughter.
    This case has taught that even the closest and dearest person can betray. Perhaps that is why she never began to trust anyone too soon.
    But be that as it may, life went on. Karen went to school, she had a high enough intellect, but the girl never experienced any particular craving for knowledge. But she liked sports, especially martial arts. She liked being able to slam someone with all her heart, it made her feel a real pleasure. Actually, this is why she started practicing muay thai and boxing from an early age.
    Since his father could not quit his job, which was his main source of income, he continued to visit different countries. It is not difficult to guess that because of this he spending little time with his daughter, most often she remained with her bodyguard and personal secretary of her father.
    Due to lack of attention, the girl began to spend a lot of time on the street, in one company or another. More than once, her guard, Damien, and secretary Victoria, had to finding her throughout Tokyo.
    Thus, when the girl was fourteen, she almost completely became the so-called street person. Of course, such a life was not the safest, she realized that when she first got into a street fight. Walking with her company, she went to the so-called foreign territory, which another company hastened to inform them about. At that time there was not a single chance to solve everything in a peaceful way. It is noteworthy that not only that up to this point Karen fought only in training. But also that another girl from the second company participated in the fight. With her, Karen and faced. Then she realized that street fights do not look like sparring. Although her sport, muay thai, was considered quite tough, the real fight without any rules was even tougher. At some point, Karen believed that she had already defeated her rival, successfully striking in the stomach, and then taking her head and pushing her with her knee twice. The rival fell and Karen turned her back to her.
    The next thing she remembered was how she awoke in the hospital. Damien and Victoria stood above her. Later, she found out that her opponent had grabbed a bottle near her, got up and hit Karen on the head. Well, this case taught the girl a few things. First, under no circumstances should you turn your back on the enemy until complete victory and even after. The second is that although her muay thai and boxing skills were good, she needed improvement and practice on the street. Her father did not come then because he was in America, and for the second month in a row.
    Damien and Victoria agreed with Karen that he had better not know about the incident. However, everything turned out to be much more prosaic. Returning to Japan, he told his daughter that he was going to marry and his new wife and her daughter would soon be come to them.
    To say that it was a shock for Karen is to say nothing. Then she arranged a real scandal, saying that her father never had time for her, however, he had time to find a new wife and a new daughter. Objections to the fact that Lexi, it was name of the future half-sister Karen, is not his daughter, was drowned in the cries of Karen.
    However, nothing was done about it. Toshi married Jennifer, and she and her daughter moved to Tokyo. By the way, her father, his new wife and her daughter took for themselves a double surname Aoki-Justice. It should be noted that Jennifer was quite attractive, like her daughter. Both of them were tall blondes who wore glasses, and indeed they looked like two drops of water. But be that as it may, at the very first meeting, Karen made it clear to them that she did not consider them their family and was counting on reciprocity in this.
    True, over time, everything has changed. For starters, Karen noticed that her father really loves Jennifer, and she loves him mutually. And contrary to the widespread cliché that stepmothers hate stepdaughters and idolize their daughters, this was not the case. Jennifer treated Karen well enough, she was not strict, but she didn’t show any fake care.
    But Lexi deserves a separate story. Previously, Karen thought that this happens only in a sugary manga. When two step-sisters, or step-brothers, or stepbrother and sister begin to have a light mutual sympathy, which then develops into a tumultuous affair with blackjack, alcohol, jealousy, and sex.
    It all started with the fact that Lexi began to approach Karen at school breaks, then she began to sit at the table where Karen was sitting in the dining room. Karen made it clear that this annoyed her and that she wanted Lexi to stop. However, this did not change anything. Lexi became like a shadow that followed Karen literally everywhere. A little later, the blonde even began to pursue a stepsister on the street, keeping a short distance behind. Karen knew that she was being pursued, but she ignored it, staying with her friends.
    But once Karen thought she heard somewhere behind a strangled cry. She turned and walked in the opposite direction, but her friends continued to go on. And, turning a corner, she saw Lexi, three girls pinned her to the wall. These three were from the same school where Karen and Lexi studied, only they were a year older, they were in the second grade of high school, and Lexi and Karen were in the first grade. Karen came closer and told them to move away from the blonde, to which she received the answer not to climb, otherwise she would get no less than this American rubbish. Without thinking twice, Karen made two quick jabs and a final hook into the head of the one who said this. After that the girl falled to the ground and her two friends already attacked Karen. The girl beat off blows from two sides, but each time she tried to attack, she did not have time to complete the attack and received a blow from the other side. Karen snarled, then took a leap back and immediately rushed forward, jumping up and hitting one of the girls with her knee right in the jaw. She collapsed and it remained only to deal with last one. At this moment, Lexi spun the remaining girl, kicked her with knee in the stomach, then kicked her knee in the head, and then grabbed her hand, put hand between her opponent's legs and threw her above herself, dropping her to the ground.
    - And why the hell did you need me then? - Karen asked displeased, assessing that her sister could fight, perhaps not worse than herself.
    - I was wondering if you would come to me.
    And that was the beginning. At first, the girls just started spending time with each other, for example, Lexi also went to the gym, where Karen did muay thai and boxing. She really could protect herself; in America, too, it was impossible to walk calmly along the street without it. They went shopping together, had fun together and fought together. Over time, their relationship reached sex. As it turned out, Lexi was bisexual, as was Karen, and, unlike her half-sister, she had already lost her virginity while still in America.
    In parallel with this, Karen began to participate in real street battles, where one could get not only invaluable experience, but also earn quite good money. Not every fight was win, but every victory and every defeat was a lesson for her. At the same time, Karen began to develop her own unique styles of strikes and movements.
    As a shock technique, she drew attention to the art of touch of death. However, she didn’t like the idea of using all pain points, so the girl developed her strikes technique, which used the blows with phalanges of semi-bent fist with only on the pain points that, in her opinion, were easily accessible and most effective. And her moving technique was to control her body, slowing down or speeding up her movements in the most unexpected moments, creating a rival's disorientation, and she also learned to use not only speed, but also surprise in her movements, making them unpredictable. At the same time, Karen took the alias Hawk Moth because it was one of the few flying creatures that could stay in the air in one place, it was unique, as was the fighting styles that Karen developed.
    Both girls entered the University of Tokyo, and at the same time Karen decided to start practicing pro-wrestling, there was no special motivation for this, but she decided that it would be nice to diversify her striking technique with throws and painful techniques. While Karen and Lexi were studying at the university, Toshi and Jennifer decided to give them the opportunity to live on their own and bought them a separate apartment in a residential area in Tokyo. Karen studied engineering and technical faculty, and Lexa studied law.
    It seemed to Karen that there could be no better, and that after the university, her and her half-sister would face a carefree future. But it turned out not so at all. It turned out that in fact Lexi did not want to leave America, there she had a dream - to finish Harvard. And so it happened that after graduating from Tokyo University she received an invitation. Because of the relationship with Karen, she did not want to go, but Karen could not allow her sister to forget about the dream because of herself, she was not so selfish. So... Lexi left, and Karen was left alone.
    For half a year the girl only did that she came to the next street fights, taking out all her anger for her loneliness on her rivals.
    Over time, she felt better, and then the manager found her, who offered to sign a contract with AFW, where she could discover her potential and become something more. After Lexi left, Karen was left without a goal, she did not want to use the knowledge gained at the university for its intended purpose. And it was a chance to start, if not all over again, then at least to find yourself and start doing what Karen always wanted - to live in pleasure. She signed the documents and was ready to start her new journey.

    Interesting facts:
    1) Her name isn't Japanese because her father has been in different countries and decided to give her an exotic name for Japan
    2) Karen has a light foot fetish
    3) Due to the fact that her father is a high-ranking diplomat, the girl has many acquaintances in the higher strata of society
    4) Due to the fact that most of her life she was reeling in the street, the girl has many acquaintances in the lower strata of society
    5) She took a double surname only after the beginning of the affair with her half-sister
    6) Karen is the happy owner of the 2018 Toyota Camry XV70 Executive Safety 3.5L Petrol 8 Automatic Transmission
    7) She can't stand cleaning
    8) She speaks fluent Japanese and English, speaks French and Italian as a beginner, and is also superficial in sign language
    9) Karen really likes redhead girls
    10) After winning, Karen loves to take a photo with a defeated rival
    11) The girl has a certain reputation, fame and influence in Tokyo, especially in areas of the port docks, where she participates in street fights

    Karen lives in a fairly spacious and modern two-room apartment in a residential area of Tokyo. The apartment has a large living room with a huge sofa, TV, musical instruments, music center and all the rest. The bedroom is completely filled with Karen's personal belongings, photographs, posters, and the like. The remaining rooms do not differ in special filling: kitchen, bathroom, shower room and balcony.

Wrestling information

    In battle, Karen relies on her strengths. Up to a certain point, she uses Muay Thai, boxing and pro-wrestling as the main combat techniques.
    At the same time, she combines her unique style of movements, which the girl calls “Hawk Moth Flight”, making each step not only unpredictable, but also every time at a different speed. All this together allows her to disorient her opponent.
    After the girl was trained by Charlotte Ravel', she began to use more deadly taekwondo kicks.
    And when such a moment comes, Karen weakens the enemy with maximum efficiency with the help of her point and muscle damage technique called “Hawk Moth Bites”.
    Thanks to the very rich experience of street battles, the girl can find an approach to any opponent and make him regret that today he faced it.

    Muay thai, boxing, pro-wrestling, hawk moth bites (own unique technique of dim mak), hawk moth flight (own unique technique of movement), taekwondo (mastered with the help of Sand Lizard)

    Preferred Matches:
        Standard - full ahead
        Hardcore - full ahead
        Hentai - I think yes
        Special conditions - full ahead

    Physical characteristics:
        Endurance: 8/10 – Karen have tremendous endurance, so she knows when she needs to keep up the temp, and when to slow it down to save her state
        Stamina: 8/10 – despite the fact that Karen prefers to dodge damage, she is quite capable of resisting pain from blows, throws and submission holds
        Strength: 8/10 – Karen has excellent physical training, she is without difficult able to deliver powerful blows and lift weight that exceeds her own one and a half times
        Speed: 8/10 – In addition to the girl’s strength, she has excellent body speed, which she uses in combination with her unique style of movement
        Defense: 8/10 – Karen has an excellent reaction that combines with the skills of defense, not allowing the enemy to cause significant damage
        Technique: 8/10 – years of experience in street fights gave Karen high technical skills, she not only has a large stock of her own techniques, but can also analyze the style that her opponent uses

    Favorite attacks:
    1) Almost all sorts of punches
    2) Almost all sorts of kicks
    3) Belly To Belly Suplex
    4) DDT
    5) Inverted DDT
    6) Scoop Powerslam
    7) Exploder Suplex
    8) Running bulldog
    9) Standing Moonsault Double Knee Drop
    10) Forward Somersault Cutter

    Special thanks to kerflubble for Fire Pro sets

    Signature attacks:
    1) Zip-Zap (Running Knee Strike): when the necessary moment comes, Karen makes run-up as quickly as possible and runs on a sitting or bent opponent, being close to him, the girl puts her knee forward, making a blow at a medium height, usually right to the head.

Karen «Hawk Moth» Aoki-Justice DzDOwL2
Zip-zap (Fire Pro version):

Karen «Hawk Moth» Aoki-Justice Giphy
    2) Hangover (High Knee): when the necessary moment comes, Karen quickly do short run-up and runs to the standing opponent, being close to him, the girl jumps up and puts her knee forward, making a blow at a high height, usually right to the chin.

Karen «Hawk Moth» Aoki-Justice CExRmYe
Hangover (Fire Pro version):

Karen «Hawk Moth» Aoki-Justice Giphy
    3) Hawk Moth Bites: when the necessary moment comes, Karen uses her own unique technique of striking with phalanges of semi-bent fist at the most vulnerable points in the opponent's body. The girl delivers a quick series of punches, the destinations of which change depending on the location of Karen and her opponent.
Hawk Moth Bites:

Karen «Hawk Moth» Aoki-Justice 7NZWFM5
Hawk Moth Bites (Fire Pro version):

Karen «Hawk Moth» Aoki-Justice Giphy
        3.1) If Karen in front of the opponent. Karen makes one stroke to the right and left shoulder joint, then one stroke between the third and fourth ribs on right and left, the last stroke to the solar plexus. Such a series of short-stabs almost completely makes it impossible for opponent breathing and using his hands without pain.

        3.2) If Karen is behind the opponent. Two blows to the right and left of the second lumbar vertebra, two blows to the right and left of the tenth and fifth thoracic vertebrae, two blows to the right and left of the fifth cervical vertebra. Such a series of strikes for a short time makes the opponent's back and neck petrify.

    4) Broken Wing (Tilt A Whirl Backbreaker): when the necessary moment comes, Karen bends herself and wraps hands around the opponent's waist, straightens herself and lifts the opponent above the floor, the girl twists opponent's body in the air by 270 degrees and then drops opponent's back on knee.
Broken Wing:

Karen «Hawk Moth» Aoki-Justice GdOOrhi
Broken Wing (Fire Pro version):

Karen «Hawk Moth» Aoki-Justice Giphy

    1) Hawk Moth Attack (Backbreaker Rack): when the necessary moment comes, Karen is behind the back of the opponent, the girl with one hand wraps the neck of the opponent and one of the legs with the other hand, then she raises the body of the opponent to her shoulders, then Karen jumps and falls to her knees.
Hawk Moth Attack:

Karen «Hawk Moth» Aoki-Justice 8UEkB4v
    2) Cocoon Of Moth (Cradle DDT): when the necessary moment comes, Karen takes the opponent's head under her left armpit, puts the opponent’s closest hand on her neck, then picks up the opponent’s left leg with her right hand and lifts him, throwing his legs on her waist or hips. Then Karen falls to back, throwing the head of the opponent directly on the floor.
Cocoon Of Moth:

Karen «Hawk Moth» Aoki-Justice IgcSbcP
Cocoon Of Moth (Fire Pro version):

Karen «Hawk Moth» Aoki-Justice Giphy
    3) Carrion (Pyramid Driver): when the necessary moment comes, Karen bends down and wraps the waist of the bent opponent and blocks his hands, then straightens herself and lifts the opponent into the air, turning him upside down, then the girl jerks the opponent's body as much as possible upward and then falls on her ass, throwing  head, neck and back of the opponent directly on the floor.

Karen «Hawk Moth» Aoki-Justice HQDixL7
Carrion (Fire Pro version):

Karen «Hawk Moth» Aoki-Justice Giphy

    Submissions finishers:
    4) First Nectar (Cloverleaf): when the necessary moment comes, Karen crosses the opponent's legs when he lie on his stomach, then puts her right knee on his back between the shoulder blades, wraps his further leg with her hands, places him foot under the right armpit and starts to pull the crossed legs towards herself.
First Nectar:

Karen «Hawk Moth» Aoki-Justice OvXmax0
First Nectar (Fire Pro version):

Karen «Hawk Moth» Aoki-Justice Giphy
    5) Last Nectar (Lotus Lock): when the necessary moment comes, Karen sits behind of the seated opponent, grabs his hands and pulls them back, thereby wrench their, and then she clasps his hands with help of legs, fixing the foots on the opponent's neck.
Last Nectar:

Karen «Hawk Moth» Aoki-Justice QfDWCxi

    Critical finishers:
    6) Bye Bye Petit Papillon (Northern Lights Bomb): when the necessary moment comes, Karen takes the opponent's head under her left armpit, puts the opponent's closest hand on her neck, and then slides her right hand between the opponent's legs and grabs him. Karen raises the enemy upside down into the air, then jumps up and drops the opponent's head and neck right on the floor.
Bye Bye Petit Papillon:

Karen «Hawk Moth» Aoki-Justice LfXe0Lj
Bye Bye Petit Papillon (Fire Pro version):

Karen «Hawk Moth» Aoki-Justice Giphy

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Karen «Hawk Moth» Aoki-Justice Empty Re: Karen «Hawk Moth» Aoki-Justice

Post by skip-stop Sun May 19, 2019 6:18 am

Matches information

    Score of matches:
    Wins: 5 / Losses: 0 / Draws: 0

    1) vs Black Crow by pinfall
    3) vs The Black Fang by pinfall
    4) vs Black Crow by pinfall
    7) vs Aphrodite by broken table (Hell on Earth PPV)
    8) vs Jacob Masters by K.O.



    Championship belts and achievements:
    7) Horsewoman of the Apocalypse “Famine” as part of the Hell On Earth event

    1) Hawk Moth vs Black Crow. Double debut between the street fighter and the former MMA fighter, the match promises to be a great one. Finished.
    2) Karen Aoki-Justice and Lily Menage. The meeting of the girls the day after their match, Karen is looking forward to learning more about this unusual Englishwoman. Finished.
    3) Hawk Moth vs The Black Fang. The battle of the supervillain and superheroine, isn't it great? Finished.
    4) Hawk Moth vs Black Crow. Black Crow decided to prove that she is the best fighter, well, it will be hardcore. Finished.
    5) Karen Aoki-Justice and Charlotte Ravel'. After her last match, Karen decided to expand her arsenal of martial arts. And her manager just found the worthy mentor. This meeting was very interesting, Karen received an unusual mentor, and Charlotte received a promising student.
    6) Karen Aoki-Justice and Lily Menage. Unfortunately, both girls came to the realization that they cannot be a pair. And although they met recently, Karen experienced real bitterness when they interrupted their short romance, although they remained friends.
    7) Hawk Moth vs Aphrodite (Hell on Earth PPV). The first PPV match for Karen. And this is not just the PPV match, this is the fight for the title of FAMINE, one of the horsewoman of the apocalypse. Today Karen is ready to destroy the one who gets in her way. Finished.
    8) Hawk Moth vs Jacob Masters. Karen's debut in tension. The girl decided to move in the direction of hardcore and that will be the last person standing match, in addition with such an opponent... it will be interesting and rude. Finished.
    9) AFW Stories. Margarita Jorgensen and Karen Aoki-Justice. On the way to the light.
    10) AFW Stories. Victoria Palmer and Astrid Arvidsson, Charlotte Ravel', Karen Aoki-Justice, Margarita Jorgensen, Lunara Ashmore, Sintharia Ashmore, Nerissa Labong, Lily Menage. Proud of you all.
    11) .
    12) Hawk Moth vs Asuka Kotori. In a terrible mood and self-loathing, Karen decides that she needs a new match. Ongoing.
    13) Hawk Moth vs Siren Willow. Sometimes it is good to go home, for Karen the streets have been home for most of her life. And today she is expecting a match on the street, perhaps this will be what will help her forget about everything that happened. Ongoing.

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Karen «Hawk Moth» Aoki-Justice Empty Re: Karen «Hawk Moth» Aoki-Justice

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Honestly, one of the best profiles I've read in a long time. Approved. Approved hard.

Welcome to the site, let me know if there's anything you need.

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Karen «Hawk Moth» Aoki-Justice Empty Re: Karen «Hawk Moth» Aoki-Justice

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