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Possibly Searching

Thu May 19, 2022 12:58 pm by Rymiscuius

possssssssssssibly looking for a match soon
win / loss is dependant
mixed is fine
come get ur tiny super heel

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Back in the saddle, eyy! Looking for match with any of my three.

Fri May 13, 2022 2:45 pm by SiennaAFW

Short and to the point, looking for a match with any of my three wrasslers. Open to discuss ideas of how you'd like the match to go, what sort've rating the match might get (PG - R), et cetera!

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Looking for a debut

Fri May 13, 2022 10:34 am by Bare

Heyo everyone! New member here and this is my main oc Alizeh! More to come but for now I’m just looking for a match to grt her started. Im ok with (mostly) any match and as for win/loss id like to discuss that based on what character she would go against. So feel free to hmu ^^

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Kawaii Title

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Kawaii Title Empty Kawaii Title

The Kawaii Wars CONTINUES

But Who's BUTT Will Prevail?

The Angel Club
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A "pain"...
All words that have been used to describe AFW Friction number one contender for the kawaii championship, but never "boring"

Following the unannounced attack on the kawaii champion Claire St Clair while she was going up against number one contender (at the time) Mikagami Arashio at Avalanche 17 AV 17 Kawaii Title: Claire St. Clair (c) vs. Mikagami "Micca" Arashio, the brat pack have made it their mission to be a thorn in the side of the kawaii champion as well as others...

They have extended their ceaseless war against "The enemy" or "Big people" to temporarily include the rest of the kawaii division Kawaii Wars: The Brat Strikes Back, a move that forced Claire to band together a collection of kawaiis to face against this threat Kawaii Wars: Call of Cuties, including her most recent rival Micca and random new comer looking for a meal, Sun Young Star.

It was not long afterwards that the Brat Pack and the newly minted "Angel Club"  were battling against one another to determine bragging rights as well as who would challange Claire for the kawaii title at Avalanche 18. Izzi was now the current number one contender and if the brat pack were to win, then things would remain status quo... But if the Angel Club were to win, then Claire could choose her opponent (presumeably from the Angel Club) Kawaii Wars: Team Top Contender Match.

With the number one contender match not having a conclusive victor, Izzi remained as the number one contender and has gone on to face Claire at Avalanche 18 in a face sitting match, the brat packs specialityAV 18 Kawaii Championship - Claire St Clair (c) vs. Izzi... Surely regardless of who ever ends up being used as a cushion, it won't be the  last we hear of them on the subject and what of the Angel Club and their rivalry with the Brat Pack?

Follow the storyline:
AV 17 Kawaii Title: Claire St. Clair (c) vs. Mikagami "Micca" Arashio
Kawaii Wars: The Brat Strikes Back
Kawaii Wars: Call of Cuties
Kawaii Wars: Team Top Contender Match
AV 18 Kawaii Championship - Claire St Clair (c) vs. Izzi

The new and improved: Kelsea's Karacters

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Prepare your face for ThE BRaT PaCK
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