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Time to fight and ...... think

Mon Nov 22, 2021 1:56 pm by Lederface!

Well, it's about time I did this again, with my Roster starting to take shape, it doesn't hurt to start getting my characters to have their fights, and that's why I'm here, to look for fights for different characters.

I am looking for a fight with her ... Of any kind, she is not in one of my priorities for now.

With her I'm looking for a "Humiliation" Match type …

[ Full reading ]

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Looking for a match

Sat Nov 13, 2021 4:01 am by Void Effect

Due to boredom, I had once again, here to ask for a match with my characters, we can discuss about the outcome and character on Discord

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Fri Nov 12, 2021 5:14 am by Underdog21

I just want to pipe in and apologize for all of the delays in my posting. I've been going through a lot right now, emotionally, psychologically and in some cases physically. I'm going to try posting again when I can get my head in the right place. In the meantime I just ask everyone to please bear with me.

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Saskia Schleswig-Holsten

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Saskia Schleswig-Holsten Empty Saskia Schleswig-Holsten

Post by BritBrat Wed Dec 26, 2018 8:46 pm

Saskia Schleswig-Holsten CejtZmI
Nickname: Vixen
Gender: Female
Age: 27
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 161lbs
Eyes: Red
Hair: Ashen White
Nationality: Swiss-German

Wrestling Information


Alignment: Face

Preferred Matches: Submission, hentai, body to body only. She mainly prefers matches where the opponent gives up or gives in. Does not like matches with a pin count.

Strategy/Style: Diligently tuned and moulded by her mentors in her old league, Saskia is a tricky competitor of a surprising degree of technical skill, her style having a notable emphasis on finesse, grace and elegance. And this is not just in regards to her knowledge of slams, strikes, and submissions, but more passionate techniques. With her just-curvy-enough body, impressive breasts, perfect abs and high sexual endurance, the Swiss-German is among the most versatile when using SWL's brand of body-to-body rubbing. From a sensual rub that seeks to arouse first and dominate second to a rough, aggressive style that intricately matches her muscle tension to her opponents. Regardless of which variation she picks on the occasion, Saskia's body can leave anyone drained as it finds every sensitive spot while being flattened underneath.

That's not to say she lacks in other aspects when it comes to competition. Standing attacks make use of her powerful legs, targeting the lower body and up to the midsection, rendering her opponent’s mobility hindered as the match goes on and making them vulnerable to throws that would cut through an opponent’s guard. With her impressive musculature, sharp reflexes, and honed dexterity, Saskia uses the careful poise and balance of a dancer to twist and unbalance her opponents before she would send them tumbling to the ground. On the ground, she can be terrifying due in part to the almost octopus-like flexibility of her legs and the supernatural sense of knowing where joints shouldn’t bend. Her submissions tend to target at least two body parts at once, and she often takes the occasion to get intimate with her opponents, whether sexually, verbally or both.

Preferred attacks:
-Canadian backbreaker
-Leg splits
-Octopus stretch (ground variation)
-Leg knot locks
-Chickenwing facebuster
-Figure four leg lock
-Single leg lock,
-Full body pin/press/rub
-Kimura lock
-Inverted underboob pin (approaches opponent on the back from behind their shoulders, rubbing her under breast directly onto theirs)
-Ceiling hold
-Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker
-Crucifix Omoplata

Physical Statistics
Endurance: ★★★★★
Saskia has had some loving, sensual, yet harsh and demanding teachers in her time in the SWL. Having been rubbing her body with the biggest and strongest of competition has developed a tough hide.
Strength: ★★★
While she isn’t a powerhouse in the traditional sense, she is stronger than she might first appear. The only time one would realise this is when they press their body against her.
Defense: ★★★★
Blessed with quick reflexes and natural flexibility that’s been further improved by her dedication to fitness, allowing her to twist and bend around a wide range of attacks with ease. She moves elegantly around her opponent’s strikes and out of their reach, allowing them to fall into her waiting embrace practically.
She may not be the fastest compared to some opponents, but she can swiftly string her holds and pins together.
Studying within the Seaside Wrestling League has made her into a much capable grappler. Incredibly gifted on the ground and knows more submissions that can surprise even the most experienced in that field.

Wresting Statistics
Strikes: ★★★
Can appear quite graceful but is average, nothing terribly special.
Submissions: ★★★★★
Extremely effective in the realm of submissions, considered a prodigy in her old league. One could say she’s holding back the true potential of her complex submission moves in AFW.
Powerhouse: ★★★
Capable of ground based takedowns and grappling, she’s no stranger bringing someone much bigger than her to the ground.
Aside from the one finisher she has, she prefers to be grounded.
Counters: ★★★★★
She makes it easy when she reverses a plethora of moves and strikes in order to convert them into submissions.

Signature Moves

Die Kraken’s Gefängnis”:
Saskia Schleswig-Holsten Trentotatsuta_1

Weinberg am Meer”:
Saskia Schleswig-Holsten MbcCYPh

Labyrinth der Schlangen:
Saskia Schleswig-Holsten TvquUYc

Verkrüppelte Blume:
Saskia Schleswig-Holsten BvyClvX

Finishing Moves

Alle Tore Öffnen:
Saskia Schleswig-Holsten S3aSTjJ

Die Siebenkopfige Schlange:
The only "strike finisher" in her arsenal, yet the most powerful. While this is advised to use the ropes, Saskia can attempt to kick off the ground to do it as well. It requires her opponent to be behind her, with her back facing them. Saskia jumps onto the middle or lower ropes and kicks off, falling back and pressing her palms against the mat. She uses that to pivot herself and swings her legs backwards in a massive crescent arc, slamming them down onto her opponent. Sometimes she'll use her knees if they're closer, which tends to be even more painful.

Welt der Lust oder Unlust:
Perhaps the single most convoluted hold her teachers have ever devised, it is now passed to Saskia to use. This hold manages to stretch a leg, pillory the opponent’s upper body, and rub her ample breasts against theirs. It starts with Saskia focusing on both of their legs. She takes one and folds it at the knee, hooking her own between it. She then raises her free leg, and the opponent uses that to press her leg backwards. Moving forward, Saskia wraps her arms around her opponent, pulling herself on top of them but catching their wrists and crossing them over her head, rubbing her body against them the whole time.

Der Umgekehrte Thron:
The one move she had used on her teachers and universally praised, Saskia saves this hold only for special occasions or her biggest rivals. Flipping an opponent onto their head and/or shoulders, Saskia threads both of her legs over theirs and stretches them back to get them ready. Hers seize both their hands/wrists, and she holds them tighter before she begins splitting her legs and 180 degrees, deftly manipulating her opponents through a variety of stretching, twisting, and tangling motions, often rubbing her ample breasts against their rump as she does so.




Personality: Confident and playful would be the words that come to mind describing Saskia. More so on the confident part, both in her body and character, she makes minimal effort to hide it. Amicable and outgoing, the Swiss-German cares little about championships, titles or trophies, rather viewing any encounter as a chance to make a new cuddle buddy or even a great friend. Especially if she’s doing so from her beloved submission holds. While she may not always take things very seriously, a friendly rivalry can stoke the flames of competitiveness inside of her. Saskia is drawn to girls bigger than herself since she befriended them more often growing up. That and in her own words, “make the best opponents”. “Artisans”, as she would call them, or those who mix finesse and sexuality would earn her respect more, and Saskia would hold them in higher regard. Nevertheless, her love to press her body against another woman would have her meeting all kinds of people.


Ring Gear/Hentai Attire:
Saskia Schleswig-Holsten RVKGSsl
Saskia Schleswig-Holsten __prinz_eugen_azur_lane_drawn_by_nnoelllll__sample-89063a05547ccb44fd774d00e014a3c8Saskia Schleswig-Holsten QoMDl82Saskia Schleswig-Holsten K0M1OpfSaskia Schleswig-Holsten VVpgxDjSaskia Schleswig-Holsten QPOORv1Saskia Schleswig-Holsten KPn8XuRSaskia Schleswig-Holsten RFIdIBDSaskia Schleswig-Holsten BCho3u6Saskia Schleswig-Holsten Akt8rMXSaskia Schleswig-Holsten __prinz_eugen_azur_lane_drawn_by_luse_maonang__5447d9f17b32b4543f76d05ebeb3762d
Training Attire:
Saskia Schleswig-Holsten INwdSSiSaskia Schleswig-Holsten B4VOtgt
She has other colors than black...:
Saskia Schleswig-Holsten FrKl7FE




Saskia comes from money. Not the highest tier of the most obscenely rich but enough that she would never want for anything. Born in Zurich to a German father in charge of the biggest logistics company and a Swiss mother. Growing up, she was somewhat closed off from the ‘common people, having been sent to a boarding school in Japan. While their parents loved their daughter with all their heart, they couldn’t really be around as much as Saskia wanted due to work responsibilities. So, for the most part, Saskia was left to her own devices. Which might come to bite the conservative parents later…

And since the parents weren’t around much, the Swiss-German ventured around and filled her lonely time with all sorts of hobbies that may not exactly fit with a lifestyle of the rich. She bounced around between the many extracurricular activities there was to be found there, finding something that she liked before settling with gymnastics. Then goes back to her dorm before she got into trouble. She was knowledgeable; she did well in school, enough for her parents to be contented and proud. However, her wanderlust and desire to know and experience more took her to a place that her parents wouldn’t want her to go.

One time after practice, a 12-year-old Saskia decided to take the longer route back home. Just because. She calculated the journey, and she’ll be back in time before people started to get concerned. Though along the way, her eyes then fixated on something. She didn’t know why she stopped to look, but it was her curiosity that she ended up seeing two women wrestling. And it wasn’t the Puroesu kind either. There were lots of sensual stuff, twisting submissions and slams in equal measure. Not only that, the women started to rub up on one another; hot moans echoed around and enough for the sound to reach Saskia’s earlobes. If a passer-by hasn’t bumped into her, she would have been stuck in this gaze throughout the show. Snapped out of such a hypnotic showing, the Swiss-German rushed back home. Though she could remember that day for the rest of her life, that day was of many firsts for her. She saw her first wrestling match; Saskia was out way later than she should, the first time she masturbated afterwards, and the day when she started to like women more than men. At that point, her life changed.

Highly enthralled by this, she wanted to get in on this. However, she kept it to herself in school, knowing the school board hates this sort of thing. Saskia joined a wrestling club for two days until she found out that this wasn’t the place nor the style to explore her inner desires. That and probably getting aroused when sparring wasn’t a good idea. So she took mat submission wrestling. That was better, more like what she saw in that league. Saskia learned to keep her perverted desires in check when grappling with other people. Between that and gymnastics, her body was conditioned well, more than enough to get everyone else’s attention. More with the boys, but a few girls took notice. The more she became dependant on enjoying her hobbies, the less time she spends at her dorm and school.

After she completed school, Saskia took a gap year under the guise that she could focus on gymnastics. While she is at the point where she could compete nationally…her other interest captured her focus even more. She still remembered where her love of wrestling and body-to-body contact began and wanted to go back and see a show. Legally this time. The league moved into a seaside city, now called Seaside Wrestling League, which was a trip but anything for her love. And it was just like what she saw back then. All the sexy and body grinding goodness the Swiss-German had loved for years. One wrestler captivated her the most; her sexual talents and flexibility contributed well to a middleweight like Saskia, emphasising technicality and finesse sexual and physical. And her legs put the fear of naysayers and saw moves that she had never seen before. It captivated her how she worked on her opponents like that.

She had to meet this woman.

And so she did, meeting her backstage as she was leaving. Nervous at first that she’s meeting and talking to someone who is her idol, Saskia did something stupid at the time but ended up being for good. She challenged her to a match. The woman accepted. And she got owned. Hard. It was also the first time Saskia was involved in a POW match. Unsurprisingly, Saskia bites off more than she could chew, and although she got some offence in with her submissions, the woman finds ways for her limbs to stretch and bend where she didn’t think were possible. Anyone who wasn’t flexible would have been crying for daddy, her gymnastics helping her to an extent. But she got beat and gained some excellent body rubbing and scrubbing that felt so good and so pleasurable that she came many times! After all of that, Saskia was taken as a prisoner to her place for some more body grinding. The woman told her that she finds Saskia endearing and has a great body, admitting she would want her around. Even though there was a bit of an age gap, Saskia soon moved in with the woman, on the condition that she also trains her in that style, which works just as well since their parents soon found out about it and they were none too pleased. But Saskia followed her heart and went to stay with the woman, where for the next few years, she has been studying and training with the folks at SWL.

Already have a good base with mat wrestling and, of course, her gymnastics training, she was gifted with a body that fits well with the style that mirrors her mentors. Plus, she gets to rub her body with many women here. To the Swiss-German, they were her family and has gotten into a sexual relationship with the same woman that beat her. Saskia honed her craft in other leagues in Japan and Europe, improving more, exploring the world and taking on all the sexy women she could find.

As the Seaside Wrestling League soon got taken by another league, one of her mentors soon points her to the most prominent association in Japan, no, the world. AFW. Feeling she is ready to take on the biggest stage of all, Saskia is sent to join AFW to continue their legacy and find success where they were unsuccessful.


AFW Record


Wins: 7Losses: 0Draws: 0 Total: 7-0-0

Rivals: Yahagi Fujimoto, Laurukka Koskinen, Anja the Raven
Enemies: None
Crushes: Super Secret!
Friends/Allies: Aiko Hasegawa


Timelines & Events


Match l Backstage l Promo

1. vs. Marisa Evans - Her journey begins against a legend: The Siren of AFW.

2. vs. Arjuna Samanthigupta - Next up, the Indian Fitness Babe. Time for her own fitness test.

3. Hentai For Dummies - A newcomer is picked to showcase a video on getting AFW's hentai style. And Saskia is given the perfect assistant for the job.

4. vs Anja the Raven - Facing another long time veteran in AFW is an honour. Little did the Raven know that the past will catch up to her...

5. AV19 Opening Ceremony - The grand opening of the long-running winter PPV. And Saskia didn't come alone.

6. vs. Seo - Swapping the squared circle for a comfortable apartment. This calls for a snuggle buddy.

7. vs. Akino Sanada - Akino certainly doesn't step into the ring to make friends. Perhaps some hot body-to-body contact will thaw out the cold exterior.

8. vs. Claudia von Bismarck - A familiar German face. She's confident, but size isn't always the deciding factor against an SWL alumini.

9. vs. Kaija Laine - The newcomer has already made a start to her career of brutal terror. Saskia is left unimpressed, especially when comparing to a ghost of her past.

10. A Rose Cannot Blossom Without Sunshine - An unlikely and somewhat embarrassing meeting on a yacht blossom into an opportunity for Aiko.

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Saskia Schleswig-Holsten NbT0iL5

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Saskia Schleswig-Holsten Empty Re: Saskia Schleswig-Holsten

Post by BritBrat Thu Aug 19, 2021 8:46 pm


Profile Update Notes


-New attire for future matches (though the black bikini is still an option Wink ).
-Small updates to her signatures and finishers.
-Updated the Style/Strategy section.
-Cleaned up spelling and grammatical errors.
-Updated the timeline section with threads done so far.

Saskia Schleswig-Holsten NbT0iL5

Posts : 2174
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