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Avalanche 2020 Postponement

Mon Nov 23, 2020 10:04 pm by killcarrion

Due to various circumstances, including some board members becoming ill (whom we all wish a prompt and speedy recovery), magnified stress levels due to the holiday season, and the fact that our delay of SummerSplash may have inadvertently pushed some storylines further down the line...this year we've decided to postpone the beginning of Avalanche from Dec 1st to Dec 15th.

This is to give members more time to finish threads or further storylines in preparation for their Ava match, and hopefully …

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Thu Nov 19, 2020 7:17 pm by WrestleMind

Howdy everyone, 

I've recently had a bit of an appifiny that drives me to retire from this forum for the foreseeable future.

I'm sorry to everyone I have an active thread with. Unfortunately, I won't be finishing our threads. If you wish you have my blessing to finish the threads however you like. 

If anyone wants to take my face claims or my characters as a whole please feel free to reach out and ask. 

It's been a fun ride. Good luck and thanks for everything.  Razz

Edit: Sorry I didn't …

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Poll regarding the possibility of Mods booking PPV matches.

Sat Oct 24, 2020 1:43 am by Old_Man_Tai

So, basically, was wondering all of your thoughts regarding the possiblity of mods booking ppv matches.

The thought was, since people often seem to have trouble finding partners for ppv matches until the last minute or so, what if the mod team was to step in and, well in advance of the show, book the show ourselves, and try to put together the best matches we can, including title defenses, no.1 contender matches, and so on and so forth?

While I doubt our more popular members need such a …

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Foxes and Rabbits

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Foxes and Rabbits Empty Foxes and Rabbits

Post by Psychopatrick88 on Mon Oct 05, 2009 12:42 am

Kelsea: Mara and Leah were in the locker room getting ready for a photo shot, fully dressed in bunny costumes and everything. Mara sat on a bench while her sis stood behind, carefully doing her hair "See Mara... you should use my shampoo more often, its made your hair super silky smooth... I could feel this all day." Mara giggled and stayed seated as leah continued

psychopatrick88: "Kaylee! Where did you go?? Kayleeee!!" She called out loudly through the locker room. Apparently it didn't occur to her that sound carried in this room, a lot. Her voice echoed throughout the entire room as she continued to venture through the rows of lockers until she came up on a couple of girls dressed up like bunnies.

"Hey... have you seen a girl with fox ears and a short fox tail? Kind of quiet?"

Kelsea: The loud shouting was a bit irritating for the both of them seems before this other woman appeared, everything was nice and quiet. When she came around to them, Leah looked up at her "We've seen you, fox ears and tail... but extremely far from quiet! We're trying to prepare for a photo shoot, so if you could kindly keep it down a bit.."

psychopatrick88: Kasey blinked a little. "Uh... no, I wasn't talking about myself. My tail is long and thick.." She grabbed her own tail and showed them both it, waving it around a little for them. "See? I'm looking for my sister. She's smaller than me and has a short glossy fox tail." She looked around again afterwards. "KAYLEE! WHERE ARE YOUUU!!" She called out at the top of her lungs.

Kelsea: "nh!" Mara groaned, covering her ears "She's as noisey as a jet taking off..". Leah moved away from her sister's hair to face Kasey a little more "Hey.. didn't you just hear what I said? or couldn't you hear me over the sound of your own voice?"

psychopatrick88: "Hm?" She turns her head to Leah and smiled. "Yeah, my voice is pretty awesome, isn't it?" She asked the two, then grinned a little. "You know... you two are bunnies, and I'm a fox... that means you both would be my prey. Hehe, why would you dress yourself up as such defenseless animals anyway? Foxes are soo much sexier than rabbits it's not even funny." She said.

Kelsea: "No!" Mara said poking out her tongue "It sounds ugly.." Leah snorted at Mara's comment "Yeah, the sound alones gonna give our hair split ends.." She said stroking her golden locks softly. "Wow, wait a minute... you think Foxes are sexier then bunnies..? ha... haha.." Leah just started to laugh mockingly "Bunnies are cutier... how many people keep a smelly pet fox?" Mara asked sincerely

psychopatrick88: Kasey smirked a little. "Bunnies are so common though. Foxes are wild.. exotic. Bunnies are tame and common." She replied and turned her back, posing for them and swishing her tail teasingly at them. "And my voice sounds way better than yours I bet." She declared.

Kelsea: "Hey! Bunnies can so be wild and mean... haven't you ever seen watership down?" Mara said, getting up off the bench and stomping her foot. Leah stopped laughing, just wrinkling her nose in Kasey's direction "Maybe you should try listening to yourself... But alas it seems like you are the type of person who is LITERALLY in love with your own voice..." She waved her hand dismissively "Go on, get out of here and leave us in peace."

psychopatrick88: "I don't watch much TV." She said, waving them away as well. "And yep! You're damn right I am' She replied to Leah's second comment, and then shook her head. "Hehe, nah.. it's kind of fun bothering you two." She teased. "So what are you two anyways? The ring girls that come before match begins or what?" She asked. This question was actually innocent, as she wasn't quite aware how some of the women dressed when they fought in the ring, and was certainly unaware of any of the tag teams here.

Kelsea: she might have been in love with her own voice but Leah had heard just about enough of it and seems it was now apparent she was purposely trying to get to them and wanted to continue to do so like they were harmless little bunnies, she decided now might be a good time to strike. Rushing her from behind, Leah will ram her forearm right into the back of Kasey's shoulders, trying to make her jolt forwards face first into the lockers in front of her.

psychopatrick88: "Wh- Ungh!!" She groans, getting blindsided by Leah and slammed into the locker face first. She groaned softly, sliding down the lockers and flopped to her back out cold. As luck would have it, a smaller, grey-eyed fox girl stepped in just as Kasey was rendered unconscious. "Kasey? I heard your voice.. where are y-" She stopped when she saw Leah over Kasey, and narrowed her eyes at her. "What did you do to her?" She asked in a calm, yet threatening voice.

Kelsea: Leah bent down to grab Kasey's hair and started pulling her up "Come on Mara, lets mess up her hair!" she said as Mara moved over only to see the other fox girl standing there. "Oh.. another one.." Mara said, Leah let Kasey drop back to the floor as she also saw the new comer "She started it!" Leah said, pointing at the unconscious girl

psychopatrick88: Kaylee frowned a little. "So that's how fighters behave around here? Use unfair odds to knock somebody out? Very noble, really." She said sarcastically.

Kelsea: "Uhm.. actually I knocked her out all by myself..." Leah said with a tinge of pride "Was planning to double team her, but turns out she couldn't even take one hit... Pretty ironic considering she was talking the big talk just a few moments ago."

psychopatrick88: Kaylee sighed a little. "She does that." She replied, then glared at the two rabbits. "That's still no excuse for attacking someone outside of a ring" She retorted, and stepped closer to them. "...You." She pointed at Leah. "You attacked her, right? Why not try attacking someone who's actually ready to fight." She challenged.

Kelsea: Leah watched Kaylee come closer, not backing down.. She shrugged lathargically and then would strike her foot out for Kaylee's stomach, trying to double her over

psychopatrick88: Kaylee managed to sidestep the kick before trying to catch her foot and would try to twist it hard in an attempt to send Leah to the ground.
Kelsea: Leah hadn't really tried that hard in the kick, seems Kaylee was smaller then Kasey she underestimated how much it'd need. But suddenly her leg was grabbed, she shrieked out as it was twisted and she was pulled off her feet to the floor

psychopatrick88: Kaylee's face was expressionless as she made Leah fall to the floor, and would start trying to twist her leg hard. "Apologize for hurting my sister." She demanded in a cold tone.

Kelsea: Leah clenched her teeth as Kaylee started to twist her leg as if to apply some submission hold. She heard her ask for the appology, but responded by trying to strike the other foot into Kaylee's leg

psychopatrick88: Kaylee took the kick to her leg, and ended up letting go of Leah's leg before staggering back. She hadn't uttered a sound from the kick, just stared down the bunny as she started to recover.

Kelsea: Leah grabbed at her, rubbing the ankle a bit and then looked up angrily at Kaylee. "Oh, so that's the way you want to play?" Leah will get to her feet and try to charge into Kaylee with a spear

psychopatrick88: Kaylee didn't have much room to try and avoid Leah, so she ended up having to catch the bunny. She cringed as her back slammed against the tile flooring, but she would try to wrap her legs around her waist, and would manuever one arm underneath Leah's to try and make her fall to the side of Kaylee, and she would try to wrench the arm that she had trapped as hard as she could.

Kelsea: Leah went down with Kaylee and soon found the smaller girl's legs around her waist "Hey!" Leah protested as the slippery fox slid herself out and then grabbed ahold of her arm, looking to get her tangled up. Leah felt her body twisting a bit curtsy of the pressure of the arm crank, her body would start to turn as she tried to ease the pressure, turning her back to Kaylee as she tried to untwist her arm.

psychopatrick88: Kaylee wouldn't let her twist too much. When she started rolling towards her, she squeezed her legs tight to try and keep her evened out. "Apologize and my quarrel with you will be done." She said to Leah as she tried to pull back harder on her arm.

Kelsea: "Ahh!" Leah yelled out, her body forced to stay pointing to the ground as her arm was twisted painfully, she huffed out into the floor and let out a couple of soft pants. By now Mara decided she'd seen enough without intervening and came over, reaching down she'd grasp Kaylee by the hair trying to force her to let go and pull her off of her sis

psychopatrick88: "Grnh!" Kaylee grunts as she was grabbed by the hair, and ended up getting pulled off of Leah.

Kelsea: Mara would try to pull Kaylee up to her feet, immediately squating down a bit and then opening her arms up to suddenly snap around Kaylee's waist and pull her into a very close bear hug.. Mara's body warm and cushiony as the buxom bunny's breasts would bump right into her own.

psychopatrick88: Kaylee didn't have a chance to anticipate Mara and was suddenly lifted off her feet in the bearhug. She grit her teeth as she tried to break away from the second rabbit. "Gh... get off me!" She protested, and blushed a little as their breasts were bumping and grinding against each other in the bear hug.

Kelsea: "You're being a very... nawty... fowxy!" Mara scolded her, giving her smaller body a firm shake between each word... Their breasts flattening togeather with each shake and orbs bobbing togeather softly. Mara looked Kaylee in the face... She looked almost like a kawaii, although probably was bigger then most kawaiis... None the less Mara started to hug tighter, reducing the space between herself and Kaylee.

psychopatrick88: Kaylee cringed as she couldn't overpower Mara, or reverse the hold with her arms trapped. All she could do was struggle and squirm as Mara only hugged tighter. "This... doesn't involve you... You didn't... hurt my sister..." She said in a strained voice.

Kelsea: Mara held on none the less, starting to pant into Kaylee's face, the bunnies breath scented by her strawberry bubble gum. Through the black material of her bunny costume, her nipples stiffened slowly and poked into Kaylee while each breath she took made them pebble like points scrap up and down Kaylee's trapped orbs. Leah started getting up, rubbing her arm in pain...

psychopatrick88: "Nnnhhhh..." Kaylee groaned as she could feel herself going limp from how tight Mara was clamping the hold in, and it didn't help that she could feel Mara's nipples brushing over hers. Her face started to turn a bit pink from the close contact, unable to do anything to stop her.

Kelsea: Mara started gaining a slight blush across her cheeks also, showing her enjoyment at holding Kaylee this close. Mara parted her legs and squated down a bit, moving Kaylee's legs so that the slid either side of Mara's thighs.. With the smaller girl's legs parted, her crotch pressed up to Mara's belly as Mara slipped her head over Kaylee's shoulder, her pants warming the side of Kaylee's neck

psychopatrick88: "Nh.. wh.. what are you-" She began to ask as Mara sat down and forced Kaylee's legs to spread out. Her face turned redder as her black skirt slid up and revealed a pair of white cotton panties. She also physically shuddered as Mara's warm breath washed over her neck. "S..stop it!" She protested louder.

Kelsea: Leah got up fully but noticed that it seemed like Mara had Kaylee in quite a spot, so didn't intervene... as Kaylee demanded Mara to stop, the bunny girl gave Kaylee's smaller body a good jostle, making her crotch hump up against her belly and her smaller breasts hike up over Mara's mountain's before sliding back down into place.

psychopatrick88: Kaylee resisted the shock of pleasure that coursed through her body as Mara bounced her and caused her to grind herself up against her belly. Even though she was physically resisting, a tiny wet spot could be felt on Kaylee's white panties as Mara continued to work her over.

Kelsea: After Kaylee slid back down, another jostle came.. Mara's body getting over heated and a little moistened with sweat as she eagerly held the youngster in the bear hug.. Leah had to admit she really did love squeezing smaller girls. Mara felt Kaylee's body slide back down a second time, a mutal moisteness coming just between her thighs too, luckily not as easily seen right now as her costume was black/very dark blue

psychopatrick88: "U..unnhh... S...stop iit..." She moaned out from the second jostle, and tried to lean her head back before trying to slam it forward with everything she had in order to escape the humiliating submission.

Kelsea: "Ungh!" Mara let out as their head clashed togeather, she slumped down a bit and the bear hug hold loosened on her but the pink hair bunny seemed sturborn not wanting to let her go.. trying to keep her close and reaffirm her grip over the fox

psychopatrick88: Kaylee tried to squirm her arms out of the bearhug as the hug was loosened, and tried to grab for Mara's head for another headbutt. "Let... Go!" She shouted as she threw a second headbutt. It's pretty much all she'd have the energy for though, even if she was released from Mara's grasp.

Kelsea: Mara cried out and released the girl from the hug, dropping her unceremoniously down onto the cold hard floor as she grasped at her forehead. She cringed but was looking down at Kaylee still with slightly flushed cheeks, if she hadn't escaped then there was no doubt that Mara might still have been holding her after she'd passed out. "Now look, you've gone and messed up our hair... stupid fox.." Leah muttered as she walked over to them two.

psychopatrick88: Kaylee flopped onto her back, physically drained from the long and taking bearhug Mara held on her. She felt dizzy, but she would try to get back to her feet, her cheeks still red as well, and her skirt still hiked up from when Mara spread her legs.

Kelsea: Leah thought about putting Kaylee out properly just like her sister... But from the looks of her now, legs parted, skirt hiked up, flushed and showing wet panties.. It seemed like Mara had done a good enough job on her. "Well, anyway its nothing we can't fix... But we're running short on time now. Come on Mara, lets go to our dressing room where we can have some privacy." Leah started heading for the door, Mara stood over Kaylee a little longer almost as if wondering whether to put the defenseless girl back into the hug again, but then turned "Okey!" She said merrily, although her head was still aching a little from the double head butt. She'd go on after Leah, leaving Kaylee and Kasey on the floor

psychopatrick88: Kaylee watched as the two left, her legs wobbling as she was just struggling to stand up. As the two left, she plopped down to her rear, and looked down to see her skirt was hiked up. She immediately smoothed it down, then heard a small groan. She looked over to see Kasey finally coming to, and frowned at her.

"Ughh.. wh.. what happened?" She groaned. Kaylee got up, and walked over to Kasey, slapping the back of her head. "Ow!! Hey I just came to!" She protested. Kaylee shook her head slowly. "Why do you always start things like that? I ended up having to clean your mess.." Kasey blinked up at her, then it hit her. "Those bunny jerks blindsided me!" She realized and started to get up to storm after them. Kaylee immediately leapt at her to take her down.

"Don't even think about going after them right now, Kasey." Kaylee said. "If we challenge them.. we do it in the ring so we can test out abilities fairly." She growled in her ear.

Kasey whimpered a little, but Kaylee wasn't exactly in the mood for her antics. Kasey picked up on this and backed down. "Fiine. You're no fun." She pouted. Once Kaylee was sure Kasey wouldn't go after them, she clambered off of Kasey, just about spent. As she started to pass out from exhaustion, her mind wandered to the woman who caught her in the bearhug, and embarassed her. She hoped for the chance to get back at her for that one day. Kasey blinked as Kaylee passed out and sighed a little, picking up the smaller fox. "Ok ok.. we can rest." She said, and carried her off to a place that would be much more comfortable to rest.


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